Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Report #21, 2012, October 31st.
Results Part 2

Just woke up, everything hurts as fuck, especially my right arm, that one's a bitch. Head is throbbing like crazy, all the stitches hurt like fuck, I'm actually afraid of moving too hard, one of them might open or something, it sure as hell feels like it.

But the main question is, was it worth it? Well you be the judge of that.

So let us start from the beginning, I was sneaking up on their building in the middle of the night, was actually hoping some of them would be asleep, but that was a fools dream. I had to make a distraction to lure them out, but I had a plan for a distraction, in short, I had a gas canister with me.

I double checked my surroundings, to make sure there were no people around, so they wouldn't get hurt, or just see me, after I made sure there was no one around, I poured the gasoline all over the area where I was standing, moved away to a safe distance, lit up a match, and fireworks began.

Most of them ran out to see what was going on, I think they were surprised by the fire, I know I would be, while all of them been starring, I got behind the building and climbed up trough the broken window, I had a little gasoline left, so while all of them been outside, I proceeded to pour the gasoline on the floor behind them and then moved to a safe distance, getting out my gun.

I will forever cherish the face one of those fucks had made when they turned around to go back inside and see me, suddenly all of them turn around, there were about 30 or something of them, all of them starting to run at me, felt like a fucking stampede. When they started stepping on the wet floor, that was my cue, I lit up another match and threw on the ground, instantly, to their surprise, all of them caught on fire. Some were screaming, others quietly struggling to get to me, those that were getting close were getting a bullet in the head from me.

But it didn't end there, there were more of them, a whole group of them that heard the burning proxies's screams ran into the corridor where all of this was happening, this is when I got out my shotgun, there was about the exact same amount of them, then the one I burnt right now. All of them running at me, some with knives, some with items they found under their feet, some with bare hands, I was just walking towards them, keeping the same pace, shooting at them, bullets didn't miss that much, I mean I have been shooting at a crowd, surely they wouldn't miss.

Everything was under control, until one of the fucks ran out of the fire, still burning, pushing the shotgun out of my hands, I had to react fast, so I shot him in the head with my gun, I tried to get my shotgun back, but I gave them too much free time, seconds later they end up running over me, trying to beat the living crap out of me, and I tell you I felt every blow, I felt a cold pipe on my back, felt a knife in my leg, felt a fist to my head, every blow, but at the same time I could see that they were also beating up their own on accident, because of how much there was of them.

I saw their weakness, got out my shooting knife, and sliced one of those fucks who was close to me in the eyes, making him go blind. Seconds later he started swinging like crazy with he's steel pipe in all directions, taking out some of he's own, but it wasn't enough, I had to make most of them blind, those who will be out of my reach would get shot, that is exactly as it went, so inevitably they took each other out, but to say that I got out of that safely is going to be a lie, I had a few stabs in my ribs, legs, arms, my head was spinning from countless pounds that it took, fuck it, it was bleeding, my sight was all red, I was completely covered in blood.

And that's when those fucks entered, I don't know who they were proxies, or some other creatures, but I tell you, they had one heck of a will power, kept going at me and bouncing up after any injury like nothing. On a plus side they had no weapons with them, it was a small plus side. Their hits felt like fucking stone against my skin, one of them managed to dislocate my right shoulder with a single knee to the shoulder, fucking crazy, yet that will power was their downfall, they would keep going at me ignoring all the damage I would do to them, they could probably ignore it, but their organs, the internal damage was too much, and the outside as well, but I will never forget this moment, when I picked up my shotgun and shot one of them point blank in the face, he took 5 steps after he fell down, fucking lunatics.

In short I managed to find one of the proxies who was alive, after a couple of minutes I managed to make him talk.

What I found out, I will post later as I'm on a tight schedule right now.

Report #21 Ended.

Tuesday, October 30, 2012

Report #20 2012, October 30th

Came back about 5 hours ago, covered in blood, both mine and theirs, I could barely walk after that fiasco, yet somehow I found the will power to push myself back to my Van. After I got to my Van I passed out, stupid, almost lost all my blood from the wounds, good thing found the strength to wake up and cover up all wounds. I tell you, it was hard to do as fuck, with a left arm, but I managed.

The end results are, I got the required info, wasn't easy, I'll post the description of what happened tomorrow, I need some rest right now, everyone has been eliminated, but I tell you, it wasn't easy, it was hard as fuck, in short, there weren't only proxies in there, had to improvise.

Improvising always leads to harsh wounds, but I managed, need some time to rest, head is spinning, barely typing, hands are shaking.

Report #20 Ended.

Monday, October 29, 2012

Report #19 2012, October 29th

So nothing had happened during my stay in the apartment, nothing interesting at least, I did have the feeling that someone was watching me, but I think that is a reflex, nothing else.

Today I'm going into the hideout of those proxies, I found it, looked at the surrounding area and can safely say it's a large ass abandoned building, and it had about 50 proxies in it, that is how much I could count and see.

For this I will need something more than a pistol, that is why I'm packing heat.

#1. Colt 45 Semi-Automatic

I always carry it with me, it's light, it's hard to notice and it gets the job done.

#2. Remington 870 Rugged and reliable, real handy.

This classic pump-action has a pistol grip and 14-inch barrel, someone is definitely getting some brain surgery done.

#3. Ballistic Knife

Never go anywhere without it, if only you would know how many times it saved my life.

#4. Nightstick

Always comes in handy, if I will need any information, I will require it.

#5. Audio Recorder

Haven't recorded anything in a while, it might get broken in the commotion, but if it survives, I will use it to record some information.

That is all I'm taking with me, in the mean time I have place traps all around my Van, I'm always prepared.

I will take my leave 10PM tonight, sounds stupid, but that's the point.

Report #19 Put on hold...

Report #19 Continued

Two more hours, two more hours before a possible death and I'm not even worried, if I die, I die, I would have died anyway, and if I would survive the whole being haunted by Mr. Faceless, I would probably kill myself in the end, seeing as I would never be able to go back to normal life.

Remembered Twitch today, have no idea why, he just came to my mind, the kid was young, had a person he cared about, he didn't kill anyone at all, he had a chance at normal life, yet he died. It doesn't make me sad, but it makes me wonder, what would happen if I would agree to go to he's relatives home.

Doesn't matter now, can't play the What If game now, keep my head on the price.

My plan is simple, cause a distraction, lure most of them outside, ambush those that get outside, finish off those that will remain inside, try to keep someone alive for information. Hope to God that I do not sustain any major injuries, or worse, die.

That's the gist of it, we'll see how it will work out.

Report #19 Put on hold...

Report #19 Ended.

Sunday, October 28, 2012

Report #18 2012, October 28th
The Notepad

Just came back, was busy looking for a hotel room in the very middle of the whole city, I hear the sounds of the city, traffic, drunk people singing, neighbors either cursing at each other, or having sex. By God I enjoy it, I'm surrounded by life.

Alright, I have quickly red trough the notepad, apparently these people were not runners, they were hunters, that's what they called themselves, they were hunting proxies, the final body count they had made was 122, I don't mean to boast, but I have more.

Those people were not stupid, they were smart, they kept going about their business in a stupid way, they did some unpredictable shit and it worked in their favor crap load of times, but their life story isn't all that interesting to me.

The main piece of information for me was their last entry. It told me where they were going, apparently they had found some sort of massive proxy hideout in the middle of the forest, near the lake, where I had found their bodies, they were going to ambush it, this is where the entry stops. There was no plan of how they would ambush it, no description of what they had with themselves, all I knew was the precise location of the place.

You probably have guessed my next move? That's right, I'm going in, I don't have any information to go on, I'm practically running around in a circle, I need to visit this hideout and find something. Of course I will be packing heavily for this.

Also the reason why I need to stay in an apartment is simple, I'm not protected here, as you have figured by now, I won't be sleeping tonight.

