Sunday, November 10, 2013


Report #97 2013, November 11th.

We found the cave, presumably the same cave Daniel O'Connor's cult family had their orgies at. The place was stinking with the smell of blood, torn flesh, lots of torture and death. The cave doesn't look like anything special from the entrance, once you go deeper, that is when all the details come into vision.

First indication that this whole city is a cult, various parts of bodies hanging from walls, laying on the ground, just bleeding out. Dry blood on the walls, the floor, the ceiling, as if nobody even bothered to clean this up, which doesn't surprise me. Vikady threw up, didn't expect that, didn't care.

We went deeper, various ritualistic knives hanging from the walls, swords, machetes, crap load of pedestals filled with blood and torn off body parts. On the walls, various depictions of IT in different art styles, as if IT was constantly watching this cave. The walls were also covered with unknown symbols, did they mean anything? No idea, didn't care, kept moving.

We went even further, ended up at a mini library, shelves filled with books that don't exist in the records, books that are filled with similar looking symbols that are scribbled on the walls, as if these books were written by someone from a completely different planet, with a completely different language.

Suddenly, sound of footsteps can be heard echoing throughout the cave.

Me and Vikady hide behind one of the book shelves, waiting, preparing to strike if we are spotted. Door opens, two figures walk past our book shelf, dressed in dark robes, both of them wearing a "comedy" and a "tragedy" mask.

Vikady wanted to jump them, but something felt off about those two, so I held him back. We let them pass on through.

Waited for a couple of minutes, making sure there was good bit of distance between us, tried to follow them, only problem, there was no other way to go, there was no entrance to another room, there was a dead end after the library part, both of these guys just disappeared.

Realizing that something was off, we went back, towards the entrance of the cave. The entrance was gone, the cave changed and we are currently stuck inside the cave.

I hear footsteps, need to hide and wait, save up the battery on the laptop...

Saturday, October 12, 2013


Report #96 2013, October 12th.

We arrived at our point of destination, looking at the town, you can't really tell that all the people, all the kids you see outside, worship that monster.

I never suspected that my first ever run in with IT was no mere coincidence, I was targeted, figures.

The thing inside of me, has been craving blood, wanted to get out and go on a rampage, this thing is blood thirsty, but it doesn't disobey, because it knows what can happen. Speaking of it, I figured out where the mass of goes inside the human body. While it is true that it is connected to the brain, most of it resides under your ribs.

For the past couple of days, I was trying to control it, to use it as a weapon, in other words, training. Whenever I would summon those tendrils to stick out of my back, my rib cage shrunk, as if a lot of mass was coming out of it and whenever I would call those tendrils back into my body, it felt like my rib cage was getting filled again, at first it hurt, but you get used to pain.

As for this town, again, you would never suspect that it's a town dedicated to IT, but I know that behind all those happy faces, they are all watching us, cause we aren't from here, we are new here and they know that, they probably even know who we are, who knows how many of them track my blog. But they haven't made their move yet, waiting for something? I don't know, their mistake.

Currently we are looking for that cave, doubt we will find anything interesting there, but it is worth a look.

We're getting close to something, I can feel it, I don't like it.

Report #96 Ended.

Saturday, September 21, 2013

Connections from The Past.

Vikady here, currently we're on the move, our next stop? Indiana.

Let me clear things up, any of you remember Daniel O'Connor? Why there?

All of you know Incognito's story by now, see when I started this adventure, I started researching as many blogs as I could find, once I found out that Daniel O'Connor was from Indiana, there was something nagging at my memory, one small detail that I couldn't put my finger on, so I just moved it aside.

Then I started reading Zeke Strahm's blog, the name Fisk popped up, again a familiar feeling, but I just couldn't get myself to remember.

All it took was Incognito's re-telling of his past to make me piece all the puzzle pieces together.

Incognito doesn't know this, so he will be reading this for the first time, here we go.

This goes way back, back to the day of Incognito's family's murder, The Priest gets convicted, Incognito wasn't allowed to interfere with the case, I was, so I asked questions here and there, this was before I was arrested.

The people that questioned the priest, said that he was spewing some nonsense in a language that was not of this world. By the end of the day they just signed him off as insane and locked him up. Couple of months later, our agency gets a message, from FBI, to be more precise from an individual named Fisk. The message was that we transfer The Priest to him, seeing as we had no use for the guy, we had no problem with that, we didn't even question why they would want him, but when we came back to his cell to transfer him, he was dead, his stomach cut wide open. We ruled it as suicide, since no one could get inside the cell.

We were able to identify the man, his name isn't important, what is important however is that he was from Indiana. Seems like too many coincidences don't you think?

Now thanks to Zeke Strahm's posts, it is obvious that somewhere in Indiana there is a town full of cultists that worship Slendy, remember that right?

Now get this, the priest was born in Milltown, a town very known for a location called Devils Mountain, read up if you want.

Too many coincidences if you ask me, Incognito doesn't know that we are currently headed there, but we are, it is obvious that Incognito encountered Slendy, it was no coincidence, there was a connection before Incognito got attacked by Slendy.

There has to be something in that town, or in that mountain.

Vikady out.

Wednesday, September 18, 2013

The Path Part 11: Memories that were destroyed.

Report #95 2013, September 14th.

The last post, about my family, that was what happened on the next turn that I took, the memories of them, of how happy we were, it hurt, for many years I finally felt pain. A bullet wound, a knife stab, any physical pain, it's nothing, it isn't pain, it's just a feeling that lets you know that you're body is still alive. Memories like this, that's the true pain.

At the end of this road, once again I ended up at the crossroads, I went down all the roads, except the road that was labeled as the "Right" road. Having nowhere to go, I started walking down that road.


IT was there, after what seemed like hours of walking, IT was there, I gripped my Ax tighter, standing in the middle, I stared at it and after a few minutes IT spread IT's arms making the sun light behind it shine into my eyes, making me cover them up. Once IT put IT's arms down, the Sun light was blocked again and I could open my eyes again.

It stopped, I swear it stopped, my heart, it just stopped, there were tears on my cheeks, tears that weren't cried ever since the day when Kristina and Mashutka.....

They... They were running towards me... Kristine and Masha, both of them running towards me, I was like a statue, stood still, I couldn't believe it, that feeling, it''s indescribable. I just stood there and prayed that it would be an illusion.

And that moment, when... when both of them hugged me, Kristine wrapping her arms around me and Mashutka...hugging my leg, it was them, it was really them, the smell, the feeling, they were not an illusion., they were real. For the first time, I felt fear, fear of them being afraid of me, of them accusing me, of them seeing me as a monster. But they...

"There you are."


"Daddy, where were you?"


"You're mom called, she invited all of us over."


"Daddy, Serezha said he wants to be friends."


"We Missed you."


"Me and Mommy missed you."


"Come back to us."

And I saw IT, watching this scene, spreading IT's arms, IT was watching, observing. I started shaking, I wasn't hugging them, they were hugging me, my fear, slowly turning to hatred, hatred for IT, for bringing them back.

That's when my hand that held the Axe started shaking more and then...............

I killed them.....again.

The same way they had died before, I tried to do it as painlessly as possible, the look of terror in Masha's eyes, the same as it was all those years ago.

Hatred taken over, I saw IT and I felt IT, for the first time I actually felt IT and IT was.... IT wasn't shocked, IT wasn't fascinated, IT was....scared? Something similar to that feeling.

That's when I started running at IT, IT was sending IT's tendrils my way, some of them were able to scratch me, but that didn't slow me down, I didn't feel pain, I didn't care, all I wanted was to drive this Axe, with my Family's blood on it, into IT's head.

IT wasn't really attacking, I saw IT attack before, it was more like IT was trying to defend.

I was able to chop off a couple of tentacles as I was running at IT, once I got close to IT, I lunged at IT, trying to drive my Axe into IT's head, but that is when I was cut short. While I was in mid-air IT was able to wrap one of IT's tendrils around my neck.

IT brought me in closer to IT's face, the feeling of.....fear? Has disappeared, IT felt like IT was in control again, I was biting, struggling against the tendril, but no use, but I seized one opportunity, once it brought me closer to IT's head, I was able to gather my last strength and head butt IT as hard as I could. It was liked I just hit a brick wall, yet it didn't hurt, couple of seconds later I felt it, something warm running down my face from my forehead, but when I opened my eyes, I wasn't the only one bleeding, IT had some black substance running down IT's forehead, it wasn't Azoth, or maybe it was, but it felt differently, it was a lot more....liquid.

So there I am, being slowly choked to death and I don't think about anything, I'm not there, I'm not feeling anything, I didn't care that I was dying, I didn't care about anything really, I was just a blank.

