Tuesday, February 26, 2013

Tic Toc.

Report #57 2013, February 26th.

I see them, nothing else, only them, The Eye, no, not The Eye, victims, my victims, all the people I have killed, all of them, every time I look in a mirror and I see them.

For the past couple of days now, I wasted my time researching Fears more so than I ever used to, I scrolled trough every piece of information I could, red trough every blog I could find to be useful, watched every single video records on YouTube and each time I felt to be getting close to progress, it would always lead to a dead end.

But I know for a fact there is something behind that dead end, after all, a dead end is a mere wall, a wall can be blown up, taken down, to make your own path. Getting psychological, no need to dwell so deep. But I know for a fact that IT has a weakness, in turn that means all of those Fears have it, but what is it. Archangel knows, the Fears know each others weaknesses, they can hurt each other, that is probably why they resumed to using us as game pieces, so no harm can be brought to them, but recently that rule has been broken several times now. The bullet trough IT's head was not the only instance, according to the "Sing To Me Songs of The Darkness" Blog, The Rake and IT has been going at each others throats for many years now, and most often they would cross the rules they themselves built.

I was proposed a fact that there were no rules, if that is true then there would be no game pieces, there would be no game, there would be a full scale war, they would be clawing at each others throats the first chance they would get. But they all know they have a 50/50 chance of emerging victorious, a true risk taker plays such odds, a true idiot. They are no idiots, they are smart, calculating, cold, but not emotionless, thats one factor that has caught me, they do have some line of emotion. While not all of them were noted to have something like that, IT can be noted for having emotions, is it anger? Misunderstood love? Doesn't matter, all that matters is that it can be exploited if we can find out what that emotion is. If IT had no emotions a being called The Second... and now The Third, would not exist.

Too many thoughts, too many facts, too many assumptions. All this time, in front of a screen, all this time the reflection of them, staring at me with those Eyes, who was diploid to take me down? Someone with military training, who? Who could it possibly be!?

This is no checkers, this is chess, checkers is too simple of a game, rules constantly change in that game, but there is a limited amount of them and someone can easily grasp all of those rules and bend them to he's will. They would not allow it, thus more complicated game was chosen. Never liked chess.

Those Eyes, all of them had the same Eyes, except one pair of people, a Woman and a Child, I never killed a child, who were they?

Too much work, need rest, otherwise will go insane, no, I'm already insane, otherwise I would have killed myself long time ago.

Report #57 Ended.

Thursday, February 21, 2013

A Bitch.

Report #56 2013, February 21st.

Going to go right to the point, was attacked this night, nearly choked me the fuck out, it was dark but I could clearly tell it wasn't Kelevra, since he didn't have the feel of bandages on he's face.

I couldn't see who it was since it was too dark, it was definitely human, a soldier with military training, knew such moves that they teach you in the military. I woke up gasping for air with the guy choking me out, he was a professional, pinned my hands down with he's legs and started choking me out, so I wouldn't be able to do shit. I was blacking out, I knew I couldn't, had to press trough the pain, by some miracle I was able to lift myself up even though he was pressing with both of he's hands onto my neck as hard as he could. He's legs were no longer on my arms so I was able to give him a good strong punch along with a shove.

He fell to the ground, I immediately toppled over him, landing a punch after punch into he's head, motherfucker was no push over, he was able to block and grab my hand, twisted it so hard, that I ended up falling onto my back from him. While he took he's time to get up, I reached for the chair that was near me, smashed the motherfucker across the back, the chair broke. Didn't even phase him, he just picked up the left overs from the chair and nailed me in the face with it, causing me to fall back down, he continued the assault with the chair part, mostly aiming at my arms and ribs.

What that asshole didn't know was that he was beating the living crap out of me under a vase which was on top of a dresser, all it needed was a good kick, it was my last chance so I took it, I kicked the dresser and the vase fell right on top of him, the glass flew across the room, scratching me a little bit. But I didn't care, I got enough time to grab he's leg and get him in a lock, while holding him in that lock, I repeatedly beat the living crap out of him with the same stick. But that asshole was not done yet, he somehow managed to do a roll and push me the fuck off with he's second leg.

