Sunday, April 28, 2013

Case File #2

As requested by Sanna, today I give my theory based on the Alexandrian Train Wrecks.

There is not much to tell about the case other than, in October 1998: Around 50 people die and more than 80 are injured in a derailment just south of Alexandria. The train fails to stop at buffers and runs into a busy market square. Reports suggest passengers travelling on the roof of the train might have tampered with an air pipe, disabling the brakes. and then one year later a train travelling between Cairo and Alexandria hits truck and derails, killing 10 and injuring seven.

Mr. Fucked Up (Kelevra) suggests that Sanna's father has some sort of connection to all of this, and these will mostly be my theories on how her father is connected to these events, for all we could know Kelevra is simply full of shit.

But before I get to my theories, I would like to throw out another piece of information about these incidents, The Alexandrian Police Department, actually managed to interview a witness about what had happened. The interesting part, is that even on their own private file, they do not have any information about the witness, not his name, not his age, not his photo, nothing, only thing is known about him, is that he is a male, old looking male.

This bit of information was hard to acquire, took me a lot of time to hack their police department, as soon as I red up, I deleted them, last thing I need is getting tracked, so apologies, but I won't be sharing those documents.

And the only useful piece of information he could provide was that the people that were riding on top, were wearing hoods and some of them seemed to have their faces painted up (Possible Proxies), apparently to this ancient as ass police report, he seemed to be drunk. So that means, they interviewed some sort of bum.

So how does this tie in with Sanna's father? There are several theories for this.

Theory #1: Your Father is one of the riders on top, which means that he might be a Proxy, what is the reason why they sabotaged the train? No idea, but since when was there any point in asking the point of what Proxies do? That would explain how Kelevra knows something like this, since your father was or is a Proxy.

Theory #2: Your Father is one of the bystanders (Doubt it, but is possible)

Theory #3: Your father is a victim of the train crash, which can mean two things, either he was at the wrong place, at the wrong time. Either, he was the target those proxies were going for.

In both cases of Theory #2 and #4 it would also explain how Kelevra knew something about your father, he could very well be one of the proxies riding on top.

Theory #4: Your father is the old guy that got interviewed, since he was the only one who could provide any piece of information about the accident, proxies got sent to eliminate him, he either is dead, or still alive.

It would also explain how Kelevra knows anything about the old guy, since he could possibly be the one who was dispatched to take care of the guy.

Theory #5: Kelevra is playing Mind Games with you.

If you ask me? I would drop the subject, what's past, is past, what matters is the present.

Saturday, April 27, 2013

New Plan.

Report #79 2013, April 27th.

I believe Vikady provided the required information.

Yes, I am letting The Judgment work with us, I know I'll get a bunch of lectures on how can you possibly trust him and so on...

But he is me and if there is anyone I trust, that is me.

Still, he will be working separately from me and Vikady, we will give him access to the blog, so he can report to us his progress while being on a completely other side of the world. What he will be doing is something I was doing, before I got distracted. He will be infiltrating proxy bases all over the world, we will provide him with a car, weaponry, laptop, money and information on where some of the proxy bases are. I want him to cause damage, while we go after the core of the problem.

He will be leaving tonight. He is supposed to report to this blog every three days, otherwise we assume he is dead.

Yesterday I was asking him questions, here's how it went:

I: "Do you know my personal life, anything about my past?"

He was writing his answers out.

J: "No, master created me from what he was able to gather about you, in other words, your strategic thinking, combat skills and the fact that you have a connection to the 9/06 number. However I do not know what that number means."

I: "Good to hear, how did he create you?"

J: "I wasn't conscious during the creation process, I just woke up, standing in front of a wall, on which the silhouette of my master could be seen, he communicated with me telepathically."

I: "Is he doing it now?"

J: "No."

I: "Why should I trust you?"

J: "Because you trust yourself."

I: "Why do I get the feeling every time The Eye is watching me, it has this proud look?"

J: "You have been doing The Eye's job long before its existence, you have been inflicting Justice on those who deserved it."

I: "Why did it send you to eliminate me then, if it was so proud of me?"

J: "You were human, you were flawed, it wanted a replacement, with no feelings, no emotions, nothing to cloud the judgment. Yet somehow, it failed to create such a weapon."

I: "No, it didn't, but the weapon can be simply turned around."

J: "Indeed."

From there on, the rest of the conversation is pointless for recording. So The Judgment, knows nothing about my past, nor does it know what drives me, the only thing The Judgment knows is my strategies and combat skills, along with some bits of my memory, that's good, my identity can't be compromised through him, because he doesn't know anything about me.

Well that is official, we are done here in Lithuania and our next stop is Germany.

Also, Sanna, Vikady asked me to tell you, that he is currently working on your "Train" problem and that he will be posting about it in a little while.

Who would have thought that Vikady would be helping out others?

Report #79 Ended.

Friday, April 26, 2013

Side Report #1.

Agh my fucking God! That sick fuck! We come back and what do we find in our Van? I body that is riddled with holes, in fact it was so fucked up that we couldn't tell if it was a male, or a female. Not only was the body bleeding in our Van, out of the holes, there was dripping something white, make a guess what it was. The body was filled with semen Ugh! We had to carry it out along with Incognito and burn it somewhere, all the time we were carrying it, I was trying to be very careful not to drip some of that blood and jizz on me, I mean I don't mind blood, but jizz? Yeah, no way. Eventually we got rid of it and cleaned up the Van, eeeeugh.

Anyways, Incognito is a little busy right now, so I am taking over for him in this post, we're back and we're alright.

Incognito told me, to write down everything that had happened, so I will try to remember in as much detail as I can, I was beaten the fuck up so yeah...

I can remember The Judgment dragging me up the stairs of that abandoned building all the way to the 9th floor and tying me up in a chair in the middle of a corridor. Once I was in a talkative shape, I tried to talk to the guy, at the time I didn't know that there were two Incognito's running around, so I thought it was my bro. I started asking him questions, but he just sat there quietly, starring at the wall.

Fast forward a little bit and it's night time, in the middle of all the quietness, suddenly footsteps can be heard. The Judgment got up, stood behind me and drew his gun, pointing in the direction of the stairs. It was Incognito going up those stairs, I was confused as fuck, because Incognito was right behind me and right in front of me, so as usual I started asking questions out loud, that got me nothing but a knock over the head from The Judgment with the gun, almost knocking me out.

Once I got over the pain, I saw that Incognito had nothing on him, he was weaponless, he was just standing there, that was not like him to come unprepared like that. But reading trough his previous posts now, I get it. He had to do something, he himself would never do, that something was give up, so when Incognito came in weaponless, The Judgment got confused and withheld on blowing his brains out.

Incognito started slowly walking towards me and Judgment, once he reached The Judgments gun, I thought he was going to disarm him there and then, but no, he just simply put his forehead in front of the head, I was quiet, preparing for someones brains to splatter all over my head.

After about a minute of silence, Icognito broke the silence, this is what he said, as I can remember it:

"Do you really think what you are doing is what you want?"

The Judgment was quiet (He was quiet throughout the whole thing)

"You are me, I am you, this is not what you want, you kill me and then The Eye gives you a poor innocent sap to go hunt down, we do not harm innocent people."

5 minutes of silence.

"If you join me, you can do what both of us want, Justice. You are a Judgment aren't you?"

It felt like an earthquake was about to happen from their stare down, some intense shit.

"If you work with me, you get to kill the scum that deserves it, you kill me, your existence becomes meaningless, your choice."