Report #18 Ended.
Report #17 2012, October 28th
Ice Thickens

I have been driving around recently, from place to place, without a plan, mindlessly going around the country from town to town. Not going to say I have been inactive while driving around. But what I did during those trips, certainly didn't help me in no way.

Things that I have did during this day:

#1. Got some supplies, as always, whenever I arrive to a new place I get myself some supplies and move on (Money isn't a problem for me, Twitch took care of it, long time ago).

#2. I have been reading on other blogs, current progress of others, what info did they gain that might help me, still reading.

#3. Thought of a plan, a bit about that in a different report, I'm still working out the details.

#4. Found 4 bodies, by the lake, organs cut out and shoved back in, searched them, found some notebooks, looks like they have been runners, they have been writing down their movements, going to have to read trough that.

#5. Killed people, talking about it casually because it isn't a surprise to anyone anymore, among those people were not only proxies, but also some law breakers that I stumbled upon by accident.

So yeah that is practically what I have been doing all day, nothing special.

Report #17 Ended.

Saturday, October 27, 2012

Report #16 2012, October 27th
Two Days

Two fucking days! How is that possible? I didn't black out at all, yet somehow two days have passed!

Alright, let me get my shit together.

On October 25th, I left to meet the woman that was following me, I went to her address, was I surprised when I found her house to be standing in an area surrounded by crap load of trees, smart thing would be to turn around and walk away, but doing smart things, doesn't get you anywhere.

So I walk up to the house, I can't really describe it, I mean the house was like a house, it wasn't anything different, yet somehow it felt like home, I don't know. So I walk up to the door, and it is unlocked, from there on I was on my highest senses, unlocked doors, first sign of bullshit. But I didn't encounter anyone, the inside of the house was real nice, I mean it was clean, taken care of, someone was definitely taking care of it.

Then I saw her, sitting on her couch, starring at the window, somehow she knew I was there, or she was talking to her self, anything can be possible. She asked me a question, did I come to take her away, she thought I was one of them, but I wasn't stupid, she could be asking that to trick me, I had to play along. I told her I wasn't one of them, I explained the operator symbol thing to her, she seemed to understand, her voice, it was as if, she could understand and forgive anything.

She told me to sit with her, told me she was scared, tired, of all of this, I was cautious, normally I wouldn't sit down, but first time, I had a feeling, feeling of remorse, her voice, it was so tiring, scared, innocent, even the coldest person on earth would melt, I kept getting the feeling of home, yet somehow I found that strange, I never had a home. I started wondering did I find peace, did I find my paradise, is this the end? In short I sat down.

We sat there for good couple of seconds in silence, the view from the window was calming, then she looked at me with her cold blue eyes, and said the following.

"I see you, I see inside of you, a tortured soul, a tired heart, a warrior spirit, selflessness"

I kept looking at her, my stare was as cold as ever, she said I had a soul, she said I was human, no one has ever said that to me, I wasn't stricken by it, more surprised, she was the first one to tell me that, yet I knew I had none of that, somehow she saw it.

"What is your goal, what make you to go around the world?"

I wanted to tell her that my goal was to eliminate it, yet somehow I could not, I don't know why, something held me back from telling her that, I think it was the realization that it would be pointless, since the goal itself is rather impossible.

From there on she had put her hand on my shoulder, I felt the coldness of her touch, her hands were cold, real cold.

"You have suffered for far too long"

From that point I remember that I had some questions, I started asking.

"Who are you? Why are you foll-"

She interrupted me, knowing what my questions would be she answered, the answer was unexpected.

"To aid you in your cause, I have followed you, to help you, to provide for you"

That's when my glare got off track, I couldn't let her be part of this, people around me tend to die, I had to keep her away, I tried to tell her not to follow me, but she interrupted me again.

"You are tired, weary of battle, your mission offers you no peace"

It was true, I could not deny it, I was getting tired of all that shit, I wanted peace, rest, get on an island and forget all of this ever happened. It's like she could read my mind.

"Stay, a moment, where it is peaceful, regain your strength, there is enough supplies, for you to relax"

It sounded too good, I thanked her, but I couldn't, I had other things to take care of, I had to get back on track, yet again she interrupted me.

"Is it not true, that even the Gods need rest, from time to time?"

I honestly didn't have an answer, I was rather confused.

"And you are not a God"

If I was I would eliminate IT, and there would be no trace of it. Then she asked me.

"Then why deny yourself? It serves no purpose"

She was right.

"Your mission will still be there for you, even after you rested"

That is when I had finally agreed, but I didn't want to eat, or drink, or even watch TV, I just wanted to lie down and stare at the view from the window, she allowed me to lay down on her knees, understanding me, that the view from the window was truly amazing, I had closed my eyes and started to imagine what would happen if things were different, I started feeling home, it felt like I was home, the image of a family with kids. Peaceful.

Yet for a moment, the image went all red for a moment. I opened my eyes, looking around, everything was the same as before I had closed them, so I closed them again thinking it was nothing.

The image continued, me and my family having a picnic at some sort of park, it was sunny.

But again for an instant the image changed to them lying on the ground bleeding.

That's when I pulled myself up, I had to go, yet her calm voice calmed me down.

"Stay, don't leave, not yet, rest"

I lied back down, yet this time I wasn't imagining anything I was just starring at the window.

Then I saw IT in the distance, that was the final straw, I jumped up, I had to go.

What happened next was unexpected, she pulled me down to the couch yelling at me that I will stay. At that time I realized, it was a set up, I walked right into, I jumped up from the couch, the woman was now standing in the middle of the corridor, the view from the window was not as beautiful, it was surrounded by burnt trees, looked around the house, it was all torn apart, the furniture lying around.

The Woman was just standing there smiling at me, that's when I had it, I ran at her, I wanted to rush her, I wanted to get her for some answers, yet the minute I jumped at her, I found myself flying out the door of the house, I got up looked around, the house was demolished, I had to get out of there, and I did.

What was most surprising, is that when I had gotten to my van, it was vandalized, a big operator symbol was drawn on the side of the van, windows had some cracks in them, someone tried to get in while I was away, they even popped one of my tires. I opened the Van and was relieved to find out that they weren't able to get in, I had to replace my tire and get out. That was exactly what I did, I tried to wash off the operator symbol, but it wouldn't wash off, so I had to improvise, I drew a red cross trough the operator symbol.

I got on on my blog today, and was surprised to find out, that I had spent two days in that house, during those two days they tried to get in my Van, either they tried to occupy me long enough in order to get inside my van, either they tried to kill me, and destroy all the traces of my existence.

Well now I'm back and my senses are as sharp as ever, and the next time I see that woman, I'm going to shoot to kill.

Report #16 Ended.

Thursday, October 25, 2012

Report #15 2012, October 25th
Before leaving

Couldn't post this morning, was too worn out by the previous encounter, everything literally hurt like a bitch, it still fucking hurts a lot, but at least I can move now, that's something. Besides pain means I'm still alive, so I can't complain.

I packed some things with me, got the same items I listed in my previous post, but I'm not going to look for the spot from which the shooter was shooting at me, that was put on hold. I have an address, I have a meeting and if it's a trap, I'm prepared to my teeth.

I'm going to look for that woman that has been stalking me for the last couple of days, she might have some useful information, that is if she is still at that place, where she told me to go. I'm going in blind, but I can't really do anything about it, time is short. I have about an hour or so, before I take my leave.

Nothing much happened during the day, some usual shit, and that's it, I'm going to sit in my van now, surrounded by peace and quiet, my head is still ringing, I need to get my thoughts back together.

Report #15 Put on hold...

Report #15 Ended.

Tuesday, October 23, 2012

Report #14 2012, October 24th.

