Wednesday, January 30, 2013

Report #50 2013, January 31st.

My ears are currently bleeding, why? Because IT can scream pretty fucking loudly! That's it, another encounter with the faceless fuck.

As many said IT was on it's way to Belgium, maybe that's how it ran into me, I was just leaving and was unfortunate enough to leave the same road IT was coming. I was trying to fall asleep, I almost closed my eyes and then I saw IT, standing in front of the car. I opened my eyes lazily and just looked at IT, I wasn't afraid, I was just looking at it, minutes passed in silence, IT didn't try to attack, nor anything like that, I wasn't forming a plan of escape, it's as if we were having a silent conversation.

That is when I decided to walk up to IT, not because I was hypnotized or anything like that, I just wanted to talk to IT, maybe understand some things. I knew IT wasn't going to attack me, if IT wanted to do that, IT already would.

I walked up to IT and we just stood there for five minutes, silent, I'm not sure if I was looking into IT's eyes, but I felt as if I was. "Was this the end, is this where it all ends, is this where I die?" Those thoughts were running trough my head. And at that point I extended my hand for IT to shake it, I don't know why, a blog I used to follow in particular was about a girl who became a part of IT, I wanted to see if there was anything human about IT, there were no tricks, no plans, it was IT's choice, either shake it, or rip it off.

Three minutes passed, IT started extending IT's arm, the arm shortened in front of my eyes, as it was too long for my own, the arm shortened to my arms level, I could see fingers appear on IT's hand. And just when IT was about to reach my hand...

IT got shot, if you're laughing I suggest you do not, the shot hurt IT.

It was a sniper shot, same sniper I would presume, whoever this person was, he knew how to hurt IT.

IT felt the pain, some people would say IT could easily fake it, but you know what, when your there, close to it, and something like this happens, you feel the pain yourself, IT was really hurt, IT bled out that black liquid many people talk about, it's white head now with a bullet hole, IT started screaming, I could actually see a mouth rip open on that thing, I looked inside the mouth and saw nothing but darkness, no organs, no nothing, just a bottomless pit. The shriek, IT's shriek, it was so painful IT felt like an arrow flung trough my right ear, my brain and ended up sticking out of my left ear.

I closed my ears with two hands, but it didn't help, the pain was unbearable, as I closed my eyes in pain,  fell to my knees, and when I opened my eyes, IT was gone. The black liquid was on the ground, I knew I wasn't seeing things, that really happened. After that I crawled back into my car, my ears still ringing, once I got to the car I fell unconscious inside of it.

Just woke up and my head hurts like hell.

Report #50 Put on hold...

Report #50 Continued.

So JP pushed forward a theory that the sniper was Kelevra and it would make sense, I mean that guy saved my life three times now, it also would make sense him possessing the knowledge of a way in hurting IT and maybe even having access to such "equipment". But this theory does contradict a couple of things:

1. Kelevra told me numerous times that he served IT for he's own purposes, that thanks to IT he could reach he's goals (Which are still unclear to me) and that he could bend the rules whenever he wanted and not be punished for IT. He explained that this way, he knows when he's expiration date is.

2. In all our encounters I never saw him use a sniper rifle, or even a gun for that matter, all the times we met, he always had either a knife, or was completely weaponless.

So in the end, I'm still not sure if it was indeed Kelevra, but he is the main suspect, in which case the next time we meet, I will have to get out of him the information about how he was able to hurt IT.

Obviously IT was hurt with a special bullet of sorts, a bullet which apparently disappears or something, because I was not able to find anything remotely resembling a bullet on the ground where IT was shot, the bullet went right trough IT's cranium, it should have landed somewhere not far, unless it ricocheted deep into the forest, in which case I just couldn't find it.

On a move on, have a pretty good feeling, why? Because now I know that there is a way to hurt IT.

Hope people that are heading towards Belgium, and Alicia, will be alright, IT must be real pissed off after that bullet fiasco.

Report #50 Ended.
Report #49 2013, January 30rd.

Why? Why are those dreams following me? Why do they keep haunting me? Who is this family I keep seeing in my dreams? Why does it not turn into a nightmare? Why does it not turn into something horrifying? Like all of my life has been lately? This can't be my desire, I don't want that, never wanted that.

