Monday, June 24, 2013

Case File #5 - Nazi Experiments.

Alright, recently this case has gotten pretty popular.

In short, Nazis had some concentration camp, where they secretly cut up their prisoners and attached longer limbs to their bodies, in order to imitate an entity we all know today as Slenderman. Reason for them doing that? Two theories:

They wanted to earn the respect of the original Slenderman, which was stalking their soldiers for quite some time now, so Slendy in return would help them, in their war against The Soviets.

They thought that this creature terrorized not only them, but everyone, all over the world. So they wanted to scare The Soviets, by making imitations of the original.

Now I didn't exactly work on this case, my German fellow Conspiracy Theorist did, he was an Ex-Nazi so it explain why he worked on this mystery. He contacted me, asking for some help, if I could find anything connecting to a creature like that in our country, he forwarded many things to me, including the photos.

I have one photo saved on my flash, though I have no idea why I kept it, must have forgot about it:

Sorry if you were having dinner.

Now I usually ignore cases I don't work with, but recently, it has been coming up more and more:

Incognito's little bunker adventure in the First Part of his Path adventures.

This Blog Author that Incognito follows has been given a flash drive with these experiments.

And the most recent evidence, a show that apparently never aired after their pilot episode:

I'm not going to theorize anything, I have no clues about the case, in fact I hardly remember it, but maybe you guys know something, maybe this will help someone.

Vikady, out.

Saturday, June 22, 2013

The Path, Part 5: A Child in Distress.

Report #86 2013, June 22nd.

Nights, I've been driving for countless sleepless nights, thing is, I didn't notice that it was three nights in a row. Vikady came up to me and told me that I've been driving for days now, he took over the wheel, the thing is, I don't feel tired, not even a little, I didn't even notice that I was driving for three days non-stop.

So what happened after the beach.

After catching my breath, I was back in my senses, I was again focused, all I needed was a little break. After that, I was back to roaming the forests and finally I was able to take a good look at this world. This world was like a gaping hole, too many people were lost in the depths of this place, I could feel it, as if their pain, was circling through the high trees, as if information through antennas. And after some time it took me a while to realize that I was one of them, one on the list of causalities, swallowed in the darkness.

Days have passed since I first stepped into this darkness and inside of there, if you feel paranoid in our world, that someone watches you every time, there it seems as if someone is practically, constantly breathing down your neck. The tress shift and bend above me, stalking me, I could hear the whispers, in fact I couldn't really hear anything else and through time, I welcomed the sound. i was feeling home, a place where everyone constantly hunts for each other, as if it was Vietnam, warfare in the jungle, constantly on your toes, eyes open, ears are wide, enemy at every sight and only one rule, kill, or be killed.

But the feeling of home, fell apart once I could hear a little girl's scream, on instinct of trying to protect others, an instinct my father had put into me, I ran towards the source of the scream, ignoring all the whispers, ignoring all the dangers, I was running towards the source as if....

Once I reached the source, it was indeed a little girl, little doll of sorts her  hands, surrounded by those creatures, she was frightened, they felt it, they enjoyed it, they preyed on it, nothing different from our world. Bastards who enjoy frightening other people, those who feel much more mightier from the fears of others, disgusting, fucking disgusting.

I got out my Remmington, there was no strategy, no plan, the creatures were crowded and my shotgun was handy for crowd control. So I ran towards the horde of those things, blasting their heads off, dark blood splattered everywhere, my main goal was not to survive, but distract, allow the girl to run away. So I was buying some time, no matter how many I killed, more appeared. I kill one, two more appear to take its place, just like our world, you kill one scumbag, two more come out of nowhere to take his place.

Wasn't long until the ammo for my Remmington ended, I didn't use my Colt. 45, I wanted to keep the ammo for that one, so I took The Axe, I too the shotgun and flipped it around, so I was holding it by the barrel and now I was engaging in a showdown with them, wielding melee weapons.

30 minutes of the sound of blood splatter mixed with whispers, the sound of bones cracking, and pain, my pain, pain of my blood spilling on the ground, just like our world, no matter where I am, I always end up spilling my blood on the ground.

