Wednesday, May 28, 2014


We have Anton Kisin a.k.a. Mr. Incognito.

He is not dead, however, with his infamous reputation amongst criminals, I doubt he will survive a night in prison, especially not in the state he's in.

For those of you who are still here, leave Moscow, leave Russia, I'm giving you a chance to run and live, if you ignore this commodity, I will hunt all of you and eliminate all of you without question.


Tuesday, May 27, 2014


i beat him    stopped him       defused the bombs

i hear them    dimirs men     have no strength to fight      too old      too stubborn for my own good       dont want to      want to drop and die

i see her    she offers me her hand     i want to accept it         i will accept it      

im done

Tuesday, May 20, 2014

Words before The Mission

Report #107 2014, May 20th.

This might be my final post, depends on if I succeed. I'm all prepped to clash with Kelevra, I still have no idea where he plans to set off these bombs, no matter, I'll figure it out once I get there.

Oleg Timofejenko was born the devil's spawn, he killed his family with no remorse, nor reason and then he kept on killing with no remorse, nor reason. He pleasures in death and destruction, he is insane, a psychopath, nothing new, I've killed people like him before, all these schmuck's need is a different approach.

He says he'll break me, he can try, still won't stop me from killing him, I've been broken before, two times in fact and I'm still standing and waging my war.

Kelevra sold out every single one my warehouses to Dimir, all of my weaponry has been shut down, doesn't matter though, doesn't change a thing. I still have all I need. I knew that one day,a whole police squadron would be on my ass, problem with that, is that I have no idea who's corrupt, or not. No matter what happens though, they will not stand in my way.

I'm a few miles away from the Square, I'm dropping off my Van here, part of the plan, all of it is part of the plan.

I'm coming for you Kelevra, you've lived for far too long.

Report #107 Ended.

Saturday, May 17, 2014

Kelevra's Plan

Report #106 2014, May 18th.

Today, I got an anonymous delivery, a box, full of documents, Kelevra's private and personal files. I know everything about him, where he was born,where he used to live, where he was locked away, every little bit of detail about his parent's murder, everything.

I can guess who sent me those files, someone, we all know as Dimir Volkov, I'm sure of it, he is the only one who knows my current location. Now, the question is, why would he send them to me? Because thanks to those files, I know where I can find Kelevra and I know what he wants to do.

Few weeks ago, Kelevra stole about 6 charges of C4 from one of Dimir's private weaponry plants. He is planning to blow up the Red Square, how do I know? He left an inscription on one of his private files, he wanted to send me on a wild goose chase throughout Moscow, to find his documents bit, by bit. That's what I've been doing up until this point, however, now that I know his latest destination, I'm coming after him.

So why would Dimir tip me off like this? Why can't he send his men to stop Kelevra? Because he wants to be sure that Kelevra is stopped, not to mention, he gets the opportunity to wipe out both of us at the same time, since I bet, all of the cops will be heavily patrolling around the Red Square, forget the cops, Military themselves, what's worse, is that they will be doing all of it undercover.

I'm not quite sure how Kelevra is going to pull this off, but, right now, all I have to do, is get to the Red Square, the rest is just a matter of thinking on my feet.

I bet you're reading this right now, your plans have been foiled, I'm coming for you.

As for those who are in Moscow right now? I suggest you locate yourselves as far away from the Red Square, as possible, I have no idea how he is planning to utilize the 6 blocks of C4, so I have no idea how great the explosion will be. Wouldn't hurt to find some sort of safe location as well, since, if Kelevra's plan succeeds, all hell is going to break lose.

But, I won't allow it.

I see her, again, the pale woman, haven't seen her for a while,can't waste time on her now.

Report Ended.