Sunday, March 31, 2013

The only thing for sure about ----- is nothings for sure.

Remember that?

- Mr. Cognito.

Friday, March 29, 2013

Too sick to write.

Audio Report #1 2013, March 29th.

If you can't hear it properly don't be afraid to turn up the volume, there are no distortions.

Audio Report #1 Ended.

Thursday, March 28, 2013

Not a Hacker, a Threat.

Report #65 2013, March 28th.

This hacker...

I thought he was another sick fuck like Kelevra, so I brushed him aside, thinking that he is another loony that would eventually appear and get a bullet between the eyes from yours truly.

But his last post, this fuck knows me, he knows who I am, why is this such a big deal? Because for ten years of my survival process my identity was firmly kept a secret. Not even Twitch my former partner who had died at the hands of IT, knew who I was. I always keep my face covered up, and I always whisper, I let nothing give me away.

Yet this fuck references something close to me, a guy who I never met, or seen is just referencing my personal life. This guy is number one threat right now, he might compromise everything.

I'm thinking hard on figuring out who this is.

In other news, I noticed a link in the information I gathered from Kelevra. Whats is it? Nazis.

Those Jew hating fucks had the most experience with IT, a lot of blogs point to IT being really interested in the Nazi Germany. Now why is that? Well it could be anything really, it could be the fact that it was completely random that one of the Nazis noticed IT. It could be because IT wanted to torment one of the scariest forces on earth at that time. It could be anything.

As soon as I finish up over here, I might go off to Germany and investigate some of the places where IT was spotted back in the WWII, but thats a side plan, it was just a thought that crawled up into the corner of my mind.

On a side note, been feeling really sick today, head is hurting, coughing, stuffed nose, usual things. Could it be because something is coming my way? Is it the effects of these Catacombs? Is it just a simple flu?

Well we'll see when we cross that bridge I guess.

The Judgment came back, he was just standing outside of the Catacombs, just staring at me, and I at him from the open hatch. Whats so weird about that? The fuck was wearing the same clothing I was, his face was covered up just like mine. Was that some sort of a mind game? Well it didn't work.

As soon as I ran down into the catacombs to get my gun and dispose of this nuisance, he got away, I was kind of expecting that.

The Whispers become louder every day, I could swear one of them sounded like a little girl, she was, what seemed like, reading a bed time story on Lithuanian about a girl named Ä–gle who in the course of the story became a Snake Queen, and then got killed by the same Snakes. Looked it up, that story really does exist, apparently its a classic Lithuanian Folk Tale...

I didn't know Lithuanian authors were so fucked up.

Report #65 Ended.
Ey' bro, tell me if ya heard this one before, two ladies walk into a confession booth...

- Mr. Cognito.

Wednesday, March 27, 2013

Another Hacker.

Report #64 2013, March 27th.

Either I need to start changing passwords, either there are two people who know me very well to be able to hack this blog. One of those people is Kelevra, who is currently chained up in these catacombs with me. The other apparently is this Mr.Cognito guy. I have no idea who this is, not even the slightest, wouldn't be surprised if it were that Judgment, but I don't think it was, with many encounters I had with that fuck, he didn't even say one word, he was serious about his job, besides he knows where the catacombs are, he wouldn't be asking me that. So that leaves the question, who is this?

Not to mention they took the liberty to customize my blog, also in the background is a picture that was sent to me a long time ago, only one difference, that picture was all sorts of fucked up with drawn question marks over it and lots of red lines. This picture however, is completely clean, so I have to assume that, that is the person who sent me the first picture in the first place. And here I thought that was Kelevra. Leaving the blog as it is, I don't know how to customize it back and I won't waste my time figuring out how to do that.

Asked Kelevra a second question today, I had to think of a good one, I obviously couldn't ask anything like, how can I hurt IT? Cause obviously he didn't know that. I also didn't ask any dumb questions likes why was IT following me, since it would be irrelevant to my survival, who knows maybe some day I'll figure that one out on my own. I couldn't ask any questions about IT, since he wouldn't have that information and that would be a waste of questions, same with Fears.

So I asked the next best thing, I asked about this place, the question was simple, yet at the same time covered all the details of this place. This is how the conversation went (I record all of my conversations, always.):

K: "Ah did you like the little show outside yesterday?"

