Thursday, September 25, 2014

These Strange Feelings.

Tonight, one of the Assassins caught up with me. It was her, Cassia.

While I had some free time, I searched up as much information as I could and there was nothing horrible that she did, in fact, if I didn't know this woman was hell bent on revenge, I'd think she's a saint: running a business which helps disabled children. She grew up with her father "Mennonite" on the farm, which is where I assume she learned how to shoot.

She was able to sneak into my apartment, good thing I wasn't sleeping, we had a short encounter, through which she was able to figure out that I wasn't the real Incognito, as soon as she figured that out, she stopped fighting me and simply asked me, where Incognito was.

As some of you know, I'm not a creature of many words, she knew that, so she didn't waste her time with me, she was about to leave and then, my first words:

"You shouldn't ruin your life over revenge."

That made her stop.

"He's in The Path, you can't get to him."

She stood there for a few minutes, suddenly she turns around and points a gun at me, tears running down her eyes.

"Don't you tell me what I should and shouldn't do! Who are you to tell me about revenge!? You don't know what it's like!"

"You're right, I don't. I was created as a mindless being, who's purpose was to kill for The Eye, a perfect soldier. I didn't and don't have anybody who cares about me, nor did I have anybody to lose, so yes, I don't know how it feels, along with many other things I don't know about."

Tears in her eyes still running.

"However, I was molded after a man who's path was made of vengeance, look where that got him. A lifetime of endless suffering, you want to end up like him?"

"I am nothing like him!"

"That's not what you said when you were tied up to the chair."

Silence, more tears, her hands start shaking, eventually she drops the gun and collapses onto her knees crying. My first instinct should have been to kick the gun away, tackle her and knock her out, use the opportunity to escape...

That wasn't it. Instead, I knelt down beside her and offered her my shoulder.

This is when I realized, even though I was brought into this world unnaturally, even though I was molded after a man who is craving murder and war, I was not him. I realized that a long time ago, when I refused to shoot him and he kicked me out of the team, but at that point, that was the only distinction between us. All this time on my own, I traveled around the world, taking down all sorts of scum, just because I thought it was my purpose, after all, I was created for Justice. However, killing didn't bring me a feeling of fulfillment, however, this moment, when I tried to help her, I felt it, the feeling of doing something right.

This is when I realized, I don't want to kill people because they deserve it, I want to help people who deserve it, just like I did that night.

She fell asleep on my shoulder, she's been tracking me for the past couple of weeks non-stop. She's currently sleeping on my bed, while I'm waiting for the second assassin.

As for Incognito, I don't know what he's status is, he told me that he'd let me know if he's dead, or alive. So far, I heard nothing from him.

Mendella out.

Wednesday, September 10, 2014

See You On The Other Side.

Report #118 2014, September 10th.

I was about to step inside The Black Forest and then I saw her, standing there in the middle of all those trees. The Pale Woman, the same woman who has followed me throughout my entire journey, she stands there, she signals to me to follow her.

Could be a trap, could be a hand of help. Whatever it is she's offering, I'm following her into this wretched Forest. As soon as this post is published, I drop my laptop and break it.

I'm equipped with a shotgun, an AK, a Colt, shooting knife, Archangel Silver Knife (Thanks Sanna), Axe and the Azoth that lives inside of me.

If I don't come back, Mendella will inform all of you. I'm taking my recorder with me, so while I'm moving, I can record what I see as I go, I need to test this lead out, I need to see if it's real, I need to see if those books didn't lie, I need to see if it hurts IT, I need to see if it can kill IT.

Time to restore Hope.

Report Ended.

Wednesday, September 3, 2014

Not Much to Say

Report #117 2014, September 3rd.

With those two mercenaries on our tale, I couldn't move forward any part of my plan, so I had to trick them, throw a decoy and hope they would follow it, while I silently continued moving forward with my plan.

Dressed Mendella exactly like me, gave him exactly the same scars, etc. It took us an entire week to finish with make up. They fell for it, by now they are somewhere in France and by the time they read this, it's too late for them to try and get to me.

It took me a week to get back to Germany.

Speaking of my plan, a certain someone named "Ghost" asked me about the answer I had found in the library inside the Devil's Cave. Well, I'm not telling what it is, yet. But what I can say is this, it's time for me to venture back to hell, back to a place that brought back locked up memories, a place some call "home" and others call "hell".

I'm going back inside The Path and I'm finishing this sadistic game.

Report #117 Ended.