After that and I am not kidding here, both of them stood in that position for three fucking days! I swear I fell asleep once, when woke up, they were still at it. But today, The Judgment lowered his gun, they untied me and we went to our Van, not to exciting? Well you weren't the one tied up in there.

I asked Incognito, why didn't he disarm him and he told me that if he would, The Judgment could easily snap my head. He also told me that he knew from the beginning The Judgment wasn't going to shoot him, I was confused by that remark, but given a longer thought I got it. Incognito is not the talkative type, he just puts a bullet through the persons without hesitation, he sees a target, he goes for it, the only exceptions when he leaves someone alive, is if he needs information.

I asked him, why did he have to have a starring contest for three days with The Judgment, he told me that he didn't want to interfere with The Judgment's decision thoughts.

So yeah, now The Judgment is working with us, which means two Incognitos, as we later found out, The Judgment can't talk, but he can type. It's really weird having two Incognito's walking around over here, anyways so that's why Incognito is busy right now, he is having a talk with The Judgment.

Kelevra bailed out, the only thing he left is that dead body, eeeugh.

Thursday, April 25, 2013

Psychology attracts.

Why knew? I appear, start doing these sessions and people start appearing in that small box called "Followers"...Well I am attractive, that's one thing.

Aight, lets get the bad news out of the way, I fear Incogny may not be coming back, granted 4 days haven't passed yet, but if someone who I think it is, is involved in this, then we may never see our friend, which makes me quite sad, but then again, you can't put that old dog down that easily.

Oh well, onto the analysis.

Patient #4:

Name: Med a.k.a. Mad Scientist.

My Thoughts: A scientist, a curious scientist, her curiosity, can be her strength but at the same time her downfall. Overlooks small details, rarely thinks of a back up plan for her back up plan. Deep personal trauma (So Cliche) obviously is present, that trauma makes her so curious and...sciency? So I'm coming up with words now, why not. Any significant danger? None at all. Has shown the cases of mental break down and disorder like, getting drunk for no reason and the new case of symbolic dreams. Is afraid of death, although does not show it.

Side note: Can not hold her alcohol (Pfft).

Chances of Survival: The risks are jumpy with this one, they are either high, or low. Obviously the girl mostly runs on luck, for example her latest experiment almost killed her, why? No back up plan, in case the experiment went Bow Chicka Wow Wow (NOW ITS A MEDICAL TERM! DIG IT!).

Man I just love Incognito even more, first he escapes from her dream and then he resists her mind control, why have I never red up on his blog!? Oh yeah, probably cause my eye would hurt.

- Dr. Kelevra P.H.D. in Ass kicking!

Wednesday, April 24, 2013

Psychiatry is still going!

First off, how my day went, pretty boring, but I don't complain, I'm very patient. What I am concerned about is my dear Fortissimo, she has been acting strange all day, not "bad" strange, but simply strange, I can sense it, someone I know, a familiar presence, not Master, not Proxy, something very close...I have a good idea who it is, makes me all happy too. Also more Skittles, shits delicious.

Now this is going to be a double analysis.

Patient #2:

Name: Mrs. Annalee a.k.a. A bitchy bitch.

My Thoughts: Reminds me a loooot of Incognito, both of them are monsters, I actually have some respect for her, because unlike a lot of you runners, fighters and survivors out there, she knows where she stands. So I don't take offense when she insults me and judges me, because she has judged herself a very long time ago.

Side note: Veeeeery cocky.

How long will Survive: A good chance of a good, long run, if only she would stop over estimating her enemies and ditch that kid, the chances would go OH SO VERY HIGH.

Patient #3:

Name: Daniel a.k.a. Danny Boy

My Thoughts: Oh so really close to cracking, obviously some shit happened to him in life, too pansy to get over it. Egoist, a very gigantic egoist, would rather lie down and die, but as we all know lying down ain't where it ends. Of no significant importance, but Master sees something in him.

Side note: Has Asthma.

How long will survive: Depends if Master decides to take him under his wing. Otherwise, once Mrs. Bitch disappears, a lot of chances to die. I mean com


- Dr. Kelevra singing off bitches.

Tuesday, April 23, 2013

The Psychiatry is open for business!

So as some of you may know, while Incognito is off in that building, doing God knows what. I broke into his Van and so far managed to waste some of his money on a whole bunch of Gummy Bears, Skittles and Beer (Awesome combination ain't it?).

Seeing as Incogny has some followers on here, I dug trough their little blogs, and by God it was one of the most amusing experiences in my life, getting under their skin. Now I see why many proxies hang out on the web a lot.

So I decided to express my thoughts on some of you.

So who will be my first patient, hmmm...

I guess I'll go with Alexandria a.k.a. Sanna a.k.a. Saniok a.k.a. Serij a.k.a. The Curious Little Minx.

Not much interests me about her, but then again, she is just a kid, so no enormous expectations are to be had. What does keep me coming back to her blog, is her curiosity, she enjoys asking questions, and I enjoy giving answers, simple like that.

Bet if it weren't for this whole situation, she would be a good journalist.

Possibility of death: Oh so very fucking high.

Main factor of the death assumption: Is only a kid.

Diagnosis: Clouded by higher morals, if ever killed someone, would probably break down, not instantly, but slowly it would catch up.

Well twas fun...Also apparently I can see a shadow forming a big ass Eye on the building where Incognito is. Whatever, four days haven't expired yet, ain't going in.

- Dr. Kelevra.

Monday, April 22, 2013

Facing Myself.

Report #78 2013, April 22nd.

Today is the day, I am leaving for the place where The Judgment told me to meet him. It is an abandoned, nine story building, in the middle of this small town, surrounded by trees, but not really a forest.

Leaving The Van here, I am not taking anything with me, part of the plan, a very crazy, stupid, risky plan.

I scoped out the area as much as I could, and I haven't seen any proxies, IT, or The Eye around. To be fair I didn't see the Judgment with Vikady as well, but they must be inside the building.

If I am not back within four days, not counting today, then I am dead.

Lets see if I can make it.

Report #78 Ended.

Sunday, April 21, 2013

Grocery Shopping.

Report #77 2013, April 21st.

I need to finish up with this "Judgment" business and quick, reason? I just made the news in this town.

I will try to make this as short as possible, since I'm in the process of packing my things.

Not even a simple trip to a grocery shop is safe for me. There I am, standing there, thinking on what I should buy for myself. When all of a sudden, a shotgun shot. At the time all I had with me was my Glock 9, first things first, I had to count how many of those thugs were there, I get a closer look and see at the cash register 4 clowns with their mother's socks on their heads. One of them jumped on top of the cash register and kicked the woman's groceries, at the same time yelling at her and pointing his shotgun at her.

Brats like that get a boner out of scaring people, innocent people. That pissed me off.

I couldn't hear what they were talking about, but after some time one of the thugs grabbed a guy in a suit and pushed him into the place in Grocery Shop's, where they chop up meat, I don't know what it's called on English, I'll go with Meat Locker. I would then continue to go after the thug, but first I had to clear the fire zone. Found an employee of the Grocery Shop, told him to rally up as many people as he can and get out the fire exit. The kid didn't question it, he just went with it, good kid.

You don't have to be a scientist to figure out that, the guy in the suit the Thug was pushing into the meat locker, was the shop's owner. The reason for them going into the Meat Locker, was because the safe was there, the dumb fuck kept his eye only on the shop owner, thank God it was a Meat Locker, was full of knives and cleavers. Respecting my love for cooking, I picked the knife and shoved it in between the thug's ribs and into his heart, at the same time covering his mouth, so he wouldn't make a lot of noise.