Every time I fall asleep, that family, just having a picnic, same image, same thing, all of this, after the encounter with her, that woman, what has she done to me? Who was she? I would say I'm getting distracted here, but this is clearly an issue, something is going on with me, someone, or something is playing games with me and they are doing it from a distance, going to start tying myself up when I go to sleep, who knows what I'm doing while I'm asleep, if I even am doing anything.

Seems like Alicia gave up on her blog, her decision to make, I have this blog for only recording purposes and that is it. Though I sincerely wish good luck to her.

A lot of action is headed her way, good thing I left Belgium just in time, I would have taken her with me, but couldn't find her in all that commotion and I had to get out of that country for good, real fast. On a plus side, IT will be occupied in Belgium, I have time to research and find out what is so important about my home country, why does this Kelevra want me there so badly. On my way there.

Maybe I will find out what happened to me there, why do I keep having those dreams.

Report #49 Put on hold...

Report #49 Continued

I'm seeing things.

Report #49 Ended.

Tuesday, January 29, 2013

Report #48 2013, January 29th.
Back to basics.

As stated before by Kelevra, I'm still breathing, still moving, still alive.

Me and Alicia were staking out a building, I wanted information, figured if I stick around for a while, I'll find someone who might provide it. Partially I was right.

Me and Alicia were blinded by a light which came out of the building, went to investigate, Alicia got taken as a meat shield by a proxy who snicked up behind us, drew my gun, couldn't shoot because Alicia was in the way, I could shoot trough her to get to him, but then that would make me no different than them.

Luckily Alicia was able to get out of the proxies grip and roll away, allowing me to take a shot, but this guy was fast he instantly went after her, looked like he was going for the kill, couldn't take that chance, shot him in the head. Alicia knew him, it was that psychologist guy who helped her out when she became a part of this game, didn't care.

We were leaving the town since there was nothing there that could interest me anymore, when a bug splat onto the Van's window, Alicia freaked out, took me 10 seconds to realize why, was too late, Alicia pointed forward showing a swarm of bugs flying at us. Had to turn the Van around, wasn't very successful, road was too slippery, ended up crashing into a street lamp, stopping the car dead in it's track.

Alicia reacted fast, threw me a can of raid and ran out of the car real fast, had to grab something for a weapon before running after her. I always kept a Remington 870 Shotgun, Rugged and Reliable, handy for crowd control. Got it fast and along with my Colt 45 which I always keep with me and my shooting knife which I also keep with me, I started running after Alicia, she was stopped by creatures that looked like crabs, I'm not sure, had to improvise, rolled the can of raid at those crabs and started shooting it with my Remington, took me 3 scattered shots to finally hit the can, which caused a small explosion making a small gap between the crab things. Alicia ran trough, but I was close lined backwards by one of their claws. Reacted fast, got Remington ready as I hit the floor, I started shooting in hopes of slowing them down, told Alicia to run, before she did that, she threw me her can of raid, it fell under the crab thing's feet (Or whatever they stand on) couldn't reach it, thought was going to die, shots were doing nothing, bullets sometimes bouncing off, sometimes penetrating the muscle, still had no effect.

Out of nowhere I heard a Sniper rifle shot, one of the crab things fell down, there was another sniper shot and another crab thing fell, someone was covering my ass, their fire allowed me to get to the can of raid and run back to the Van. remaining crab things gave chase, knew wouldn't do shit and the sniper wasn't shooting anymore, had to improvise.

Outran them, gave me a couple of extra minutes to get to my Van, get all credit cards , some bullets for my Colt 45 and Remington, my machete and a flash drive with lots of info on it. Got out, put the can of raid into the Van's gas hole, waited for the crab things to get close, once they did, ran to a safer distance, thought of letting them run after me and then shooting the Van in the Gas Hole, underestimated them, they were faster then I thought, caught up to me, had to blow up the Van while I was near it, but because one of the crabs jumped on me completely (Which may have shattered a couple of ribs), that crab sucked up all the explosion, still was enough to knock me out for a whole day.

