Wednesday, December 10, 2014

Closing Report.

Report #119 2014, October 22nd.

Finally heard from Incognito, figures this would happen at night...

I was sleeping on the floor, while Cassia was on the bed and then a bright light flashes for a second and I feel something leaning against my leg. I wake up and look and it turns out to be Incognito's decapitated arm, holding a recorder.

I quickly got up and put the recorder into the computer and listened to every entry he made while being inside The Path, I would upload the recordings themselves, but...

In anyway, here are the recordings.

Recording #1:

*Sounds of footsteps against the ground can be heard*

"Been following her for a while now, she hasn't attacked me yet, nor did she even look at me, doesn't matter, she's leading me somewhere, if it's a trap, I'm ready."


"All of a sudden, it's harder to breathe, the feeling is too familiar. Although, it's not a hard as last time, I can actually move without my muscles burning up in the proce- Darn, missed her, she's out of my eye sight, never mind, she did her part, time to start looking."

Recording #1 Ends.

Recording #2:

*Sounds of footsteps against the grass*

"I hear them, the creatures. They are crawling around me, their whispers, their breathing, I sense every bit of it. But they don't attack me, is it because I have Azoth in me? Is it because they are waiting for something? Don't know, don't care. I have been walking for hours now, don't feel tired at all."

*Footsteps stop*

"The tree graveyard, the one I stumbled upon last time I visited this place, trees still growing from the graves. Nothing changed, same hell hole, same nig-"


"I see her, she's gesturing to me, to go up the hill, I'll follow."

Recording #2 Ends.

Recording #3:

"Currently on top of the hill, as I was walking upwards, she once again disappeared. From the hill I can perfectly see the beach where a reflection in the water attacked me last time I was here."

*Sounds of footsteps rushing down the hill*

"I might be able to find The German again, if he hadn't moved, or worse, died."

*Sound of footsteps running through the sand*


*More footsteps*

"Glad to see you're still around, have you seen a pale woman go through here by any chance?"

"Ah old friend, welcome back. No, I'm afraid I haven't. What brings you here again?"

"Need to test out a lead."

"Ok, but what really brings you here?"

"You're full of riddles, like always. In any way, I need to run, if by any chance you feel something off, or we-"

"I'm not moving an inch, son. You can't save everybody."

"I can try."


Recording #3 Ended.

Recording #4:

"I see them, my family, again, they appear and disappear right in front of me, ignore it, illusion, mind games, distractions, getting close, keep moving."

Recording #4 Ended.

Recording #5:

"You know you can join us any time, why do you avoid us so much?"

"I miss you."

"You're dead, I'm not, I killed you, two times, not real."

"You're still worried about that? We forgave you, honey, please, come back to us, it's cold without you."

"It'seven colder with me, you don't want me, don't need me, I'm not worth it, can't join you."

"You'll never be a monster to us, we will always love you, us and uncle Vikady."

"Ya bro, came an' join us! It's loads'a fun 'ere!"

"Dead. Dead. Dead. Dead."

Recording #5 Ended.

Recording #6:


"I fucking hear you, I'm coming after you, once I get to you, I'll kill you."

"Lost, you are lost, very lost."

"Not for long."

"And still you persist, we need you, they need you, follow...."

Recording #6 Ended.

Recording #7:

*Gunfire, lots of footsteps, weird growling sounds, a human footstep pattern, lots of footsteps coming from all directions."

Recording #7 Ended.

Recording #8:


"I am here Sergei."

"Who are you!? You better answer before I blow your br-"

"I am what you crave, I am what you have been craving since all of this began, I am something everybody craves, I am Mercy."

"Mercy?...What do you want with me Mercy?"

"What do you want with me Sergei? After all, I wouldn't be here without your desire for me."

"Stop wasting my time."

"You want to die, a death that nobody hears about, nobody remembers, your dream, your desire, I am here to grant you mercy, accept my hand and you will receive what you crave."