It took me whole 30 minutes of constant swinging left and right, making sure to hit with precision. And suddenly, they stop coming, I kill, but none appear in their place, but why? They could easily finish me off if they just kept on puring in, were they afraid of me? Thats what I thought, but no, I turned around to see if the girl was still there, in her place it was the same pale woman that I keep seeing, the little girl, it was her, playing mind games with me, I was pissed, that I just risked my life, for nothing. My temper got the better of me, I dropped my Remmington, grappling The Axe with both of my hands and started running at her.

Just as I was about to hit her, I was transported by her in a matter of seconds, I was now in a different place, the place was...

No, more on that later, leaving a city.

Report #86 Ended.

Wednesday, June 19, 2013

Fathers Day

Is long since has past, I wanted to make this post in dedication to my and Incognito's father on that day, but I was busy driving and Incognito himself didn't really want to.

Our father, he was a true man, he served in the military, during one of his vacations he met our mother, fell in loved and thus Incognito came to be. He was also rewarded for his services to his country and was assigned to the role as a KGB agent.

I knew he was an awesome dude, when they adopted me, he had no problem with it, absolutely none, it was our Mother's idea to adopt me, and Father, he had no problem with it, usually parents have disagreement about those kind of things. He also made me and Incognito feel like brothers when we were kids, since I was older he told me that I have a responsibility in protecting my younger brother, I promised to him that I will protect him no matter what, a promise I am keeping until this very day.

Human wise, he was a gentleman, didn't smoke, he did drink, but not too much and only on special days. Every time that he would argue with our mother, he would always let her win in that argument weather she was right, or wrong. He taught us many things, mostly how to do all the things a man was supposed to know how to do, he also wanted us to follow in his footsteps, so me and Incognito were sent of into the army.

Many people are afraid of the army, or don't want to, me and Incognito were passionate about serving our country, because our old man inspired us. And surely, in the end, Incognito ended up following in his footsteps, I got a little side tracked along the way. Good thing he and mother were gone by the time when I killed a tram full of people. Why did I do that? It was the adrenaline, the knowledge of me getting hurt, I liked it. I got that fascination with the pain, from my original old man, sadly I can't really talk about him.

Actually I think I can, Incognito told me that we are not keeping any secrets any more, that our identities do not matter, so revealing our past is no problem now. So I guess this post is not only dedicated to me and Incognito's Father, it is also dedicated to my original Father and do I fucking hate him. That old fart left my mother the day I was born, oh he did come to visit, but those were the days that I would spend hiding under my bed. He was a fucking drunk.

As a kid I kept telling myself, that, that wasn't dad who was doing all those things, its the alcohol inside of him, I always tried to forgive him for all the things he said, or did. I used to have a cat, she was a pretty, little kitty, black and white. On the day of father's visit, she gave birth to two little kittens, and then Father came unexpectedly as always, drunk as always, started yelling at mom and slapping her, and all that. I was trying to get to my bedroom without being noticed, carrying two little kittens in a card board box, but that fuck saw me.

He came over to me dragging mom by her hair, grabbed the box away from me and went to the kitchen, I was crying, running after him, yelling at him, cursing him, I was trying to reach for the kittens, but I was too weak, he easily struck me to the ground, and then he proceeded to fill the sink with water, while saying things like "In parenting, kids always remember the bad things, when two parents yell at each other, it is engraved in a kid's mind for ever" he took out a gun and put it to my moms head "So lets see your limit kid" he told me to drown the kittens, or else he would kill mom.

To this very day, I still hear the meowing, gurgling, I still feel the scratches on my arms, still remember how their lifeless bodies were floating in the water. After he that, he laughed like a fucking prick and left. After that, my mom gave me up for adoption and left the country herself, I don't blame her, it was the safest thing to do, that old fart would never find us.