Next thing I know, I'm in a new car, new laptop only with my Remington, Colt 45, Credit Cards, bullets, shooting knife and a machete. Apparently Kelevra was the one to give me the car and the laptop, was he the one shooting with the sniper rifle? Don't know, don't care, since I couldn't locate Alicia, I started making my way out of Belgium.

Report #48 Put on hold...

Monday, January 28, 2013

Interceptiona messagona numbera toona.

No worries people! He's still breathing, saved he's ass a second time. Incognito, when you go out, you don't get yourself almost killed got it!? I still need you mah boy!

Sadly for him he's Van went KAPLOWY in the midst of all that commotion, I'm sure he'll fill you in when eh wakes up, won'cha buddy? Sure ya will.

How many times must I tell you not to align yourself with bad company, they bring bad vibes onto you! But now that, that little distraction is gone, MOVE TO LITHUANIA YOU FUCK!


Ehem, sorry, lost my cool, anyways, the only thing I could salvage from he's now exploded Van are he's numerous credit cards and that is it. All he's armory, went kabloowy along with all the tech, he ain't gonna be happy bout that. But lucky for him, I gave him a free car which he currently is in and a laptop which I stole from a runner...what? Even us the EBIL peeps need a little bit of entertainment, ok!?

Welp I'll leave ya to yer sleep Incogny, no worries he ain't coming after you for a while, he's distracted with others right now, your in a safe zone right now.

 Well TTFN, Ta Ta For Now Hermano!

- Kelevra.

Thursday, January 24, 2013


Evening biotches! As you have guessed by the manor of speaking it is I the one, the only, KELEVRA! No round of applause is required I'm just for a moment.

So Incognito, I see you found yourself a new friend, saaaaay isn't she a little young for you old timer? HA!

Sooooo yeah, hacking stuff, having fun, enjoying it, oh if your wondering, not me who's hacking, I never understood this computer mumbo jumbo, hullaballoo.

Yeah, yeah I can hear everyone going "Oh how original" but ya know what puppies, fuck ya'll! 

Alright back to the point...WHAT THE FUCK ARE YOU DOING!? YOUR WASTING TIME YOU FUCKING IDIOT! LEAVE HER AND GO TO THE POINT WHERE I TOLD YOU TOO! I mean fuck me is it really that hard to do!? For fucks sake!

Also...Owl? was it? Boy, your Mom musta reaaaaally loved ya to name you "Owl" He-Ha-Larious! School musta been a pain. Anyways, why I threw that picture at'cha, fun fact, I didn't, well Physically I did, but it was a..."request"? Yeah we can call it like that, a request. From someone, so yeah, I have no interest in you gal pal, too young for me...ah fuck it, if I can skull fuck a grown dude, I can surely skull fuck a girl, HA!

Seriously tough, GET BACK ON TRACK! FUCK FACE!

TTFN, Ta Ta For Now Niggaz! (Yah I said it, sue me!)

- Kelevra

Sunday, January 20, 2013

Report #47, 2013 January 21st.
An Owl on a Tree.

Yesterday I have arrived at my point of destination, I agreed to meet up with one person, that person was Alicia Owly, I offered her help since I was not that far away from where she was and she agreed.

The place I told her to meet me at was a cafe (It's not important what cafe, or where it was), when I arrived, I was thinking, how would I be able to identify her, she could easily identify me since I gave her my clothing description in an e-mail, but I still had no idea how she looked like.

But it didn't prove to be hard to identify her since she was the only one in that cafe that resembled a young girl who was running away from home. She also had a laptop with her, so I walked up to her and asked if she was, who I was looking for. The conversation went as follows:

I: "You, Alicia?"

She looked up at me, analyzing my clothing, making sure if I was the person that told her to meet up over here.

A: "Uh...Yes."

I: ""This is Incognito, I got what you need, it's in the van outside, a couple of steps away from the cafe."

I saw uncertainty in her eyes, she was questioning weather she could trust me, or not, I don't have anything against that, if I were her, I would still be questioning if I could trust a person who literally came out of nowhere and offered help.

A: "Ah,sorry I lost track of time.I didn't know it was that late already."

She got up.

 A: "Ok...lets go then."

While we were walking towards my Van, considering a recent break down she had, I asked her how she was holding up. She responded with:

A: "As good as possible, considering the situation.And you?"