Next thing I did was grab The Shotgun and tell the Owner to continue opening that safe up, there was a possibility that we still had to bargain. The Owner insisted on calling the cops, I broke his mobile phone, the thug's mobile phone and the phone on the wall. Told him that no cops were required, this is a quiet town and shit like this rarely happens, the cops around here would only know to do one thing and that is throw a cordon around the place and then the wrong people would start dying.

I had to lure the thugs away from the front of the store, one shot of the shotgun into the ceiling was all that I needed to attract their attention. Only two thugs came running at me, which meant that one more remained at the Shop's Front, guarding the hostages. As those two were running in my direction, I tried to find a cover spot, I was stupid, I was too slow, they saw me jumping into a different isle, they started shooting away trough the groceries, I couldn't tell up from down, I was too busy rolling on the ground. During this rolling process, one thought kept me happy, there were no bodies, the kid did a good job.

Another thing, was that these idiots were stupid and trigger happy, they like to shoot before they look and that was going to help me. Thank God I was in the cleaning isle, I put a bunch of Ammonia and Chlorine Bleach into one trolley and launched it rolling at them. The fucks bought it, they started shooting at the trolley full of Ammonia and Chlorine Bleach, mix those two and you get Phosgene Gas.

If my memory serves me right, they used that gas in WWI to clear the trenches, I needed a diversion, the thugs came running out of the gas, not seeing anything, coughing uncontrollably, gave me a chance to blow them both off to kingdom come. One problem, one of the fucks was running while I was shooting both of them, he ran towards the front of the shop, I was able to shoot him, but the last guy was definitely alerted now.

He took a woman as a hostage, or a meat shield, I didn't know. Offered to make a deal, I bring the cash, or he starts killing people. I ran back to the meat locker, where The Owner was packing all the money into one bag, I took it away from him. On my way to the front of the store, I ran into a water tank full of crabs, I had an idea.

Came over to him, he told me to stop and started asking me how much money is in there, I didn't know, but had to come up with something, so I told him that there was about Twenty Grand in there. Told me to slide it over the floor, to him. He made the woman pick up the bag, while she did that I prayed that she wouldn't accidentally stick her hand in there. She didn't, the fuck grabbed the bag and started checking it for any "Tricks" as he said. Kept yapping about Paint Bombs in Money Bags while digging trough the bag, it's a good thing that he kept looking at me, he couldn't see what was in the bag, only feel.

Shortly afterwards the thug started screaming, his hand, had met with the claws of the crab that I managed to put inside the bag along with the money. In panic and pain, he let go of the woman and gave me a clear shot. I took it.

I could hear the sirens, so I had to work fast, saw that the woman was also an employee, so I asked her where the fire exit was (I forgot where it was), she gladly showed me, while we ran, she asked me why I was making a getaway, she was sure that I was a cop. Told her I wasn't, told her to forget what I looked like.

Once I got to the hotel room, I turned on the TV, the local news, to see if any of the people could identify me. Luckily, no, they said that a man in the mask had shot up all the thugs, they didn't describe the clothing, or anything. No doubt an investigation had started up, anyone hiding their face will be suspicious, so I have to high tail it out of here.

By the way, the silhouette of The Eye is looking at me right now, again that proud look, I ignore it, I need to pack up.

On a plus side, while I was running to the fire escape trough the isles, managed to grab myself some gummy bears. I needed something to eat.

Report #77 Ended.

Saturday, April 20, 2013

Vikady's Story.

Report #76 2013, April 20th.

The reason for this post is simple, if I ever lose my memory, I will be able to read up and remember what had transpired and who I was associated with. This is the reason why this blog started existing, to keep myself in check.

Besides, I don't think Vikady is likely to survive this, if this Judgment has the same amount of disgust for him as I do, he will not hesitate to kill him.

That disgust comes from the stupid stunt he pulled on one of his missions. When he was working for KGB, he was assigned to a mission, take down a subway raping ring.

Let me explain in more detail, in Moscow, at the year of 2001, a woman had reported that she was almost raped in the subway station by several men to the police, an investigation had started up, two police officers were dispatched, those two police officers were later found dead with their throats sliced.

Once the word got out to the press that two police officers were dead, that of course steered up a fuss, and there's a fuss, KGB agents are deployed. Vikady was the one to take on this mission, he wasted a lot of his time on this investigation, and eventually he had found out that that wasn't one man who did all the raping. It was a whole ring of rapists, an organization, working together. They operated simply, surround one woman, while about 5 guys surround her and cover her from the view of the public, one guy goes and has his way with her.

Vikady found out what train the rapists will be riding next and went on it himself, armed. Once he had got on, and found the rapists, he opened fire, he was supposed to arrest them, but he decided to take justice into his own hand, kind of like me. Thought unlike me, I don't make such stupid mistakes and open fire in a crowded area. The Rapists of course on instinct grabbed a hostage and started shooting out everywhere, Vikady didn't stop shooting himself, as a result there were a lot of causalities, among them little kids, grannies, grown men and women, teenagers and so on. And their deaths were Vikady's fault, be he didn't really give a damn, he got what he wanted, an adrenaline rush. He killed all The Rapists and got off the train like he had completed his mission perfectly, KGB had a lot of struggle trying to keep it a secret that one of their agents, was the reason behind that subway's slaughter.

Eventually he was given 12 years in prison with other inmates, or seven years solitary, he chose the solitary.

But they released him earlier, in order to find me.

So that is why I despise him.

On a side note, I have a plan.

- Report #76 Ended.

Friday, April 19, 2013


Report #75 2013, April 19th.

Spent all night and morning reading up on Fears, their servants and my previous encounters with that judgment in my older posts. Also spent the morning reviewing the videos.

The one who made these videos knows my and Vikady's personal life, in fact this person knows how we think, he knows what rules we follow and he knows what our next moves will be. I think that impostor is The Judgment, The Eye's servant, this is something new for this Fear, since it was never noted that The Eye could make a copy of another person. Why do I assume that this is a Judgment?

Reviewing on my previous encounters with The Judgment, when we fought, the guy knew military combat, in fact he used the moves, I usually use in a fight, coincidence? I don't think so. He was also able to predict my every move, so yeah.

Later this Judgment starts his mind games and starts dressing up exactly like me, he was playing mind games. And later he started sending those video messages, showing that the creator of those videos knows a lot of things about me and Vikady. And who's better to know about your personal life, than yourself.

Main question is, how do I beat myself? The Judgment has my knowledge and memories, he knows my thinking process and he will surely counter them. How do I prepare for someone, who knows what I'm going to prepare. Some of you might suggest, do something unexpected, but thats the thing, I have been doing unexpected things in order to survive this whole time, so this Judgment will see it coming.

I am sure that Vikady is alive, this Judgment is using him as bait, for me. I should just abandon Vikady and leave, but that will only result in him killing Vikady and then following me. I need to take care of this Judgment for good, otherwise he won't let me rest.

Received an e-mail later today, apparently The Judgment, told me where he was and where he was holding Vikady, if I want to save the bastard, I need to come there. He didn't give a specific date, so I guess he will be at that location for as long as he needs to, he wants me to take my time. Bastard knows if I just get out, it won't do anything for me.

He knows I will come, damn it.

Report #75 Ended.

Thursday, April 18, 2013

Report #74 2013, April 18th.

I'm going to make this short, since my arm is hurting like crazy right now and it's hard to type.

It was me, it was me who attacked Vikady in the Van.

It was also me who attacked Vikady today in his apartment and kidnapped him, problem is, during todays "Beating up" process, I was there along with me.

