Thursday, May 30, 2013

Medicine #3: Viktor Zoy

As suggested by Sanna, I decided to try and let Incognito listen to his favorite song, I have no idea how I could forget such a detail, he was and still is a big fan of this singer, Viktor Zoy a man that died too early, trying to save a girl from a car that was about to run her over.

Anyways, for those of you who are interested in the song, you can listen to it here. For those of you who are music enthusiasts and are actually wondering what is being sung in this song, you can check out the English lyrics in description.

I had to play the song about 3 times in order to get a reaction from him, his body shook for a second as if his soul just came back into his body, he started moving, very slowly, he started moving his eyes, he is looking around right now, not understanding where he is.

He is now capable of movement, but I think that his mind is still asleep.

Wednesday, May 29, 2013

Medicine #2: Tazer

Alright, so I decided to give him a little bit of a shock, see if he would react.

In result, nothing, not a groan, not a cough, not a blink, all he did is shake his body a little and that's it, which means that his body is operating perfectly fine, the problem is in his brain, or mind, overall it's his mental state.

I think, Rose was the one that suggested that I tell him something from his past, it might snap him back, but problem is...

Well his past isn't pretty believe you me, you might say that none of our pasts are "pretty", but the problem is not in how horrid the past is, it is in how the person reacts to it.

Incognito took it harsh, he blocked it away completely, in fact he started killing because of it.

I once tried to talk to him about it, but he nearly sliced my neck, I'm dead serious. I don't want to risk it, I'll try everything else, and will try the past thing only as a last resort.

Hope I don't have to though.

Tuesday, May 28, 2013

Medicine #1: Emesis (Because Vomit is an impolite medical term)

So as Annalee had suggested, I put on my rubber glove, put a bowl right in front of Incognito and stuck two of my fingers deep into his throat.

He threw up, right into the bowl, showed no signs of reaction when I was sticking my fingers into his throat, nor any sign of reaction when he was throwing up, looked like a stone fountain spitting out vomit instead of water, eeeugh.

Anyways, no Azoth, good, clean, yellow vomit, sorry if anyone is having dinner, although I doubt it.

Next thing I guess is hypnosis.

Now to wash my hands.

Sunday, May 26, 2013

Somethin' Stinks

First; good news.

Incognito was healed yesterday completely and then after some time he woke up and even got up, he got up so instantly, like a dead man rising from the dead.

Second; bad news.

He's acting like a dead man, now don't get me wrong he acted like a dead man before, but now, it's like he shut the whole world away, his eyes, they are like frozen in time, he is sitting in the corner of the van right now, starring into the wall, not even once moving his eyes, or blinking. I tried talking to him, no response, moved my fingers in front of his eyes, no reaction, I fucking slapped him, nothing.

Kelevra, the fuck did you do to him!?

Saturday, May 25, 2013

Head Ache.

Alright, thanks to few people, the bandaged fuck was able to pin point our location, I was answering Mednella's comment on The Fuck's blog, when suddenly I see a "peek a boo" comment from Kelevra, turn around and he slams my head against the keyboard, the keyboard snapped in two and made my go unconscious. So I don't know what he did to Incognito while I was out.

But when I woke up, in the middle of the night, stick with me on this one, Incognito's wounds were closing up on their own, the bleeding from his nose, ears and mouth had stopped. It wasn't like I woke up and saw him as good as new, no, I actually saw how the wounds were closing up, in fact they are closing up right now, it's like his body is healing itself, while his mind is unconscious.

I still don't know if that's a good thing, or not, who knows what he did to Incognito in order to achieve such an effect, are there any repercussions for this?

At this point I'm just sitting and waiting, maybe cleaning up some blood off the floor.

I'm not really angry with Mendella, nor Sanna, I should be, but I'm not. Incognito always judged things by the end results, and right now, the end results are like this, I'm still breathing and Incognito's body is healing. But now the fuck can pop in at any given moment, since he knows where we are. Overall, the end results are no that bad.


Wednesday, May 22, 2013

Incognito's back.

That is right, but don't go celebrating just yet, because he is in such a shape that, I think he shouldn't even be alive right now.

As you have guessed by now, it was Incognito who fell on top of the Van, I got out, saw him and dragged him inside the Van. I wasted an entire night trying to take care of all the wounds and even after that hard work, I'm sure there is some internal damage which I can not without surgical tools, heck even if I had surgical tools, I wouldn't be able to do squat, I'm no surgeon.