Just woke up, checked everything, everything's in place including myself, no sign of intrusion, good. Today I will go look for the area from which I was shot at, I will write an item list, of items that I'm taking with me, I'll write it later today.

My Van is parked next to a liquor store across the road, I look at the window, see all the bottles, I would pay any money for a drink right about now, I can easily go into the store and buy me some Jack Daniels, but I know I can't, can't afford to get careless, can't afford to loosen up my senses, reflexes, reaction time, I need it.

Funny actually, I had to drop smoking because of that Thing following me, I stopped doing anything that harms my senses, smoking, drinking and so on... That's one way to drop habits I guess.

Getting myself some tea, 3 spoons of sugar, hoping The Pale Fuck won't appear out of nowhere, requesting to have a tea party.

Report #14 Put on hold...

Report #14 Continued.

Preparing to head out, in 16:00 PM will go, right now grabbing all items I can, I will list them here and the reason why I'm taking them:

#1. My Gun, a Colt 45 Semi-Automatic to be precise, classic design, one-shot stopping power.

The basic design of this beauty hasn't changed in nearly 100 years, the magazine carries only 8 rounds, but that's eight kills.

#2. Ballistic Knife, or as people like to call it in a simple way - The Shooting Knife.

Stole this one from a proxy with which I had an encounter, numb skull didn't know it was a shooting knife, in the end he ended with a real numb skull. This knife is self made, but not by that proxy, he must have stolen it,  the knife's blade is so sharp it can cut trough almost anything, spring is real hard, which is good, means it will shoot with crap load of power. Recoil's very hard tough, for starter's had to use both arms to aim it, in the end got used to it and can now freely use it with one arm.

#3. Nightstick, for purposes if I need to keep someone alive.

Stole this one from a police officer who tried to take me by surprise, don't worry I didn't kill him, all I did was bruise him a little, that's all. Though if I swing it with full strength, skulls will shatter.

#4. Mp3 Player (I'm ancient, I know), you possibly have figured this one out, if the MP3 starts bugging, that means the fuck, or he's proxies are near.

#5. Audio Recorder, I need to keep recording this, I don't use cameras for a reason, you know how well that turns out for people on YouTube.

That is it for now, now I need to prepare.

Report #14 Put on hold...

Report #14 Continued.

Saw a woman today, was about the age of 21, was hard to tell. She was starring right at me across the road for a minute, her face was pale, real pale, white hair, and by "white", I mean completely white, white hoodie, the only thing that wasn't white were the jeans. The stare down we had, felt like an hour or so, her cold eyes met with mine, there was nothing but emotionless emptiness between us, someone walked past her and she disappeared, breaking up the cold stare down.

She's on my tail, but who is she? A proxy? Never mind, can't get my head off the game.

Report #14 Put on hold...

Report #14 Continued.

Why do I see her? She keeps following me, but I never see her walk, she just appears wherever I look, but she is always out of reach, I caught a glimpse of her eyes again for a moment, they were tired, worn out.

I am targeted, but by who? Was she the one shooting at me? No, her face, she doesn't have a murderers glare, no it wasn't her, she's a third party, and she's following me. I think I might abort my mission in trying to find the shooter for now, I will try to locate this woman, questions must be answered.

I see her, I'm at a cafe right now, drinking coffee, she's outside, in the alley way, opposite street, I will not follow her, the second I approach her, she disappears, I need to study her from a distance.

Report #14 Put on hold...

Report #14 Continued.

I just wrote an operator symbol on my hand, and showed her it trough the window, was wondering how she would react, she was frightened to say the least, she ran away real fast, was she a runner? Fuck I gotta follow her!

Report #14 Put on hold...

Report #14 Continued.

I lost her, I chased her for a good hour, she has a lot energy, but she is younger than me. When I looked around I understood that I had no idea where I was, I couldn't use, or ask anyone for directions, simply because I had nothing to ask. So I wandered around the town for a couple of hours, no encounters with nothing, eventually I found my Van.

So yeah I just came back from a wild goose chase, is what I would have said if I didn't have any hunches, but I do. In the alley way where she was standing she left a note, she wants to meet me, she gave me an address, but I think she wrote that before I showed her the operator symbol, fuck, she thinks I'm a proxy now, I have to find her, she might know something. But I can't go right now, I'm tired I don't know why, I mean running for an hour is tiring, but I'm tired to the point that I think I will pass out right now and yet I find it hard to fall asleep, my brain is not thinking properly and if this turns out to be a trap, then I'm fucked. I will go tomorrow, when they won't expect me, I know it's a lousy plan, but it's all I have, leaving this alone is not an option, this woman knows something, I need some answers.

Report #14 Put on hold...

Report #14 Continued.

I hear the gentle voice again, I can make out more words this time, the voice says "Rest, you are not a God", those are definitely mind games, which means whatever I do, I must stay awake.

On a side note, Mr. Pale face is nowhere in site, for two days it's been quiet, no feeling of someone watching me, no paranoia, no starring contests at night, no proxies, nothing. Seems like it would be a good time to rest, but no, never let your guard down, the fuck always comes back, he once left me alone for 3 whole years, 1 year I spent being paranoid, 2nd year I settled down and thought he actually left me alone, 3rd year I completely let my guard down, and then IT came out of nowhere, I barely got out. Since then I never let my guard down, it will never leave me alone unless I destroy it.

Most of you are laughing at that last statement, but to be honest, I'm going to be laughing last, why? Because I know I'm on a suicide run, and unlike other runners, I have a horrible advantage, I'm a weapon. IT has absolutely nothing on me, why am I so sure? The proof is that I have been surviving for ten years, I'm still alive. I have no relatives It can't threaten me, my parents died long time ago, I don't have any real friends, I never got married, never got children, I have no emotions for anyone, that is why it's a horrible advantage, the kind of advantage I do not wish upon anyone.

That is why I feel no remorse for when I kill proxies, I simply do my mission as the janitor, some of you might ask, what makes me any different from them, then? Well, they have something to lose. These things IT promises most of them, those promises crumble when they feel their last breath leaving their body, that is when they realize, all this time, they had no real purpose.

I'm a weapon on a mission, all I am, all I ever will be, once I get rid of IT, I will never have a normal life, I will never be able to return to being a father, a husband. I will live alone, I will die alone, that is how it will happen, how it will be, how I will like it, how I will enjoy it.

That is all for tonight, I think I will go for a walk, I don't care for how stupid it is, I need to take a walk to stay alive, this part of the post, was only to keep me awake. I ran out of things to say, so I'm going for a walk.

Report #14 Put on hold...

Report #14 Continued.

No sing of anyone, no proxies, IT's nowhere in sight, no snipers, no woman, no one, as if I am all alone in this world right now, makes you see the tragedy, doesn't it? I'm so concentrated on the mission, that if I don't see no sign of trouble, I feel that I'm surrounded by nothing. In the Van right now, I think I will go burn Twitche's stuff, clothing, wallet, false passports (Which I made in order to let us pass the countries). I wanted to do it properly, in some sort of symbolic area, just because I'm a weapon, doesn't mean I can't respect someone. But I need to stay awake, fire always keeps me awake, so yeah, be right back.

Report #14 Put on hold...

Report #14 Continued.


Apparently I was too fast saying that it was quiet, as I was burning Twitches stuff in the alleyway, enjoying the magic of fire, some fuck sneaked up on me (My mistake, let my guard down). He wasn't hesitating, he tackled me and started beating the ever lasting crap out of me, he was mostly aiming for my head, this one was not an amateur he knew exactly where to hit, I felt every fucking blow. With my lack of sleep I was slowly passing out, but I remember that I had a mission, adrenaline kicked in, I felt no pain during that time, I was able to push him off, but he didn't fall, instead he got up instantly, same for me, I had to get up, or else I was dead.