And then she interfered, the woman, the pale woman, out of nowhere she was able to grab me and I was out of there, on top of my Van.

The rest went as followed.

That was it.

Thursday, September 12, 2013


Report #94 2013, September 12th.

We are currently at Vikady's trustworthy source, the guy calls himself The Fascist, he's hideout is full of svasticas and so on. While I find he's hobbies rather questionable, he has some good equipment and currently he is not only repairing our Van, he is also giving us some extra weapons.

While I have some free time, I would like to reveal my identity and everything about me. I need to remember this information and if I ever forget it, I won't have the motivation to move on. I also need to explain this, because if I further want to explain my time inside The Path, I need to explain this first.

I'm going to make this as short as possible, I don't like talking about this.

My name is not important, for those of you who have the time to look it up, be my guest.

I'm an Ex-KGB agent that is the truth, but I left out a very important detail, I am also an Ex-Husband and Father.

Used to be married to a woman named Kristine and had a little girl named Masha. Kristine was a very nice woman, I was lucky to ever meet her....

She was a Christian and basically she made me and Mashenka go to a church every sunday, she would always go inside the confession booth and confess her sins, I didn't do it, I just stood in the hall with Masha, waiting for her. I wasn't really a believer so I didn't waste my time doing that, Kristine would always make fun of me, of being afraid of confessing...

Once Mashenka grew a little older, Kristine asked her to do these confession sessions...

And one of these Sunday's... Kristine took Mashenka towards the booth, Kristine stood outside waiting for Mashenka to finish and Mashenka was outside, while I was in the hall as always....

It all happened in a second...

The sick fuck, the priest that was on the other side of the Booth, ran out swinging he's axe left and right, yelling something, in some languge...

My wife was in he's way, the sound of that axe going against her skull, my fucking god....

Next one was Mashenka, he had no fucking remorse,

I was too far away to stop him, my combat instinct kicked in, I was able to knock him out and take his axe away and only a couple of seconds later, my father instinct kicked in.

Looking at them, seeing them that way, I still remember holding both of their dead corpses, feeling their blood rush down my hands, their lifeless eyes starring up at me.

I sat there for an hour, with them in my hands, police tried to separate me from them, but as soon as they tried to pull me away I knocked them back. Somehow they were able to separate me from them and then I saw him, I saw that fucking psycho, I still remember that feeling, I wanted nothing to rip hes throat out,  but to he's luck the police pulled me away.

And after that I slowly stopped feeling anything, I didn't care about anything, except one thing, one thing kept clawing at my brain. If I was ready, if I was just an inch closer, I would be able to stop their death at the hands of that psycho, that sick fuck, that criminal.

And that's when I snapped, I started seeing things I never payed attention to before, I was happy, I didn't need to see other people's despairs. I saw the world around me differently, people were being killed left and right, women, children, everyone.

That's when I started killing those who deserved it.


Report #94 Ended.

Monday, September 2, 2013


Report #93 2013, September 2nd.

We finally arrived to one of our sources, they are patching up our Van and supplying me and Vikady with some weaponry.

Now what had happened, I lost control, Kelevra injected me with Azoth, at first I didn't know what was going on with me, me not getting tired. Didn't take long for me to realize that it was something that Kelevra had done when he injected me with that water.

Few weeks later, it starts to hurt, I may not have showed it, but I was hurting on the inside, like something was ripping me apart from the inside, slowly. For the time being, I was subduing it, but that night, it was able to break free and make me attack those who worked with me.

I told Mendella, to kill me if something like this were to happen, to not hesitate, I knew I could trust him with that task, because he was just like me, at least, that's what I thought. When I was standing there, with a blank expression, in a trance, Mendella had a chance to take me out, yet he hesitated, he didn't do it and that's where we're different, I wouldn't have hesitated, I would have taken the shot.

And that is exactly what I told him, I told him that I was wrong about him, that we were not the same, that we are nothing alike. He simply nodded in agreement and left, I don't know where he is, what he is doing, I have no connection with him and right now, I am deleting all our old connections and replacing them with new ones. Now, Mendella is out of this operation, he is on his own and I have no idea if we will ever meet again, but I highly doubt it.

Now it's just me and Vikady and quite frankly, I wish it was only me, but I need Vikady, he says he stumbled upon some information, but he needs to confirm all the facts about it and only then will he tell me what it's about.

Now, I'm just like those other freaks, at least I was, until Vikady murmured that one Name, something snapped in me, I woke up and I saw what kind of a mess my mind was with that thing slowly taking it over. That Azoth, it craved destruction, I could feel it, and that makes sense, since it's a piece of Kelevra's Azoth. It tried to take over my mind and use my body as a mindless puppet, well too bad, I'm stubborn.

When I was in that trance, it was like I was dreaming, only I wasn't. It was like I was in the army again and something was stalking me. It wanted me for it's own, wanted me to be it's body, it's hands, it's weapon of destruction. And then Vikady said it, something that made me remember who I was and I was in control now. And I knew exactly on how to stop that thing, it was very simple, either it obeys my every order, or I kill it, by killing myself. I could feel it, reading my mind, trying to tell if I was lying, or not. If I killed myself, that thing would have died along with me, because it was still too weak to survive on it's own, I could feel it.

And it could feel that I was being serious, why wouldn't I be? I have nothing to lose, living in this world, is exactly the same like hell, which is where I'm going after I die, so there really is no difference for me to either live, or die. It felt that, it knew I was serious and it obeyed, now I have control over it and sure as hell I will use it.

Just like those other freaks? No, I was already a monster, nothing's changed, I'm still the same as I was, the only difference? Is that I have something that will help me kill more.

Sunday, September 1, 2013

Take Over.

Well, we're back, honestly I don't see the reason of this post, since it has already been posted by Sanna, but Incognito insists that I update. Something about him wanting to remember this, if he ever loses he's memory.

It was the middle of the night, me and Mendella, we were sleeping. That changed rather quickly when we heard a girls scream. Mendella's reflexes are as sharp as Incognito's, he jumped outside and started running toward the source of the scream, I myself, I started looking around.

I saw that Incognito was not inside the car so I started asking myself "Hey, where is-"

I was quickly cut short when I turned toward the side where Mendella was running off to, I couldn't quite make it out, but there was one of these creatures who have tentacles sticking out of their backs, running after Sanna and Mendella. As my eyes adjusted to the darkness, I saw him, Incognito was that creature and he was chasing after Mendella and Sanna.

Mendella signaled me to throw him a shotgun, knowing what we were up against I thought it was a stupid idea to fight back. Mendella agreed, yet he stood his ground, ready to take on Incognito, I guess he was planning on sacrificing himself, in order to give me and Sanna a chance to get away.

He was shooting at Incognito, but those damn tentacles were twirling his body so fast from side to side, it was impossible for Mendella to hit him with a shotgun. And that's when Incognito got close enough and wrapped one of he's tentacles around Mendella's throat. Mendella didn't give up, he started stabbing the Tentacles with his battle knife, but it was pointless.

So I scramble towards the steering wheel, with Sanna scrambling to the second seat. She grabbed my arm, yelling at me "Are you for fucking real!? You can't just leave him...". I'm many things, I'm a guy who has innocent people on my body count, I'm an asshole, quite frankly I'm a criminal, but I'm not a traitor, if I say I'm going to help someone, I'll damn stick with that word. So I brush her hand off of me, yelling out quite pissed off "Calm The Fuck Down!".

I start the engine and turn around, I have a full intent in running Incognito down, made sure Mendella wasn't near the Var to get hit along with Incognito. Knew it wouldn't work, Incognito jumped onto the hood of the car and broke the windshield, grabbing the steering wheel, he's fucking grip, so strong. Not seeing where I was driving, the best option was for me to hit the breaks, so I did, the momentum made Incognito fall back, but he ended up ripping the steering wheel off.

Sanna was tucking my arm, to start running, had to arm myself before doing that, so I did, grabbed the nearest AK-47 and ran with her. As we ran, I looked back and saw Incognito standing on top of the Van, slowly walking towards the me and Sanna.

We were running until Sanna stopped, I turned to see why she had stopped and saw another similar creature to Incognito, only this guy was way more uglier. So we were sandwiched, both of them were walking towards us from both sides. Upon them getting closer, I told Sanna to prepare to run like hell, I was planning on staying and taking their time, to give her a chance to run away.

Once Incognito pounced, I was ready to open fire, but I stopped, when I saw that he wasn't aiming for us, he jumped over us and went for the other guy. They were fighting each other, the sounds they made, were inhuman. That's when Sanna tucked my arm again, to run, so I did, we ran towards the Van, when I told her "We need to get Mendella."