Outside Injuries:
He has these deep scratches all over his body, and I'm not talking about simple scratches, these are really fucking deep. He is bleeding out of his nose, ears, nose, mouth, most of his finger nails are practically torn off, his left shoulder is dislocated, nose broken, has a deep hole going through his foot as if he was stabbed through it, I'm not sure, but I think one of his fingers on his hand is broken.

Internal Damage:
I am sure that he has a concussion, when I was trying to look for a fever, his forehead, felt like it was cracked inside, speaking of fever, it is ginormous. Ribs are definitely broken to hell, one of knees is cracked, obviously some internal bleeding is going on.

I can't do more than I did, I'm no medic, all I could do was close up some of the injuries in order to at least slow down the bleeding, but I don't think that helped, at this point I'm just waiting for him to die, the fuck he did in there?

Jesus, he looks like he was dragged through hell and not once. At this point, I think he only has 2 days to live an

Sorry, the stitches came off, that is what I'm talking about, I have to keep constant eye on his injuries, maybe I should just put him out, better than suffering all this.

Case File #4 - Soviet Forest.

Don't bother looking up anything on the Internet about this case, cause you won't find anything, this case was kept a secret really nicely, no locations, no towns, no countries, no information given out about the place, the only thing people knew was that it was an old camp in a middle of a forest. Only the people that were higher in ranks knew all the details of this case and they are long dead.

So what is this case? While back in the days, I didn't really manage to open up the case for investigation, I was allowed to scroll through the files of what this case is about. I knew about this case only because there was this one folder in the file cabinet, and it was labeled "Never to Open" that is a rare stamp that you never come across on a file, I figured if it was stamped like that, then I shouldn't open it, and should ask about it.

Once I went to my officials asking questions, they took the folder from me, a good bit of papers from it and left the papers that I could read in the folder, I didn't even question why they took out most of the paper from the folder, I didn't want to get into too much trouble.

So the Case File was this, back when The Soviet Union was falling apart rather quickly, not all officers were satisfied Gorbachev breaking up the Soviet Union like that. So they took most military equipment and fled, and nobody could ever find them.

The reason why they went into hiding is that, they wanted to sustain at least a little bit of USSR, so they took it upon themselves to monitor and look over other countries with the military equipment that they escaped with. They were stationed in the middle of a forest, unknown where, here's the fun part.

Apparently couple of years later, the camp was found completely on accident, but there was no one there at the camp, the houses that the officers were presumably staying at were all torn apart inside, the houses themselves were in pretty good condition, but the inside of the house, there were cups, books, chairs, tables passports, documents anything that the officers could have in those houses, it was all a mess lying around everywhere, thought there were no traces of violence, or anything.

When this camp was found, it was later assumed that these Officers were planning something, than a simple espionage operation, because not only did they find all the military equipment like Vans with countless soviet technology inside, they also found a bunch of rockets lying around inside the vans, inside armory crates. The thing is, these rockets have decayed, but anyone with enough knowledge, could easily assemble it back and turn it on, and it wasn't one rocket, there was a lot of them.

It is still unknown why they would take such high caliber weaponry with them, what is also unknown, is where those officers are now, one of my colleagues was actually working on this case before me, and he wanted to remove all the equipment from the forest, but our officials didn't give him permission, in fact they took the case away from him instantly. Why did our higher ups not want him and his squad to remove at least the dangerous rockets that were and probably still are lying around in that camp.

It is also unknown who those officers were, it is said that there were found a bunch of passports and other stuff, but the information of who they were, was never disclo

Something just fell on top of the Van, something heavy, so heavy that it made a big ass dent in the roof, posting this now because I'm going to check it out and might not return.

Friday, May 17, 2013

Judgment Entry #4.

My left leg, arm, ribs, back, shoulder, head and everything hurt, but it is a small price to pay for such an achievement.

The plan went as I expected it to go, but I made slight changes right at the end, once I cleared everyone out and got to the elevator, I shot everyone up in it, threw the smoke grenade in there and sent the elevator to the top floor, but I didn't get inside of it. I decided to take the stairs and as I expected, the guards weren't running down the stairs like they originally would have. Once I smashed my car through their front door, they must have quickly looked up Incognito's blog, since they knew I was planning this attack, found my plan, and then would use it to their advantage, they were screaming out orders into the ear pieces of those suited guards, which means once I sent the elevator up, they sent all of the guards on the stairs to the top floor, to meet me, problem was, I didn't follow my plan and took the stairs instead.

Once I got to the fifth floor, I remembered that there was a window cleaner stationed there, I shot the windows, threw the window cleaning guy inside, and took his window cleaning elevator machine (Apologies, my lack of English comes from Incognito).

