Sunday, November 25, 2012

Report #37 2012, November 25th
The pain......wait.

You will not BELIEVE the day I had!

Ended up with a lot of scratches on my body, and a dislocated shoulder, but you know what? I don't care! Because I don't feel it. I'm in this sort of paralyzed state where I can't feel anything, that's right kiddies! And if you ask on how I am able to move? Instinct sweet hearts, I used to feel when I walked, I just remember how to walk, and here I am walking, at first felt a little awkward walking without feeling the ground under your feet, but you get used to it.

So how did I end up with all of this shit? Well there was this group of runners, who were much older then simple teens, me and a group of my associates were about to take them down, what I didn't expect is for them to pretend to be runners, they weren't runners, they were that fucking organization that is bent on taking my Boss down. Fuck cunts got their silenced pistols out on my group, but not on me, for you see, I'm a smart cookie, I got in trough the window from behind, approached them and they had these big ass machetes stuck to their legs in those big ass pockets, I don't know how they are called!

I snatch one machete real quick and slice away! I love machetes, they are so fast, amazing weapon. Anyway, they quickly turn around, of course surprised that their friend just fell beside them without a head, and that split second allowed my group to charge at them, all of them fell, some of them dropped their guns, some didn't, because of that we had a couple of losses. In the end I and couple of my colleagues were able to disarm those with guns for good (Slicing their hands off). But that didn't stop them, no those were trained, fucking professionals, they stood their ground, with all their machetes in hand, my colleagues were weaponless, they had no idea how to use a gun (Stupid, brainless cunt buckets), only thing they could use was a cold weapon, which they didn't have (I TOLD THEM TO BRING KNIVES!), so I'm the only one with a weapon, which makes me a target. What they didn't realize is that I could use a gun, I just had to get to it, they either knew my ability to use a gun, or they didn't want to take any risks, they ran at us swinging those fucking things so swiftly, as if they were made out of rubber, my Colleagues one by one fell down on the ground bleeding to death, but they did their part perfectly, they held the fuckers off for long enough, for me to get the gun. I had no idea how much that gun held bullets, I had to be careful and save up as much ammo as I could, every bullet was a path to salvation (I should be an author!).

In the end there was just me and this woman, both of us were injured like hell, I think she lost a couple of fingers on her hand, while my shoulder was definitely dislocated, the difference between us was that I couldn't feel pain, gave me an advantage. When she stabbed me with the machete, I could see it, but not feel it, I didn't hesitate for a second, she didn't expect that, in the end, her head ended up on the ground. I can safely say that The Organization is now operating in this area, which is total bull.

But every party has a pooper, that's why they invited themselves, party poopers.

So yeah having a blast here, how bout you guys? ;)

Report #37 To be continued...

Thursday, November 22, 2012

Report #36 November 23rd

Oh God, thank you for all the destruction you have made by creating this world, thank you for giving me the vision in what is the true path, thank you for creating such creatures like my Boss, for without them, all this chaos would not reign. Thank you for created human life, for without that I wouldn't get to enjoy, the joy of destruction and chaos, I also would not meet Incognito, most sincere thank you.

It's a pity I won't be going to you God, but I guess that's how we choose our paths, besides I'd rather enjoy it down there, where chaos reigns all day, it's my home, mine and Incognito's.

Also thank you for the upcoming experiences, I love the fact that I was given life, to fulfill what I was intended to do, I thank you for giving me life, to do what I love.

Alright, now that, that's out of the way, happy thanks giving everyone, remember to check for human heads before eating that good ol' fashioned turkey!

To be honest I don't really care for thanksgiving, but I do say an occasional prayer on this day, somehow it gives my purpose a much more ironic side, which I find to be he-ha-larious!

News from the other side, tell me that my dear friend Incognito is still alive, though at given time can not access the internet, nor can he go back to he's van, he's in a tight situation right now, so yeah, at least he's alive, right?

Well I think that is all I wanted to say today, look out boys and girls, there's crap load of shit going on, on celebration days especially ;).

Ta Ta For Now.

Report #36 Ended.

Monday, November 19, 2012

Report #35 2012, November 20th (Why does he write down dates, when they clearly show what date it is on the site...weirdo!)
Is this thing on?