So we turn and run to where he was laying unconscious from the choking that Incognito gave him. I grab him under he's shoulders and start dragging him, he was heavy, there was no way I could run with him.

"Do you know how to wake up someone unconscious."

I did, but I had no such supply with me, so I drag him toward the Van and lean him over the side and I told Sanna that she had to get away from here.

"You absolutely sure?"

Yes I was absolutely sure, I wasn't going to let all of us be killed, it would be better if at least one of us survived. So I go back trying to assemble the Maxim Gun, gladly Sanna didn't argue and started running, I couldn't see what had happened to the other freak since I was busy assembling the Maxim Gun, but as soon as I was done, I saw Incognito running at me.

So I take my aim and start shooting, to my surprise, Incognito's tentacles lifted him in the air, out of the Maxim Gun's range and I couldn't hit him. He landed on top of the Van's roof and wrapped a tentacle around my neck, those damn things, they are so cold, that they actually burn. On top of that he was choking me, slowly.

To make it even worse, he started running after Sanna, while dragging me along the way like a rag doll. All I could do was struggle and try to slow him down, but it didn't work, he caught up with her, wrapped one of he's tentacles around her leg and lifted her in the air, on the level of he's face.

I...had no other choice...I had to remind with enormous amount of effort, I was able to cough out a name...and he stopped.

All movement seized and it was like that for good two minutes.

And suddenly, he let go of me, I fell on the ground clutching my neck, it hurt like hell. I could barely hear some animal like grunting and roaring, but mostly I was concentrated on my pain.

"The fuck! Are you alright!?"

My eyes were closed from the pain, so that is all I could hear, so I asked her what was going on.

"He's...kinda...out of it. Like not really aware."

After that I asked her to help me up, when she did, I could see Incognito just standing there, no tentacles, no nothing, he was just starring into nothingness, he didn't even flinch. And suddenly, out of nowhere Mendella came in and aimed a shotgun pointed at Incognito's head, ready to shoot him.


As soon as she yelled that out, I jumped out from under her arm and knocked the Shotgun out of his hands and fell flat on the ground. I wasn't going to let him kill Incognito, he stopped, he was still there, he was still him.

Mendella had an angry look in his eyes, he looked at me, then at Sanna. Quickly Sanna snatched the shotgun from the ground, unloaded it and threw it along with the bullets into the field. She agreed with me, Mendella however, was still thinking about it, looking from me to Sanna. And then he helped me up, agreeing with us and so we waited,for Incognito to wake up.

And when he did, he whispered out "It's over."

"You're not hurt anywhere, are you?"

Concerned Sanna asked, Incognito just answered "No." then he immediately turned to Mendella "Why didn't you kill me?" he asked in a demanding voice. Mendella got that angry look back on his face and went face to face with Incognito.

"You had to kill me."

Realizing that this wasn't going to be pretty, I told Sanna that we had to leave them. Just before we left "We all wanted you to live. You might say we care, that we're kind of human. So fucking sue us."

I understand her, not everybody is like him, but that is why he prefers working alone, because he knows that not everyone see's the world like he does. To be quite frank, he's alone, even when he is surrounded by people, he alone and he enjoys it like that, the only reason I'm still with him is because I am of use to him. just like Mendella was.

Why "was"? Well apparently after they're talk, Mendella left and I understand why, yet I don't know the conversation they had, Incognito said he will post about it himself.

"Did he say where he was going?"

"No, didn't say anything, like always. Listen, I'm sorry, but I think you're going to have to leave us from now on, it is too dangerous for you to be with me, or for anyone, for that matter.We will drop you off in [the nearest town], give you some money, enough for you to survive for the next couple of months, you can also take all the weapons we have given you, in the course of your training. I'm sorry."

Sanna understood, gave me and Incognito a hug, that happened too fast, I didn't even expect it.

And then we dropped her off.

So now, it is just me and Incognito, currently we are going to a good friend of mine, to repair our Van and supply us with some weaponry.

He told me he has control over it, quite frankly I don't care, I wanted to participate in this, I willingly jumped into this game and hell I'll stay in it,for as long as I can.

Vikady out.

Tuesday, August 6, 2013


Report #92 2013, August 6th.

After we moved to a different town, me and Mendella spent our time searching for possible proxy bases in this town, we found only two of those.

One of them was a five story building, asked Vikady to hack and find any information about the building, told me it opened up only recently, no occupants were listed. Drove over there and saw lots of people inside, some with masks, didn't take a genius to understand that this whole building was filled with proxies.

Came back and we started preparing for infiltration, told Sanna that she will be coming with us, since splitting up now would be a bad idea, she didn't really object.

Fast forward to us driving up to the building. As I was driving, Mendella was preparing the weapons in the bag, Vikady was quiet in the back seat along with Sanna.

"OK, if I die here or something, I just wanted to say, thanks for absofuckinglutely everything."

It was obvious that she was nervous, her voice showed it. Vikady attempted to calm her down.

"Chill Saniok, you ain't going inside the base, you're going to be with me."

It was true, I wouldn't let her inside, too dangerous, she would be better off with Vikady, on a safe distance away from all the commotion.

"Never underestimate shit happening. How many proxies d'you reckon there will be?"

"I don't know, probably a good dozen, from what I could gather, the whole buildin' is littered with em' so should be no problem with civilians, hell, I think we might run into a few lawbreakers along the way, the street has records on it, in being the most stinkin' hole in this town."

"What, thieves and pickpockets or something? Or, uh - worse?"

"Dunno, didn' take a look at what those crimes exactly were."

We were getting close to our point of destination, so I decided to run over the plan.

"Get ready, we're getting close. Plan is simple, me and Mendella go in and clear the place out, Vikady gives us cover from the neighbour rooftop, Sanna you go with Vikady because it's safer."

"Alright. Be careful."

"Careful would be, me being dead." Honest truth.

After that a couple of minutes of driving, and before we reached the base, I stopped near the neighboring seven story building, that is where Vikady and Sanna were getting off.

"This is where you get off." I told Sanna.

"Protect her, got it? No matter what, do not split apart." I told Vikady.

With that, they got off and started climbing to the roof of the building. Me and Mendella proceeded to drive towards the proxy base. We stopped near the entrance, Mendella got out a M-14 for himself and an AK-47 for me, two Colt 45's for him and me, a battle knife for him and a machete for me. He also felt like grabbing two smoke grenades, I didn't. Another pair of equipment we took was the two radio's, one for me and one for Mendella, these radio's maintained connection with Vikady, we didn't use cell phones, their connection was not quite as secure as a radio's.

As we were sitting in the Van, ready with our gear, waiting for Vikady's signal, my radio started receiving a message from Vikady.

"You boys ready to party?"

I took the radio and answered.

"How many?"

"Somewhere about 40, or somethin' like that, some of 'em are on the first floor, so I'm gonna cause a distraction, so the first floor isn't too hard for ye. As soon as you hear my Sniper Rifle shot, ye move in."

"Got it."

With that, we waited a couple of seconds and then I could hear the sniper rifle shot being fired, you could hear through the walls that they were in panic, a lot of foot steps could be heard, it was time for me and Mendella to move in, as we did.

Mendella kicked open the door, and started laying down fire upon those who were standing in the hallway, wasn't too many of them, five guys in masks, I assumed that most ran upstairs to see what the commotion was all about. But even those five guys weren't that easy to take down, at least they had enough time to yell out for help, so a few more proxies would start running downstairs.

I positioned myself behind the stairs, Mendella positioned himself near the elevator, we were expecting guys running from both ways. Proxies started running down the stairs, so I opened fire on them, Mendella gave me some assistance, since the elevator wasn't too far from the stairs.

I noticed that the elevator started going down and warned Mendella to keep an eye out. Those proxies weren't as stupid as I thought, after about three of them got gunned down as they were running downstairs, they hid behind the stairs that were above me and started shooting at me, using the stairs as a cover.

Then suddenly my radio starts up and I hear Vikady yelling.

"Be careful, Saniok says there's some shit up with the elevator."

I see that the Elevator is getting near the first floor, and realize that Mendella didn't hear the radio, so without any warning I ran towards him, while proxies were still shooting and pushed him the fuck away from the elevator, which when finally reached the first floor, exploded.

Smoke came out of the elevator shaft, covering the first floor, gave us an advantage. We got on our feet rather quickly and saw silhouettes in the smoke, which meant that the proxies decided to come down the stairs and see what happened, so we opened fire on them.