"You're right, I want to die..."

*Can't understand, too much static, all I can work out is the following.*

" terms...."

Recording #8 Ended.

Recording #9:

"I got transported by the pale woman, she calls herself Mercy, she offered me easy death, didn't accep-"

*Footsteps stop*

"I found it... The bleeding tree."

*Running can be heard*

*From there on I can barely work out anything, due to all the static, all I can hear is Ingonito's screams and some sort of sound that does't even sound like a normal distortion, neither the screams or distortions ever stop, they last for about an hour, or so.*

*Statics Suddenly stops and silence for a few minutes.*

*I can work out heavy breathing and then I can hear Incognito's voice, for some reason surrounded by echo.*

"You don't like Archangel's metal... Just like IT doesn't like it..."

*Brief distortion*

"Speak of the devil..."

*Distortion lasts for a few minutes, then sudden blast of ultra sound*

Recording #9 Ended.

Recording #10:

*Distortion, screams, sound of something tearing and at the end a big thud.*

*Heavy breathing, distortion is still there, but it's minor.*

"Looks like it's finally my time...*coughing* I have little time, Azoth in me is rapidly crawling out of my body and is dying out...*coughing* Losing lots of blood. IT is in a distance, I hurt it, I hurt it's source, hurt it so much I went deaf, can't hear myself talk... *coughing* Using last bits of Azoth in me to send this recording to Mendella... *coughing* If this recording recorded anything, I hope it records these last words... Don't give up *Grunt* There is a way to kill it *Grunt* To end it, you ca-"

*Sudden burst of static, lots of ultra sound, Incognito's laugh*

And the last recording cuts off.

I guess we all know what this means... He is finally dead.

I don't know what will happen to this blog, but with Incognito gone, I see no purpose in me staying and updating it.

I guess this is a farewell, a final goodbye.

Rest in Peace you tragic man.

Sunday, October 12, 2014

I don't know.

These past few weeks were...strange.

By strange I mean they were quiet, no attacks, no monsters, no nothing. It's as if, when Incognito left, it became It became peaceful when I stopped looking for people to kill, when I started taking care of someone.

These past few weeks I was helping Cassia cope with her loss, she told me about her family, her problems, she opened up to me. I remember wishing that I could open up to her, but I had nothing to tell, I had no past life, no experiences, no family, nothing. That never bothered me, up until now, which is quite strange.

But at some point, peace must come to an end, and it did. Once her blood thirsty brother and his men attacked us in the apartment where we were staying.

A Van near the entrance to the building, human shadows coming from the top of the building, several footsteps, reflexes kicked in, didn't take a genius to figure out that we were about to be attacked. Took my gun from under the bad, ready to counter attack, but then, I was stopped, by her, Cassia.

"You said yourself on that blog that you're tired of killing."

"Maybe, but I also don't want people to die because of me."

"It's my brother, let me talk to him."

Just like that I threw the gun on the ground and just waited for the door to be kicked in, several men running into the room, yelling, pointing their guns, beating me to the ground. Everything happened just like I thought, in a matter of minutes I was on my knees with several guns pointed to my head and her brother in my face.

"Where's your friend?"

"Path, you can't get to him."

"That is true, oh well, guess I'm going to have to kill you instead, to be honest, you're just as responsible for our father's death as he is."

"Stop it!" She put her hand on his shoulder, interrupting him.

"He's not responsible, he wasn't even there when our father got killed. Tell your men to put their guns down."

"You know, I was surprised to find you, here, with him, without trying to kill him. Are you stupid? He let our family's killer escape! He is just as responsible, as anyone who ever helped him! And now you're trying to do the same!" And then it happened, in one swift blow, he sent her flying to the ground.

At that moment, something happened, anger, anger overtook me.

I grabbed one of the men's guns, put it under my arm pit and shot the other man in the leg, on his way down, he started shooting, bullets flying in all sorts of directions, chaos began, they were disoriented, had to make sure Cassia wouldn't be hurt, had to incapacitate all of them.