She then asked the same question, I had nothing to answer, but "Dead as always" since that's how I really feel about this situation and that is how I managed to survive for such a long time. She seemed rather sad at that remark, I don't blame her, but I didn't arrive to make friends, I arrived to help out, that is it.

When we got to my Van I gave her a credit card, I have plenty of those, they belong to a lot of proxies which I have killed over the course of my "running". She thanked me, I didn't really react.

After that she tried to make conversation.

A: "Its good to see a fellow runner for once."

I: "Maybe, I can't really tell."

After that I offered her a weapon (I had a lot of those), she agreed, I opened the stash in which I keep all my weaponry and told her to pick any non firing weapon. There was only one firing weapon I could offer her, since she looked like she never fired a gun before, but she declined, can't blame her, not all of us have the focus to aim a gun in a situation like this. She took a battle knife, I believe I got that one off of one Proxy who was an ex-marine, not sure though.

Afterwards I asked her if she had any certain point of destination she wanted to travel to.

A: "Uh..I don't really have one, I'm just wandering from place to place."

So I thought trough a little bit, and offered her to stick with me for a while, since she has a Fear after her called "Cold Boy" apparently this Fear appears when a person is lonely, or something like that, didn't do enough research on this particular one yet. This way, she doesn't feel like alone and that Fear doesn't come after her, offering her some time to rest. She agreed.

I don't know if I'm doing the right thing here, or am I just endangering her further, I'm not really that sure of why I'm doing this. Probably because if I didn't help innocent people, I would be another psychopath who enjoys killing proxies.

Afterwards we drove off, but not far, it was middle of the night when we met up, I drove for about an hour, during that time she fell asleep, I stopped feeling tired myself, but I didn't fall asleep, didn't want to, I was just exhausted from holding the steering wheel so damn much. I stayed awake whole night, looking around for any danger, now it's 7:35 AM, she's still sleeping, at 9 AM I will start driving again.

Report #47 Put on hold...
Report #46, 2013 January 20th
High Tailing.

Currently in my Van, drove away from the hotel a long time ago, currently in the middle of a street, stopped to type this.

So I was about to get ambushed at my room, I saw six people going towards the hotel I was staying in, out my window, I also saw in the reflection of a window in the opposite building that there were about six guys on the roof, all of them wearing hoods. Yup I was getting ambushed, I needed to take them out, but I wasn't going to waste my time.

I quickly got out of my room, rand down the corridor, got out trough the window and jumped, yes it's the fourth floor, but that is why I conveniently parked my Van under the window, and place a blow up mattress on it's roof, did that yesterday in the middle of the night when Kelevra broke into my room and delivered me he's "Present". Landing was ruff but I can't complain too much, once I was out of the room, I drove off to a safe distance.

Here's the juicy part, before leaving the room, I put 2 fire extinguishers near an oven with open gas (Yes that hotel was THAT crappy). Last night I put a blow torch on the shelf next to the oven, I connected it's handle with a wire to the door handle. Once they had opened the door I could hear an explosion as I was driving away, I looked into my rear window and saw fire coming out of my room's window.

Currently am on my way towards a town in Belgium, to meet up with someone, the drive will take a couple of hours, so I'll see you then.

Report #46 put on hold...

Saturday, January 19, 2013

Report #45, 2013 January 19th.

I'm being hunted by someone, or something, I feel it every time I walk into this shitty room, they are already here, don't know weather  it's IT, Proxies, or something else. Whatever, all of my escape routes are prepared, ready to blow it in case some shit goes down.

Yesterday, when I fell asleep (Something I didn't experience for a while), I started getting images of a family again, I don't know what those dreams mean, but they never have an ending, or anything happening in them, just a family enjoying it's picnic, talking about grades of their kids, and all those other things.

When I woke up, I was sweating bullets, not out of fear, not out of shock, I was just sweating like crazy, I had a feeling, like something was off.

Since that night, I have been on the edge, vary of every little sound, paranoia? No. Awareness more like it, something will happen, I feel it, problem is, I don't know when.

According to some blogs, a lot of people are going towards Belgium, I don't know why, but I don't like it and at the same time I do. Negative side, a lot of attention will be attracted here, plus side, a chance to find out some information.