Few years pass, I'm a KGB agent and I use the resources to find where that old fart is right now, he was in a bar drinking away his life, as usual. I payed him a visit, I enjoyed every second of it, I cracked a bottle over his head, dragged him to the outside, there was a river nearby, I started drowning him, this time, the gurgling, the screaming, the pain, the adrenaline that was circling through me, I enjoyed every second of it, after that I became addicted to pain.

So yeah, my past isn't really bad and isn't really that good. Phew this was good for me, I feel better already, feel better that I can go and ask to drive again.

Sunday, June 16, 2013

Short Post.

I'll make this post very short, Incognito is drivin' at the moment, we already talked with him about this.

I don't know if ya'll remember in my older posts that I said that the name "Fisk" from FBI ran' some bells, right? I got thinking about it today, after reading Incognito's post. What triggered the thinkin' process was when he described his reflection in that fucked up sea.

To be more precise, what triggered the thinking process was the fact that the reflection was dressed in a priests outfit and the reflection was talkin' in Italian, or some similar soundin' language. Yet I can't seem to remember what the connection is, but I am sure that it is a KGB case file, I will have to hack into the database somehow.

I could be imaginin' thin's, but this has been scratchin' me for a while now.

Vikady out.

Saturday, June 15, 2013

The Path, Part 4: The German

Report #85 2013, June 16th.

We're out of Germany, and I think it is very fitting that this part is called "The German".

So, the beach...

Honestly Veigar/JP, I don't know what you were so worried about the beach, granted it had its line of "fucked up", but that wasn't really what sent me into my trance. In fact, The Beach, was rather really enjoyable.

Alright, allow me to explain. I was running from the skinny things and the pale girl and I ended up on the beach. Took me about 5 minutes to catch my breath and get up, when I looked around, I heard no whispers, nor did I see anyone behind me. I looked around and I saw nothing around, just the forest from which I just ran out, the shore and the sea. The sea was nothing special, simple sea.

So I started walking right, why right? I don't know, something that stuck with me from my hunting days, and I do mean real hunting, for deers and e.t.c. I used to always start with the right part of the forest during those days. After some time walking, I notice something, my reflection, it isn't mine, guess who it was. Kelevra, it was his reflection in the sea, but he was different, he was dressed in a priests outfit, at the time I had no idea what it meant, thats what I would have said if I didn't get mind fucked in the path. But I knew all too well what it meant, I was just trying to block it out, been trying to do that for the past 23 years.

Getting off topic. I stared at the reflection for some seconds, then the reflection started talking, it was saying something in...I don't know, seemed like Italian. Then he got an axe, and the reflection quickly came to life, jumping out of the water, trying to chop my head the fuck off. I fell down trying to dodge the swing, the reflection toppled over me, and tried a second attempt, this time I reacted quickly and grabbed it's axe in mid-air, the sharp tip of the axe was an inch away from my neck, during all of that time, the reflection was constantly yelling, in English this time, "I will Absolve You!". When suddenly he just stopped, got up and walked off into the water, like nothing even happened.

Confused, looking at the water into which it just walked off, I suddenly saw a hand appear in front of my face, an old wrinkly hand and a voice was saying "Need a hand?". Someone was offering me to get up, the sun was blocking out the person, so I rolled out of the way and got up on my own. Once the sun cleared out, I saw an old man standing in front of me, he showed no traces of danger, but I was still on my toes, the place was "Mindfuck-ville".

The man looked at me and said "You move pretty fast for your age".

I answered "I'm ---, not that old".

He said back "Really? You look like you're 60" it is true, I need to shave my beard.

After that, the old man just used his staff to move back to a bench from which he got up and just casually sat down. I stood in one place, quiet for about a minute, waiting for something to happen, but he just sat still, looking at the sea. Then he said:

"Are you going to stand there all day, or are you going to take a seat?"

That meant the old guy wanted to talk, but I wasn't going to sit down, this is the conversation we had:

I: "Who are you?"

O.M.: "I believe, a "drifter" would fit my description well, but I prefer The German"

I: "Why the drifter?"

O.M.: "Because I go where the wind takes me"

I: "Why The German?"

O.M.: "Well that should be obvious from my accent, I believe you are Russian, yes?"