With that, I suggested to Mendella that we should split up, he goes up the stairs and I go up the elevator shaft. Because of the explosion the elevator itself lost stability and fell further down the elevator shaft, so I used the wires to climb up.

The plan was for me to get all the way up to the fifth floor and from there on start mowing them down from behind, while Mendella was mowing down from the bottom up to me, while Vikady was sniping them through the windows, it was a three way attack, no way to avoid.

As I was climbing I was surprised at who I saw, climbing down the shaft were those things, those black, skeleton like creatures from The Path, was no time for me to wonder what they were doing in our world, I got my Machete out and as they got closer, started to slash away, using a gun in such a close range situation would be stupid.

Every hit was supposed to be precise, other wise they would stab me with their claws and that could be over for me right there, since I was barely hanging on, while trying to defend myself, but I managed. Their black liquid splashed all over my clothing.

After that I was able to climb up the fifth floor, pried open the elevator doors using my machete and let myself out. Proxies didn't expect to see me crawling out of the elevator shaft, their surprise bought me some time to find cover, which was one of the apartments.

They were shooting at the door way, it was obvious there was no way of me getting at least a single shot. Had to improvise, the apartment had no furniture, which is obvious, since there were no actual residents living in this building, so I had to find another way.

Opened the window, climbed outside, started crawling towards the next apartments balcony that was closer to the proxies that were still guarding my cover. Once again, they didn't expect me to come out of the apartment that was right next to them, decided to save some ammo, since they were really close tome, I just used my machete to put all of them down

As I was done, I saw Mendella coming up the stairs, just in time too, we thought it was all of them and were about to take our leave, but the elevator doors were kicked right inside the hallway in which we were and out of the elevator shaft came climbing this, guy with a mask on his face and about four tendrils sticking out of his back.

We didn't hesitate to open fire on the guy, but he was quicker, as soon as we drew our guns on him, he just smacked them right out of our hands with one of his tendrils. Me and Mendella rolled over in opposite directions, so he would have to defend himself from both sides.

But that plan quickly went south, since Mendella was out of ammo on his Colt. 45, he drew his battle knife out and started running at the guy, I however still had ammo in my Colt. so instead of my machete, I drew my Colt out and was about to fire at the guy, but one of the guy's tendrils wrapped around Mendella's hand and threw him at me, making me drop my Colt, I think Mendella hit my knee as both of us fell, because when I tried to get up, he was knocked unconscious.

This freak was about to pierce us with two of his tendrils, but I was able to roll myself and Mendella out of the way, those two tendrils went right through the ground. There wasn't enough space to fight that freak and Mendella was in danger. I had to somehow get the guy away from Mendella.

So once I was done rolling, I grabbed for my machete, got up as quickly as I could and pounced right at the guy, two of his tendrils were still retracting back to him so they were in no commission to stop my momentum, yet the other two, they flew right at me. Luckily I was fast enough to reach the ground and quickly roll towards the freak, I had a clear shot at him and I took it, stabbed him right in the stomach with my machete and thats when I was able to get a good look at the guy, his face, half of it was...Well half of his skin was just ripped and hanging and under that skin wasn't a human being, under that skin was this dark, paler skin, so pale, that it was actually dark, covered in a mixture of blood and Azoth and a completely round, black eye, yet another half of his face, that wasn't ripped, looked like human. As if under his skin was one of these creatures from The Path.

Realizing that he wasn't dead yet, I pushed the Machete further in, in result pushing him, behind him was a window, so I decided to use that. Putting all my strength to it, I was able to push him so hard back, that he actually went crashing out the window outside.

That of course didn't kill the freak, I had to get to my Van, so I started running down the stairs, I had the thing's full attention, so it went after me instead of knocked out Mendella. As I was running down the stairs, those tendrils came piercing through walls trying to get me. I was somehow able to get outside safely, there I encountered that thing again, it was running in my direction, with it's tendrils coming after me, I had to run as fast as I could toward The Van, somehow I was able to outrun the thing and had enough time to grab at least one grenade from the back of The Van.

As I was getting out of The Van, a tendril wrapped around me and pulled me toward the freak, as I got closer, the grip got tighter, could feel my ribs cracking under the pressure. But despite all that, the fact that it was pulling me closer, was good, I got the pin out of my grenade and as soon as I got close to the thing, I showed the grenade down it's mouth, after that, kicked the machete that was inside it's stomach, resulting in that thing loosening it's grip on me and allowing me to get away.

I got as far as I could, before the thing blew up to pieces, saw chunks of it flying all over the place, I was actually able to see one of the tendrils hit the side of the building and as soon as it hit the ground, it just melted.

Didn't stay to examine the body, got upstairs again, along the way grabbing all the weapons we had dropped, got Mendella, loaded him back up inside the Van and drove toward the building where Vikady and Sanna were.

Apparently I drove up just in time, since they were just walking out of the building, told them to get in quickly, noticed that Vikady was injured. Asked questions after we drove away from there.

Tuesday, July 30, 2013

The Path Part 10: Memories that Could have been avoided.

Report #91 2013, July 30th.

When I went to the left, I walked for precisely the same amount, I had walked on the previous road, I didn't feel hungry anymore, nor thirsty, I didn't feel the sun burning my skin, I didn't feel tired, I simply knew I had to walk and I kept walking, while watching other memories play out in front of me as I walked.

Memories of when my parents had adopted Vikady "My older brother" that's what I said when I saw the visions, I haven't said that in years.

The memories of how he, I and our father played soccer in the back yard.

The memories of how he and I helped our mother cook delicious pancakes.

Memories of our school days, we always stood up for each other. The memory of when I was attacked by bully and his group, just because I was a new kid in class, they were trying to explain to me who was in charge. I fought back, but it wasn't enough, they piled up against me, 4 on one.

That's when Vikady came running in, throwing them around, I quickly got back on my feet and both of us were fighting off these assholes, thats when I saw a side of Vikady I had never seen before, whenever he got punched he smiled with that wild smile as if he was enjoying it. Suffice to say we beat them up pretty badly. Both of us ended up in a principles office, they called our parents in, though the principle didn't believe us, our parents did, so they didn't punish us.

As we got older and went to high school, Vikady got into trouble a lot more, he started picking fights with jocks, gangs and so on...

There was clearly something wrong with him, I had to clear up what was wrong with him, the vision of the moment when I walked up to him and asked him, what was wrong. The moment when I had learned about his past, I felt remorse, something I don't feel today and probably never will. I wanted to help him, but I didn't how, so I didn't, but I could. Maybe the death of those innocent people at the hands of Vikady could have been avoided, if I somehow helped him.

That's what I found asking myself when I was seeing that vision, but a new vision came into play, the moment when I saw him in the court, when he was telling the judge that he did it on purpose, that he killed all those innocent people on purpose, in order to make it more dangerous for himself.

And the previous question that I had found myself asking, just disappeared, I wasn't that kid anymore, I wasn't who I used to be, the person I am today does not forgive those who endanger the innocent, not anymore, not ever.

And as soon as I felt that feeling of anger, those visions just disappeared, and I found myself standing in the middle of the crossroads again. All of the signs still pointing in one direction, the "Right" direction, I refused once again and went in the last direction, a direction in my life that tried to bury years ago, but every time I picked up a shovel, I broke down and failed...

Feeling really awful, I'll finish this when I'm better.

Sunday, July 28, 2013

The Path Part 9: Happy Memories.

Report #90 2013, July 29th.

I was transported to some sort of highway road, in the middle of nowhere, a desert surrounding the road accompanied with a couple of trees and bushes. This place, seemed like our world, mostly because all the colors were there, the gravity was not pushing me down to the ground and the overall feeling of death was just gone.

Realizing that I was out of supplies, no water, no food, only my Axe, I started walking down the road, waiting for a car to drive by and maybe give me a lift. I must have walked for five hours down that road and not a single car drove by.

After hours of walking I was getting tired, I was getting thirst and from the heat, my head started to hurt. And that is when the visions had begun, memories to be more precise. Memories of my parents, Father and Mother, the very people that made me the person I used to be, not what I am today.


The images of him making me work out in the mornings were being played out in the field as I was walking by, they changed, another image of me and him working on our summer house, next image of him forcing me to eat Uha (Fish Soup).


The images of me asking her for advice on this situation, or another, another image of me and her having fun playing board games, next image of her treating my scars after a certain fight with local kids.

I was a lucky child, to grow up in such an awesome family, it was perfect, of course they occasionally argued about this, or that. Father always had a little trick up his sleeve on how to end an argument quickly, let Mom win, even when she's wrong, he was a gentleman like that.