I'm the guy with who Incognito had a conversation at the cafe, he referred to me as in "???" I find that to be so rude, I mean I have a name ya know, it's Kelevra. Love how my name sounds, sounds so slippery and dangerous, I love my Mom for giving me such a name. Too bad she can't be with us...Getting off track aren't I?

Alright, in short, Incognito is still alive, though not going to tell you where, I believe he will tell everything when he has the chance. And no I'm not him, unlike some people, he knows how to keep himself in check.

Who am I? Simple, a Proxy and I have reasons to be hacking and following our good ol' friend Incognito, oh also I know who he is, but I don't want to tell he's identity, don't want anyone to spoil my fun.

So yeah, I'll be on he's account for a while til he returns, oh also, later today I will upload something here, or maybe not today, we'll see how my schedule goes, Big Boss doesn't always give you enough time to fuck around with your targets, he usually preserves that pleasure for himself. Well ya know what I say? Fuck him, been a while since I have met such a person like Incognito, oh God we will have fun together!

Also don't worry, Big Boss can't do shit to me, there's a reason he kept me along for such a long time, probably same reason he keeps everyone around, amusement.

But enough chit chat, I got shit to do ya know, a Proxies job is never done, so many lives to ruin, oh don't worry I'll come back later on today, I said I would try to upload something interesting right? Well I will, until then, TTFN!

Report #35 Put on hold-saurus...(Serious dots! Engage!)

Report #35 Oh So Deliciously Continued

Hey kiddies, I'm back, boy I got to do so many wonderful things today! So many oh so delicious things.

I also killed two dumb bitches, by God were they dumb. I mean, get this! They thought they could get rid of my Boss, just by forgetting that he ever existed, I will treasure their faces forever when they understood that all their attempts were worthless!

Anyways on a side note, I promised a surprise today, well too bad, can't show it to ya yet, I just came back from a day filled with murder and chaos and am pretty exhausted, so if you don't mind I would like to relax, it would take me a while to upload this "Gift".

Also, still no signs of Incognito, hope he's not dead, although they could easily kill him off, starting to wonder if me leaving him there was a bad idea...oops said too much! Now now no peeking ;)

I guess for now, while he's gone, I'll be the host of this blog, it seems that everyone gets a kick out of this blogging business and I decided to give it a whirl, while he's Van is open to trespassers.

Well he has a lot of blogs which he follows, it's going to be a busy night of reading, but oh well I got nothing better to do.

Welp see ya tomorrow kiddies ;)

Kelevra singing out.

Report #35 Ended.

Sunday, November 18, 2012

Report #34 2012, November 18th
Before Hell

So it's almost time, currently 7 PM, 2 hours until I take my leave into that church. Got myself a nifty mask, a stupid looking hoodie, so yeah dressed in some weird shit.

I'm not worried if one of them finds this blog and reads my plan, they won't be able to identify me, I didn't say the name I will go by, or how my outfit looks like, so I'm not worried about that.

I'm going in completely "naked" and by "naked" I mean weaponless, I have nothing with me, not even my shooting knife (I miss that thing).

Hope I won't be fucked in a matter of seconds, got 2 more hours, might as well look how other's are doing.

Report #34 Put on hold...

Report #34 Continued

1 hour to go, 1 fucking hour until I put my head in the lions mouth.

Listening to music right now, Russian songs, Viktor Tsoy from the band Kino (Movie) to be precise, God that man died early, he was fucking awesome. Still would remember how I and my buddies would sit outside, listening to this, the best song that describes my situation right now is Stuk (Knocking).

Music helps you to clear up your mind, first the memories bust in, then you just fade away and forget about everything, nothing but your current situation is presented in front of you, the only thing you can do is just shut up and do what you must do.

I love music.

Report #34 Put on hold...

Report #34 Continued

I guess it's time to die.

Report #34 Ended.

Saturday, November 17, 2012

Report #33 2012, November 17th
What's going on?

I am puzzled over here, completely puzzled, let me explain.

Moments ago, I went to scout the area a little more, this time I bought some binoculars so I could see inside, what I saw was of course unsettling, but for the most part strange.

They were killing people there, yes, they were either sacrificing them, or using them for ritual shit, I don't know! As far as I'm concerned they are all fucked and deserve to die. But what was weird, is that they were killing other masked men (or women), were they killing their own? I had no idea what was going on, and those bird guys...they collected the blood into numerous jars, labeled them and put them inside their briefcases. This whole thing was sick, I don't even want to know what they did with that blood, they can shove it where the sun don't shine as far as I'm concerned.