I: "Accent?"

O.M.: "Yeah, gives away your nationality, very easily."

I: "How did you end up here?"

O.M.: "Same way many people did."

I: "IT?"

O.M.: "So thats what you call him?"

I: "So you're a proxy?"

O.M.: "A what? Sorry son, I might be a bit lost on time, I've been stuck here for a while."

I: "Let me put it in a different way, were you stalked by IT?"

O.M.: "Oh yes, that little game of cat and mouse, drove me here, been stuck here for the past fifty years."

I: "How can you tell for how long you have been stuck here?"

O.M.: "You figure things out when you are stuck here for that long."

I: "So you never found a way out?"

O.M.: "Never went looking for it, I like it in here, it's quite, pretty, I practically never move from this spot, sit here, wait until the day I die."

I: "Really?" I showed him my scars "Doesn't look to peaceful to me."

O.M.: "It's because you attacked them, now you are of importance to them, so for you, it won't be peaceful in here, so you might want to get out of here as soon, as you can, just like a lot of other young fellows I've seen go through here."

I: "Right, so why did you never go looking for a way out? Too hard? Gave up?"

O.M.: "No, as I said, its quite in here, now I don't know what year it is in that other world right now, but before I was a target, I was an old man who was peacefully enjoying his life, in his little farm house. And then city's came and a lot of people like me, were forced to move out of our little paradise homes, because they were signed for demolition, at the time we didn't complain much, because we were assured to be moved into one of the buildings when the city gets built." He took off his hat, scratched his bald head and continued "So I lived in a city and I tell you, city is power".

I: At this point I decided to sit down "If city is power, then why don't you want to go back?"

O.M.: "City is an evil power, strong arrive, become weak, the city takes away the power" he looked into my eyes "It took yours too".

I: I sat there for a couple of minutes, honestly, he was right, it was getting really hot, so I got out a bottle of water, before drinking it myself, I proposed the water to him.

O.M.: He just shook his head and declined.

I: "I don't mind, I have more"

O.M.: "Whats good for the Russian is death for the German"

I: "What's that?"

O.M.: "An old Russian saying. Enough about me, why are you here? Running away?"

I: "Actually, I came in here myself."

O.M.: "One of his servants?"

I: "No, not really, came here looking for some answers, tips, clues, anything really."

O.M.: "Rarely see fellows like you go through here, mostly it is either a person who tries to run away from him, or his servants."

I: "Speaking of servants, how are you still alive? You're obviously not one of them."

O.M.: "Oh they walk right past me, without even noticing me, do you know why? Because I don't matter."

I: "So that is why they call you a drifter?"

O.M.: "I guess so."

I: At that point I realized that I had to move, I've been in one place for too long, I got up and said my goodbyes.

O.M.: He yelled out to me as I was walking away "Be careful! And go with God!"

After that I walked off into the forest, I'm not a religious person, I don't believe in God, I used to, but then I realized that he didn't exist. God was going to sit that one out.

Losing Internet connection, also Rest in Peace Yaro, a young soul who was taken away, way to early.

And Alicia, get it together, what has happened, happened and you know it as well as I do, but still, my condolences.

Report #85 Ended.

Thursday, June 13, 2013

The Path, Part 3: Pale Girl

Report #84 2013, June 13th.

We are out of Germany, the reason I didn't post for a while, is because we were busy trying to drive through Germany safely. The place is a mess, crap load of crime scenes, everywhere, if Kelevra is somehow responsible for that, then how did he achieve that? He can't use The Path, so it is hard for me to understand how he possibly did all of that chaos, in such a short amount of time, without using The Path, over thinking it.

After me escaping the graveyard and those creatures I had to move quick, I heard more whispers coming up, more of them were coming, I had to get out. So I started running, not looking in what direction and eventually I fell downhill, when I got up, what I saw, well the forest changed drastically.

High trees, but this time, with bodies impaled on their branches, the bodies looked all dried out, as if something sucked all the blood out of them, one of the bodies was practically falling apart when the wind was blowing onto it, and when one piece of that body fell off, it didn't even hit the ground, it just fell apart in the air, into dust and got blown away be the wind.