He ran at me with another attack, he was not hesitating, he knew I was vulnerable, what he didn't see coming  was me falling just as he was about to strike a blow, I played possum, he thought I fell unconscious, as I said he was no amateur, he got a steel pipe that was lying around near the dumpsters, and started walking over to me, about to make sure I was dead for good.

What he didn't notice, was that I was lying near the fire, once he got close, I grabbed one of Twitche's jackets that were on fire, of course it burned like a bitch, but whining was not an option. He didn't expect it, I threw the flaming jacket at him, he got distracted for a second, that allowed me to trip him, as he fell smashing he's face into the concrete ground, he felt that, I grabbed him by the collar and shoved he's head into the fire, apparently he had really long hair, they caught on fire real fast, he's plastic mask melted on he's face, he was yelling, and struggling like crazy, I could barely hold him. Luckily the pipe was near me I grabbed it and started hitting him on the head, eventually he stopped struggling and the screams had stopped. I pulled he's head out of the fire, it was mutilated, he didn't seem to be breathing, so I threw him in the dumpster and left for my Van.

As I was walking I was leaving a large blood trail, my face was bleeding like crazy, my head was burning, when I reached the Van, I almost collapsed to the ground, but I had to take care of my wounds, or else I would get an infection, or worse.

My face is burning right now, I sewn up all my wounds, my fucking face is burning right now. On the plus side, I hear no voices, I can fall asleep, finally.

Report #14 Ended.
Report #13 2012, October 24th

Two posts in one night, I felt like this deserved a separate post.

I decided to go out for a while (In the middle of the night), I mostly would go between the alleyways, no forests there.

That's when I saw it, no, not the pale fuck, not the proxies, not anything supernatural. Just two fucks trying to rape a woman, usually I'd ignore it, not of fear, I wouldn't care, I couldn't care, I couldn't get my head off the game. But at that time, something went...differently, I still felt nothing, I did not care for the woman, I felt no pity for her, nothing. But I still decided, that's right I decided to walk over there, I wasn't doing it on instinct, I wasn't hypnotized, I knew what I was doing and I knew what I was going to do.

They saw me walking over, I had all my weapons with me (A gun and a nightstick), but I didn't get them out, one of them started cursing at me, yelling something, I didn't hear I blocked him out. I was just walking towards them, both of them got out their butterfly knives, didn't even pierce, I was still walking. When I was in reach, one of them attempted a swing with he's right arm (Always the right arm), I reacted, putting my left arm in the way, I didn't block the swing, I simply redirected it to go a lot more to the right of my face and above my shoulder, with my right arm I punched him in the gut, it was an open area, since he's right arm was busy, from there on he fell to he's knees from the pain in he's gut, I was still holding he's right arm (No knife, it fell), he looked up at me, 19 years old, maybe older, a punk. I felt no anger at that time, no remorse, absolutely nothing. I broke he's right arm by harshly pushing it's elbow against my knee, the scream, he screamed in pain, but I was not done, afterwards I kneed him in the chest, real hard, I could actually hear ribs break, he fell to the ground breathing really fast, eventually he suffocated.

The second one wasn't going to take any chances, he took the woman as hostage and pushed a knife to her neck, gradually backing away, by then he understood what I was capable of. I did nothing, I only concentrated my cold glare on he's eyes, I saw it, he thought I would react to him taking the woman captive, he started saying stuff like "I will kill her man!" my only response was, "You kill her, you inevitably die, you let her go, I might spare you" next five minutes was a stare down, he was sweating bullets, I didn't even break a sweat. Eventually he gave up, let her go, told me to call the cops, that he gives up, I told the woman to run, which she did. I picked up the other guys butterfly knife, walked up to the young punk, he didn't expect it, a straight stab to the heart, not the head, not the body, not the shoulder, no torture, just the heart, instant death, instant punishment.

The woman came back, to thank me, and she saw two dead bodies near me, she was shocked, not of the dead bodies, of my glare, I could feel it, she felt completely nothing from my glare, no guilt, no anger, no emotion, absolutely nothing. I was about to leave when she asked me "How do you sleep at night?", a simple reply came to her with my steady, cold voice "I don't", from there on we parted ways.

What is shocking tough, they weren't even proxies, just some punks who were praying on the lives of innocent, not to say it pissed me off, that's the problem, I felt nothing, I just knew what I had to do, and I repeat I KNEW what I was doing, I was doing it intentionally. I didn't feel like judge and jury, I felt like a janitor, cleaning everything after the failed society.

I think I'm insane, I think I was insane even before this Thing started following me, maybe that's the reason why it's following me? I intrigue it? Whatever I don't care.

Why did I write it here, I need to stay awake, I'm back in my Van, again falling asleep, not going to give in.

Report #13 Ended.
Report #12 2012, October 23d

So I spent some time this morning reading trough other blogs, the ones that are still active that is, and found out a lot of interesting things which I have never encountered before.

I'm going to break them up under numbers so it wouldn't be confusing.

#1. Fears:
Apparently those creatures appear from the same dimension that Thing came from, however these creatures appear only based on your fear. (More research to be done)

I'd like to say that the reason behind none of these creatures appearing near me was because I'm brave, but in reality I'm not, I just don't feel anything anymore, no fear, no bravery, nothing, I'm just a cold weapon, all I am.

#2. Intelligent Proxies:
Those guys are different from regular proxies, regular proxies are hypnotized, driven to insanity, in other words, stupid.While the intelligent ones think, and are fully aware that they are serving IT, not only that, they can be different people, from inexperienced in combat teenagers, to full grown athletes, problem is, you can never tell the other from another. Had a recent encounter with two of them, one of them tried to steal the flash drive (You know how that ended for him), the other encounter was online, "JP" commented on my blog, I checked he's blog and understood that he was a proxy too, have no idea if he is targeting me, or was simply passing by, don't care.

I kill this kind of Proxy with no remorse, accuse me, judge me, I don't care, those people are committing crimes in a sane state of mind, they know what they are doing, such people will not go unpunished.

#3. Watchers:
Different kind of people, you never know if they are working for the tall, pale and ugly, either are running from him, but they always seem to know a lot about you and your connections with IT, most of times they appear at the least expected time and tell you some tip, or a scary tale, and disappear. Sometimes they just watch.

I think that is the person who was shooting at me and Twitch back a couple of report's.

#4. Redlight:
Only heard him appear in the comment sections of the blogs which I follow (Now), some say he's a tuff cookie, tough I haven't found any info about him separately, going to have to read a blog from which he originated.

#5. Lullaby Song:
This one was given as a tip to me, by "JP". I don't know what it is, but we'll see.

Now to the basics, new location, more supplies, real quiet, feel good.

Forged a plan too, after deleting crap load of info from the flash drive about Twitche's relatives (He kept a diary sort of thing, I didn't find anything of interest in there), I had to forge a plan, because being without a plan totally sucks.

So I tried to find any hunches, and I did. The day when me and Twitch were shot at, that's where I have to go, to be more precise, back to the location where the shooter was shooting from, of course that means I'm going to have to locate it, but it won't be too hard, it was a small town after all. I will be looking for anything, piece of hair, bullets, gun itself, any traces of blood (Who knows), anything that might help me find the person who was shooting at us. I will mostly concentrate on bullets, since they can provide some information about when was the gun bought, where from, by who, so on, so forth.

So precisely at 16:00 I'm going to be done preparing and am going to be on the road again.

Report #12 Put on hold...

Report #12 Continued.

Stopped at the local hotel, no not in the hotel, near it to be precise, spending time in my Van as always. It's night right now, tomorrow, when there will be more light, I'm going to go scout out the area and try to figure out, what was the best place from which to shoot at me and Twitch. Hope I don't get killed in my sleep (That is if I get any) by a rifle, but I shouldn't, I put bullet proof glass in my Van for a reason. So right now, preparing for the night, flash light near me, gun under my pillow, nightstick in my hand. If what, I'm ready for a starring contest, if that Thing wants it.