Took me a few minutes, but I managed to incapacitate all of them, without killing them. Some had bullet wounds in their legs, some had broken arms, some were unconscious, but they were all breathing. But I forgot about one man, who hid in the corridor throughout all the chaos, her brother, he took me by surprise and aimed his gun at the back of my head, that's when I thought I was going to die.

And then I hear it, a gun shot, then I feel it, blood on the back of my head, then I see it. Her brother, he was on the floor, bullet hole in the back of his head and above him, Cassia, covered in blood, holding my gun which I threw down earlier, tears filled her eyes, she was shaking, she just killed her own brother to save me.

No news from Incognito...

Thursday, September 25, 2014

These Strange Feelings.

Tonight, one of the Assassins caught up with me. It was her, Cassia.

While I had some free time, I searched up as much information as I could and there was nothing horrible that she did, in fact, if I didn't know this woman was hell bent on revenge, I'd think she's a saint: running a business which helps disabled children. She grew up with her father "Mennonite" on the farm, which is where I assume she learned how to shoot.

She was able to sneak into my apartment, good thing I wasn't sleeping, we had a short encounter, through which she was able to figure out that I wasn't the real Incognito, as soon as she figured that out, she stopped fighting me and simply asked me, where Incognito was.

As some of you know, I'm not a creature of many words, she knew that, so she didn't waste her time with me, she was about to leave and then, my first words:

"You shouldn't ruin your life over revenge."

That made her stop.

"He's in The Path, you can't get to him."

She stood there for a few minutes, suddenly she turns around and points a gun at me, tears running down her eyes.

"Don't you tell me what I should and shouldn't do! Who are you to tell me about revenge!? You don't know what it's like!"

"You're right, I don't. I was created as a mindless being, who's purpose was to kill for The Eye, a perfect soldier. I didn't and don't have anybody who cares about me, nor did I have anybody to lose, so yes, I don't know how it feels, along with many other things I don't know about."

Tears in her eyes still running.

"However, I was molded after a man who's path was made of vengeance, look where that got him. A lifetime of endless suffering, you want to end up like him?"

"I am nothing like him!"

"That's not what you said when you were tied up to the chair."

Silence, more tears, her hands start shaking, eventually she drops the gun and collapses onto her knees crying. My first instinct should have been to kick the gun away, tackle her and knock her out, use the opportunity to escape...

That wasn't it. Instead, I knelt down beside her and offered her my shoulder.

This is when I realized, even though I was brought into this world unnaturally, even though I was molded after a man who is craving murder and war, I was not him. I realized that a long time ago, when I refused to shoot him and he kicked me out of the team, but at that point, that was the only distinction between us. All this time on my own, I traveled around the world, taking down all sorts of scum, just because I thought it was my purpose, after all, I was created for Justice. However, killing didn't bring me a feeling of fulfillment, however, this moment, when I tried to help her, I felt it, the feeling of doing something right.

This is when I realized, I don't want to kill people because they deserve it, I want to help people who deserve it, just like I did that night.

She fell asleep on my shoulder, she's been tracking me for the past couple of weeks non-stop. She's currently sleeping on my bed, while I'm waiting for the second assassin.

As for Incognito, I don't know what he's status is, he told me that he'd let me know if he's dead, or alive. So far, I heard nothing from him.

Mendella out.

Wednesday, September 10, 2014

See You On The Other Side.

Report #118 2014, September 10th.

I was about to step inside The Black Forest and then I saw her, standing there in the middle of all those trees. The Pale Woman, the same woman who has followed me throughout my entire journey, she stands there, she signals to me to follow her.

Could be a trap, could be a hand of help. Whatever it is she's offering, I'm following her into this wretched Forest. As soon as this post is published, I drop my laptop and break it.

I'm equipped with a shotgun, an AK, a Colt, shooting knife, Archangel Silver Knife (Thanks Sanna), Axe and the Azoth that lives inside of me.