But there was no time for thinking, I had to start running because behind me, I heard the same whispers. So I dove into this forest and ran. I ran until my legs physically couldn't do any more running, seemed like I lost them, but then I realized that I am lost now, I strayed from the gray path I was following and now I was lost. I wandered in that forest for a good couple of days, each minute I was looking around my shoulder, looking deep into the forest, to make sure that nothing was following me. And then, what happened next, well...

I wandered into a sun filled park, the grass was green, the sky was blue, the sun was bright, a lot of families were playing outside with their kids. For a second, I thought that I found an exit out of The Path, but then I saw a very familiar picture, a family, they were sitting at the park, having fun, their daughter was playing with a kite, her father was looking over her, so she wouldn't hurt herself or anything like that and her mother, she was taking pictures, with her photo camera...It was summer...year was 2000, I knew all too well that this vision was fake, because the family that I just described, they are all dead...

Once I figured out that it was only a vision, a sudden ultra sound struck such pain in my head, that I fell down to my knees because of how sudden it was. Once I opened my eyes, I was back in that god forsaken forest, through the ultra sound, I started hearing whispers, they were really close, but then, they suddenly stopped. I turned around, I thought that those creatures caught up and that is why the whispers stopped, but then I saw her. The same pale girl that I had encountered in the previous year, she knew who I was, I was pissed at her for showing me these visions, I got out my gun and started shooting at her, the bullets flew her way, but not one pierced her, as if they flew right through her.

I remember what happened last time I came in close contact with her, so the only option I had at the time, was running, the next place where my feet took me, was the beach and ther...

Internet is cutting off, I'll continue later.

Report #84 Ended.

Sunday, June 9, 2013

The Path, Part 2: Graveyard Showdown.

Report #83 2013, June 9th.

We have currently entered a certain town, so I have internet connection.

After that little trip down IT's memory lane, I didn't stumble upon anything for a while, what I notice now, that I didn't notice then, was that I never got tired, I mean I did get tired physically from the low gravity and the constantly changing weather, but I never wanted to sleep, or anything like that, in fact, all the time I had spent there, I was always moving, never stopping for a nap, or anything like that.

My long walk through the never ending paths, I started to hear whispers, all around me, they were not in my head, because there were several of them and they were either getting louder, or quieter, if they were in my head, the volume wouldn't change. So it was safe to assume that I was being followed by someone, or something. Drove me insane.

Next thing I stumbled upon, well, it was a graveyard, there was nothing really weird about it, except for the fact that out of some graves there were tree's sticking out, some taller than others, which meant they were not placed in there, they are actually growing, with blood coming out of the ground and covering the branches. When I was walking into the graveyard, it didn't seem to be so big, but once I turned around, I saw that the graveyard was fucking huge, and I do mean huge, as if people of the whole world were buried there.

I went through some tombstones, red some names, didn't see anybody I knew, except for a couple of names, some of those names belonged to people that are currently following my blog, Kelevra included, all of those graves had a tree growing out of them, I don't know if this is worth noting, but Kelevra's tree was practically growing as I was looking at it.

I also found a familiar name on a tombstone, a guy that was also blogging in the past but later ended up dead, he's grave had no tree growing out of it, so I decided to see what was inside and decided to dig it up. I expected to see a body, or something among those lines, but all I saw was a stump and that is it.

I believe that, that graveyard was a totem pole of sorts, I don't know, I wanted to see what would happen if I cut one of the trees down with the axe I had found earlier, I wanted to cut down Kelevra's tree in particular, but I was interrupted.

Remember how Strider and JP warned me about there being creatures on The Path? Well, yeah, turns out, those whispers were coming from them. One of those things leaped from one of the trees, out of the forest that surrounded the graveyard, landing right on top of me, piercing it's big ass fucking claws through my shoulder and arm area, making me fall down, couldn't reach my gun, but the axe I found, was, however, in my reach, so I grabbed it and stabbed the thing in the head several times, the thing didn't want to go down so easily, but in the end, it did.