I: "I've seen worse"

K: "And yet it steered up your jimmies"

I: "My second question is, what is this place?"

K: "...I like how you summarized it, now I have to tell you both the capabilities and the history of these catacombs"

A 10 second pause.

K: "Or I could just say 'The Catacombs" and you waste your second question"

At this point I was about to smack him.

K: "Calm down, I'm not a cheater, I'll spill the beans"

A slight chuckle from him

K: "Tell me Incognito, as a former KGB agent, the date June 22 and the time 3:15 AM must mean something to you"

I: "Operation Barbarossa, Lithuanian uprising"

K: "Exactly, the day when Nazis invaded Lithuania, as you know two army groups were dispatched, The North German Army Group, which took care of the North Part of Lithuania. And The Central German Army Group, they took care of Vilnius and other countries that went after it."

I: "Visaginas..."

K: "Right again! So, these people, realizing the danger of an attack, run to the catacombs, there were several of them, but this is the only one that remained. Of course The Nazis found them, but instead of wasting their time with those people, they just decided to gas them to death...Just like the Jews"

The sick fuck laughed out at that remark.

K: "But there was one particular man who managed to survive, once the Lithuanians started to rebel, this man was found inside the catacombs, completely thin, the guy munched on all the dead bodies in order to survive."

I: "But they were gassed..."

K: "Didn't stop that guy, everyone were baffled how he managed to survive the gassing and after that manage to survive only on human meat and flesh without any tools to cut up everything. Sadly they couldn't interview the guy, as they tried to get him out of there, he was struggling, yelling, and as soon as they got him out he died"

I: "You mean to tell me he adjusted to the gas instead of normal oxygen?"

K: "Let me finish, and on a side note, thats a stupid idea. No, just when they were getting gassed, and when people were falling down like dominoes, he saw him. My master, he saw Slender Man"

A big smile appeared on his face.

K: "According to the man's yells, Slendy offered him a chance to survive, he made so that the guy would be only able to survive in these catacombs, why? Entertainment, to see that guy eat his own, to see him suffer."

I felt like an expression of disgust had formed on my face, he couldn't see it since my face is always covered up.

K: "Thats why this place is still here and other catacombs are not, Slendy kept it around, just because this one guy was still in here, to top it all off, he brought this place to life, with the souls of those that were gassed, in order to drive the guy to total insanity."

I: "Sick son of a..."

K: "Yeah, yeah, so time passed, Slendy forgot about this place, he forgot that he brought it to life, he just left it here. The place in turn developed a consciousness, don't ask me how, has something to do with Azoth, or as you like to call it Slender Sludge. It continued to exist of its own accord and completely shoved its master aside. Thats why he can't get in, because it is not part of him anymore."

I: "And the Fears?"

K: "What about them, none of them ever came close to my Master, well maybe except for The Rake, but still, this place was made out of Slendy's mater. If he can't get in, I assure you none of the Fears can. Same goes for Servants, since they all bare a connection to their masters, that connection alone is enough to shove them away."

I: "And what abo-"

K: "That is a completely different question, you sure you want to waste it?"


I: "You won't get out"

K: "We'll see"

He followed by a big ass green, which I proceeded to plaster back shut.

So this place does indeed shove the danger away, that might also explain why the first time my health was effected, it is part of IT, it took my body a while to adjust. That still doesn't explain how he is capable of getting in, isn't he a sort of a proxy? And the time travel? How does this place do time travel? No matter, at least now I know why this place constantly whispers and that it can't let those freaks in, this is now my safe zone.

Report #64 Ended.
Ey' bro! Where the catacombs at? I can't seem to find ya.

You and your Surnames.

- Mr...Cognito, I guess?

Tuesday, March 26, 2013

Report #63 2013, March 26th.

Apologies for yesterdays unofficial post, I guess the feeling of depression, regret and other alien to me feelings took over my mind, didn't know I could still feel those, felt good to be honest. You know that feeling when your childhood friend left the country with his family, to never see him again for many years and then after some time actually meet up with him, thats the feeling I had.

Back on topic.

I was bringing food to Kelevra today, when I ripped off the plaster which closed up his mouth and fed him, he told me something, he told me to go outside and have a look. I was confused and for some reason I actually decided to listen to him, I didn't ask my two questions yet, so this wasn't an elaborate plan to escape, he is too twisted to just simply leave his own game.