I wanted to get off the road, to reach out into those visions and hug them at least one more time, I miss them so much, especially now, but I restrained myself, after all, those were only visions and nothing else, couldn't get weak even now, had to keep walking and I did, the memories skipping before me.

And that's when I reached it, a crossroads, looked around and the visions were gone, just like that. There were signs on the side of the crossroads, I walked over to see how close I was to the nearest town, or village, or anything, but that isn't what I had found to be written on those signs.

All of the signs were pointing to the middle road direction, saying simply "The Correct Way". That's when it finally hit me, I wasn't out yet, which meant that I wasn;t going down the middle road, instead I took the left road.

More on that later, had to distract myself, I been feeling pretty awful recently, head ache's and so on, since I don't want to sleep, had to get myself distracted by writing something down.

I also know, that the place where I was, was The Crossroads, now I don't know that for a fact, but from I have red, the description fits perfectly.

Report #90 Ended.

Friday, July 26, 2013

The Path Part 8: The Pale Woman.

Report #89 2013, July 27th.

After that playground jungle that me and Twitch had to go through, we continued on our way. The path was long, we had to hide, lay low, sometimes even sit in one spot for hours, there were a lot of those creatures lurking on this path we were on, we were extremely careful.

The place where he ended up leading me to, the place where he was hearing noises from, he had led us to a field, an open field in the middle of which stood a giant something, that resembled a  cocoon. Everywhere the grass was black, like it was burnt, yet near that cocoon, the bright light that was coming from it, the grass was green.

"That's where I keep hearing voice's from" Twitch told me, pointing to the cocoon.


"No idea, but the voices that are coming from there, as if calling you."

"Me? Why?"

"I don't know. I'm telling you what I hear."

"Or you're bullshitting me."

"I don-" he was cut short, because the cocoon started to slowly rip open.

I just stood there, holding my Axe, ready to strike anything that comes out of there. I also put Twitch in front of me, didn't want any sneak attacks from behind.

Out of the cocoon came walking the same woman that I had encountered before, several times. Suddenly Twitch shook, uncontrollably for a couple of seconds and then he just stopped and stood still, for good couple of minutes, all that while the woman was simply starring at us with those emotionless eyes.

After some time, Twitch started to slowly turn towards me, his eyes a different color, a blue color. He started talking to me, but it wasn't him who was talking, why do I assume that? Because Twitch doesn't know my real name.

"Is your name ______?" he asked me.

"He didn't know my name, who are you?" me pointing out the obvious.

"To you I am an entity of unknown nature, you are the same to me, but you and I, we share a bond."

"Care to explain?"

"Not much time, in due time, you yourself will learn of everything that you need to. Right now, let me help you get out of here."

"I came here for answers, so either you tell me what makes IT tick, either stop wasting my time."

"You will not find the answers you are looking for, you are lost, without your knowing of it, you've been slowly led to your execution."


"No, this world, the moment you entered it, he knew you were here, it is a part of him, he has been bending this world, to lead you deeper into the abyss."

"And why would you want to help me."

"We share a bond, your success, might atone for my sins."

"Not interested."

"We are run-" The voice was cut short, at that moment Twitch fell down to the ground.

I ran up to him, to see if he was ok, he wasn't his body started falling apart in my hands, like sand. A second after, yelling began, it was so loud it was piercing my ears.

I looked at the source and there she was, on her knees, yelling in pain. I looked a bit further and saw the cocoon slowly burning down, in black flames and I saw IT, standing there, looking at her, bending IT's head like it usually does.

IT was reaching for her, with IT's long arms, this is where I had to react, obviously she was of some interest to IT, so I had to prevent her capture, besides, I wanted a shot at IT one more time.

So I gripped my Axe and started running at IT, IT actually reacted really quickly, snapped IT's head back into the vertical position, grew four Tentacles out IT's back and launched them at me.

Adrenaline was pumping like crazy, I was actually able to avoid contact with all of them, and was running near the woman still on her knees, getting real close towards IT, I would have reached IT, if the woman didn't push me and somehow transport me to a different place, some sort of road that looked normal, I thought she transported me out of the place, but I was wrong...

More on that later...

Wednesday, July 24, 2013

Maximka make em' go BOOM!

So, I believe ya'll red all this shiznit on Saniok's blog and I really see no point as to why I should write anythin', but my brother insists on me to update this crap for some reason, so here I am.

Aight, so I dunno what Incogny and Sanka were doin' during my and Mendelka's absence, but I can tell ya what me and Mendelka were doing, invadin' proxy bases. Every day, about three bases were supposed to be attacked by us doesn' matter if the base was a big ass warehouse, or a little ass apartment, we found it, we went in, we raised hell, we got out.

Only this time, that little plan didn' go as planned, for ya see, me and Mendelka were on our merry way to fuck them bitches up, when their base when completely Kaplowi! (Boom). Now I don' mind when my work is done for me, but I do mind when someone sets us up. In a matter of seconds we see at least three fuckin' cars with figures who wore hoodies over their heads and them silly masks. So me and Mendelka had to book it, stole some fat, bald guy's car and started trying to shake them bitches off our tail.

We did shake them off, but for a little while, that time was enough for me and Mendelka to arrive to Incognito, tell him and Saniok to get the fuck in the Van, grab one grenade, go and put the grenade behind the seats of the stolen car, close the door and through the open window tie the ring of the grenade, to the handle of the door. So when it would be opened, it would cause fireworks. Then I tumbled down the hill, got in the Van and told Incognito to drive into a forest, covered the Van with a bunch of big ass tree branches so we would remain unnoticed and told my bro to start driving as soon as he will see fireworks. I also noticed that Serij was in my Kevlar, why on earth it was on her and not on Incognito I didn't know, but I didn't really care.

Fireworks happened and judging by the fact that there were only three cars, I assume that most, or even all the proxies that occupied the third car, when to hell along with the stolen car. Mendelka laid down some covering fire, but then he stopped once we arrived into the city. I would have took the gun from him and kept on shootin', but Incognito being the person that he is, told me and Mendelka to lower our weaponry, since we were in a city full of people and we could hit some innocent bystander, wah, wah!

That's when I remembered that we have good ol' Maximka back in our Van, so I started assembling it, while telling Incogny to turn into some quiet place like an alley and stop when I tell him to. He did so, those two cars piled up behind us, having nowhere to turn, Mendelka opened up the back doors, I told everyone to close their ears and starting unloading a whole belt of bullets on their merry asses while yelling out my favorite song Kombat Batiania, so as to at least somehow block out the loud noise and avoid going completely deaf.

One car went boom, the second one followed in its footsteps shortly afterwards, the mixture of red, black blood on the walls, the smell of burnt flesh and shit was in the air and my ears were fuckin' bleedin'. Couldn' hear anythin' for the next couple of hours, Sanka tried to ask me somethin' couldn't hear what it is, so I told her, she got really scared of me talking, only in her post did I realize that I was just yelling and here I thought I had to brush my teeth.

And that is pretty much what happened.

Sunday, July 14, 2013

The Path, Part 7: A Series of Playgrounds.

Report #88 2013, July 14th.

I realized why I took Twitch with me, very quickly, since he was now, somehow a part of this place, he knew this place better than me. In a matter of minutes after the mirror forest, we stumbled upon a whole jungle of playground, he couldn't explain how he knew where to go, he was just getting a signal only he could hear, he told me that we needed to get to it and the only way to get to that signal was through that jungle.

I asked him what that signal was, he couldn't explain it, he just told me that he sensed that it was important, both to him and me, seeing as I had nowhere else to go, I decided to follow him, if it was a trap, I was ready to improvise like I always did.

 So we set off, walking through an endless jungle of monkey bars, swings and so on...

The atmosphere of that place, was no like any other I experienced so far in The Path, remember how I said that I could feel every death inside The Path? Well in that playground jungle that I was surrounded with, that feeling was still there, but it was darker, stronger, more horrible, every single scream, every single cry, a prayer, I could hear all of those being muttered by little children's voices, echoing through the whole playground. Those innocent voices, taken for no reason what so ever, I tried ti block it out, but to no avail.

As we climbed further through the monkey bars, I could feel everything, every single torture those kids wen through, I could feel it in my body, as if every act of violence those kids went through, it was being acted out once again on my body. But I couldn't get distracted, I had to go further, the pain was insignificant, I had to get out of that playground hell. Twitch was unaffected by all of it, or if he was, he did a darn good job of hiding it.