That thing, not to say it was scary, but it was freaky, mainly because it was so thin that I could actually see through it's skin when the sun light fell on it, I could see the skeleton, the skull, the deformed teeth, the organs that were of unknown nature to me, the eye balls that were completely black.

I was starting to hear more whispers and they were getting louder, I started running for it from the graveyard, once I turned around for a second, I saw about five of those things leaping from tree, to tree, chasing me. I didn't really pay attention to where I was running, so when I fell down, I was a bit surprised, the reason I fell down, is because one of those things came out of the ground, grabbing my foot and trying to bite it, luckily, I reacted quickly and shot it right in the head with my Colt. 45.

I had no time to get up and start running again, because those things would catch up, so I had to get out my Remington and wait for them to get closer, in order to blast them away, was a bit tricky to do with their agility and speed, but I managed.

From there on I started moving again, after that graveyard, the real mind fuckery began.

But more on that when we arrive to the next town.

Also, thought it was worth noting, tell me, while I was absent, was there any action taking place in Germany? I swear, this is the third town, where I see police officers in groups, literally I see crime scene, after crime scene, after crime scene in every town. At some point I was even able to spot about 5 people in hoodies, on the rooftop, near a crime scene, couldn't see if they had masks.

Report #83 Ended.

Saturday, June 8, 2013

The Path, Part 1: Self documentation.

 Report #82 2013, June 8th.

Woke Vikady up, made him take over the steering wheel, so now I have some time to write up at least a couple of things about what I saw.

Once I walked off into The Black Forest, I didn't immediately enter The Path, took me about 5 hours of walking around the damned forest in order to enter The Path. Once I entered it, the surrounding's didn't immediately change, but I could feel that I was entering The Path. The gravity was starting to get stronger, to the point where it was hard for me to move, let alone run, every muscle in my body was burning like crazy, the fact that it was getting either really hot, or really cold in there, didn't help, I couldn't concentrate. While I was struggling with movement, I didn't notice how everything drastically changed around me, the leaves were all black, the ground was gray, the trees were dark.

In there, hours melt into days and days melt into years, in this world I was away for a month, in there, I can't even tell you how long I've been there, but it was a very long time.

There were a lot of pathways in there, but no matter what path I would take, everything looked the same, but I knew that it would be like that, so I took with me a supply of food and water that would last for a week.

After days of walking aimlessly, I would eventually get used to the gravity in there and were even capable of running, I also started to get a sense of weather in there, in there the weather constantly changed either in a matter of seconds, hours, days. The way to determine what weather is going to be in there, is by looking at the sun's rays, if the sun emits dark rays, then it is going to snow and be really cold, if it emits gray rays, then it is either autumn, or spring which means it will be extremely stuffy, when it emits white rays, it is going to be hot like the summer. You don't really notice what color are the rays, but if you pay enough attention.

The first thing that I stumbled upon that didn't look like a forest, was an old looking village, it was broken apart, I got out my gun and carefully started to have a look around. The village house seemed like it had German writing carved into the wooden door, once I stepped inside, I saw a lot of paper being stuck to walls, the paper were pages from books, all of them had "Der Grossman" written on them. Judging by the old structure of the house, the old possessions that were lying all over the house, and the contents of the pages, I presume that was an example of an old German village house that was usually described in the "Der Grossman" stories.

I searched the house for something useful, but the only thing I had found was an Axe stuck to a wall of the house, so I took it. My next stop was a broken apart bunker, it had a torn apart, Nazi flag on it. Once inside, there were flipped over tables, folders with paper lying all over the ground and so on. This time, what resembled IT, were countless, old, black and white photos that were sticked on an old, school, white board. The photos were horrendous, those photos were of people who's faces were cut off,  their hands and feet cut off and in their place, attached other arms and legs, it was a whole gallery of bodies being stitched together, trying to form an IT-looking creature. Around those bodies were Nazis, it was obvious that those photos were taken by Nazis, because in some photos, there could be seen, two or three Nazis standing with their old looking photo cameras. All the photos had German numbers written on their back. I don't know what is going on in those photos and honestly, I don't want to.