Report #12 Put on hold...

Report #12 Continued.

Been trying to stay awake, been reading trough some blogs that are still active, searching for info. But this is weird, you know that feeling when you are really fucking tired, and nothing and I mean nothing can keep you away from falling asleep? That's what I'm experiencing right now, what is weird is that I drank crap load of coffee before going to sleep, took some cold water to the face, fuck it, even put ice cubes in the back of my shirt. And still I am gradually falling asleep, I'm trying to distract myself, by typing this, also I hear a voice, a woman's voice, so gentle, so quiet, doesn't remind me of anyone, just a stranger, she simply repeats one word "Sleep".

Two theories:
1. I'm getting more insane by the second.
2. A certain someone is playing mind games with me.

Report #12 Put on hold...

Report #12 Ended.

Monday, October 22, 2012

Report #11 2012, October 22nd
The Flash Drive

So after I got some sleep, the first thing I did as I woke up was get something to eat (Duh!), then I checked what was on the flash drive Twitch had hidden from me.

Apparently all the info that is going to be written on this flash drive was meant to eventually fall into my hands, Twitch wrote so himself in a txt. file, it's not important so I won't waste time writing it here.

First thing I would like to get out of my way are those pictures that were sent to him by someone.

Picture #1:

I will try to depict it any way I can.

Obviously the guy with the question mark is me, hence my name Mr.Incognito.

The person that has a red cross on him, is Twitch, someone predicted he's death ahead, they either tried to warn him, or threaten him.

The guy in the hoodie with a white mask on, is obviously the proxy I killed yesterday, same white mask, blood coming out of the area where I shot him, tears coming out of he's eye holes, like last night, still don't care tough, but someone has predicted this, fucking mind games.

Now the 9/06 guy I don't know who he is, but he has a date on he's chest, yes that's a date, a date that is real personal to me, then that means that must be the guy who was sending all this info to Twitch.

Now obviously in the back we see, the pale, tall and ugly himself.

And the guys in the dark must be he's minions.

If you have other theories, you are welcome to discuss them.

Picture #2

I absolutely have no idea what this means, if you can think of anything, please do tell.

There is more information, but I have to change locations real soon, so this report is put on hold for now.

Report #11 Put on hold...

Report #11 Continued

Alright, new location, new supplies, even got some ammo for some guns (Don't ask me where), secured everything in the van, locks, windows, everything.

To continue the contents of the flash drive, except for the pictures apparently, someone's been sending Twitch these...what do you call them on English? Well these poetic lines or whatever, don't judge me I'm Russian, I don't know English completely.

Here they are:

Your life is futile
Can't you see?
So join a cult
And follow me
Sell your soul
Jump right in
Cloe your eyes
Embrace your sin
Feel it squeezing
Your body tight
Let it take over
You know you can't fight
Into your heart
Burning it cold
Now be a good zombie
And do what you're told.

As I can gather, this person was trying to provoke Twitch to either join IT, or lure him out, to get torn apart by IT. This was sent on the day, when Twitch had wondered into the forest in the middle of the forest, it was sent right before, it had happened. Has no effects on me tough.

And finally, this was the final txt. file on the flash drive, but all it contained was this:


This was sent on the day when Twitch got killed, this person is not getting good vibes from me.

That is it, certainly weird, on a side note, I spent some time reading other blogs, not the old ones like Seeking the Truth or The Tutorial, I spent time reading recent ones, I found out a lot of new stuff, this thing has been busy. I'll post my thoughts tomorrow. Putting this report on hold, who knows what might happen during the night.
Report #11 Put on hold...

Report #11 Ended.

Sunday, October 21, 2012

Report #10 2012, October 21st
Forming a Plan.

Since Twitch is dead I have lost my database, that is bad. I am literally in a dead end right now, I have no plan. But today I remembered something, we were followed and shot at, by someone, who is in their right state of mind, as weird as that sounds, that is true, they used a gun, a very complicated gun non the less.

So my plan for now is to find who ever tried to assassinate me and Twitch, obviously they want something, I need to find them, but how? Well first off try and located a rooftop from which we've been shot at, try and look for something useful up there. I'm going to drive into that location tomorrow.

Going to be hard to fall asleep, knowing I'm all alone in this van, just in case I'm going to put this report on hold, who knows what can happen during the night.

Report #10 put on hold...

Report #10 Continued

There goes my plans for a good night sleep, he's right there, in the back window of my van, starring at me, I right back at him, not gonna get any sleep tonight.

Report #10 Put on hold...

Report #10 Continued


Me just sitting there, starring at the big fuck, out of fucking nowhere I get clubbed in the head, apparently while I was starring at it, one of he's lackeys, or proxies as people like to call them, got into my car from the front door, how did he do that? Well I presume he opened the window silently, apparently I didn't close it util the end, sloppy mistake on my part. But the mother fuck made a mistake as well, I for one took too many clubs to the head in my life, he didn't hit me hard enough and he hit me in the wrong area, he hit me over the head, when in reality you have to hit in the neck (Nervous system and shit). Apparently he tried to find something in my Van, a flash drive that Twitch had left (I didn't know of it's existence until the fuck started looking for it). What was surprising to see is that the big guy had left, I didn't care, I grabbed my gun and pointed to the little punks head, that's when he started pissing he's pants. Started begging me to forgive him, told me he was new to this whole thing, he started spewing some bullshit saying that IT promised him salvation, you may judge me harshly for my next move, but I shot him, point blank, no emotions at all, he was one of them, he wasn't hypnotized, he was in he's right state of mind, and he was helping IT, helping IT kill innocent people, he was guilty, punishment was supposed to be made. This is war, no one gets spared in a war. If I would let him go, he would try to take me out later, or endanger someone else, maybe Twitch's relatives, since there's info about them on that flash drive, I couldn't allow that. I'm no judge and jury, but someone has to be the janitor, I guess I'm that janitor.

Threw he's body out in the nearby forest, wiped the blood off and drove off, in a different location right now. As I was driving away I could see dark tentacles reaching out from the debts of the forest, dragging the body deeper into the forest, didn't pay much attention to that.

I'll post the contents of the flash drive that do not say anything about Twitch's relatives, apparently Twitch has been hiding some info from me. For now I gotta rest.

Report #10 Ended.

Saturday, October 20, 2012

Report #9 2012, October 20th
The whole story.

Sorry, I couldn't post two days ago, something came short I won't be seeing Twitch anymore. He was a good kid, oh well can't mourn he's death, might end up like him.

From here on now I'm going to write the whole story, all the details I could not reveal, starting from the day I entered Lithuania. Since Twitch is dead, no one will remind me of who I am, or what I was doing, if I ever get amnesia again. This is going to be a long report.

Lets start with the day I entered Lithuania, under what purpose did I do that. Well I'm a KGB agent, believe me, or not I don't care. USSR was about to build their own Power Plant, but after the events in Chernobyl, out of fear, they sold the Power Plant to Lithuania, one agent was dispatched to keep an eye on things, if any threat of explosion is shown, I was ordered to report it back to my officials and from there on they would burn all the files that the Power Plant was originally created by them, to avoid the blame. From there on I was sent to Lithuania, town of Visaginas where the Power Plant was built, I spent at least 5 years looking after that the Power Plant, the day when the fire began is the day when everything had started. I had to investigate what caused the fire and was it of any threat to the Power Plant, but I didn't go there only once, I went there several times, about ten days I spent digging trough the local police files, or fire fighter database, during all these times I would also visit the burnt area to investigate, see if I can find anything of interest. Suffice to say I didn't find anything. One day I would start by daily routine as always, dig trough some files and go to the burnt area, but that day was different, that day is when it all would start. I walked trough the burnt area ad then I saw it, standing in the distance, blending in with the burnt trees, I couldn't really see it, but I had the feeling of trouble whenever I would look at it, that feeling felt like it was as if a thousand of souls were tortured at the same time. I followed it, thinking it was just a person wandering around a crime scene (Just like me), the second I got there the person disappeared, which is weird since all this time while I was running towards the person, I never took my eyes off of him, and he never moved, but while I was running I blinked, so I thought he disappeared during that time, but that was impossible, later on I would find out that it was no person.