Main question here is, why were they killing their own men? Unless those weren't their men, I'm lost here, I really am. This changes my plan's a lot, I wanted to raid the place and kill everyone, leave one fucker alive to ask questions, but I understand I won't be getting any info out of any of them, I need to go in there and get my own answers, how am I going to do that you ask? Well call me crazy, but I'm going to do something Lisa Sile did in her blog, that is to put on a costume and get into this fucking church, I don't know if it will work I hope it will, but I don't have any other options here.

They gather at that fucking church at exactly 9 PM, and I mean it, not a minute late.

So tomorrow I'm going shopping for a mask, a hoodie and hopefully some gun, though this town doesn't seem to have any shops that sell those, which is a shame.

Hopefully I won't get fucked in a matter of seconds.

Report #33 Ended.

Friday, November 16, 2012

Report #32 2012, November 16th
A Church

Really!? Out of all things that they could have made their base, it's a fucking abandoned church!? REALLY!? What the fuck!? I should set the place a blaze, but my craving for information is much more stronger then desire. Besides if I kill all of them off, there wouldn't be any hunches. So I have scouted during the day, saw no one inside, not a sound, nothing, but hwy should I? It's fucking day, of course they have to do their crazy shit during the night.

On a side note, was good to have a sort of day off, nothing followed me, I made sure of that.

As for the skinny fuck, I think he is busy with others, buys me some time to inflict the damage.

I need to see how many of those fucks gather in this fucking church, which means I'm going to have to wait til the night, fuck me.

Report #32 Put on hold...

Report #32 Continued.

Just came back from scouting the area, holy fucking shit, there is a lot more of them, it's like the whole fucking town came inside that Church, this is going to take a lot of planning, holy shit.

The Church seemed like a recruitment center or something, because unlike the last base I was at, in this one they were doing some rituals and shit. Not sure tough.

One thing's for sure, all of them had different masks on, some wore dark robes, other's simple hoodies, there were two in particular that stood out, they both had these bird looking masks and both of them were dressed in suits, the suits were identical, who were they, that was the main question for now.

They don't seem to know that I'm here, good, real good.

Report #32 Ended.

Thursday, November 15, 2012

Report #31 2012, November 15th

And I have finally arrived at my destination, now I can tell you what country I am at, good ol' USA, been here couple of times when I used to work for KGB, good old days of me not running away from Mr. Slim Jim.

I have found myself a hideout, got ready, had to leave a lot of my firearms back where I was, do you know what would happen if I would get caught with such armory when I was passing countries? Didn't want to take the chances, don't worry I destroyed the weapons, no body can acquire them.

Once I get a good night of sleep, I will go scouting for the directions I have, trying to find this Proxy base. Only scouting, since I have no weapons with me, no attacks, only planning.

God I'm sleepy.

Report #31 Ended.

Tuesday, November 13, 2012

Report #30 2012, November 13th

This is an update on what's going down right now, I am currently making my way to the proxy base that I had found the location of in that awful flower shop.

Awful part is that this place is located in a different country, I have been making my way to that country for 2 days now, no sleep, no rest, not going to start relaxing. Almost there, when I get there, I will tell you what country I'm at, don't want anyone knowing too early where I'm headed.

As you would have imagined, while on road there is no connection to the internet, so that's the reason behind my absence. Just stopped at a gas station, fueling my van up right now, they have Wi-Fi here, connected up to it, updating it.

Honestly the only uncomfortable thing about travelling to another country, is that you can't sleep. Money isn't a problem for me, as are documents, now rest, that's a real pain in the ass.

Well, the Van is full, don't know when I'm going to arrive, or when I'll get the next connection to the internet, we'll see.

Going to look around for any updates on blogs which I follow, maybe comment on some of them, then onto the road again.

Report #30 Ended.

Saturday, November 10, 2012

Report #29 2012, November 11th
Mind Games

Returned yesterday, head was throbbing like crazy, couldn't update on Report #28, had to end it and start a new one for this.

So I arrived at my destination, it was indeed a trap, but a trap with information, a flower shop.