Confused yet? So am I.

When Vikady posted that post, I ran to his hotel. (I knew what motel he was staying at, since I followed him when we agreed to separate for a little while. I always knew where he was, I'm a cheater.)

When I arrived, I saw myself standing over Vikady's unconscious body, I could tell he was unconscious because he was still breathing. And I don't mean the same clothing, my face, it was my hair, my beard, my eyes, everything about that guy was identical to me, it was like I was looking into a mirror, but a mirror can't hit you in the head with a wooden leg of a chair and then dislocate your arm.

As you can tell I was took by surprise and was rendered unconscious, later today when I woke up, Vikady was gone, as was this impostor. But that was me, I can tell, a persons eyes never lie, that wasn't someone who did plastic surgery, that was a person who was born looking like that. It wasn't an illusion, illusions can't hit you.

What the fuck is going on? I'm either losing it, or the world is losing it.

Report #74 Ended.

Wednesday, April 17, 2013


Case File #1 (Re-Posted)

 So to continue my train of thought.

 Yesterday was the day when the Diatlov's Pass incident occurred  one of the greatest Russian mysteries that are still unsolved to this very day. And I worked on that case.

 You see, I joined the agency for a different reason then Incognito, while he joined it to serve his country and other naive bull. I joined it, because I was and am a conspiracy buff, I was always intrigued by the unknown and the unsolved. And that is actually, partially, the reason why I decided to help my bro.

 So Yesterday got me thinking about the case and all the time I spent working on it. And when you put the Tall Pale and Ugly in the middle of this event, suddenly everything starts to make sense.

 For those who are unfamiliar with this event, let me describe it in short. 9 Russian hikers, all professionals, decide to go hiking up the Kholat Syakhl or if you want more drama in it "The Mountain of The Dead". 10 days pass, people get scared for the group, on 11th day they send a search party, to look for the group. Takes them a couple of days, of non stop digging to find the camp of the hikers and later on their bodies. Now here's the juicy part, all of the bodies are naked, by "Naked" I mean dressed in clothing which is not suited for taking a walk in the freezing blizzard, their bodies been located several meters away from their camp, their tent was ripped apart, all the bodies show the signs of broken ribs, broken limbs, someone had his eyes gauged out, someone had their tongue ripped off and someone had a fractured skull. The question remains unsolved to this very day, what had happened?

 Here's the fun fact, when people started asking this question at that time, The Agency had to launch an investigation, bunch of scientists were assigned to look at the bodies, examine shit and so on. But we were not coming up with answers, by that time lots of theories came forth, from logical explanations, to most bizarre ones. Last time I saw the case file for this incident, it didn't even have a year written on it, nor a "Number". And those were very important for case files, because "Numbers" on case files make it easier to find this file in the never ending file cabinet that is KGB. Yet, as I would learn later on, the reason behind that, was because previous agents who worked on this case, were actually ordered to, not to put the "Numbers" on the file, as if someone delibaretly didn't want other people to find this case file.

 But despite that, the case would be opened up once every year, sometimes it would last for months, other times it would only last for three days, get closed up and be left unsolved. When I started working on the case, the oddest thing was that, there were apparently the possibility of burn marks on the bodies, in fact it was stated that they were exposed to something radioactive, but that was never confirmed. I was as confused as ever, why would these highly trained professionals, go out in nothing but their casual clothing, in the middle of a freezing blizzard?

 Our Agency almost settled and closed the case several times, based on several theories:

 First one: At that time, in the USSR, there was developed a drug, an LSD hallucinogen drug. Back at that time it was something new, and wasn't really illegal, since there was no law for it yet. The day of the hike was also the birthday of one of the hikers, someone came up with a theory that once they had settled in their camp, they wanted to celebrate the birthday with the hallucinogen, once the hallucinogen took its effect, they undressed and wandered off into the blizzard, but that doesn't explain the fractured ribs, skulls and the bitten of tongue. Well maybe, the hallucinogen made them think that they are enemies so they beat the shit out of each other. But that theory was eventually discarded.

 Second: The theory was, that once the hikers settled in, after some time of sleep, an avalanche had started up, they with nothing left to do, but rip trough their tent and run for it, dressed in nothing but their casual clothing. That would explain why the bodies were scattered, maybe the avalanche engulfed some of the hikers from the beginning, so their bodies didn't go too far, yet other hikers ran a bit further and because of that, their bodies were found a bit further away from the camp. That would also explain the fractured ribs and skull and even the tongue. This theory was full proof, yet there were many agents that had their doubts, so the case wasn't closed.

 Third: Is the ultrasound theory, it is similar to the Hallucinogen theory, as we all know, Ultrasound can very well drive a person insane. The theory was that 4 people went crazy because of the ultrasound which was caused by the winds, cut the tent open from inside and ran off, other 6 got dressed in a hurry and went looking for the 4 that had ran off all naked. That would explain why 6 people were found near the camp and 4 in the ravine, yet it doesn't explain the injuries inflicted on their bodies.

 Those were just two examples of such theories.
 Now lets come up with our own theory, people noted that there were burn marks and that the bodies were exposed to something radioactive, now there were strange markings on the bodies, but they were never confirmed to be burn marks. Guess who can make both burn marks and radiation at the same time? Exactly, our tall, pale friend. Not to mention the tent was ripped up, the hikers were practically naked, their bodies were mutilated and some of them were located in a far distance from the camp. Not to mention the ultrasound which could indeed drive some of them insane. So here's my theory. They set up a camp, undress and go to sleep, at that time the ultrasound drives 4 people bonkers, they rip up the tent from the inside (Forgot to note that the tent was confirmed to be ripped from the inside) and ran off,  with 6 people following them, six of them actually froze to death, since their bodies had no damage to their bodies. But as for 4 other hikers, once they had reached where they were running to, guess who they encountered, that' right, Slendy himself, I red up and found out that Slendy can make distortions, some of those distortions feature ultrasounds, what keeps us from saying that Slendy can't actually make the sound? So once they reach their spot, he gets his tentacle on and starts killing the poor saps, throwing them around, which would explain the fractured skulls, ribs and a torn off tongue, it also explain the radiation and the marks on the bodies, since his tentacles were noted to burn a lot and actually leave burn marks on the skin. Distortions point to the radioactive levels that Slendy has, which would explain the radiation on the bodies.

 But the question remains, why? I can't really answer that, because even today we don't know why Slendy does, what he does. Is it his nature? Is he defending himself? Is he doing this out of pure fun? Is this a game to him? We don't know and despite how close anyone can be to him and despite what anyone says, they don't really know the motives behind it's actions. However, my theory, is that back then, it was still growing in strength and it needed some easy prey for starters, so it settled for 9 hikers who were defenseless in the middle of a blizzard snow and were easy pickings. It is also possible, because Slendy was highly noted to be in Germany, and at that time The Soviets and Germans were not in the best of terms, Russia was the next best place for Slendy to stop at and feed.

 Originally there were supposed to be 10 hikers, but one of them got sick and stayed at the village and he is still alive to this very day, when I was working on the case, I wanted to interview him, but I was forbidden to, because as they explained to me, there were other people that interviewed him before me and it led to nowhere, so they didn't want to stress the old man any more.

 What is also strange, is that when I worked on the case for about three months, I was eventually ordered to drop it. When I asked the reason behind that order, they simply told me that if I wouldn't drop the case, I would be arrested and put in prison for betraying my own country. That was really strange and weird. 

 So what is the purpose of this, you ask? Simple, I want to note possible Slendy occurrences in history and this fit really close to our tall pale friend. Why do I want to note them? Who knows, maybe I will find a solution on how to get rid of it.