So I go outside, what do I expect as I climb my way up the metal stairs toward the hatch? I don't know, maybe I would find IT standing there in a distance, maybe I would get shot between the eyes from the Archangels rifle, maybe it was that Judgment outside, ready to throw down for a second time. The possibilities were endless, there was no point in guessing, I knew, whatever it was, I would escape it, or fight it off, just as I usually did.

But what I saw...

I would lie if I said that it shocked me, but it did paralyze me for ten seconds, maybe more, maybe less. There were bodies, bodies impaled high on the trees which surrounded the catacombs. Kids, Adults, Teens, Elders didn't fucking matter, IT had them all. Upon closer look, I realized that there was no blood coming from them, yet those were live bodies, no way there was a crafter that could craft mannequins that realistic. All of them were drained of their blood, some had their eyes gouged out, some had missing limbs. At that time a light breeze went trough the air, one of the bodies arm's just fell off, it didn't get ripped off, it just fell off, the skin and meat inside of it were so dry, that it just simply fell off.

As that arm hit the ground, it broke into dust, not completely of course, some parts of the arm like fingers remained in one piece, but eventually another wind would blow and just turn the fingers into dust.

As the wind blew stronger and stronger, the bodies started to shatter, turn into dust and get carried away by the winds, to God knows where.

My mind filled with rage, I ran towards Kelevra, I was pissed, I almost asked him who did that and why, almost eliminating my two remaining questions, but just before I asked, I stopped, a minute of silence between us, that stupid ass grin on his face never disappearing, his one eye fixated on me.

I look at him, turn around and only say one thing.

"Fuck you"

With that I closed the metal door behind me, leaving him there completely alone as always, without feeding him completely, let him eat that food on the ground on his own, if he can reach it at least.

God you have no idea how much I want to kill him right now.

Report #64 Ended.

Monday, March 25, 2013

Lets take off the official Report stamps, and make this unofficial, there are my personal thoughts which I can not make official, or relevant to my survival. This is why this post is unofficial.

I have been lingering in the dark of these catacombs for a while now, locked away from the world, in the darkness, with nothing to do I started researching, something I had not done in a very long time.

I started reading blogs again, this time, much older ones, the ones that still had basic rules to them, the ones which had no Fears in them, only IT. The blogs, the time of which everything was basic and less complicated then it is today.

If you have been sticking with my blog from the beginning, then you know that I had been hunted by IT since before its creation in these forums, it is no surprise, since IT has been existing for centuries. And now, when I read all those blogs, I feel left out, I feel bad for myself, I feel bad for not joining in when it was still basic, maybe there was a chance for actually stopping IT back then, while IT was weak. I didn't know back then, that there were people who had similar problems, I just thought I was going insane.

Judging by those blogs and their commentators, many young runners had hope, that hope was coming from many fellow runner bloggers, those like Zeke Strahm, M, Zero and many others (I had read all those blogs today, eyes hurt like a bitch). They brought hope into the hearts of those that were in similar situation, and while the situation seemed like shit, people still had the desire to fight back, to fight until the end and with each fight they put up, IT was weakened.

But what happened later? After those who inspired everyone died, or went M.I.A.? People just stopped fighting? Compare that time to today? IT is stronger then it was before, and now there are much more creatures like IT running around taking more lives everyday! Why? Because people stopped fighting back, because they either joined with them, or just simply gave up. Look at us today, look at people like Cecilia, Kyra, Lisa and many others, they give in, give in into the temptation, into the illusions which they see as "freedom". Letting IT and Other fucks to grow in strength, because nobody is weakening them, like they used to.

Look what a big fucking difference a couple of years of inaction brought to us, once we had to deal only with IT, now we got several manifestations running around. All that because of inaction, because of giving up, not fighting until the end.

I'm not saying everyones like that today, fuck there is a lot of people fighting back, but still not enough, there were a lot more of them back then.

Where did we trip? How did all of this get so out of hand? These thoughts have been bugging me all day, and the fact that these catacombs keep whispering, keep crying out sometimes, yelling either in pain, or anger, DOESN'T FUCKING HELP!

The Question Game.

Report #62 2013, March 25th.