I come inside the shop and there is nobody but the shop keeper, seemed like an ordinary girl, 21 I think, not sure, I had a distinct feeling that I knew her from somewhere, but I just couldn't remember, that feeling made me go on my guard.

I presented myself as a detective investigating a crime, presented to her one of my fake documents and asked her if she, by any chance saw anything out of the ordinary around there.

Here's the conversation as I remember it:

W: "No, not really, it comes to me as a surprise too"

I: "What does and why?"

W: "The fact that there was a crime around these parts, something like this never happened here before, what exactly had happened?"

I: "Can't really tell you"

W: "Oh well then, I'm sorry I haven't seen anything out of the ordinary"

A minute of silence, I looked around, I tried to catch a glimpse of anything that connected to IT, but saw nothing.

W: "Though..." She broke the silence.

W: "I did see a man right here today, he was cold, emotionless, he's stare, nothing there..."

I put my hand on the gun, she was clearly talking about me.

W: "Yes, just like that...HE ENDED IT!"

She yelled the last part out, after that I couldn't believe it, she was literally flying at me with such speed, I had no time to take out my gun and aim it, as she was flying right at me I saw her slowly dissolving into air. Then I felt air hitting me, as if a wind blower was pointed right at me, couple of seconds later I started couching, that air entered into my nose and mouth at the same time. Then the truly weird part began.

I heard someone in my head, it wasn't the woman, the voice was so messed up, I couldn't tell if it was a man or a woman, probably neither. She was talking to me, explaining to me things, this is what I heard in my head:

"You know why he did that? He realized how meaningless he's life is, he was all alone, like a rock, he had no one, had no feelings, only he's goal, once he realized how unreachable it was, he just ended it, here today!"

My body was shaking, she was seizing control, hypnotizing me, yelling to me:


I was pointing my gun at my head, about to shoot myself, then I realized, I remembered all her explanations earlier and thought to myself "What makes those days, any different from any other's I had so far? Why should I end it today? No, not today.". I got my will back, started couching, I was couching so hard I could barely stand, but as I was couching, I felt her air leave my body, I resisted, but my head hurt like hell after that.

But on the plus side, I found the next Proxy base of operations, going to pay them a visit soon.

Report #29 Ended.

Friday, November 9, 2012

Report #28 2012, November 9th
A Hunch

Quick post, I followed the Proxies directions, am at my desired destination, a little confused, think he lied, still going to check.

Will tell more later today.

Report #28 Put on hold...

Report #28 Ended.

Thursday, November 8, 2012

Report #27 2012, November 8th

Idiots! Idiots! Inexperienced idiots!

Alright, let me calm down over here, so what had happened.

I'm still in this God forsaken town, wanted posters are actually getting ripped off now, murders are being forgotten and soon enough I will be on a move on.

Let me explain my absence, someone has been snooping around the crime scene, and it wasn't me, nor the Proxy I had a conversation with, in the cafe. Some hooded figure, cops didn't notice him since there were crap load of pedestrians passing by there on a daily basis, they paid no mind to him. I sure did. For those of you who might ask, I was inside my Van, the Van was parked near the crime scene, saw everything trough my windows.

So I waited for this guy to leave, he had a look around, and started leaving, from there on I followed him from my Van. Finally he walked into the wooded area, that was my cue, but to my surprise, some three fucks enter the wooded area as well, also following this guy, how could I tell? They had their weapons drawn (Mostly knives). Those were some runners, that's what I believed, I didn't stop them, I needed a distraction, they worked fine.

I get out of my Van and sneak into the wooded area as well, but from a different angle. I reached all four of them, the hooded guy was lying on the ground bleeding, 3 of them standing over him, I was about to shoot them, I thought they were proxies, I was wrong, and I didn't have to waste a single bullet. IT came out of nowhere, even I didn't see where IT came from, IT grabbed one of the guys with he's tentacles and smashed him against the tree several times, I could hear every bone cracking, snapping, breaking. The guy was screaming, every time he was hit against a tree he's scream would interrupt roughly, as if a record was being paused abruptly.

Two others froze in fear, amateurs, shows that they haven't been that long at this game, if they had any experience, they would immediately run, no freezing, no fear, just running.

Well too bad for them, I'm not going to describe what IT did to them, will be a waste of time.

After IT had, IT's fun, IT left. I don't know if IT hadn't seen me, or saw me but left me be, but IT's mistake.