Couple of hours later and I started hearing whispers, familiar whispers, those black creatures, they were lurking somewhere, but I couldn't tell where, thus I didn't expect a claw to come through the ground and grab my foot. With no hesitation, I shot at the ground with my Colt. 45. The disfigured hand of the creature fell lifeless, letting my foot go.

I warned Twitch that we had to move it, because those things were getting close, he didn't understand what I was talking about, but as soon as he saw those creatures crawling out from the ground, he didn't ask any questions and increased his speed, so did I.

I was giving covering fire as much as I could, before I ran out of bullets, you had to be careful running in this jungle, could end up hitting your head against some monkey bar you didn't see. I was now down to the Axe that I had found earlier. We were running as fast as we could, but stopped real soon, because we were met with an enormous crater separating the ground with a single monkey bar going across it. We had to climb it, since those things were catching up, Twitch went first and I started climbing after him shortly afterwards, it was a long and painful climb, didn't help that the gravity of the place was pressing down on my muscles, now I had to climb a long ass monkey bar over a bottomless pit.

To top it all off, those things had absolutely no problem climbing on that thing, they were natural at it, they were gaining on me real fast, I realized that I couldn't climb and fend at the same time, while hanging on with my two arms, I wrapped my legs around the monkey bar, got the Axe with one hand out, using the other hand and my legs to climb to the end of this pit.

One of the things caught up with me, and was about to slice my face off, luckily I was ready and swung my Axe directly at its head, killing it and making it fall. Another one caught up, this one was able to slice me in the back, distracted by the pain, I was unable to hit the creature in the head, but I did manage to chop its arm off, making it also fall down. I was finishing my climb when the third one pierced its claws into my shoulders, in result letting go off the monkey bar and hanging on me with its claws piercing into my shoulders. It was trying desperately to pull me down with it, luckily when I reached the end, Twitch grabbed the Axe from my hand and chopped the creature off of me.

I was finally able to let go of the damn monkey bar and fall on the ground, my arms and hand were burning, my shoulders were hurting and bleeding, but I didn't stop, I kept moving, kept following Twitch.

I think I'm getting tired, finally, will continue this later.

Report #88 Ended.

Thursday, July 11, 2013

Training Session #1

Here to write about Sanna's current state.

Yesterday she had begun her training, all of her wound healed up rather quickly, so I saw no point in letting her slack off any further, it was 5 A.M. everyone were asleep, even Mendella, I stopped the Van and turned on the radio as loudly, as I could woke everybody up in an instant.

Now this is her official time to get up at, 5 A.M. Her morning will start out with 30 push ups, after that she has to hold two 5 liter bottles filled with water, in each hand for 15 minutes, for now she will hold them while her arms are in vertical position, when she gets stronger, she will hold them in horizontal position for 10 minutes. Then she will be working on her abs for some time and after that she will have to run 3 circles around the field where we train at.

Every time she gets stronger, I will make the exercises harder, but for now, her morning's will start out like this.

While she was doing all of that, Mendella and Vikady set out to take out a few proxy bases that they located, while we were in the area. We are going to stay here for a while, so might as well do some house cleaning, so they supplied themselves and took their leave.

After those exercises we ate breakfast and Sanna tried to have a short talk, she asked me about my identity, not as much as who I was, but why I hid it.

I tried to move away from conversation like I usually do, but for some reason, I decided to answer, I told her that I wasn't really hiding my identity, since the day me and IT met, IT already knew who I was, I guess all this time I was hiding it, in order to forget it, so I would have no distractions in this current mission, but as The Path has proven to me, that did nothing but bite me in the ass.

She offered her condolences for whatever happened to me, to make me so fucked up, I acknowledged them and after that we continued training.

I tried to teach her Military Combat, defensive to be more precise, since her body was not strong enough to learn the offensive type, I decided to teach her the defensive one. Explained to her that defensive mostly consist of evading attacks and trying to take down your opponent in between his attack and your evasion. After I explained her the basics on how to do it and such we had a sparring session.

I was trying to hit her and she was evading, along the way she was supposed to take me down somehow. She did really good, used the surroundings perfectly well, made me turn so I would be facing the sun. I started out slow with my punches, but as time went the speed would increase and she was supposed to go with the flow, which she did for good 40 minutes. In between her evasions she managed to land a couple of good hits in my rib area and my legs.

But she was more concentrated on the flying punches and less on the legs, so as soon as she tried to kick me, I tripped her other leg, making her fall down. She was rather annoyed at the fact that she failed, but she really shouldn't be, she did every exercise I told her and didn't cheat not once, not to mention she stood her ground for whole 40 minutes, which is really impressive for a little girl. If she ever decided to go to the army, she would have no problem there.

After that training finished for the day and we spent some time sitting in the Van, she would some times get out of it to walk around, I would occasionally grab something to eat from the back, then she was doing something in her laptop, it was quiet.

A short while after Mendella and Vikady came back, putting the weaponry they took, back in its place. Vikady reported that they successfully took 3 warehouses out of commission, without police's interference.  After that Me and Mendella mostly spent our time talking about what base we should hit next, where they were located, all that. Vikady got bored real quick, and started playing on his annoying guitar, threw him out of the Van to go play outside, he gladly took a walk.

By night everyone were in The Van and went to sleep, except for me.

Friday, July 5, 2013

The Path, Part 6: Forest of Mirrors.

Report #87 2013, July 5th.

Mendella is currently driving, Vikady playing on his guitar, Sanna seems to be doing something in her laptop, her wounds are healing, soon she will start her training. She has really good chances of becoming an experienced survivor and I intend to teach her everything that will help her along the way.

So after that woman transported me to a different location, I ended up hitting a big mirror with my Axe in the middle of the forest, what was weird about the mirror is that it didn't shatter like a normal mirror would after it was hit with something heavy, this mirrors gave out cracking noises, like Ice was breaking. But if that was a large piece of Ice, it sure didn't look like it, usually your reflection in the Ice is all distorted, however I could see myself perfectly fine. Not for long, after practically seconds after I removed my Axe, I saw a figure in a hood standing behind my reflection, on instinct I turned around real fast, seeing no one. I turned back to the mirror and the figure was still there, yet the figure wasn't behind me in reality.

I touched the mirror, my mind stopped operating on logic and I thought that maybe I could enter this mirror, or something like that. But, no, I simply ended up touching the mirror, also it felt like it was ice. Then I turned my head and I see a whole forest full of those mirrors, like some mirror museum or something. So I start walking through this forest of mirrors, every mirror had someone standing behind my reflection, each time a different person. At first I didn't recognize anyone, but slowly, as I progressed further, I recognized some of them.

Those were the people that I had killed, all of them, some of them I recognized, others not so much. Paying it no attention I simply progressed further, but I was on my toes, this could easily be one of those moments where one of those figures could easily jump out at me.

Luckily, nothing like that happened...well not really.

You see one of the mirrors reflected my old time partner who was with me when I had started this blog two years ago. Twitch, he was the mastermind behind computers, he was also the guy that convinced me to make this blog, he also taught me the basics on how Blogger works, he also hacked stuff for me, practically he used to do all the work Vikady is doing today.

One day he died by running off into a forest, I found his body, but couldn't retrieve it, nor did I try. I don't know why he was in the reflection since I didn't kill him. I walked closer to that mirror, to take a look at him, to fully remember what he looked like, I never really had a friendly relationship with him, it was completely professional, but sometimes he wanted to break that professionalism and some times just talk about things, or something else, but I always turned him down. Hell I even forgot what he looked like, I barely noticed him.

And that was he's words to me:

"So you don't even remember me."

That took me by surprise, none of the reflections attempted to talk to me, but he, he was the one that talked, shortly after he said those words, he actually walked out of that mirror, I prepared my Axe, in case it was another mind game.

"So you want to kill me a second time? Well good luck."

I lowered my Axe.

"I didn't kill you."

"Maybe not, but you sure as hell didn't do anything in order to prevent my death."

"I told you not to get out of The Van."

"Doesn't matter really, I honestly didn't care, so I'm not that pissed off."

"Are you another illusion?"

"Could be, I don't know honestly, I just suddenly woke up, starring at you, I think I'm a spirit or something like that."

"Care to explain?"

"I remember my death and by your reaction, I really did die, yet, here I am, talking to you, so yeah."

"Speaking of your death, what happened? Why did you run out of the Van?"

He looked at the ground at that question.

"I saw her, in the forest, another mind game by IT, I fell for it."

Couple of minutes of silence, then he suddenly screamed out.

"HER!? I-Is s-she still alive!? IT knew who she was! IT knew her connection to me!"

I gave him an honest answer.

"I don't know if she's alive, sorry."


Another couple of minutes of silence of him getting his thoughts together.