 Besides, I enjoy a good conspiracy.

(This was written by Vikady, I re-posted it real quick, because the way he posted this post, had fucked up my blog)

Tuesday, April 16, 2013

Last Update.

Ey' Incogny, your not the only one who gets sent those creepy ass vids, I got one too, check it out:

I already reversed the audio, I don't think it is of any worth to post what is said, since it is the same nonsense, but if you feel curious, feel free to flip over the audio yourself.

Any thoughts and other shit you can come up with, is free to be posted in the comments.

On to more pressing matters, I've been doing nothin' but updates since I got on this blog, well this is a last one. I had a realization today.

Today is the day when the Diatlov's Pass Incident occurred,  I remember this date, because I worked on the case when I was an agent. We never finished the investigation, because the "Higher ups" wouldn't allow us. And there were a lot of other cases, with the same reaction from the "Higher ups". At the time it confused me, but now, I think I get the picture.

I will post tomorrow in more detail what I am talking about.


Sunday, April 14, 2013

Video and The Path.

Report #73 2013, April 13th.

It's been quite, I have been maintaining contact with Vikady, via cell phone, it has also been rather quiet on his part. The only strange thing that had happened, was that this morning I was sent this video.

The Sender is unknown:

If you have any theories on what this video means, I'm an open filing cabinet.

Onto more important things, The Path of Black Leaves.

I had two people tell me about it, JP/Veigar and Strider, which I am very thankful for, any information helps.

So lets begin.

According to JP's information:

Apparently The Path is populated by other creatures, to which he refers to as The Denizens, they are veru brutal and function on most primal instincts

Apparently only the oldest parts of The Path are safe from those Denizens. The same thing could not be said about IT.

The Path does not function logically, the entrance will not be there, exits and entrances will open up randomly, at random spots in The Path, so it is completely based on luck if you can get out. So if I enter, I might very well, be stuck in there.

Proxies apparently have a certain sense, to know where the next entrance or exit will appear, wonder if that has to do anything with Azoth in their brains.

And apparently I need to stay away from white sand beaches.

According to Strider's information:

Apparently IT mostly spends IT's time by The Stone Mound, try and approach the spot once I had looked everywhere else.

The presence of a human body, attracts IT's attention, so no matter what I do, I will attract attention once I enter, except if I accidentally end up in The Hidden part of The Path, through which Strider seems to transport people.

You can easily get lost in the place, everything looks the same, except for certain hot spots like The Stone Mound, The Lonely Road, The Cave and a Burnt Down Village.

Mental state gets effected too, you start hearing your past loved ones, flash backs of all the bad things I had ever done will start crawling into my mind.

The time acts almost the same in The Path, what is a minute in there, could be an hour over here, to top it all off, your body does get affected, while inside The Path, it doesn't change, when you get out, you will start feeling your body change, getting older, the process I hear, could be very painful.

Strider proposed to help out, but I decline, he is busy with helping other people, I will just take up unnecessary time. Besides I work better when I'm alone, but the chances of me running into him are very high, as he says.

That is all I know about The Path so far, thanks JP and Strider for the information, now I partly know what to be prepared for.

Report #73 Updated

Sanna took her time to research the audio of the video, which I am thankful for.

She ran the audio trough Spectrogram but that didn't do much, so then she reversed it and we have results, this is the audio of the video, but only reversed:

She also took her time to make a higher pitched version of the audio, so you could understand the audio much clearly:

Any theories on what this voice means? I can't recognize the voice, I'm sure the person modified the voice, but I think even if it wasn't modified, I wouldn't be able to recognize it.

Thanks Sanna.

Report #73 Ended.

Friday, April 12, 2013

Short Fall Out.

Report #72 2013, April 12th.

Not the greeting I was expecting.

Me walking to my Van, opening the back doors and get greeted by a baseball bat to the chest delivered by Vikady. Now the blow was not that strong, but it was enough to make me lose my balance and fall down, mostly because of the unexpected move. Me reacting quickly, on instinct, I kick Vikady's shins, not hard enough to break them, but enough to make him lose his balance. Once I put him in a lock, he starts screaming things out like why did I attack him and so on. So you can understand that I was confused.

I let him go and he explained the situation, that I attacked him.

Now I was surprised, I mean if I lost consciousness and suddenly woke up in the middle of my town, not remembering anything that had happened, I would believe him. But that's just the problem, I was driving since last night, until this morning, not once did I pull over, nor did I fall asleep, I remember driving the whole road, everything up until me getting nailed by a baseball bat, which was after the attack.

So it could be that he had been played for a fool, but he remains positive that it was me, that no mind games were played on him, that he felt my face and it was real.

So now we have a dilemma, a trust issue, one of us is obviously losing it, and we are not sure who, so after much discussion, we decided it would be better to leave the Van here, and go stay at different motels, the locations of which we would not know, whoever attacks first, is the one who is losing it.

It could be that Judgment, I mean we did see him dress up like me two times, but Vikady says that he saw my face, not my clothing, so theres that.

Or it could be Kelevra, who knows what kind of other powers he possesses.

Or it could be IT, The Eye, or The Archangel.

Too many possibilities.

I don't like that, but I can't move on until we figure this out.

Report #72 Ended.

Thursday, April 11, 2013

Update #5.

Not the way I thought I would be spending my morning.

So what happened. I woke up, I sleep in the front seat, behind the steering wheel, and who do I see? Why its Incognito, outside the Van, starring at me trough the closed up window!

Of course I try to wake up, and try open the door, he was supposed to be arriving later today, not early in the mornin', so I didn't expect him.

Next thing, was something I didn't see comin' at all!

He breaks trough the window, without letting me open the door, grabs me by the hair and starts slamming my against the door. Of course in confusion I can't tell whats goin' on, thus, I ain't fightin' back, I'm too confused. Once I snapped back inta reality, I open the door and once he pulls me again, this time I fall out and topple over him. So I starts laying the beating on him, but ta no avail, he just blocked one of my fists, grabbed it and twisted it so hard he actually flipped me on mah back.

Then he looked around as if someone was watching us from a distance, and ran off into the distance, towards a nearby forest.

Now explain to me, what the fuck happened!? Once I took care of my wounds, got back into shape, the first thing I did was try and call Incognito. Guess what? No Answer!

I swear that was Incognito beating me up, I saw his face, I don't judge by the same clothing, that was him, that was his face. Whatever happened to Incognito, he got fucked up at some point, I'm afraid he has been taken over, I need ta start packing my things and driving away, which will take a couple of hours, this blog is shutting down, Incognito went psycho, games over.

Checking In.

Report #71 2013, April 11th.

Writing from an internet cafe, wanted to check in real quick.

The supplier is dead, I killed him off, he was selling illegal weaponry, who knows what could have happened if he sold such weapons to some street gangs, lots of shootouts thats what, which means lots of innocent lives lost. I don't need that. Destroyed the warehouse where this supplier kept all of his weaponry along with his body. Got only those weapons that I needed, the guy had about 3 bazookas on him, this guy was dangerous.

Will spend a whole day driving back, so you won't be seeing me today much.

Also apologies for Vikady's behavior, but theres not much I can really do about it, his an asshole.

Also Vikady, look up this "Strider" Gabriella mentioned in "Explanation." post, he seems to have information on the path of black leaves, so go read up on his blog and try to ask him for some information, don't fuck this up with your attitude.

Cops are snooping around after the warehouse explosion, which happened about 5 hours ago, it's getting hot in here, so it's time for me to move.