The Proxy who was stabbed was still alive, at first he didn't talk, but after a while, of showing my knife deep under he's nails, he broke.

He told me everything what I wanted to know.

What I wanted to know was, is there any other Proxy shelters around here, or in close radius. After he told me, I got rid of him and left the Town.

So what is my plan? From all the blogs that I have red, not only does IT start sending IT's lackeys, IT also has competition. IT's busy, IT's not working as efficiently as IT used to, perfect time to bring some more losses. I will be cruising around the world, taking out as many Proxy bases as I can, bringing major loss, I hope, better then doing nothing tough.

Now what I need is your help. I understand there is not many people who read this blog, but there are some, because I get views, if you have some free time, or information on any base, or shelter, of these Proxies, please inform me what country it's at, town, and that is all I will be needing.

Of course I won't be slacking off myself, I have the current location of their base, every time I hit a base, I will get the information of the next one. That's the basics of the plan, we'll see how it will go.

Report #27 Ended.

Tuesday, November 6, 2012

Report #26 2012, November 6th
A Day.

Spent a whole day, yesterday, just starring, starring into nothingness, just sitting in my Van, analyzing my situation, my life, trying to form a plan, but most of all, thinking about these dreams I have been having, not nightmares, they are dreams, dreams of a good life.

What happens in those dreams are mostly images, of me always in company of some woman, with two kids, yeah, my family. Yet I don't know them, I never seen them in my life and they keep showing up in my dreams, is it my future? No, it can't be, no second chances are given.

It could be showing me what I could have, if I didn't make certain choices.

It definitely can not be something I want, because I don't want that.

This whole dream process was activated from that encounter with that woman, before that encounter I didn't have dreams, or nightmares, I didn't have anything, I just slept.

It might mean that she is somewhere close, trying to catch me off guard.

However, every night I find the urge to end the dream, that is to remember all the pain IT has caused to so many, remember all the victims, remember all the people I killed, I instantly wake up, breaking the dream up, I wake up not out of guilt, no, I wake up, just because I know, if I don't, I might die, it all works on instincts and nothing else.

Had to bring my thoughts back together in this post, I've been getting out of shape, time to wake up.

Report #26 Ended.

Sunday, November 4, 2012

Report #25 2012, November 4th

Gotta make it short, someone's been following me ever since that police murder incident. How do I know?

Well he's starring at me right now, trough the window of a cafe, it's really hard not to notice him, he's holding a dark umbrella over he's head, while there is no rain outside, no one finds this weird, yet they certainly see him, because they walk around him.

You know who that guy is? The real police murderer a.k.a. Mr. 9/06 I presume.

How do I know?

That big ass grin even shines under he's umbrella. He's all dressed in black, black long trench coat that covers he's body, black gloves, black leather boots.

I can already tell that he's some freak, lets see for how long he can stand there.

Report #25 Put on hold...

Report #25 Continued.

Well he didn't stand there for long, came right in and sat with me, no thinking was required for me to pull out my gun and start pointing it at him under the table, but as I expected he didn't even care.

Apparently he wanted to have a conversation, this is what I remember from what we talked about, I couldn't really see what he looked like, all I could see is he's wide grin sticking out from under he's hood.

Being the kind of person I am, I started the conversation:

I. "You do realize that I can kill you right now"

???. "Yes, but you won't, thanks to my anonymous tip, you can not afford attracting attention, am I right?"

He's voice was so overconfident, annoying, but he was right.

I. "So your Mr. 9/06 I presume?"

This was the surprising part.

???. "Who? Oh you must mean that masked guy who dragged your unconscious ass away, as I was stabbing that police woman?"

So he wasn't the one messing with me, that left the question of who he was.

I. "So then who are you? One of them?"

???. "You could say that, but not entirely."

I. "So what do you want?"

???. "To deliver a message, but mostly to look at you, in the night it was quite dark."

I. "What message, from your lord and master?"

???. "Yeah him, he sends he's regards, he is amused with your progress...he's not the only one."

I. "What do you mean?"

???. "Are you really that stupid, why do you think I sent out that anonymous tip to the police!? I wanted to talk to you, look at you, I wasn't disappointed."

He's grin got bigger.

I. "What a pawn like you, would possibly want with me?"

???. "As I told you already, you amuse me, your cold, your emotionless, I..."