So with Kelevras capture, I spent three days beating the information out of him. And by "Beating" I mean mentally, because when I interacted with that fuck physically, he didn't even flinch, no interrogation method I used worked on him, its like he said, he was immune to pain.

Talking with that guy is a pain in the ass thats for sure, he either would start rambling, or just saying some stupid jokes, which if I might note, made no absolute sense.

So when I went to him for information before I could ask anything he proposed we play a "game", I immediately punched him in the face, had no effect. His idea of a game was simple, I get to ask only three questions, after those three questions been answered, he will disappear. Sounded very stupid from the position he was in, so I started torturing him for answers, and as I already said, it didn't work. I can't just kill him off, and the fucker knows that, so I am forced to play his game.

Today I asked him my first question.

I: "Why are you following me and why did you save me several times?"

K: "Oh thats a good one, lets see...Because your just like me"

I: "I am nothing like you"

K: "Oh but you are! Both of us are monsters! While I kill whoever the fuck I want, you kill those who, in your sense of justice "Deserve" it. But by the end of the day both of us are killers which have no remorse for their victims, the only difference being is that you have a code of conduct."

I: "That still doesn't answer my question"

K: "Well as you know, when same energies meet up, chaos ensues. With chaos comes destruction, and you know I get a boner from that! Each time you and I will have an encounter, we will raise hell around us! The thought of that, I bet gives me tingles all over my body, a pity I can't feel anything!"

Then he broke of into his stupid sounding laughter.

K: "Welp that was question number one, two more Incognito, don't waste them"

After that I left, writing this right now.

With that question I figured out something that was already obvious, he is fucked up, so in short, I didn't find out stick. I need to think trough the questions I ask.

Report #62 Ended.

Friday, March 22, 2013

The Big Catch

Report #61 2013, March 22nd.

Guess who was lurking around outside?

That bandaged fuck was looking for me, good thing I was out in town getting myself some food, upon my return the hatch was open. Don't need to be a scientist to understand that someones in there, I draw my shooting knife and quietly enter the catacombs.

I was there for quite a very long time now and have examined every little corner of the place, so I knew exactly where, what was.

I walked trough the long ass hallway and when I finally reached the corner where I set up a bed for myself, along with all of my stuff in there. I saw him, Kelevra.

He was sitting over my bed, back turned to the entrance, he didn't hear me, I quickly knocked him out and tied him up with steel chains, rope can be easily cut, chains will take a while to break.

Currently I am sitting in front of him, he is conscious right now, starring at me, spitting out some stupid babble. I finally get a batter look at him, his face is not the only thing that is bandaged, his whole body is covered with bandages, he has this long ass black leather jacket, some black sports pants, Adidas to be more precise. Some black shoes on his bandaged legs, he slightly resembles IT with his colors, not to mention his skin is pale as fuck, tough he has yellow teeth, lack of brushing I see.

I can easily put a bullet trough his head right there, right now, but I need him to answer some questions first, I will ask them tomorrow, today I am tired and none of my tech is prepared to note his answers. Don't worry I'm not stupid, I won't go to sleep tonight, I will spend the whole night sitting by him.

He is really annoying.

Report #61 Ended.

Sunday, March 17, 2013

The Room's Rules and Guests.

Report #60 2013, March 17th.

Apparently this room has its own rules, what do I mean? Remember when I said that this room accelerates the time, well I was wrong, this place acts of its own accord. Sometimes the times speeds up and sometimes it drags along. For example yesterday I spent about 2 hours in it, I was trying to get exactly by how far the time jumps, imagine my surprise when I got out, that only ten minutes had past.

The room does not accelerate the time too highly, for example I am sure that if I go inside the catacombs for ten minutes, I won't end up in the year of 2099, or whatever. The room has its own limitations, its own set of rules, fuck it, when I tried to fall asleep down there, I could actually feel these catacombs, I could feel breathing from all the sides and occasionally even whispers, now I know I'm not going insane, this place is alive.

Yesterday I spent the entirety of my day, moving my things to the Catacombs, since the family in who's apartment I was staying were coming back and I had to move out without leaving any trace of me ever being there. With nowhere to go, I will be staying in these catacombs deep inside this forest, yeah I know, stupid, but I have said this already, stupid is what stupid does.