If I don't come back, Mendella will inform all of you. I'm taking my recorder with me, so while I'm moving, I can record what I see as I go, I need to test this lead out, I need to see if it's real, I need to see if those books didn't lie, I need to see if it hurts IT, I need to see if it can kill IT.

Time to restore Hope.

Report Ended.

Wednesday, September 3, 2014

Not Much to Say

Report #117 2014, September 3rd.

With those two mercenaries on our tale, I couldn't move forward any part of my plan, so I had to trick them, throw a decoy and hope they would follow it, while I silently continued moving forward with my plan.

Dressed Mendella exactly like me, gave him exactly the same scars, etc. It took us an entire week to finish with make up. They fell for it, by now they are somewhere in France and by the time they read this, it's too late for them to try and get to me.

It took me a week to get back to Germany.

Speaking of my plan, a certain someone named "Ghost" asked me about the answer I had found in the library inside the Devil's Cave. Well, I'm not telling what it is, yet. But what I can say is this, it's time for me to venture back to hell, back to a place that brought back locked up memories, a place some call "home" and others call "hell".

I'm going back inside The Path and I'm finishing this sadistic game.

Report #117 Ended.

Tuesday, August 26, 2014

Final Goodbyes.

Report #116 2014, August 26th.

I said goodbye to my mother and father, said goodbye to my wife and daughter and now I said goodbye to a man who stuck by my side from the beginning of this journey, up until his demise.

Twitch, who's real name will remain hidden.

I picked him up as he was running away from IT. He was the first person, who didn't judge me for what I did, every time we talked, the time when I thought that I was a monster, he knew that I wasn't, he saw deeper, he saw something, I could never see. And even though we didn't have the friendliest relationship, we still came to each others aid, no matter what.

The only thing that was driving him to survive, was the hope, that maybe, some day, he will get the chance to talk to his wife and child again. He never told her what was going on, he never said goodbye to her, he packed his things and immediately got out of there and met me. Today, hopefully, I fulfilled his dying wish.

Don't bother trying to find his wife, or child. Twitch was an excellent hacker, he wiped all the connections he could have had to them, changed his name countless amount of times, etc. To top it off, I told his wife to stop looking for him, it's impossible to track them now.

Goodbye old Friend, I promise, I'll make it work, your death won't be a waste.

Report Ended.

Saturday, August 16, 2014

Second Assassin

Report #115 2014, August 16th (Mendella Posting).

We've been laying low, everything is still hot here in Russia, even outside of Moscow.

We were slowly, but surely getting out of Russia, but before leaving, Incognito wanted to visit his family one more time. It wasn't smart to do so, while we were in the middle of all this, however, human emotions get the better of everyone, I guess.

He told me to keep an eye on our vehicle, while he went into the graveyard and talked to his family one last time.

Few minutes later, I hear gun shots, several of them, I start dashing toward the direction where he went, it wasn't hard following the muzzle flash in the middle of the night, the problem was that it was far away. Once I get to the spot, I see Incognito on his knees, a dart in the back of his neck, made the assumption that someone sniper shot him with Botox, nasty stuff, paralyzes you in seconds. He was sitting right next to a dug out hole in the ground, right next to his family's graves. Several guys with AK's (A few dead on the ground) surrounding him, but they do not kill him, waiting for something? Didn't care, it was clear that they were going to bury him right next to his family.

There was a good dozen of them with their AK's and me with only a forty-five, idiot. One of a kind. First things first, had to get Incognito out of the line of fire, it was time to make some noise. Shot one of their men between the eyes, jumped back into my cover (Which was a tombstone), they start shooting in my direction. Full auto, lots of it. Ammo to burn and not afraid of making noise, spells amateur. But I was still out-gunned, and I was still up the creek, so I needed to get in amongst them, fast. I retreat further, they shoot at me, while running after me (Stupid), once I distance myself and them away from Incognito, I take cover behind another tombstone and throw a grenade at them (I always carry one). It blows up, takes out a good bit of them, while they are scattered, I run back to where Incognito was, they left two guys to guard him, two guys I can take. Shoot one in the head, the other one in the chest, before he can raise his AK, after that I kick Incognito into the newly dug out grave, no time to be gentle.