Not sleepy, going to go and check up on supplies.

Report #45 Put on hold...

Report  NUMBAH 44 is continuing!


Missed me? Of course ya did, don't mind me, I'm in Incognitos computer, just to leave him a fun little file.

You people at Belgium have such delicious shit, just my God!

Ok uploaded it, whatchu think guys will he like it? Hmmm better make sure he surely likes it by adding another present. There, now isn't it just the cutest little thing?

Welp I oughta be off, remember eat your vitamins, keep your heads up, drink lotsa milk and never go taking a dump near a poison Ivy....oh silly me it's winter, welp there goes my joke.

Oh look at that Mr. Grumpinito is coming back.

Ciao boys and girls, also, remember, it's all about destruction, TTFN, Ta Ta For Now.

- Kelevra.

Report #45 Put on Hold MUDAFUCKAS!...

Report #45 Continued

Fuck me sideways, where the fuck did he come from? This is fucking ridiculous, he couldn't have climbed trough a window, fourth floor. No trace's of door breaking, he wouldn't have enough time to lock pick, was he here the whole time? Impossible, I checked everything before I decided to stay here.

Took me so long to respond because, he left a fucking head on my table, sick fuck left a decapitated head on my table, took me some time to dispose of it (It's really hard to carry a decapitated head and look normal). Thank God it's night, not many people were outside, I covered the head with a coat, found and alley and burned it. When came back, was busy wiping off blood.

He left me a file, I looked at it, it isn't meant for me, this fuck wants to use me as a messenger. Not going to say to who this is addressed to, not important in this post. I knew something was going to happen, tough I'm not moving, I'm sure that sick fuck acted of he's own accord, not on IT's behalf. Yes I'm willing to take such a stupid move like not going to another place just because someone left a decapitated head on my table. I have a whole plan for this place in case of attack, I'm not moving that easily.

Though I'm not going to sleep tonight that's for sure, I wonder what this fuck wants with me.

Report #45 Put on Hold...

Thursday, January 17, 2013

Report #44, January 18th.

Took me a week to get from France to Belgium, staying in a small ass hotel for the weekend. Currently at the town of Kortrijk, don't care if they read this blog and track me down, they won't get enough time to surprise me.

This town is good enough, lots of buildings, lots of people, love the sound of numerous crowds under the window, means there's life.

The driving was quiet, at the beginning could see it occasionally at the corner of my eye, but recently, didn't see IT at all, either setting up for something, or is too busy, don't care, I'm prepared.

It will take me probably a week to get out of this country after the weekends. Really hard to drive when you had no sleep, for crap load of night's.

Going to go get some sleep, might update this report today, we'll see.

Report #44 Put On Hold...

Monday, January 14, 2013

Report #43, January 14th.
Fully Healed.

As the title states, I am fully healed, some wounds hurt of course, but its nothing compared to when those wounds were open. Spent a whole day packing, will be on a move towards Lithuania, will take me good two weeks so might be silent for a while, since I got no idea if I will be able to get Internet in places I will stop at along the road.

My travel plan is consist of traveling from Paris (yes, that is where I currently am) trough following countries: From Paris I will be going towards Belgium, from Belgium to Germany,  from Germany to Poland, from Poland to Lithuania. If any of you are located in current countries, I can afford to waste some time in order to visit you, drop you off some supplies, weapons, money, anything really and then be on my way.

Been a long week, been quite too, it helps when they don't know where you are, I was able to mend my wounds in peace which is a rare thing for me, I will be taking off tomorrow, I already plan on visiting someone along the way. Not going to tell who, since I don't like to reveal things early on, though some people might already know who I speak of.

Also, to whom it may concern, I got another e-mail today, unknown address as usual, another picture, partially I know what it means, but I won't say, since I think you will all get what it means, I don't like wasting time on needless details.

With this, I am closing this report, will leave tomorrow at 5 PM.

Report #43 Ended.

Tuesday, January 8, 2013

Report #42 2013, January 7th.
Slowly getting back.

I'm stuck to my bed for a couple of weeks, have to mend my wounds, yesterday, it hurt every single muscle in my body to type Report #41, but today, it doesn't hurt that much. My parents once told me as a kid that I heal like a dog, and that is true, my endurance has always been extremely high (Thank you USSR).