Time passed and I realized that it was following me, I would see it everywhere, I wasn't afraid, I was acting professional about it, I thought it must have been another agent from a different country, or something. Anyway, I had to get away, lay low, so I retreated to my summer house which I bought there for just such occasions. You know how well that went, after that I had to contact my "Friends" which were my officials, they gave me a safe house to live in outside of the town, while they would look for my stalker. Of course they didn't find anyone, so about after a week of searching they kicked me out and told me to keep doing my job and stop coming up with stories to slack off. So I decided to deal with my stalker myself, this is where I spent the night in my apartment with all the cameras and guns, you know how well that turned out as well. When the authorities found 3 dead bodies in my apartment, they immediately blamed it on my alliance name which I used for cover in Lithuania. My officials found out about it, they thought I was compromising the whole mission, in their understanding they thought I went insane, so they dispatched several agents to take me out, I was not stupid I knew that they would do exactly that after they would find out I killed three people. I had to get out of there, but before doing that I had to visit the burnt area again, to see if I can find any clues. That's when I found the big pipe and had another encounter with that thing, after that I fled the country and have been going around the world, trying to find a way to dispose of it up until this day.

As for Twitch, I met him when I helped him get away from that thing, It was following him too, I found out he was really good with computers and could hack and all that stuff, so he became my database. I won't tell he's story in detail, I don't want to keep the memory of him, it will get me distracted.

So that is my story, now you know.

On a side note, I listened to the audio, I'm going to keep it to myself for now, if I find it important I will upload it.

Report #9 Ended.

Thursday, October 18, 2012

Report #8 2012 October 19th

Just woke up in my Van, have no recollection of what had happened to me, first signs of amnesia. Frightening part is that Twitch is not in the Van, I'm all alone here right now. I think I won't be seeing him no more, I'm starting the engine and driving away. Amnesia symptoms started for a reason, I started caring, got too all friendly with Twitch at some point, well not making that mistake again. Twitch is gone and he's gone for good. I'll move to a different location, read all of my previous reports and see if I can remember anything, also I have my recorder with me, there's something recorded on it, I'll give it a listen and if I see it fit, I'll upload it.

Today I'm willing to tell everything about me, amnesia is no joke, first time in so many years I had it, I can not afford to forget everything I had learned.

Report #8 Put on hold...

Report #8 Ended.
Report #7 1.5
I didn't say anything!

What the fuck! Twitch is being led into a trap! I didn't say shit! Only now I got out of that fucking warehouse! And only now did I get the fucking laptop which he hid! He is being led into a trap, or has already been led into it!

No van, no supplies, no twitch, no ammo, FUCKING HELL!

Report #7 1.5 put on hold...
Message #2:

This is Twitch, Incognito messaged me, he's alive, he told me to pick him up at the place we agreed where we should meet, if something like this happened, only he and I know that we agreed on meeting in that place. He told me to pick him up at 16:30 today...I don't know why at 16:30, why not immediately, but I never question him, he has he's tactics, I don't, so I follow he's.

Better get prepared.

Tuesday, October 16, 2012

Message #1:

This is Twitch, Incognito never came back from he's journey to the Warehouse, I hid the laptop like he asked, only where he knows, if he is still alive he will message me, but somehow I have doubts. If in time of three days he won't message me, he is dead, and this blog shuts down.


Monday, October 15, 2012

Report #7 2012, October 15th.

Whole fucking Sunday was busy as fuck, once Twitch got enough sleep, I had to wake him up and make him start looking for information on anyone who would like to target us. I saw him, sitting there, working, he was going trough all these blogs, so many victims, so many mind games, I had no idea, but at this point, I didn't give a fuck. On top of all that we were being tracked, obviously not manually, seeing as they always seem to know where we are, and I would have been able to notice a trail long time ago, their doing it technically, that's when I asked Twitch to look for some unusual sources near by, something out of the ordinary. That's when he found it, a Wi-Fi connection, username of which was 9/06, that was our tracker, he was near by, in this town, how do I know it was him, those fucking numbers, that's how I know. We were able to track the connection, now I was sure it was our tracker, it was coming from a warehouse that looked like abandoned, tough I'm not sure. Tomorrow I will check it out, I will be taking my audio recorder with me, first time I do that, need to keep every detail in check. No cameras, it seems to love cameras.

Report #7 Put on hold...

Report #7 Continued.

Continuing from where I left off.

So I drove away after that incident in the forest, I was on the run now, I had no friends, my family was already long gone, I was all alone. Back then I didn't understand that it was for the best, now I do. And that's practically where my story ends, later there were countless horrific encounters with that thing, basically my long run of survival. I can't upload the survival part in more detail, seeing as I can't tell, otherwise I will have to reveal many top secret info. For now I will keep it to myself, if I manage to survive my journey into that warehouse, then I might reveal everything. Somehow I have a feeling I won't care about my info by that time. Alright gotta go off, patrolling the warehouse, studying it, looking for any possible exits, ambushes and other things. They don't know we are here, we jammed our signal.

I will go early in the morning tomorrow, don't know how much time I will be there, told Twitch that if I don't get out after 8 hours, I'm dead. Only request I asked him was for him to leave this laptop somewhere, hide it, outside, so if I do manage to get out, but am too late, I will try to message him.

Welp, wish me luck guys.

Report #7 Ended.

Saturday, October 13, 2012

Report #6 2012, October 13th.

Just got up, got myself some coffee in the coffee shop near our Van, Twitch still pissed at me, talks to me only when I need information and quite honestly, I like it that way. No encounters so far, but hey, the day is only starting.

Report #6 put on hold...

Report #6 Continued.

Nothing out of the ordinary happened today, was kind of quiet to be honest.

To continue from where I left off.

So I was on the run now, I had no idea where to drive, my "Friends" wouldn't help me, to be honest, they would rather try and give me away to the authority. I had to start my own investigation, that meant returning to where I started, that's right, the forest that burnt. When I came back there, everything was the same, burned up trees, crap load of dirt everywhere, everything in it's place, except for one thing, a pipe. Back when I was starting my investigation, I walked trough the whole burnt up area, and no pipe, fuck it, no material except for dirt and burnt up trees was nowhere in site. Yet now when I came back, there's this pipe and it's bent over like hell. Here's the picture.

Evidence #1:
Area: Burnt Forest
Main Evidence: The Pipe

There are few interesting factors about the pipe, no signs of burns, so that means that it wasn't in the middle of the fire, the way it's bent over, as if someone or something smashed into it, or someone against it. Those facts prove that someone dumped it there, but for what purposes, just to get rid of it? Too many questions with this pipe.

When I was leaving the pipe after investigating it, I was walking trough the dirt that surrounds it, I was looking at the photo of the pipe, thinking, and with a lucky glimpse, I caught it, in the reflection of the mud, I didn't really see it's "face" but I saw burnt trees bending and shifting behind me in the reflection, I didn't even turn around I just ran. Got to my Van and drove away, it was clear to me, either I was going insane, either there was some super natural shit going around. At that moment I didn't know where I was driving, I was just driving.

Shit, Twitch just left the van, still pissed at me, have to check on him.

Report #6 put on hold...

Report #6 2012, October 14th Continued.