The group hat chased me, must have heard the gun shots and came back to where Incognito was. I hid behind a tombstone, didn't have time to grab one of the AK's, had to do it the "Silence and Speed" way. I take a deep breath and prepare for what's going to happen next, sneak up behind one of them, twist his neck in an instant, to my disappointment, he has a shotgun, life wasn't meant to be perfect, leave him, hide again, wait for another prey. And then, just my luck, a guy with an AK stumbles near my Tombstone, sneak up on him, grab his from behind and cover his mouth, can't snap his neck, since that will require both of my hands and if I let go of his mouth, he will scream. Had to take a chance, smashed his head against a Tombstone, he didn't yell, however, he fired a random shot out of his AK.

Don't care, have my AK, they are about to shoot at me, I shoot first, double taps. Can't drop a man with a couple of rounds, you're in the wrong profession. Let them be the ones to waste their bullets, get pulled off target by the recoil, mark themselves with muzzle flash. Aim, shoot, switch, repeat. Soon enough, fire stops, I'm the only one standing, that's when I let my guard down, I feel sudden pain surge through my neck and then I don't feel anything, I fall flat on my face, can't move, can't talk, only hear and see.

"Burns doesn't it? It's Botox. Can you believe that people actually pay, to have that stuff, a paralyzing drug, injected in their faces. It's a crazy world man, a world where a family can be murdered and the murderer will walk free."

The man got in front of me, with a knife in his hand, blond hair, black trench coat, red scarf, pretty tall, don't know who he is, don't care, just like he doesn't care about me.

"I have no problems with you Justice, I have a problem with your friend, the family murderer, however, can't afford to have you running around getting in my way."

He put his knife to my throat, he was about to kill me and then, he suddenly draws his knife into a different direction and he manages to catch Incognito in mid air, stabbing him into his shoulder. No idea how Incognito managed to be able to move so quickly, probably that Azoth inside of him. Incognito head butts him in the nose, making this guy stumble back, holding his nose. Incognito then kicks him in the jaw, which makes the guy fall down. Incognito picks my 45 up and is about to shoot him, however, he didn't know that my 45 ran out of ammo, couldn't tel him before hand because I was paralyzed.

The freak laughs and says:

"I have a gun too."

After which, he throws it at Incognito's head pretty hard. This idiot is using unpredictability to his advantage, they were both at a stand off, then the idiot throws a side kick, Incognit blocks it with his arm, while Incognito's arm is occupied, the idiot chops him in the neck. Incognito immediately grabs his throat, while hitting the idiot with his other hand, the idiot falls down, but he doesn't just stay there, he sweeps Incognito's feet, making him fall down as well. The idiot was about to stomp Incognito's face in, but Incognito grabbed his foot and twisted it, so the idiot falls down, hitting his jaw against the ground, Incognito grabs him by the back of his head and slams his face against the ground. The idiot is trying to reach for his knife, but Incognito grabs him from behind, putting him in a head lock, about to choke him.

That's when another shot is fired into the air, everyone stops moving. That woman again, the one who seeks revenge on Incognito.

"Let my brother go, or I empty a magazine into your skull."

"You will do so anyway, since you're seeking revenge."

"Unlike you, Kisin, I have some dignity, you spared my life once, I'm returning the favor."

A minute of silence and then Incognito lets him go, the guy rushes towards his sister, they start arguing between each other, amongst the argument, they drop their names. The guy's name is Xander and the woman's name is Cassia, or it's their nicknames, I don't know. In any way, Incognito picked me up and we drove off.

Good news is, we're finally out of Russia.