Report #71 Ended.

Wednesday, April 10, 2013

Update #4

Incognito called me up today, he was quite satisfied with the results, he even said that the guy wanted to throw in a flame thrower, while very useful, Incognito says that he denied that offer since it would be a pain in the ass to transport that thing between the countries.

Still trying to work out where I heard that name. The more I think about it and dig around, the more I understand that this connection may go deeper into the core of the problem. I think this connection might actually be the reason why Incognito is a part of this shit.

But I'm not sure.
Update #3

Hey mates, it's me again.

I'm afraid Incognito will be away for a couple of days, he left the town in order to meet with my source for some supplies, and by "supplies" I mean weapons. It's a long drive, not to mention the source is a very twitchy guy, Incognito doesn't quite know where to look for the guy, but I told him that he doesn't have to, you don't find that guy, that guy finds you, all you gotta is come to his home town. So yeah, Incognito's away for a while.

As I said before, Incognito told me to put any information here, so here goes.

I'm not sure if this is really that important, but this is something concerning the agency me and Incognito used to work for.You see Incognito gave me a bunch of blogs to read trough, one of them was called "Seeking Truth" I think. It was about a guy who was a cop and whatever, I don't really care. But what did strike from that blog, was the name of a certain person it had a connection to.

Fisk, an FBI agent, now a long time ago, when I was still working for the KGB, I swear I heard that name somewhere, but I can't put finger on where and who I heard it from. Trying real hard to remember where I heard it from, since it was a veeeeery long time ago, and if I forgot something like that, than obviously it was something of no importance to me. So yeah, there's that.

Tuesday, April 9, 2013

Update #2.

Hello ladies and gentlemen.

Vikady here, as you can probably see I am now a part of this blog. I can also see that some of you are questionable towards my loyalty and other fun shit like that. I'm not going to explain myself or shit like that, I'm only a part of this because Incognito told me to put every valuable information I dig up, up here. Reason? Because this place is safe. Yeah right bro, judging by your blog being hacked fuck knows how many times, veeeeery safe. But I guess that's why we have changed the password to a bunch of numbers, so no hacking.

But he does have a point, since this is the only properly safe place, because our Van can be broken into and the info can be easily wiped from our database. So yeah.

Sooo with that said, I guess...uh.

Yeah I dunno how to end these things, whatever bye.

Monday, April 8, 2013


Report #70  2013, April 9th.

7 A.M. I just woke up and now it is Vikady's turn to sleep.

While he does that I will give you an explanation.

The day me and Vikady met at a cafe, on that day I told him exactly where the catacombs were, why? Because I needed an ace up my sleeve, I needed a pair of extra eyes outside of these catacombs and he was it.

After he had that encounter with IT, after IT disappeared and he called me up to inform me about his encounter, I told him my plan on coming here every day and keeping a close eye on the entrance to these catacombs. He agreed.

Did I have a reason for such a plan? Well yes there was, IT was inactive for a very long time, and for IT to appear out of nowhere like that signaled that I needed to prepare for shittier times. And I couldn't do that by being surrounded by concrete and darkness, several feet under the ground.

Yesterday Vikady caught a lot of movement outside of my catacombs, first off that Judgment that was dressed like me came over to the entrance of the catacombs and as Vikady says, he stood there for about two hours.

After the judgment left, it was quiet again for a couple of hours and then Kelevra arrived on the scene, he seemed to keep his distance from the entrance. As Vikady says he was just walking around the entrance to the catacombs for about an hour, Vikady also noted that he seemed to be talking to himself the whole time, either that, or it was the wind. Doesn't matter really.

When Kelevra left, Vikady contacted me reporting the situation, with so much activity, it was no doubt that it was time to bolt, so I told him to go and prepare The Van back at the motel and wait for me. I grabbed the most important things, got out of the catacombs and was met with a vicious coughing fit, blood spilling out of my nose, ears and mouth. I'm not sure what the reason behind that was since IT was nowhere in sight.

I got to the motel, loaded up my thing into the Van, by that time Vikady had already prepared the Van and we got moving. During this time apparently Kelevra got into the catacombs and started fucking around with you, the last "Report #70" was a fake posted by Kelevra. He pretended to be me even when answering comments, I don't know why he did that, but do you really need the reasoning behind his posts?

So yeah, I am not in Visaginas anymore, not in the safe zone, on a plus side, I got the old set up of the old Van, which I blew up some time ago.

So yeah thats pretty much what has transpired.

Report #70 Ended.
Update #1.

Hello, this is Vikady, don't be scared I didn't hate Incognito's account, he told me his password. He would update this himself, but he is busy driving.

Let me explain what had happened, the last post that was labeled Report #70 was a hoax, a joke written by Kelevra who had sneaked in, into the catacombs. He explains it himself in the new post, which I won't delete for a while for others who care to catch up.

Heres what happened, Incognito told me the location of the catacombs since the day we met at the cafe, he lied about it in his post though, so we would have an ace up our sleeve. So then I was staking out the catacombs, I was positioned in a distance, watching over the entrance with my binoculars. One day I spotted two entities, one was dressed in the same clothing as Incognito was, so I thought it was Incognito, thought that entity was just standing outside of the catacombs. That entity eventually left.

Later this Kelevra started appearing near the catacombs, he was keeping his distance and just like me keeping an eye. I signaled to Incognito trough the cell phone that it was time to move out. So as soon as Kelevra left, I helped Incognito pack his things and we went to my motel to get my equipment loaded up into the Van I had delivered. We are now on the road out of that town, I changed the password and practically everything, so Kelevra won't be getting any access soon.

I would tell more, but we are in a hurry, so as short as it is.


Update #1.



My GOD! It is so fucking easy to fool yous hombres!

I mean COME ON! Just SLAP the word "Report" and YOU automatically think its good ol' Incogny!!! He-FUCKING-llarious!

Someone gets a fucking prize in this merry group of douches! Gabriella was it? Guessed it right on the dot! The game is The Suffering if you were wondering.

Now some a you might be confused right about now, aight, I'll level with ya whores.

You friendo Incognito, is gone right about now, Yah, His stuff is also fucking gone, except for this laptop I gave him as a gift. YAH! I DUNNO WHERE THE FUCK HE IS!

He is just fucking gone! POOF! HOUDINI SHIT!!!

So while waiting for his old wrinkly ass, I decided to fuck around with yous.

I remembered that little moment from that game, connected it to the OH SO FUCKING ANNOYING WHISPERS! And Boom! Instant "Report #70" With butt loads of lies and stupid supernatural shit! HA!

Boy did I FUCKING MAKE YA LOOK STEWPID. Thoght to my surprise it didn't take people long to figure shit out.

Now if you shall excuse me, I will go look for my fucktardingly retarded game Piece.

Hmmmm I wonder where this Vikady fucktard is right about now.

TTFN Ta Ta or Now.

And Incognito, if you are reading this, I DON'T FUCKING LIKE THIS! I FUCKING DON'T! WHERE THE FUCK ARE YOU!?


Saturday, April 6, 2013

A new Piece.

Report #69 2013, April 6th.

Welcome, you fucking idiot, welcome to Hell.

Called Vikady yesterday, gave him his first assignment, find the quickest route to Germany, Black Forest. I made up my mind, there have been a lot of instances when people would go trough the Path of Black Leaves and when they would come back, they would say how horrible it is, describe it as really weird and so on.