I think the freak teared up at this part a little.

???. "I never met anyone like you, we will have a grando time!"

I. "And here I thought that I was the target of interest only for your master"

???. "Forget him, all he wants is to finally break you, I don't want that, I shouldn't even be here talking to you, to be quite honest."

I. "And you risked your life, only to have a chat with me? I thought he kills those who disobey him."

???. "Oh he does, he does, yet he can not kill me, for the simple reason that I amuse him as much as you do, he keeps me around, like so many others of he's servants, because we amuse him, it's just that, not many of us risk to bend the rules, those who don't are really worthless."

I. "Yeah what now? We just sit here?"

???. Oh no, in about 30 minutes I will have to go, you can lower your gun, I won't attack you."

I. "No thanks I'll pass, what makes you think, once you leave, I won't follow you and release a full magazine into your cranium?"

???. "You can try, no really try, maybe you will succeed, in the mean time, wasn't some coffee? On me."

I. "Whatever."

From there we just sat there in silence, once the cups were brought it, he like a theatrical son of a bitch, raised he's cup and said:

???. "To destruction!"

From there on we just sat in silence, he starring at my eyes, having this expression of amazement on he's mouth, occasionally drinking he's coffee, once he left the building, I tried to follow but he disappeared.

Just got back, quite pissed, I'm going to call it a night for today.

Report #25 Ended.

Saturday, November 3, 2012

Report #24 2012, November 3d


That's how I'm starting out my report, that word describes my current situation perfectly. I'm wanted for killing that police woman, no worries they won't think of checking here, there's so many blogs with these, they would get lost.

Apparently an anonymous tip and my description was give to the police, those fools have blamed me of the murder in their local news station of all the murders, wanted posters have already been glued throughout all this small town, their officials are checking out everyone who is leaving the town, so I'm pretty much stuck here.

They wouldn't post anything about the murders of criminals because they were nobodies to them, but when a police officer dies, all hell goes lose, shows you how careless this town is. I find it to be quiet ironic, that I clean up their streets and they accuse and hunt me for the crime I didn't commit based on an anonymous tip, but whatever I don't care.

Just have to lay low for now, which means I'm stuck in my Van, nothing to do but research those Fears and read other blogs.

Report #24 Put on Hold...

Report #24 Ended.

Friday, November 2, 2012

Report #23 2012, November 2nd
Mr. 9/06.

First thing first, list of injuries. Legs hurt as fuck, the part that hurts more are the knees, such fucking pain, like you have no idea. Head is throbbing as hell, must have took a couple of shots to the head, traces of blood from my nose, ribs hurt. Yeah, not that bad.

So what happened last night, as I said, I went out to dispose of the bastards that were outside, maybe ask for some information, but I doubt they would have told me anything, they had that glare of loyalty in their eyes. So I had to forget about the information and just dispose of them. I walked up to them, grabbing out my gun and with no hesitation shooting 3 of them in the head, one collapsed instantly (Must have been the weakest) 2 of them burst out running at me and then falling on me (With a bullet hole in their craniums), they fell on top of me, knocking me down, making me drop my gun, the rest 3 ran at me, by the time I got myself up, one of them hit me in the ribs, the punch was like a piece of concrete, those guys worked out. I try to fight the urge to fall down because of the pain, had to hold my ground, the second one tried to land a hit on me, and he did, he hit me straight in the face, luckily I didn't collapse, to he's surprise I grabbed he's arm, got my back against him, and broke he's elbow against my knee, he's bones went to the outside, but it didn't even pierce him, not even a scream. He just kneed me in the ribs, making me fall away from him, those guys were aiming at my ribs.

You know what they say? Never depend on luck, I say they are full of bullshit.

Me lying on the ground, my ribs hurting, probably broken, 3 of them walking towards me, my gun is really far away, then this cop woman arrives and points a gun at everyone, she's shaking, a rookie, they see it, they don't stop and keep walking, she continues to yell to stop, she's near me, had only one chance. I got up real fast, grabbing her arm under my arm pit to aim better, and with the other hand I grabbed her hand with the gun, and shot all 3 of them, took me a whole magazine to finally kill them (7 shots), I was shaken up, couldn't aim for shit.