Both of us got up at the exact same time, this guy was impressive, no matter what I threw at him, he just bounced back. I knew there was a 50/50 chance of beating him and I do not like playing such odds, luckily I was near a closet where I stashed my Colt 45. it was like 5 steps away from me. We stared at each other for a good minute, then I ran for the closet, once I got out my gun and aimed it where the guy was standing, he was gone. I took a good look around and then I saw my entrance door open, I scanned the whole apartment, no sign of him, so he must have taken off while I took a run for my gun. It is as if he knew I was going to cheat.

After that I closed the door, checked if I had broken anything in that encounter, and then happily passed out on the bed. When I woke up I took a look around the apartment, cleaned up the remains of the vase, and threw away the wooden parts of the broken chair. Thats when I found a piece of paper on the ground where we were fighting, on it was drawn an eye, so I presume this was The Eye's lackey.

Apparently everyone in their mother knows where I am staying, whatever, I expected that.

Report #56 Ended.

Tuesday, February 19, 2013

A Look Around.

Report #55 2013, February 19th.

Scanned the whole area, the whole apartment, took me some time to do, because I mostly wasted my time unpacking, but that is not the only thing I was doing, mostly I wasted my time looking over a video I received and the equipment I received alongside with it. So let me show you the video first and then I will tell you my thoughts.

Video Report #1:

Afterwards the video ended I guess the next thing that happened, was that the camera ran out of batteries and shut down, he put it on the washing machine and somehow disappeared, since if he would go trough the door I would clearly see him and there was no way I would miss him, since I have been hanging around the kitchen most of the time when I arrived, and the laundry room is clearly visible from the kitchen, maybe he used that Path of Black Leaves, I don't know. Then I found the camera and the coordinates to where I have to go, but I haven't gone there yet because, well I told you, I was taking care of other things.

Obviously I did not edit the video in any way, I mean why would I waste my time doing that, the only thing I did was make the quality a little better so I could at least see a little better.

Also if you were watching the video clearly you could see this appearing on the screen for a couple of seconds:

Now I got no idea what that is, or what it means, another one of those weird ass symbols, whatever, just thought it would be important to note this.

So yeah, apparently this fucker knew where I would be staying, but no matter, not moving to a different place since I don't have one, but I will be more prepared now.

Report #55 Ended.

Thursday, February 14, 2013


Report #54 2013, February 15th.

Finally I had arrived to my point of destination, got some of my connections to lend me over a flat equipped with everything that is required for my survival, not my flat, so it has a lot of family pictures not even remotely connected to me, the family itself was sent on a vacation, so I got time to crash in their flat.

The road, I tell you, it was a very long road.

The Eye, I saw it everywhere, saw IT a couple of times in the forest's which I was driving by, only thing I haven't seen is The Archangel, what makes me wonder is if they know, that they are following the same game piece here. Yeah, they probably do.

My car broke down a couple of times, but it was nothing I couldn't fix.

What still pisses me off, is the loss of my Van and all of my equipment, not only was it expensive, I had to kill a lot of bastards in order to gain that tech. But then again, you use everything when you try to survive.

As soon as I came towards the flat I was appointed to, I found a Video Camera and a Note inside of a box, inside the Flat I was staying in. I will try to watch the footage of the camera tomorrow, and maybe even upload it.

As for the note, I don't feel the need to explain whats written on it, but all I can say is that Kelevra was the one to deliver this box, so that bastard knows where I am, of course.

Right now my main priority is a shower, a shave, food and sleep.

If everything goes quietly that is.

Report #54 Ended.

Monday, February 11, 2013


Report #53 2013, February 11th.

Still on the road, yes I know it is taking longer then it had to, but understand, when your on a run from supernatural being that can teleport at any given time they want, I long ago learned that going in a straight line, never works, so I had to take constant detours, which lead to longer roads.

Am at a Gas Station right now, it has internet, have some time to relieve my thoughts about a couple of things.