"So where are we?"

"The Path of Black Leaves."

"Oh the place that IT uses..."

"Yes." I interrupted him knowing where he was going with that sentence.

"So what are you doing here?"


"Right...Well lets go."

"I'm not taking you with me, we may have worked together, but now I can't trust you, simply because you died and here you are, like nothing happened."

"Listen, I know you think I might kill you, in fact, I think I am meant to do that, simply because all those fellas behind those other mirrors want to do it, I can hear their thoughts for some reason."

"Speaking of them, if what you say is true, how come they don't simply walk out of there, like you did?"

"No idea."

I don't know why, maybe the fact that he never wronged me when we used to work together, but I let him come with me, he seemed to be as lost, as ever, but of course, he could be pretending. But still I let him come with me. For those of you wondering who "She" is, that is he's wife, he started running because of her, to keep her out of this, I never relinquished her name, to protect her identity, but apparently that was pointless, since IT knew how she looked like, to use her as a vision against Twitch, still I'm not sure, so I won't say anything more about her.

What we stumbled upon next, will be published in the next post, I'm not tired, I need to do something, driving is the only option right now.

Report #87 Ended.

Tuesday, July 2, 2013


Took us some time to drive towards where me and Incognito were headed, but we arrived there, we arrived into that location in order to meet up and help out a certain someone, I believe you all know her, Sanna. She told Incognito that she required help and it was only natural that he would be glad to help out, since we were already in Europe at the time when she messaged us.

We received a message from Mendella that he had picked her up, then we set up a meeting place, which was an alley way and went there. Me and Incognito arrived there first, we got out, I took my guitar case with me and we waited for about 10 minutes and then we saw Mendella's car creeping up into the same alley way, first thing I noticed was that his Sun Visor was down.

Sanna got out first, she was smiling, but by her voice I could easily tell that she was nervous, with that same nervous voice she greeted me and Incognito:


Me being the loud mouth that I am, I decided to break apart the silence so I greeted her the same way, so she would feel less nervous:

"Heyia, girlie."

I didn't give her a chance to respond to that, what can I say I'm a talker by nature, not much of a listener, I started introducing everyone to her:

"I guess you can easily tell who's who, but just in case, I'm Vikady, that right there is my lil' bro." I pointed towards Incognito.

Of course Incognito being the straight to the point kind of guy that he is, he just walked over to Sanna and immediately asked her:

"Mendella said you had a bullet wound."

This is where it started to get boring, so I butted in and added a little comment concerning how straight forward my lil' bro is and then I said that I had to take a piss and walked off into the deeper areas of the alleys.

In reality I didn't go to take a piss, you see, when I saw Mendella's Sun Visor down, it meant that he was being followed from the top, since the most highest place in that town were 5 story buildings, that meant that the followers were on top of them. The reason for the whole "Sun Visor" routine is that if Mendella started texting us that he was being followed, it would make the followers suspicious, so yeah.

So fast forward to me climbing my ass up the fire escape of some 5 story building, get myself comfortable on the roof, opened up my guitar case and got out my Bolt-Action 50.Caliber, this baby is handy for long distance brain surgery, it's balanced, powerful and accurate. Can take off a proxie's head at 1400 yards.

Spotted three Proxies on the same roof, too bad they were wearing masks, I wanted to see their faces when one of their friend's brain splattered all over them. Second proxie's head went clean off with one shot. Third went down also with one shot, another head shot.

With the third shot Incognito was supposed to be already near the building I was on, the only thing that went wrong was the cops that weren't too far, they heard the shots, told Incognito that we need silencers. Had to run, wasn't making it on time climbing down the fire escape, so had to jump my ass down on top of the van, using the momentum rolled over down to the ground, opened door and jumped in.

Safe to say we got out of there without any big problems, when we were driving Sanna was uttering to herself something about that pHIL fella' being behind this attack. Me getting comfortable in my seat, Incognito asks me how many there were of them, I said as I had seen it, I only saw three heads. Then I decided to break up the tensions by teasing girlie a lil' bit:

"So girlie, this pHIL fella', you have a crush on him or somethin'?" As I said that, I was disassembling my 50. Caliber.

She answered it with a rather annoyed tone "No. Do I look like I have time for a fella? And do I look like a fella would have time for me? No."

If you ask me that was a lot of "No's" in one sentence, but I'll leave psychology stuff for Kelevra.

I remembered that Incognito asked her about her bullet wound, so I figured since I was in the back with her, and with the most experience on removing bullets, I had to handle her wound, so I got up, took the med kit from the back, walked back into my seat and told her: "Relax kiddo I'm just pullin' yer leg, speaking of legs, show me the wound."

"Pull my leg and expect a kick in the face."

Couldn't tell if that was a threat, or a warning that she is sensitive to pain and that could cause a reflex in her leg.

"That's why I position myself to the side." Took a quick look at the wound, nothing fancy, from her constant movement, the bullet practically almost fell out on its own, good thing it didn't, could have gotten an infection "I won't even require pincers for this since the bullet ain't that deep." all I needed for that was a simple glove, I wrapped my fingers around the bullet and pulled it out real quick without giving her a warning, so the pain would be sudden, but not long.

"Bloody fucking hell!" She yelled out, I almost laughed, but I didn't, she took a couple of deep breaths and thanked me.

I gave her the bullet, almost like a dentist gives a tooth that he just ripped out to a kid "Here, hold yer trophy and no problem." Now I had to close the wound, so I cleaned it up and started sewing it up, surprised Mendella wasn't able to do this on his own, I mean this was simple as fuck. "Speaking of, how was yer short adventure with Mendella?"

"Less eventful, thank fuck. Any bets on which one of us are those snipers after? Seeing as we've all pissed off a lotta proxies."

I couldn't help but laugh at that remark, she thought we were getting sniped at, so I explained her the whole thing, after my explanation Incognito butted in:

"They were probably one of pHIL's men, since they weren't really doing anything except for keeping an eye on us, could be wrong of course, doesn't matter really."

"Thanks, I guess. Hope you scared him off at least. It scares me, y'know, being followed."

"It should, keeps you on your toes, as long as you are not afraid to take action against the followers."

At this point I started playing a lil' tune on my favorite guitar, the conversation was borin' me.

"You said you wanted to be trained, if you still want to learn, then you should be prepared because I won't be going easy on you."

"Fine by me. The Slender Man didn't go easy on me. Neither did Snowblind. Neither did Delta. Neither have many proxies that try to kill me."

"Then once your wounds fully heal, we will start, until then you should rest up, because once your training begins, there won't be time to rest, you will be getting up early in the morning, at 5 AM, your knew schedule, every day."

5 AM. The time we had to get up at during our Army days, I knew all too well what kind of trainin' my bro was talkin' about, military training, so I made fun of that.

"You mean to tell me that you're going to put her through military training? Shiet hate to be you girlie."

After that comment Incognito told me that I wasn't going to have much time to relax myself, while he would be busy with Sanna, me and Mendella will be busy hitting the bases that Mendella had found out about.

"What do you mean, you'd hate to be me? When you've been living on the streets, 5AM is a pretty fuckin' decent lie in. Assuming you get any sleep at all. You ever tried to sleep with cold feet? It's hard. And if they ain't cold, it's because some wanker's just pissed on you." Looks like her nervousness went away.

I answered "Wasn't talkin' bout 5 AM, was talkin' bout what happens after 5 AM."

After that little comment, Incognito threatened to throw me out of the Van if I wouldn't stop (Yeah right).

"Same story. When my leg wasn't injured I went out for a run, it was a good way to get to know the area, plus no one could ever fucking catch me in school. I used to want to be in the military actually, one of those people that disarms bombs. But I didn't want people to think I was doing it for my country. Fuck that shit."

I don't really like going into the whole politics conversations so I just tried to move away from that topic "True, why do shit for the country that is serving Slendy." After that I looked at Incognito, he was driving again, he was driving for three days non-stop now after only an hour of sleep "By the way, don't you want to change places? You've been driving for four days now non-stop."

"I'm fine."

"Yeah, that's the problem."

Girlie actively backed me up on this one "Incognito, I'd be worried too actually, you not feeling tired is kind of not human. And you are human. You see the problem?"

Incognito let out a sigh, it was clear that he was getting slightly annoyed "Still doesn't change the fact that I'm not tired and am fit to drive, it also doesn't change the fact that there isn't anything any of you can do about it. So until I show signs of danger to any of you, I'm fine, if I lose control at some point, Mendella is here to take me out. Now I suggest all of you rest up for the night, since during the night, things happen."