Found nothing of use in the bunker, so I moved on.

Next thing that I stumbled upon, was a five-story building, the kind we see every day on the streets today, was also messy, a lot of holes in the buildings, windows broken, one of the apartments seemed like it was on fire. Every apartment I looked at had an Operator symbol drawn on it's walls, except for the burnt apartment, the burn apartment had a bunch of masks lying all over the place. Other than that, I found nothing of use in there, so I moved on.

After that building, I didn't stumble upon anything for a while, looking back on it now, it seemed like I was going through a time machine of sorts. It was like a horrible museum, that was representing the evolution of IT. First the old Village House, Then The Nazi Bunker and then a Modern Building. It seems like IT has the need to document, IT's progress through time, I am sure, that I missed a lot of other buildings that were in The Path, that represented IT's evolution, but I had no time to stick around and look for other such buildings, I had to move on.

The next place the path took me to...

I will have to talk about it in the next post, since we are currently leaving a town, the internet will be cut off.

Report #82 Ended.

Friday, June 7, 2013

Full Recovery

Report #81 2013, June 7th.

I'm back, never thought I'd say it, but thanks to Vikady, I was able to recover from the trauma, my recovery was taking too long, so Vikady started talking to me about my past, that resulted in me knocking him out on instinct, I don't like talking about my past.

Right now he is unconscious, currently we are leaving Germany, no point in staying here.

I see a lot has happened during my absence, I will be posting about everything that I had encountered on The Path, and I do mean everything, including my past. Time for secrets is over, I never kept my identity a secret for such purposes like hiding my identity, no, I kept them a secret, because I tried to forget them.

Because of that secrecy, I slowly started getting distracted and it was played against me on The Path, so it is time I fess up and get it over with, but not now, right now, we have to get out, stayed in one spot for long enough.

Report #81 Ended.

Sunday, June 2, 2013


My head fucking hurts.

What happened, you ask? I left shopping for some food, say what you want about me leaving Incognito alone in that state, but if I didn't feed him and eat myself, we would have died from starvation, so I had to leave him there. I put ear phones on his head with a bunch of songs he used to listen to, hoping that it would speed up the process of him coming to his senses.

While I was away, he got on the PC and started writing some stuff, from his writing we can see that he was unstable.

When I got back, I saw him typing that poem, I saw he was putting a lot of dots at the end of it, I quickly raced through the poem and I noticed it all too well. I grabbed him from behind and tried to pull him away from PC, that poem is closely related to him, I couldn't let him compromise his identity, me trying to pull him away, resulted in my getting slammed into the keyboard with my face which explains the last part.

He also managed to write something in between the numbers that appeared after my face went up against a keyboard (Second time by the way), once I publish this post, I'm going on Incognito's account and deleting that last part, since it gives away some personal information, thought it doesn't matter now since people had already red it, but still.

I would have deleted the post immediately, but I spent my whole night trying to restrain Incognito, he was struggling until the end. I left the poem, because we might analyze it, maybe it will tell us something about his experience in The Path, or with what it was connected.

Sanna was right, this poem was used in a Russian movie a long time ago, the movie is called "Брат 2" in translation meaning "Brother 2". Incognito liked the movie, and got that poem from there, but that is not the close connection he has with it, I know what it means for him.

As you can see some words in the poem are highlighted, these words are:

"Family", "And a Path and a Forest", "River", "Native", "Love" and "I".

The "I" is important too, while in your language the "I" is always highlighted, in Russian it isn't.

It is clear, that while he was on the Path, something struck him close to his past, fuck.

He is now, sitting and reciting that poem over and over again.

Saturday, June 1, 2013

Я узнал, что у меня

Есть огромная СЕМЬЯ


В поле каждый колосок

РЕЧКА, небо голубое

Это все мое РОДНОЕ

Это Родина моя,

Всех ЛЮБЛЮ на свете Я!

Pale Woman...

in front of me, reminds me a lot...

......of her....


они мертвы...я мертв...