I let go of her arm and started limping away, but it didn't end there, this time she pointed a gun at my back telling me to stop, I looked around, she was not shaking anymore, if I played my cards wrong she could really well shoot me. We stood there for a minute, when the unexpected happened, a knife, a knife went trough her body, not slightly, it completely pierced her, from the back to the chest. Her eyes, eyes of shock, fear, smell of death, with those eyes she looked at me, as if asking for help, then her body floated up, someone was behind her, he lifted her whole body by the knife that was in her, it was horrible.

Only thing I saw in that person behind her was he's eyes, they were completely blue, as if glowing, and that grin, that big ass grin, I wanted to kill him there and then, my gun was near me, but by the time I picked it up I got knocked out by someone from behind. Next thing I know, I wake up today, check on my posts, and realize that someone was inside my Van, not only that, they got on my blogger account and posted some shit in Report #22 and on the monitor of the same pc, was a sticky note, that said "Mr. 9/06".

He knows where I am, he's been in my base, fuck.

Report #23 Continued...

Was near a church, haven't been in a church for a while, used to believe in God, would always go and confess my sins until...yeah too early.

Would go and confess my sins, or pray, but I don't need no forgiveness, or blessing. I don't deserve them, require them, or want them. They are long time useless to me.

Been having this feeling for a while, a feeling that I used to be a human at some point in my life and not as a child, no, some time different, some time I can't put my finger on. But whatever, edited this post because have nothing better to do, still remember that police woman and her stare of fear, doesn't make me pity her, but those eyes were familiar, yes, that stare was the first stare I had when I killed a criminal for the first time. Was a drug dealer who sold drugs to kids, typical shit, I will honestly tell you, at that time, I was pissed, killed him, didn't enjoy it, didn't want it, but had to be done, I knew it had to be done.

From there on I would start killing those who deserved it, with no emotions, no unnecessary torture, simple death, started to slowly kill off my humanity,  I would do so that no one knew it was me, was easy to do once you'r a KGB agent and have different sources, from there on I would silently dish out my brand of justice. I think that is why IT started following me.

I need to get back to work.

Report #23 Put on Hold...

Report #23 Ended.

Thursday, November 1, 2012

Report #22 2012, 1st November
Results 3

Re-located, re-supplied, can move freely, the body got used to the stitches, feeling a little better, still a little woozy.

So where did I stop last time? The proxy, anyway, he told me one thing, they were expecting my arrival, what they did not expect was that I was going to come gun blazing in all directions, he said, that someone informed them that I would be with someone who would keep me under control or something, must be that woman I met earlier (Bitch).

I asked him who informed them of my presence here, I expected the answer to be that IT informed them, but no, it was an anonymous tip, from someone who they don't know. He said that they didn't believe it, thought someone was playing with them, but still they kept it in mind. That explains why they weren't prepared.

The letter burnt, but he said that it had a signature under it, that said "Mr. 9/06". That's right same bastard who was giving Twitch threatening messages and the pictures which I posted a while back.

I asked him why a bunch of them were gathered in that building, he said that it was a safe place of operation where they could kill runners without anyone seeing them doing so.

I tried to ask him questions about IT and Fears, he said that he wasn't that long in the group to know anything about IT that much (Figures, I picked a fucking rookie) and he had no idea who those Fears were.

So I don't know if this whole attack was worth it in your eyes, but I say it was, a lot less of those fuckers, the better it is for me to sleep at night.

On a side note, IT is getting sloppy, I haven't seen IT in a while, making he's servants do all the dirty work, not to mention The Fears that are out there, who apparently work independently, maybe IT's busy with them, would be a perfect time for a strike.

I need to come back to the place where I and Twitch were shot at again, and this time look around, and try to find the place where we were shot at from.

Report #22 Put on hold...

Report #22 Continued

I see them.

They are just standing there, six of them, not proxies, they are in white masks that have only eye holes, no hoodie crap, casual shirts, their stance is firm, I can see they are experienced fighters, know lethal moves.

Those must be the higher ups, those bastards are smart, they know me, they know I will get out there to confront them after I am done writing this, they know I crave for their punishment, they know I must be the one to dish it out, I can see it, all of them have cold weapons, I can see in their blood thirsty eyes, they are sinners.

They work for him, they must die, time to go to work.

Report #22 Put on hold...

Report #22 Continued.







Report #22 Ended.