He had a point, that's my bro, he always has a back up plan, even for his own death.

After that, everyone kind of went silent and started doing their own thing, I was playing my guitar, Sanna was slowly falling asleep, Mendella just stared at the road and Incognito was driving.

Was a quiet drive.

So yeah, welcome aboard the new member of our team.

Monday, June 24, 2013

Case File #5 - Nazi Experiments.

Alright, recently this case has gotten pretty popular.

In short, Nazis had some concentration camp, where they secretly cut up their prisoners and attached longer limbs to their bodies, in order to imitate an entity we all know today as Slenderman. Reason for them doing that? Two theories:

They wanted to earn the respect of the original Slenderman, which was stalking their soldiers for quite some time now, so Slendy in return would help them, in their war against The Soviets.

They thought that this creature terrorized not only them, but everyone, all over the world. So they wanted to scare The Soviets, by making imitations of the original.

Now I didn't exactly work on this case, my German fellow Conspiracy Theorist did, he was an Ex-Nazi so it explain why he worked on this mystery. He contacted me, asking for some help, if I could find anything connecting to a creature like that in our country, he forwarded many things to me, including the photos.

I have one photo saved on my flash, though I have no idea why I kept it, must have forgot about it:

Sorry if you were having dinner.

Now I usually ignore cases I don't work with, but recently, it has been coming up more and more:

Incognito's little bunker adventure in the First Part of his Path adventures.

This Blog Author that Incognito follows has been given a flash drive with these experiments.

And the most recent evidence, a show that apparently never aired after their pilot episode:

I'm not going to theorize anything, I have no clues about the case, in fact I hardly remember it, but maybe you guys know something, maybe this will help someone.

Vikady, out.

Saturday, June 22, 2013

The Path, Part 5: A Child in Distress.

Report #86 2013, June 22nd.

Nights, I've been driving for countless sleepless nights, thing is, I didn't notice that it was three nights in a row. Vikady came up to me and told me that I've been driving for days now, he took over the wheel, the thing is, I don't feel tired, not even a little, I didn't even notice that I was driving for three days non-stop.

So what happened after the beach.

After catching my breath, I was back in my senses, I was again focused, all I needed was a little break. After that, I was back to roaming the forests and finally I was able to take a good look at this world. This world was like a gaping hole, too many people were lost in the depths of this place, I could feel it, as if their pain, was circling through the high trees, as if information through antennas. And after some time it took me a while to realize that I was one of them, one on the list of causalities, swallowed in the darkness.

Days have passed since I first stepped into this darkness and inside of there, if you feel paranoid in our world, that someone watches you every time, there it seems as if someone is practically, constantly breathing down your neck. The tress shift and bend above me, stalking me, I could hear the whispers, in fact I couldn't really hear anything else and through time, I welcomed the sound. i was feeling home, a place where everyone constantly hunts for each other, as if it was Vietnam, warfare in the jungle, constantly on your toes, eyes open, ears are wide, enemy at every sight and only one rule, kill, or be killed.

But the feeling of home, fell apart once I could hear a little girl's scream, on instinct of trying to protect others, an instinct my father had put into me, I ran towards the source of the scream, ignoring all the whispers, ignoring all the dangers, I was running towards the source as if....

Once I reached the source, it was indeed a little girl, little doll of sorts her  hands, surrounded by those creatures, she was frightened, they felt it, they enjoyed it, they preyed on it, nothing different from our world. Bastards who enjoy frightening other people, those who feel much more mightier from the fears of others, disgusting, fucking disgusting.

I got out my Remmington, there was no strategy, no plan, the creatures were crowded and my shotgun was handy for crowd control. So I ran towards the horde of those things, blasting their heads off, dark blood splattered everywhere, my main goal was not to survive, but distract, allow the girl to run away. So I was buying some time, no matter how many I killed, more appeared. I kill one, two more appear to take its place, just like our world, you kill one scumbag, two more come out of nowhere to take his place.

Wasn't long until the ammo for my Remmington ended, I didn't use my Colt. 45, I wanted to keep the ammo for that one, so I took The Axe, I too the shotgun and flipped it around, so I was holding it by the barrel and now I was engaging in a showdown with them, wielding melee weapons.

30 minutes of the sound of blood splatter mixed with whispers, the sound of bones cracking, and pain, my pain, pain of my blood spilling on the ground, just like our world, no matter where I am, I always end up spilling my blood on the ground.

It took me whole 30 minutes of constant swinging left and right, making sure to hit with precision. And suddenly, they stop coming, I kill, but none appear in their place, but why? They could easily finish me off if they just kept on puring in, were they afraid of me? Thats what I thought, but no, I turned around to see if the girl was still there, in her place it was the same pale woman that I keep seeing, the little girl, it was her, playing mind games with me, I was pissed, that I just risked my life, for nothing. My temper got the better of me, I dropped my Remmington, grappling The Axe with both of my hands and started running at her.

Just as I was about to hit her, I was transported by her in a matter of seconds, I was now in a different place, the place was...

No, more on that later, leaving a city.

Report #86 Ended.

Wednesday, June 19, 2013

Fathers Day

Is long since has past, I wanted to make this post in dedication to my and Incognito's father on that day, but I was busy driving and Incognito himself didn't really want to.

Our father, he was a true man, he served in the military, during one of his vacations he met our mother, fell in loved and thus Incognito came to be. He was also rewarded for his services to his country and was assigned to the role as a KGB agent.

I knew he was an awesome dude, when they adopted me, he had no problem with it, absolutely none, it was our Mother's idea to adopt me, and Father, he had no problem with it, usually parents have disagreement about those kind of things. He also made me and Incognito feel like brothers when we were kids, since I was older he told me that I have a responsibility in protecting my younger brother, I promised to him that I will protect him no matter what, a promise I am keeping until this very day.

Human wise, he was a gentleman, didn't smoke, he did drink, but not too much and only on special days. Every time that he would argue with our mother, he would always let her win in that argument weather she was right, or wrong. He taught us many things, mostly how to do all the things a man was supposed to know how to do, he also wanted us to follow in his footsteps, so me and Incognito were sent of into the army.

Many people are afraid of the army, or don't want to, me and Incognito were passionate about serving our country, because our old man inspired us. And surely, in the end, Incognito ended up following in his footsteps, I got a little side tracked along the way. Good thing he and mother were gone by the time when I killed a tram full of people. Why did I do that? It was the adrenaline, the knowledge of me getting hurt, I liked it. I got that fascination with the pain, from my original old man, sadly I can't really talk about him.

Actually I think I can, Incognito told me that we are not keeping any secrets any more, that our identities do not matter, so revealing our past is no problem now. So I guess this post is not only dedicated to me and Incognito's Father, it is also dedicated to my original Father and do I fucking hate him. That old fart left my mother the day I was born, oh he did come to visit, but those were the days that I would spend hiding under my bed. He was a fucking drunk.

As a kid I kept telling myself, that, that wasn't dad who was doing all those things, its the alcohol inside of him, I always tried to forgive him for all the things he said, or did. I used to have a cat, she was a pretty, little kitty, black and white. On the day of father's visit, she gave birth to two little kittens, and then Father came unexpectedly as always, drunk as always, started yelling at mom and slapping her, and all that. I was trying to get to my bedroom without being noticed, carrying two little kittens in a card board box, but that fuck saw me.

He came over to me dragging mom by her hair, grabbed the box away from me and went to the kitchen, I was crying, running after him, yelling at him, cursing him, I was trying to reach for the kittens, but I was too weak, he easily struck me to the ground, and then he proceeded to fill the sink with water, while saying things like "In parenting, kids always remember the bad things, when two parents yell at each other, it is engraved in a kid's mind for ever" he took out a gun and put it to my moms head "So lets see your limit kid" he told me to drown the kittens, or else he would kill mom.

To this very day, I still hear the meowing, gurgling, I still feel the scratches on my arms, still remember how their lifeless bodies were floating in the water. After he that, he laughed like a fucking prick and left. After that, my mom gave me up for adoption and left the country herself, I don't blame her, it was the safest thing to do, that old fart would never find us.

Few years pass, I'm a KGB agent and I use the resources to find where that old fart is right now, he was in a bar drinking away his life, as usual. I payed him a visit, I enjoyed every second of it, I cracked a bottle over his head, dragged him to the outside, there was a river nearby, I started drowning him, this time, the gurgling, the screaming, the pain, the adrenaline that was circling through me, I enjoyed every second of it, after that I became addicted to pain.

So yeah, my past isn't really bad and isn't really that good. Phew this was good for me, I feel better already, feel better that I can go and ask to drive again.