Once I finished moving my shit down there, I got out in order to see what time it was, so once I got out I would know exactly how much time have passed. Once I was about to go inside, I got attacked from behind, no simple punch to the head, or a stupid tackle, no, a whole fucking throw over the back by the neck, an experts move. It was the same guy that attacked me earlier, I believe they are called Justice? Since it was night and this guys face was covered up by a hood, I couldn't see his face again, didn't matter either, I had to somehow fight him off.

Me on the ground, he was about to stomp my brains in, luckily I always keep my spring knife (Or shooting knife as I like to call it) with me, I immediately reached into my pockets and shot it out at his leg, the pain caught up to him and gave me enough time to sweep his legs, which resulted in him falling down hard on the ground, I made sure to get my knife back, as I toppled on top of him and started hitting him in the face, hoping to render him unconscious, yeah right.

I was stupid enough to not notice him reaching for a rock with his right hand, to my surprise he fucking nailed me in the side of the head with a rock, that caused me to fall down the stairs into the catacombs (The hatch was open). Once inside I looked up at the fucker just standing there starring at me, I tried to fight the urge to go unconscious, but the pain was too great.

Once I woke up, I was in the same spot and it was morning, the fucker was gone, he didn't go inside, even their servants can't go inside, but why? Doesn't matter, I found myself a safe zone, and today I am only alive, because I got lucky, if I would have fallen on the ground, he would have surely finished me off.

After that I got up, and mended my wound. I let my guard down, losing it, time to get it together.

Report #60 Ended.

Friday, March 15, 2013

Time Travel.

Report #59 2013, March 15th.

Where was I? Remember the coordinates Kelevra left me? Well I followed them, they led me to a sort of old underground catacomb deep inside the forest, something I never expected to find in a quiet town like this.

Deep down there I found paper on the wall that said "Hey this is ur pal Kelevra, I see u followed mah coordinatos, good. You can thank me later :)".

I didn't get it so I explored the catacombs a little deeper, I found absolutely nothing and thought that all of it was a prank, next thing shocked me. I was about to leave the catacombs, once I opened the hatch which closed off the catacombs, and got outside, I was surprised to say the least. It was night, I entered the catacombs at 14 PM spent there for about 30 minutes, maybe an hour and got out at 23:46 PM. Also once I gout out, I noticed that my nose started to bleed, no doubt the side effects of the Catacombs. I had no idea why Kelevra wanted me to go there and discover such a phenomenon.

Because of that I decided to spend whole 3 days down there, in order to find out why he wanted me to go there. Those 3 days were the most silent I ever had, no fear activity at all, didn't see IT not even once, The Eye was nowhere to be seen, along with Archangel. Maybe that is what he meant, maybe those FEARS can not get inside that place, but the question remains, why? I got out of the catacombs today, and spent my whole day, moving my equipment down there, currently I am typing out of the same catacombs.

My laptops clock is not effected, my watch is not effected by the powers of this place, everything is as it should be, yet I know for a fact that when I get out a whole 3 hours had passed, so does that mean that I exceed my age time by staying down here? Because of that I am not willing to risk in finding that out, so once I'm done checking up on things, I will be leaving these catacombs, but I think I might end up moving into these in the end, once I find out if this place is hazardous to my health or not.

Report #59 Ended.

Saturday, March 2, 2013


Report #58 2013, March 2nd.

Due to recent Kelevra activity, on other peoples blogs, I remembered that he left these coordinates for me to go to. Today I will attend to that, along with me I will take this new camera he left for me.

I have no idea what this place is, where he wants me to go. Is it a trap? I doubt it, if he wanted to kill me he would have done so long time ago, instead he saved me numerous times, so what is it that he wants me to see? Will it be of any use to me? Or will it raise more complications? I guess we will see, I will not take any weapons with me, this is a small town and if they see a weapon on me, even a knife, it will immediately raise suspicion and I can't risk raising attention now.

I will be completely weaponless and will have to relay only on my instinct of survival, improvisation and escape. Just like always.

I will finish this report once I get back, if I get back.

Report #59 Put on hold...

Report #59 Continued.

Sorry for not finishing the post yesterday, but I have a very good reason behind that, unfortunately you will have to wait until I render the footage I shot, which might take a while.

You will be interested, I think I found a weapon, not sure tough.

Report #59 Ended.