By that time, they started to get confused, they started spreading out, looking for me, and then they noticed me, going up the window cleaning machine, started shooting at the windows like crazy, in hopes of hitting me, three bullets actually managed to hit my left leg, I was near, but I was a sitting duck on that elevator, so I had to jump inside one of the windows, right into the bullet rain, one bullet hit my arm, I rolled, took cover behind one of the cubicle office's, started an old fashioned shoot out: shoot, duck, roll, shoot, move, shoot, run.

With that strategy in mind, I managed to get to the stairs once again, it was a pain going up the stairs with my bleeding leg, 3 proxies, run down the stairs, and open fire on me, I throw myself over the railing in hopes of avoiding being shot, hurt my ribs over the railing and the hard stairs in the process, but gave me enough time to roll over and shoot back. More proxies were running from below, I had to move it and fast.

Got to the top floor, from there on it was a long ass hallway, with big, wooden doors in the middle, that was my stop, but as I got out of the stairs, I could hear the elevator ding, it meant only one thing, more proxies. They took the elevator in order to catch up with me, and even more proxies were running up the stairs, I had to position myself. But I couldn't, I was far too injured in order to assure my victory in this shoot out, I had to run towards the wooden doors, again the bleeding leg came into play.

Either it was luck, or maybe I did better than I expected, but I managed to make it to the front doors and shut them behind me, as I saw bullets piercing through them, had to move away from the doors quickly, in order to avoid getting shot. Once I rolled out of the way, I was met with a katana being pointed in my face, I slowly looked up, a man in a suit, Asian, real skinny. He started talking to me, but I didn't hear him, I was far too concentrated on the Katana, and a bunch of proxies running towards the doors.

I had to act fast, once this guy took his Katana back in order to deliver a good slice, that would probably take my head off, I took my shotgun and blocked his Katana with it, from there on I kicked him in the knees making him stumble back, gave me time to roll back on my feet, aimed my shotgun at him and started shooting, to my disbelief I couldn't hit him, either it was the wounds, or he was really quick, maybe both. My shotgun gets jammed, I hear the clicking sound, so does he, he ran up to me and delivered a kick to my jaw, making me stumble back.

As I try to get myself together, I heard the break of a door, the proxies had finally reached the office, so there I am standing between about 20 proxies with their guns pointing at me and a skilled Katana wielding Oracle, logical thing to do? There is no logical thing to do in this situation, so I had to improvise, took out my colt. 45, started shooting at proxies to cause confusion, at the same time started running towards the oracle with the Katana, 5 bullets hit me in the back (Thank you Kevlar), and a Katana pierced me in the region where doctors usually find the appendix, what shocked the Oracle is that I wasn't stopping, I wrapped my arms around him and ran him through the window of the top floor and then both of us were falling, I honestly thought that was it, but fate decided to be a bitch towards me.

Remember the window cleaning machine? The Oracle landed on it's railing hard on his back, I could actually hear his spine go, or that was the sound of my shoulder dislocating, since I got swung over and was now hanging onto his body, that was hooked on the railing of the window cleaning elevator. I had to climb up quick, since he was slowly slipping, so I did, once up, I pushed him completely off, sending him further to his death.

The proxies were hurdling back down, to see what was left of us, but I managed to get out of there much quicker, then they got down.

So the Romanian Oracle is dead, and I am hurting.

Mendella out.

Thursday, May 16, 2013

Judgment Entry #3

Did my research, was quicker then usual, sadly was not able to find out who is an enemy and who is an innocent, will have to go and see, thought I found out that guards in standard uniforms are not proxies and guards in suits are proxies, otherwise there would be no need for the change of clothing. if any workers attack me, they are enemies, thought I will try to simply knock them out, since they could be innocent by-standers trying to help out, they don't know what is going on, they will assume I'm the enemy.

The Plan is simple, take the Van, remove the front window, rack up the speed to 100 m/h and drive into the glass doors, they will be shooting at me, I will duck, the pole will close down, I will break it with the Van, it will slow down the Van to about 80m/h plus if they managed to actually shoot at least one tire, it will slow down to 50m/h, will be enough.

Once I ram the front door, I jump out through the space where the front window should be, while they are confused because of the crash, I neutralize them, the front desk worker will call for back up, some of them will take the elevator, some of them will take the stairs, it will take about 10 minutes for the guys on the stairs top get down, 5 minutes for the guys in the elevator. During that time span, move the couch on the bottom floor in front of the elevator, use it as cover, neutralize the people inside the elevator.

