Saturday, June 28, 2014

All alone.

Report #109 2014, June 28th.

New base of operations and I'm on my own, again.

Few nights ago, I left while Sanna was sleeping, I helped her as much as I could with her stalker problem, I'm sure she'll post about it in her own free time.

Someone told me once, that all of my murders would catch up with me, that they would haunt me for the rest of my life. Well it never did and it never will, there is only one thing that keeps haunting me every single day and night and that's the day when my family died. The thing that haunts me now, isn't the moment they died, the moment my daughter's and wife's skulls got caved in by an Axe, no, it's the moment right before that, when I had everything and I threw it all away.

There was a time when I wished I'd died with them that day, but I know the reason I survived, it wasn't so I could seek revenge in their name, so I could wage my little war. It was so I could suffer, dying beside my family would've been too easy a death for me.

What I deserved was pain, years of it, I deserved to be cast down among the lowest of the low. Surrounded by nothing, but horror and death, no rest, no joy, I deserved a lifetime of suffering. And even now, after so many years, when I dare stop and wonder, has it finally been enough?

The answer comes from somewhere deep inside: No, it will never be enough.

During the day I sleep, or at least pretend to. At night, I go to work.

They say Dimir has his hand in everything now, so that's what I go after. Everything. From the teenage gang bangers, to the withered old mobsters, a couple of dirty cops and finally several proxy bases. I assault the whole Goddamn city and I leave no questions why.

I can't get to Dimir if he stays locked away in his tower. He's Dimir after all, he has an entire army, the whole Goddamn city. I'm just one old man, without an arsenal. I must make him come to me, no matter what it takes, no matter what.

I'll remind him that he is only human, just like I was reminded of that a few weeks ago.

Report #109 Ended.

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