I never found a blog where a person really took time to explore that place, I don't blame them, in fact if I ever end up there (And I plan on doing that on purpose) I might not take the pressure. I used to tell myself that people exaggerate, but I have long since threw that thought away, in fact, there are no such words to describe what us survivors go trough. But because of the fact that nobody took the time to explore further into that place, I have a feeling that I might learn something interesting by venturing there, call me stupid, retarded, idiotic I don't care. It is one of the places, that has rarely been explored, and it wouldn't hurt to try and explore it to confirm that there is either something of use, or not. If I die doing so, it will be God damn worth it, of course you might ask, why not ask a Proxy? Well, I don't have to explain that, that is not the most trustworthy source.

So that is my plan after I finish things here in Visaginas, I will travel to The Black Forest and try and enter the Path of Black Leaves from there.

Other than to dig up a route I also told him to find a vehicle for transport, he turned up results real quick, he has a source that could provide him with a brand new Van. That is why I enjoy working with professionals, the results are usually quick.

I thought that if he is in all of this now, I might as well give him some extra info, so I told him to read up on some "Classic" blogs like Seeking truth, The Mystic, The Tutorial and so on. I also told him to read up on current blogs. I want him to fully grasp what its like to go against IT and other Fears. But as I would find out later, he didn't have to read these blogs, in order to grasp anything.

Once I finished giving him, his assignments and blogs to read up on. About an hour later he called me up, telling me that IT was there, out the window, starring at him. That wasn't what surprised me, what surprised me was his playful tone, you know how its like to see IT for the first time, we've all been there, we were afraid of IT. But Vikady, he was so fucked up, he found IT amusing, he found IT interesting, he said that the only thing he felt was a shiver down his back.

He started saying shit like "It is worth it" and that he loves me for showing and initiating him into the "Game", he said that he hasn't felt so alive ever since that incident, after which he was put in prison. I wanted to beat that "Playful" attitude out of him, explained to him real quick the basics on how to survive IT when you are locked up in an apartment. He listened carefully, I didn't plan on telling him to come to me, I wanted him to experience what its like to be one of the survivors, if he had died, then he clearly wasn't cut out for this.

He survived, he called me up today, told me that IT didn't attack him, he had a starring contest with IT, I don't really believe this part, but he says that he had won. He saw IT disappear, he didn't blink not even once. I asked him for how long did this starring contest go, he wasn't sure but said that precisely seven hours, and he didn't blink not even once. To be fair he did say that his eyes were dried up and hurt like hell, whatever.

My plan didn't work, he was still intrigued by IT, he still had that playful tone about the whole situation. I was pissed, because of that I asked him "Why don't you join up with IT, instead of going against IT, then?" he simply told me that then it would be boring, he wants to be against IT, he wants the odds to be against him, he was always like that. In high school he would always look for a fight, he would always attack a group of jocks, he would put up a good fight, but would always get his ass handed to him. I always asked him why he did that, he loved the adrenaline, he loved the feeling, the pain was worth it.

He was truly fucked up and as it seems he still is.

Report #69 Ended.

Friday, April 5, 2013

The Meeting.

Report #68 2013, April 5th.

Yesterday, late night, I went into town to meet up with my brother. We agreed to meet up at a motel's cafe, in which he was staying. Of course before I walked in, I spent good 30 minutes scanning the place from a distance, with my binoculars I scanned trough every window, every floor, looking for anything that smelled of Russian government, or Trash. I also scanned the structure of the building, so I could use something as an urgent exit. Thinking up about 23 escape plans, and 6 battle plans, I went in.

It was a regular looking motel, a regular looking cafe, nothing out of place. There weren't many people in the cafe, probably due to the fact that it was pretty late, yet there were some people there, which got me on my toes, those people could be disguised KGB agents, but that suspicion fell off instantly when I saw there was a child amongst those people, a child could not be a KGB agent, so I was in the clear, but I still stayed on edge, because an Agent undercover could be anyone, especially a part of the motels staff.

I saw Vikady sitting at a table which had place only for two people, he noticed me and signaled to come over and sit down. While walking towards him, I scanned him, no doubt he had a gun on himself, I tried to see where it was, but to no avail.

As soon as I sat down, both of us pointed our guns at each other under the table, it was clear none of us was trusting each other. But him pointing a gun at me, was his mistake, because he just eliminated the theory of there being any KGB agents in the building, if there were, he wouldn't feel the need to point his gun at me.

The following conversation was recorded by me.

V: "Good to finally see you after so many long years, its a pity your face is covered up like that, I would like to see how many wrinkles you have on your face now."

I: "What do you want?"

V: "Always straight to the point, thats what I always liked about you."

I: "Stop wasting my time and get on with it."

V: "Theres not much to "get on with" since I already told you what I want, I want to help you."

I: "Why?"

V: "Oh my God your like a broken record, I already told you why."

I: "Not giving me much of a reason to trust you."

V: "Even if I gave you a different reason, you still wouldn't trust me, thats how your still alive, isn't it?"

After that remark, he let out that cocky smile, he was proud of himself because he knew what kind of person I was and he could use it to his advantage.

Before I could answer a waitress interrupted us, asking us what we would like.

V: "Oh my dear, I would love some coffee, thank you."

That sudden sophisticated tone, he always loved showing off in front of attractive woman, putting on that fake sophisticated look and tone, by God it pissed me off, along with his smirk, everything about him pissed me off, I was ready to pull the trigger.

I: "Water."

After that the waitress walked off, leaving both of us alone, pointing dangerous firearms at each other.

V: "So what now Incogny? Am I in? I know for a fact after your old friend had passed on, it was a lot more harder for you to survive."

I: "You sound like you know the problem, well let me tell you, you don't. No matter how much you had red about IT, IT is nothing like anyone can write, or describe."

V: "You know that won't scare me away, the fact that I don't know the actual problem intrigues me even more. The greater question here is why are you telling me that?"

I: "Because you clearly have no idea what your getting yourself into and I don't need whiners, breakdowns, anger issues, I don't need friends, nor enemies, I don't need people going along with me, who can compromise my ten years of survival!"

I was clearly losing my patience by this point, good thing the waitress came back with our drinks, I needed something to cool off, was awkward drinking with my left hand, since my right hand was kind of occupied.

V: "Oh trust me, there will be no "buddy buddy" in our relationship, knowing you, you wouldn't simply allow it. You despise me, you hate me for what I did, while I don't really hate you, I have no reason to be friends with you, I did always like to annoy you."

He took a sip of his coffee.

V: "It will be only a professional relationship, nothing else, I am willing to be your database and armory, as long as you are willing to be my weapon. One of us dies, we move on, just the way you want it."

I: "And what if you lose control? What if you get possessed by IT or something?"

V: "Don't play dumb, you know the answer to that, you kill me and enjoy it. You did start to enjoy killing didn't you?"

A couple of minutes of silence, the only sounds breaking up that silence, were the sounds of either him sipping his coffee, or me drinking my water.

I: "Alright, you're in. But you stay here, I won't disclose the location of the catacombs, I don't trust you enough to do that."

I handed him a mobile phone, it has only one number in it, mine.

I: "You contact me only trough this mobile phone, I know you have all the required equipment in your motel room, from now on your my supplier and my database."

V: "Anything else?"

I: "Cut all ties with the agency, simply disappear."

V: "Why, Incogny didn't you know? They think your long dead, they released me three years ago and all that time I was tracking you. Once I started coming up with results, I never showed the results to them. Eventually they abandoned the case and labeled you as dead, once I found out that they closed the case, I knew I was going to be either disposed of, or sent back to prison."

I: "So you cut the ties with them."

V: "Exactly, so thats all well and done."

I: "And they stopped looking for me 3 years ago?"