Get inside the said elevator, press the top floor, once close to the top floor, drop a smoke grenade and get out the elevator hatch. Once the elevator opens, it will release lots of smoke, put the guards on top into confusion, use that confusion to my advantage, jump down and neutralize them.

From there on, full improvisation.

Posting the plan, because I'm going to do it, in about 10 seconds, plus it might give me an ace up my sleeve.

Mendella out.

Monday, May 13, 2013

Judgment Entry #2

Spent weeks taking on waves, after waves, after waves of proxies. Once they were aware of my presence, their losses, they quickly located my base of operations, kept on sending their men at me, non stop. In the end, had to blow up my warehouse, bought me enough time, but those attacks were not a waste of time. I know where the Romanian Oracle is located, in fact I am currently near the building he is at, it's a big building, a business building.

Sitting in my car, looking at where the guards are located, a lot of people working at that building, not sure if innocent, or proxy. Need to research, take a look around, form a plan, need to go to a safer distance.

This operation will take up weeks of planning, but must be done.

People seem to be in a hurry in that building, not that they are running around, but they are twitchy, I can see it.

Something's up, need to relocate, by the time they read this, I will be gone.

Weeks of planning, plotting, thinking, weeks, weeks...

Mendella, out.

Thursday, May 9, 2013

Case File #3 - Curse of The Amber Room.

The Case:

I'm not sure if you are all familiar with the concept of The Amber Room, if you are interested then feel free to read  up on it online, has a lot of information about it. I will try to give a short summary of this mysterious case for those who are unfamiliar.

The Amber Room was a big ass room made out of gold, it was given as a gift to the Russian Tsar Peter The Great in 1717, it was disassembled and sent to Russia, but since none of the architects in Russia didn't know how to put it back together, it remained packed and disassembled.

After a couple of years, Nazi's broke into Russia and looted The Amber Room for themselves and shipped it away. Ever since then, The Amber Room was lost, nobody could find it, nobody could locate it, it became a new sort of "Eldorado" for treasure hunters all over Europe, maybe even The World.

Our Agency worked on that case as well, but they abandoned it, when the researchers were coming up with no results, to much money was being wasted on something, that could have been easily destroyed a long time ago.

The investigation goes way back, before The KGB were named "KGB", and every time the case would get closed, since nothing really came up. But I'm not here to concentrate on the mystery of the room, I'm here to concentrate on the mysterious deaths that surround it.

People believe that the room is cursed, since anyone who was ever involved with its investigation has been found dead. The first death connected to the Amber Room was of Dr. Alfred Rohde and his wife. Dr. Rohde at the time, was the in control of the Amber Room as the director of the Konigsberg museum under the Nazi regime. He and his wife disappear later on, practically hours before their scheduled KGB (NKVD at the time) interrogation. People started pushing forward theories that he is indeed alive, Rhodes has been known to be able to slip out of the country for months unnoticed. Now we would easily assume that they had high tailed it out of the country, but the problem was, the files noted that the NKVD were keeping a close eye on the couple at all times once they had set up an interrogation date and for them to get out of the country, especially under the Nazi regime, would be impossible.

Second death was that of a Doctor who had signed Mr. Rhode's death certificate. According to the files, the Doctor did not disappear, he was found splattered on the ground as if someone throwing him out the window, with no evidence that it was murder, they pushed it aside as Suicide, reasons are unknown. And indeed, the only injuries on the guy were that of the damage from impact to the ground.

Third death is that of a farmer turned treasure hunter. Georg Stein took care of bringing back all the treasures to The Soviet Union from Germany, one of those treasures was The Amber Room. Georg Stein had found a couple of interesting things, a radio frequency that had been unknown for a very long time, and by that frequency he said that he thought, that he had found where The Amber Room was. After telling us about this discovery, we gave him permission to open up the case once again, but he was later found dead, he died in a forest in Southern Bavaria naked, stomach cut open. Assumed he committed suicide (Obvious bullshit).

My Involvement:

Being the Conspiracy Lunatic that I was, I wanted to investigate this, but I wasn't given permission to open up the case, for reasons unknown. But I was later given permission to investigate, because another "Treasure Hunter" had found some evidence of knowledge where it could be, I am not going to give away this person's name, because he is still alive to this very day, still investigating The Amber Room. While he was concentrating on locating The Amber Room, I was concentrating on the deaths. I couldn't get their death cases separately because, KGB felt the need to align all of their deaths with The Amber Room Case File, so I had to get permission to investigate The Amber Room, in order to investigate the deaths behind it. Upon my investigation, and there were a couple of interesting things.

