Thursday, January 23, 2014

Starting from Scratch

Report #99 2014, January 23rd.

Now that I am all alone again, I am on a new mission.

I have the answers I need, I got side tracked from my main goal a long time ago, this started as a struggle against IT, but then this whole thing got distracted by Kelevra. So in order for me to proceed with my main mission, I need to take care of my secondary mission, I need to kill the bandaged fuck.

He's been running around for too long, because of me not being able to deal with him, he was able to play around with the mind of Alexandria, he killed dozens of people all because I wasn't able to deal with him.

I have my answers against IT, I know what I must do regarding IT, but before I do that, I must get rid of Kelevra.

Now I don't usually do this, but Kelevra...Or Oleg as I might call you, that is your real name isn't it? Yes that clue, to that little document you gave me few days ago while I was staying over at the hotel. I found it weird that you didn't publish a post boasting about it on your fucked up blog, how you were able to sneak in without me noticing it, how you were able to place the document wherever you wanted.

But I found your little document the next morning and I researched it, all it gave me were some coordinates and a name, your name. How do I know its your name? Because you want to make this personal, you already know everything about me, now you want me to learn everything about you.

I'll play along, simply because I know your plan Oleg, I know that inevitably this wild goose chase that you set me on, it will lead me to you. You always talked about having this final showdown with me, a great opportunity to kill you, but in order to do that, I must follow your clues, so that's what I'm doing.

Keep laughing you ass hat, keep laughing.

Report #99 Ended.


  1. I am laughing my knight in shining armor, I'm laughing oh so loudly and so proudly. I find it really amusing that you were able to plant my plan right on the dot, you do care about me, you do study me, you understand me.

    I actually find it cute that you avoid calling Marshmallow in any way, you just call it IT, giving no meaning behind to it, as if you don't really care about it.

    While you use my real name, which means you actually do CARE about me, I'm flattered.

  2. Well sir, you got spark. I sussed pretty quickly that you had it, didn't know if you'd use it.

    "he was able to play around with the mind of Alexandria"
    That was really more my fault than anyone else's. You know what he did? Sold me out to my dad for some documents. Nice to know how much I'm worth, eh?

    Anyway, sir, I wish you best of luck in killing Kelevra. I wish Kelevra best of luck in dying.