V: "At least thats what I heard."

I: "Right, I will contact you when I will be in need of any information and equipment."

I put my gun away, as he did his, his right arm was moving.

As I was walking away I could hear him clapping, I hated it. That clap, it is something he always used to do when he was satisfied, he clapped in a sophisticated manner, which only showed how much he was full of himself.

As much as I don't like allying myself with a criminal, this is a person I spent most of my lifetime with, I know him and I can use everything I know about him against him, as can he against me. He was right when he said that it had become a lot more harder to survive, since Twitch passed on, Twitch handled everything, he mended my wounds, he looked for information, hacked numerous bank accounts in order to give us some money to survive, everything was on him. I need a person like that, I am getting older, my biological clock is ticking, running out of time and it is starting to become harder to survive with each day. Vikady fits the roll of that person perfectly, but if I see one slip up, I cut him lose.

After that I came back to my catacombs and fell asleep to the sound of the same whispers. Once I got better, the girl that was reading bed time stories, had disappeared. It's been harder to fall asleep since.

Report #68 Ended.

Wednesday, April 3, 2013


Report #67 2013, April 3rd.

Feeling much better today, ribs seem to be quieting down, my shoulder bone isn't making snapping noises as it moves, but still everything hurts a little bit.

Anyway, some explanations.

After Kelevra gave me a beating he posted in my blog, apparently along with that, he took a little time out of his schedule and decided to go snooping around trough my e-mails. There he found my conversation with a hacker who was hacking my blog while I was playing the question game with Kelevra, Mr. Cognito.

This hacker would proceed to leave messages that were references to my past life, the problem with that being is that my identity was and still is a secret, I managed to keep it a secret for 10 years, and I don't plan on changing that any time soon.

Took me some time to figure out who it was, but then it hit me, I found out that the guy who posed as Mr. Cognito was Vikady, who is Vikady? Vikady is my older brother, why am I disclosing such information? Because Vikady is not my legitimate brother, he was adopted, so in result, there are no ties between us and thus I can not be tracked.

Now let me be clear with you, I hate this guy, why? Well that information is not up for grabs, all I will say is that he worked as a KGB agent with me, but in a different unit, then he did something, on purpose and ended up in prison for it, and you know how much I hate criminals and frankly would not hesitate in putting a bullet trough his skull if we had met.

Imagine my surprise hearing from him loud and clear. When I asked him why was he out, because he was sentenced for a very long time (Not important how much) and I planned on him dying in prison.

Well his answer (Note: In our conversation he didn't use my real name, his a professional and he easily realized that if he had hacked my account, anyone else could easily do the same):

V: "You had steered up a fuss Incogny, they couldn't track you down, so they needed someone who was good at tracking"

I: "So they got you out?"

V: "Pretty much, once I found your little blog, I thought you started going insane"

I: "What a surprise"

V: "But of course it was fishy, you were never the kind to just go up and lose it, completely. So I took some time to study this "Slender man" phenomena"

I: "Let me guess, you started seeing the pale fuck?"

V: "Nope, but I believe in his existence, because I know you too well and I want to participate in this "Game" as you like to call it"

I: "You have a death wish?"

V: "You know it! I even saved you once, remember that time when Kelevra sliced up that poor police girl from behind?"

I: "Yeah"

V: "Guess who knocked you out and dragged you away?"

I: "So your also Mr. 9/06?"

V: "Right on the dot, so heres the deal, since you lost your database "Twitch" was it? I'm willing to replace him"

Further was a discussion about motives, locations and insults, not really that important.

His reasoning for helping me sounds stupid and idiotic, yet this is my brother, he wasn't always the brightest. He's the kind of guy that would make a move first and think later in the middle of a battlefield, he's a constant improviser, an idiot. I might as well put it that he is a psycho, an adrenaline junkie, he is always looking for trouble, viewing it as excitement. Side effects of his fucked up childhood, which was caused by his legitimate family.

I didn't disclose the location of the catacombs, but I did agree to meet up with him.

If I don't come into terms with him, at least I get the satisfaction of the kill.

Report #67 Ended.

Tuesday, April 2, 2013

Still Breathing

Report #66 2013, April Second.

Every fiber of my body hurts, so I'm going to try and shorten this post, to spare myself some pain.

I decided to ask Kelevra the last question, before that I swallowed a pill so the headache would ease up, I didn't want to give away the fact that I was sick.

Remember this, my body system does not take kindly to pills.

So I asked him on how you would go about entering the path of black leaves.

He told me that in order to access the path of black leaves, you would require a certain amount of Azoth (Slender Sludge), a certain "Miss Annalee" from Its Days Are Numbered blog wrote that she had dissected the captured Proxies, and found some black substance in their brains which I presume is Azoth. (No fancy medical terms, I'm cutting this post short, my ribs hurt.)  Kelevra was also kind enough to note another detail, that not all Proxies can access The Path, he pointed out that not everyone has the strength to do that.

He also neglected to say that there are also "checkpoints" that serve as an entrance into the Path of Black Leaves and they are scattered all around the world. One of those "Checkpoints" he said, was The Black Forest in Germany (Just like JP noted).

After that I pointed my Colt. 45 at his head and shot him, which then should have followed with the sound of his brains splattering all over the wall, but nope.

To my amazement, his jacket shielded him. His black, leather, fucking jacket came to life, moved, became solid and shielded him just in time from my bullet. At that point, I realized I was fucked.

Next thing, his jacket morphed around his arms, became solid and he broke the chains like nothing. I was still standing there with an open jaw like an idiot, I was then knocked some sense into myself, when I was roughly slammed against the wall, by the same black substance, my shoulder going dislocation ville.

From the beating that he gave me I slightly remember him explaining that, the jacket was all composed of Azoth, how he got such a big amount, and how he is capable of morphing it into an accessory, he didn't neglect to explain. Instead he was all up in my face, which was against the wall by the way, being held there by the big ass black hand which was once a jacket.

At that point I felt my pill go bonkers, and what followed was my throwing up in his face. I hope he swallowed some of that, he must have, because he got pissed, threw me to the ground and started kicking the shit out of my previously assaulted ribs.

He then left my ass unconscious and helped himself to the laptop, posting the previous post. After that he left, I lied there unconscious for a while. When I came to, I had to waste a couple of hours dragging my ass to the room where I kept supplies. Once there, I mended my wounds, and lied on my ass for a whole day, in pain.

Still fucking hurts.

So what did I learn from that experience? Kelevra has a jacket which can morph into anything and become solid at will.

Couple of things I noticed, when it morphs in length it shortens at other parts of the body, which means it has a limited range. It also didn't detach from Kelevra not even once.

How the fuck did he gain such a large amount of Azoth.

The pain is acting up, ending the report here.

Report #66 Ended.

Monday, April 1, 2013

Peek a Boo Boo!

Hey kiddies! Ur old buddeh, me, Kelevra is back with you!

Who? Incognito? Why, he's right here!

He is bleeding quite badly right about now, tsk tsk tsk my old friend, didn't momma tell you?

It isn't polite to point with guns!

But whatever, Imma lighthearted chap, I forgive ya!

So our little question game has come to an end, it was nice spending some quality time with you, we should do it again some time.

I see you found yourself a new ally? Mr. Cognito? Or a.k.a. Vikady?

I didn't know you had a brother Incognito, wow. That makes things a lot more interesting right?

Anyways, I gotta run Kiddies, I'm sure the old koot will wake up after a coupla hours and inform you of what has transpired here.

So yeah until next time!

TTFN! Ta Ta For Now!