While I was gone a lot has happened, Lisa "joined" IT and became IT's "third form" whatever that means, seen her type on other people's blogs,don't like it, but can't really do anything, so I just forget and move on.

According to many blogs, lots of Fears are joining together, don't know if that involves IT, if so, survival chances are getting slim, but for such occasions there are always back up plans.

A lot of "supernatural" started up blogs, forget the word "runner" these days someone always has a special "ability", irritates me a little bit, since I would like some of that power, but whatever, I cope with what I have and that is blood, sweat and more blood. Always been like that, always will be.

I got this in my mail:

 I know slightly what this means, the people in my squad that were killed are crossed out, except for me, I guess they wanted to tell me, that they knew that I was still alive, but I think that's an overkill with red color on the last soldier.

Also before I forget, I got sent this today, have a listen (If it ain't working, I'm going to have to update it later):

Apparently this is the same guy who was in my Van all this time, while I was with the organization. I don't really know what he wants with me and what is he's beef with me, this is getting interesting.

Sunday, January 6, 2013

Report #41 2013, January 6th.
I was in the right.

Happy fucking new year everyone, happy fucking new year!

So the final answer is, I was in the fucking right for all these ten years, nothing lasts, nothing FUCKING EVER lasts! But I knew it, I was prepared, not a fool, remained sharp, when everyone else forgot themselves, they were no soldiers, they left themselves open, they are all dead.

Let me explain in a way you will understand, I have a lot of free time, yes 5 minutes is a lot of time, trust me. So I will be able to explain what happened trough this very long time, with me, with them, with everything. So as I said in my last post, I started going on missions with them, I was assigned into an elimination squad, by elimination I of course mean killing of proxies and sometimes, demented runners. Over that course of time I was not allowed to use the PC for purposes such as posting my status on the internet, or checking up on others and quite frankly I didn't mind. I spent a month killing proxies, the most killing I have ever done, because, back when I was all by myself, I had a hard time locating where they were. These guys, they fucking knew everything and thanks to them, I did a lot of damage, over the course of this month, we attacked, were ambushed by IT's lackeys both, supernatural and "normal".  But we always were able to fight them off, or disappear before they could even lay a finger on us.

But one day, which was today, hence the 5 minutes I still have, IT fucking decided to deal with us personally, apparently we did enough damage to gain IT's attention and he surely dealt with us. Me and my Squad we were riding in a car which was given to us by this Organization, we were on our way to one of the Proxy bases, which by now, I think, was complete and utter bullshit. Of course this base had to be near the road which was surrounded by forest and all that other grand, spectacular shit. I was riding in the back seat, out of fucking nowhere IT appears in front us, IT was different, IT's head shifted in such ways, I can't describe it, nor do I want to. In a second the car was turned on it's head, my squad members and I myself, we were grabbed out of the car by those, long fucking arm's of he's, the screams, the bone crunching noises, the smacking against the pavement, trees, anything that was hard, as if my body went trough hell itself and it probably did. I don't know what I got hit against, since during that grand time, the only thing I was thinking about was the pain and the only thing I saw were my Squad members getting hit against everything like rag dolls. I almost fucking die, I can feel it, bones shattered, ribs broken, several bones dislocated in ways I could never imagine before and crap load of blood loss. Yeah I was dead, too bad I wasn't though, cause if I was, I wouldn't be feeling the pain I feel right now.

I go unconscious, IT thinks I'm dead, leaves, but I'm not dead. That is why I have time, IT doesn't realize that I'm still alive, how do I know that? Well, IT had the intention of killing us, I can't explain how I know, I just felt it and IT wouldn't leave without finishing the job, so yeah until I post this, I'm invisible. You might ask "Why do you post it then?", well because IT will find out eventually that I am still alive, so yeah, no point in hiding, there never was any point.

Not going to explain how I am still alive, or where I currently am, that will be giving away, one of my Ace's, I don't really usually have a lot of those. But I can tell you my current plan, that plan is simple, going back to the place where all my torture started, that's right, back to Lithuania, town of Visaginas.

That fucking town.

Report #41 Ended.