Fucking hell, ruff night, real fucking ruff. In short we were shot at, me and Twitch that is. When Twitch got out, he was just going for a walk, still pissed at me for not letting him go to her, we had to talk, I explained that if he wouldn't stop that bullshit now, I would cut him lose and let him do whatever he wanted. It was hard for him, but he understood, as we were returning to our Van, someone opened fire on us, we had to run towards the forest to take cover, we couldn't hide behind the Van, too dangerous. Apparently there was a third party, seeing as people that were hypnotized by it, never used guns. And this Third Party wanted us out of the way apparently, luckily the shooter sucked, there were at least 3 times he could easily hit us, either he was really that bad, either he was trying to scare us into the forest, we ran so deep that when we understood that the shots stopped, we were lost. Middle of night, no idea where we are and where to go, can't see shit. Had to use Mobile Phones to light our way, really fucking frustrating seeing as they stop glowing after like 2 minutes. We formed a back to back formation and started walking, eyes in front, eyes on the back. This is Rule #2 on survival against that thing, it ain't doing shit when you are starring at it, tough this is a risky rule as it can deceive you easily. We spent a whole fucking night wandering around that fucking forest, several times Twitch kept seeing shit, I didn't see anything. Twitch kept telling me what he saw, I constantly reminded him, that it was all a lie. In the end we got out, Twitch was ruffed up, I told him to get some rest in the back of the Van, for some odd reason nothing inside the Van was stolen, not even a scratch, I didn't pay attention to it, I just drove away. Now I was sure that someone was following us, and not with the intention of killing us.

We are located in a different Town now, heavily populated, not a forest in sight, I love this Town.

Report #6 Ended.

Friday, October 12, 2012

Report #5 2012, October 12th.
Long Drive.

Not much to report, been driving for a long time with Twitch, going to a different country, that's why haven't posted anything, been cut out from the internet. Once we stopped in a city, quickly accessed someone's database and boom instant internet.

Anyways continuing from where I left off.

After I was given a lift to the city, I immediately contacted my "Friends" and they gave me a safe place to spend a couple of weeks in, until the problem is resolved. The problem was never resolved, eventually those "Friends" kicked me out, saying I was spending too much time in their place, getting in their way, wasting their time. Here comes the trick question "Police, why not police!?" that would seem logical at that time, I didn't know what that thing was, so I thought it was a stalker, I could easily report him. But for some reasons (which I can not tell you, right now) I couldn't. So the second best option was to hunt for my "Stalker" myself, for that I stayed at my apartment, I set up traps like alarms, cameras and all that shit. Even fucking hid a baseball bat under my bed and a gun in my cupboard. Next two nights were silent, nothing, not even a wind blowing in my window. Third night, all hell went lose, all alarms in every place went off instantly, all doors, are windows, all alarms, instant take off. It's like there crap load of them invading my apartment, which was my first train of thought. So I grabbed my gun, hid behind the door of the room and stood there for like 30 minutes, no one. Another 15 minutes, to gather my wits, think of a plan, and only then get out of the room. I got out, checked every god damn corner, no one, not a soul and no sign of a break in, second train of thought was probably a malfunction or something, that's when I decided to check the cameras. On the cameras I could see shit unlocking itself, that's when shit got real, at least that's what I thought, the second I turned around I saw someone's shadow run trough my room, what was weird, is that cameras showed that there was no one inside the room, that's when I started to get slightly worried. I got stupid, I didn't think of anything, I simply ran inside the room waving my gun around, I saw no one, that's when I remembered, the door. After that I got instantly knocked out, next thing I remember I woke up in some dirty alley way, my things packed, my gun is gone, I was dressed in different clothing, it was morning by then. What I didn't realize, is since I have been knocked out, 2 days have passed, who knows for how long I was in that alley way. Next thing that surprised me, is that the alley way was not far from the building in which my apartment was located, I was about to go into my apartment, but a bunch of police cars stopped near my building, and they went inside my apartment, how do I know, I saw trough my window. But that was nothing compared to what happened next, I stuck around in that alleyway for a while, wondering what they were looking for, I was hiding in a dumpster, so they wouldn't see me. For a while it was quite, but then, the cops were carrying 3 body bags out of my apartment, kid sized. I was going out of my mind, did I do that? Did someone do it? If so why did they do it and get me out of the police's sight? Did they do it to frame me, did they do it to save me, who did it? Why? Lot's of questions been running trough my head, however I had no time, I had to get out of there and start looking for answers, my Van was parked near the alleyway, I had my keys with me, I drove out of there, since then I have been on a constant move.

That is it, for today.

Report #5 Ended.

Wednesday, October 10, 2012

Report #4 2012, October 10th.
What The Fuck!?

Shit, this is bad, just woke up, Twitch is gone somewhere, car stopped in the middle of the forest. Two theories, either something went wrong with the car and Twitch has gone to fix it up. Either something happened while I was asleep, he went out to check on it, and...well you get it. Grabbing my gun and going out, this is really fucking bad...well at least it isn't night.

Report #4 put on hold...

Report #4 Continued.

That thing, it lured Twitch out, it lured him out...fucking thing plays it's mind games again. It created the vision of a close person to Twitch, he got out and ran after her. There was some sort of abandoned building in the middle of the forest, soon as I got there I already had a bad feeling about this. I could simply turn around and drive away, but I need Twitch, I had to be certain he was dead, otherwise it would be a waste. Luckily, he's alive, barely got him out, that's why I hate dealing with rookies. Wasted 3 bullets, for distraction purposes only, direct approach never worked. Dislocated my shoulder in the middle of that commotion, once got back with Twitch, he located my shoulder back in place (painful as shit). He was slightly out of he's mind, was saying that if he knew about her existence, then he was going to target her next, he wanted to go to her, I tried to talk reason into him, saying that "That is exactly what he wants" but he didn't listen, so I knocked him out cold. After that I drove off (Hard to do with a hurting shoulder), stopped in the middle of a city, typing this now. Once Twitch wakes up, he's going to be pissed, let him, I don't care, I only have him for survival purposes, if he endangers that purpose, then I cut him lose, yes I'm cold, but that's the system that works perfectly. I think of him as my database, he thinks of me as a weapon, not more, not less. If we became friends, then it would endanger us, if one of us dies, we just leave, not trying to avenge each other, or get mad. The day has only started, wonder what's going to happen next.

Report #4 Put on Hold...

Report #4 Continued.

Twitch is pissed, currently yelling from the back at me, I don't pay any attention to him, he knew the deal when he joined me. Besides what I really think, is that, IT was only imitating the person, because IT doesn't know where to find her. If I let Twitch go to her, he will be doing exactly what IT wants, but that's only a theory, she can be dead already for all I know. Whatever I don't care.

You might think I'm cold and heartless, well practically yes, yes I am, you think I'm doing this shit to survive? Fuck no, I know I'm dead, I'm on a suicide run right now, so why am I running if I know that I'm dead already? Simply because I want to find a way to dispose of IT, putting up a fight is not enough, I want to dispose of it, or at least find a way, so someone else could continue my work. This isn't about revenge, this isn't about protecting others, this isn't about protecting myself, this is about the fact that, that thing killed a lot of kids and good people and got away with it, like nothing ever happened, it sickens me.

Apparently Twitch has calmed down, realized that I wasn't listening and was not going to let him go to her, he took over the driver seat and is currently driving to a different location. I know he won't disobey me.

Now to continue where I left off yesterday.