Although Mr. Rhode's body was never located, it is written that he's and his wife's death was caused by Typhoid.

The Doctor had injuries not only from falling, he also had the traces of glass in his face, which leads me to my question, if he was going to commit suicide, why didn't he just open the window and jump, no he went through the window head first, without even opening it, which means he was either in a hurry, or he was thrown out.

There was also a couple of info missing about Georg Stein, or ignored. Georg Stein was an Ex-Nazi, that was never noted in the KGB files, maybe because they thought it wasn't important. He was indeed found dead in the forest, naked, with his stomach wide open, what they neglected to mention for some reason, was that he was actually hanging from a tree.

In Summary:

There is obviously a lot of weird shit going around with The Amber Room mystery, and we have pretty solid evidence to connect Slendy to this mystery, the most notable is the death of Georg Stein, I mean I could easily assume it was a coincidence, if I had never found the "Hanging from a tree" part. No human being would be able to cut up a body, pick it up and hurl all the way onto a tree without leaving any traces of evidence. The Suicide theory is a pile of crap, I mean why would Stein go 300 miles away from his home, to commit suicide, not to mention how on earth was he able to cut up his stomach and climb onto a tree after cutting it up. It is said that he was going to meet someone there, also the radio frequency that Georg had found was stolen from him when he was killed.

Another connection, is that the first and second death were committed during The Nazi Regime and after that and Ex-Nazi dies. And we know where our tall friend might have originated from.


It was said that Slendy gets powerful from inflicting fear upon people, what if he used the Amber Room at the time, in order to create the whole "Amber Room Curse" fiasco, to make people be afraid of The Room and thus, be afraid of Slendy, that way he gained power. Or maybe the room has something special in it Slendy doesn't want for anyone to find.

Alright, that's it for today.

Wednesday, May 8, 2013

Return's and Farewell's

Vikady here,

Incognito just left, we arrived in Germany about two days ago, just arrived at our desired destination, Incognito didn't even take a second to write up a post, he was already prepared to go in from such a long drive, mentally and physically.

As I write this, I watch him go off into that forest, that darkness.

He told me that I give him a month, if he is not back by a month, he is dead, and Mendella is to take up his place and I help Mendella.

He also wanted me to write this to those who follow this blog and keep their eye on our progress:

"I die, you keep fighting, that's it."

Not really big on words, but he was always like that.

In the mean time, I will keep on posting my conspiracy theories on this blog while he is gone, I'm stuck here, waiting a whole month.

He quickly ran through as many blogs as he could and quickly left a comment before taking his leave, so lets cross our fingers and hope he comes back.

And I don't see him, he is in the forest now, good luck big bro.

Tuesday, May 7, 2013

Judgment Entry #1

This is not Mr. Incognito, this is The Judgment, although, these days I prefer to be called Mendella.

I promised to report my progress on this blog, in order for Incognito to read up on what I had found out, or if I was alive. Incognito seems to be still away, but he's plan in confusing Kelevra worked perfectly, shows that The Path can get confused and tricked, Kelevra can't track Incognito and is forced to follow me now. That plan worked, I pray that Incognito survives his trip into the path.

Onto my report, took out a line of proxy bases in Romania, mostly old abandoned warehouses, sometimes churches. Been operating in Romania for about a week now, took out about 8 proxy bases in different towns, some operations were silent, some noisy, some required guns, some required explosions.

Going to stay in Romania and try to work my way up the food chain, go for The Oracle, the way I figured, every country is assigned one, I have all the right to believe that once The Oracle is taken out, The Proxies start to get confused, sloppy, they become easy pickings, which makes it easier for runners in Romania to survive.

That's my plan so far.

Current body count - 103

Good luck Vikady and Incognito.

Thursday, May 2, 2013

Check In.

Report #80 2013, May 2nd.

Made a small stop right now, filling up our Van, Vikady's taking care of it. Decided to get some internet connection to check in on everyone.

Went quickly through everyones blogs, some are doing fine, some are doing worse, couldn't leave any comments, would take up too much time.

We're almost there, over the course of driving, I've been analyzing the map Strider gave me, analyzing every bit of info JP and Strider provided. I'm mentally prepared to venture into that hellhole when we get there.

Vikady is coming back, we're taking off once again.

Don't die while I'm gone people, or else I swear to God, I will personally kick your asses out of the afterlife.

Report #30 Ended.