First of; I don't like the recent blog's activity, or rather the lack of it, not many people have been updating their blogs which leads me to believe they are either dead, or soon to be dead. So many people willing to fight, suddenly silenced.

Second; Alicia provided me with information about my "Eye" problem and I can gladly say that, that thing is probably after me, so now I got two, or even probably three assholes on my ass, but about that later. How do I know it is after me? Well of course basing all of it from the information provided by Alicia, "Usually targets people who have recently committed outlandish crimes" check, "will appear to the victim at various locations" check. According to the information, the creatures presence should bring such syndromes like Paranoia, none such syndromes have occurred yet, but it has been only three days. I believe during this whole time it follows me, it studies me, to then replicate a similar being like which will then name itself "Judgement" and go after me, and murder me the same way I murdered someone. Can I say I'm afraid, no not really, I imagine it to be hard to be paranoid, when you know it's right there and you know it exists. We'll see how this goes.

Three; I believe I have found out the identity of the sniper, but those are only assumptions and nothing else, but everything falls perfectly into the puzzle when this character is involved. I have all the right to believe that a creature named Archangel is after me also, why do I presume that? Let us review, someone who was constantly protecting me was wielding a sniper rifle, Archangel has been noted to be carrying a sniper rifle around with himself, this creature appears to those who are afraid of religion, while I am not afraid of religion, I have a rather nasty past with it (Not going to discuss this further). And final proof that leads me to believe this all Archangel's work, if you will go back and look at Report #43, you will see that someone sent me a picture, in it is depicted a creature that looks similar to the archangel, Gas Mask silhouette, number "20" on it's chest which is the same number for it's symbol if depicted in roman numbers - XX. This would also explain why someone could hurt IT like that, Fears should know each other's weaknesses and apparently they can indeed hurt each other.

It is time for me to start moving, I got three monsters on me now, no matter, it has never been easy.

Report #53 Ended.

Friday, February 8, 2013


Report #52 2013, February 8th.

Sorry for the long absence, I see someone was worried, I had to stop at a hotel and stay there for a couple of days, I wasn't in a state to be driving. Not that I was sick, something weird was happening to me, I was seeing things, I don't know if IT's behind it or not.

Everywhere I went I saw an Eye, everywhere I looked I kept seeing an Eye that was watching over me constantly, I'm either finally losing it, or something strange is going on. This eye didn't present anything threatening, nor did it cause any pain, it's stare in fact was that of  pride, as if it was proud of something.

I was laying on my bed for a whole week without any disturbance except for that Eye, constantly looking at me, before you ask it wasn't some big ass floating eye, no it always appeared out of something, for example in the daytime, it appeared in my room as a shadow, at night time, as the lights of the moon.

I wasn't feeling ok, I knew that, therefore couldn't drive, would get distracted and probably even crash.

In other news, from all the Kelevra messages on my blog, I can assume that he is not The Sniper, but who knows, he could be lying. But if he is not, who else is interested in me and IT? I need to revise a couple of files, I do have a thought in the corner of my brain, but I need to be sure, but if I am right, then I have two monstrosities on my ass.

Report #52 Put on hold...

Wednesday, February 6, 2013

Interception message number three.





Friday, February 1, 2013

Almost There.

Report #51 2013, February 1st.

Was on the road for a whole day, really tired, the ringing in my head has stopped a couple of hours ago.

I am almost there to my point of destination, probably two days of non stop driving and I will be there, in the mean time, I'm just setting up this report in case of something weird happening tonight, I feel unsafe sleeping in this car, my Van had bulletproof windows, there were a lot of weapons by me to choose from, I felt prepared, in this car I feel like I will have to constantly improvise, no big deal, not the first time.

Lets hope this night will be quiet.

Report #51 Put on hold...

Report #51 Continued.

Still quiet, still haven't closed my eyes, keep my Remington under the seat, has only 4 bullets left, my Colt 45 is in the gloves compartment, my shooting knife is in my pocket. If something happens, I could always bust out trough the back window. There main plan of escape is thought of, the back up plan will remain unknown to you readers, I always keep back up plans a secret.

Hope it keeps being this quiet.

Report #51 Put on hold...