So I retreated to my summer house, it was located in the middle of the forest, but there were no trees around the house, it was a field, quite peaceful during the day. I thought I was being stalked, I had to lay low. Fast forward to the night, I was about to go to sleep, I lied down on my bed and couldn't fall asleep, all because of that darn moon, you see there used to be a window near my bed, and it was a full moon, I just kept starring at it, I couldn't fall asleep because of it, I have no idea why, it had me hypnotized somehow. But today I am thankful to that moon, because if I had fallen asleep, I would have been burned alive.But I was not, I got a smell of gas, lots of it, apparently this really old oven was working and spreading gas, my reaction was fast, I didn't have time to run trough the front door, so I opened my window and got clear. Why did I run when I could simply go and turn off the oven? Because I knew I didn't turn it on, at all. Naturally someone turned it on, for a reason, I'm sure it wasn't a cooking reason. I ran out into the filed pretty far, when I was clear the house caught on fire instantly, it's like it was waiting for me to get clear. Then I knew, I had to run, I couldn't contact the authorities, so I ran, ran far into the field, finally reaching the forest.

Report #4 Put on Hold...

Report #4 Continued.

Sorry, had to cut out, Twitch had found some interesting information, but a bit later on that. So I ran into the forest, on foot, I knew a road there that let to the city, I tried calling for police several times, but apparently that area was a dead zone. Now imagine this, you walking in the middle of a forest, at night, not seeing shit, paranoid as fuck, because you know someone is following you, every little sound made me jump, not out of fear, but out of reflexes and instinct. The next thing that I saw was rather fucking shocking, I saw something white in the middle of the night in a forest. It was there not moving, glowing, it had this warm feeling to it, something like hope. I thought that it was someone with a flashlight or something, I was running towards the light. But then, instincts kicked in "What if it's someone who tried to take me out over there? What if he's looking for me?". So in short I ran out of there, real fast, being quiet was useless, I had to run it, luckily I made it out, was nearly ran over by a fucking car when I was seen running out of the forest. At first, the driver cursed the living crap out of me, but then when I explained my situation, he agreed to give me a lift, I was lucky. That's what I thought at least, well that is it for today.

Now concerning the info Twitch had found, someone been looking for us, and it ain't IT, it's something different, someone different, I'd tell you how we found that info, but that isn't really important, besides I myself don't understand the process of that, Twitch just tells me what I need to know. So yeah, we have someone who is following us, need to devise a plan, no time for sleep tonight, I don't really want to.

Report #4 Ended.

Tuesday, October 9, 2012

Report #3 2012, October 9th.
Rule #1 and a little more Background info.

Holy crap, that fuck sneaked up in the middle of the night! Good thing I was sleeping near the steering wheel, otherwise, the time that it would take me to get to the steering wheel if I was sleeping in the back, it would totally cost me. Good thing I have created a sort of set of rules on survival for myself, today I used rule #1 - Always do the unexpected. Apparently this thing is used to operating by a certain formula in which it "dominates" that it thinks it knows how people are going to act when they see it (Which is usually turn around and run out of fear). So before starting the engine I flipped it off (It was standing near the side window of the back of my van) not the smartest idea, but it confused it, long enough for me to start the engine and get my shit out of there. Changed location. For safety purposes not going to tell you where I am.

So to continue where I left off last time, this thing was now following my ass, at first I thought I was going insane (Like most people do) so I visited a psychiatrist, prescribed me some shitty pills and told me to drink them everyday before going to sleep. Guess what I did after I left her office? I threw them off the bridge where I was walking, you see I'm the kind of guy who never drinks pills, if I get sick I just make myself some  green tea and sleep all day, usually the pain passes real fast. I'm not really sure if those pills were the same as they were in the Marble Hornets videos. I think the bottle was yellow not orange, not sure tough, doesn't matter now anyway. As you could guess things were getting worse, I was seeing it more and more, at some point it even got inside my fucking house. You should have seen me trying to jump trough the nearest window, was fucking hilarious for a side view (I used to live in a one story building). You'd think I was going to go to the cops right? Nope, I got into my car and drove away into my summer building, in the outskirts of the city...stupid huh? But back then I had no fucking idea it was stronger in the middle of fucking nowhere, I learned the hard way. And I couldn't, seeing as there were no info about this thing on the internet back then. So I retreated into my summer house, worst fucking idea of my life, but about that later today, I have to get some supplies, I'm on a timer, and it's running out.

Also, a little more info about me, post by post, I will be telling you a little about myself. Why? So I don't forget myself who I am, or who my allies are, or what's my goal. In the past this thing has proven to wipe out the memories of its victims. Not going to say I experienced it, but its better to be prepared for everything.

I'm not alone, I operate with my friend Twitch (Not going to tell you the real name). He's a hacker, he travels with me in the van. He's a nerd, a pro in computer stuff, understands how it works, will always find me some information about certain places, and can even hack shit for me. A little more about him tomorrow. That's all for now.

Now I'm going to leave to get some supplies, fuck this town is small, don't like it.

Report #3 Put on hold...

Report #3 Continued

I was right to be worried about that town, that place was a fucking dead zone surrounded by nothing but trees, had to get my supplies and get the hell out of there. On my way back, I saw it, was standing in the distance, between the trees, some might say I was seeing things, but I assure you, it was him. As soon as I got back to the van, we drove away immediately. Right now, Twitch is driving, so that means I can catch some proper rest and sleep. It can't do anything while we're on the move...I hope.

Report #3 Ended.

Monday, October 8, 2012

Report #2 2012, October 8th.

Today was some what quiet, thought saw him a couple of times, but not sure if it was either my paranoia, or really him. Doesn't matter, I have about couple of hours before I move to a new location.

So, to explain my previous post, yes, I am one of the "runners" or whatever you call them. This isn't the first time I'm being stalked by it, I have been stalked by it since 2002 (That's right, before it's presumed creation on Something Awful Forums) I have no idea if anyone else was being stalked at that time, but quite frankly I don't care.

That's right I have been running from it for the last 10 years. What have I learned during that "pleasant" experience? Well it can't be killed with usual weapons like guns, knives and other objects, believe me I tried. Fuck it, I tried Holy fucking Water, nothing works on the motherfucker.

For me it all began in Lithuania, town Visaginas (Silly name huh?), it's a small town, but it's pretty good, nice and quiet. Overall, a friendly town. But that town also has a Nuclear Power Plant, back in the nineties, a threat of it exploding was presented, yet nothing had happened after the threat was presented, nothing dangerous that is. People started investigating what could possibly provocate the alarm like that? After some time of investigation, it was confirmed that a fire broke out in the forest near the Nuclear Plant and that it could well damage the operating of the Nuclear Plant. But the forest fire somehow extinguished itself before reaching the Plant. Up to this day it is unknown what started that fire, yet I probably already have an answer to that, but back then I did not, so I started my own investigation, needless to say it back fired, and I was followed by IT ever since.

I understand this is not the most descriptive back story you ever heard, but I can not tell you more, even if I wanted to.

The has day only begun, so I might come along today again to fill up this report if anything peculiar happens.

Report #2 put on hold...

Report #2 continued:

So another day of endless running has come to an end, did I have any encounters with it today? Can't say I did, but I kept feeling that I was being watched, a fairly normal feeling in my life, you get used to it, you even learn to ignore it.

I'll try to post more about my past experience with that thing tomorrow, right now I have to prepare myself for the night, that motherfucker gets really active at night.

Report #2 Ended.

Sunday, October 7, 2012

Report  #1 2012, October 7th.
Keeping in Check.

Good Evening ladies and gents.

I'm going to cut the crap and say it out in the open, this blog is about that "thing", most of you might understand what that "thing" is, most of you won't and to be honest, I'm really jealous of those who don't know what I'm talking about right now.

But for those of you who do, I created this blog only to keep my sanity in check, something to get me distracted, something to keep me busy while in the process of retreating. I will keep posting my progress as I go along, but other things like who I am, I'm going to keep them to myself for now, can't risk posting anything that isn't in the "line of duty".

For now this is all that I'm going to say, tomorrow I'll post more details about my story on how I got to be it's "target", for those of you who are interested, stick around, I definitely won't mind.

 End of Report.