Thursday, March 27, 2014

Case File: Dimir Volkov

I've been hunted throughout Moscow by the police for several months now, but after the last posts incident, I am now being targeted by soldiers, military, Dimir is pulling out the serious guns. So I thought if I was going against a large player like that, I should know him better. Almost lost my head getting these documents, but I did. Before I begin, I would like to say, this guy was alive since 1944, his recent (2010) photos show him at the age of only 57, don't ask how, I have no idea, one of the benefits serving IT I guess.

He was born in Romania, in a gypsy family. Since at the time, Nazi's were bombing Romania, he and his family were able to escape to Russia, but of course, communists didn't take lightly to outsiders, they lived in Russia for ten years, the communists hounded them. They were able to escape again, in hopes of getting to Switzerland, they decided to take a shortcut through Germany (A stupid mistake). At the time they were camping in Bavaria, in the foothills, then Nazis came. He tried to run, but he wasn't fast enough, the Nazi's caught up with him and beat him with his own father's whip, this is how he lost his left eye.

Nazis left him for dead, his family dead. As he says in this interview, when he woke up, he saw wolves, surrounding him, he thought they were gonna finish what the Nazis have started, but he was wrong, according to his interview, the wolves took him in, they brought him food, nurtured him until he recovered and when he could travel by himself, he left them. As he was journeying through the forests of Germany, he started noticing IT, he assumed it was his guardian angel, or something among that shit. One night he was camping in the hills, at that moment in time, Nazis were coming towards him, luckily for him, he wasn't asleep and heard them a mile away. This bastard was crafty, he set up several traps around his campsite, he was able to take out 5 Nazis, without using their weaponry, only using a custom made whip. That's when he saw IT again, this time he was standing right in front of IT, he showed no signs of Fear, he could hear the whispers in his ears, telling him what to do.

After that, he stole one of the Nazi's uniforms, their passport and weaponry and ever since then, remained undercover. Ever since that time, he was slowly spreading the word of IT, up to the point that he was able to organize several Nazi projects which concentrated on researching IT, sometimes even replicating IT. All of that, was an undercover operation to slowly build an empire which served IT.

There's like a hundred reports of where he traveled, he's been everywhere, he's been in Russia 10 times, he's been busy.

This guy is serious business, now he is my business.


  1. well, that wolf thing explains his surname.

    my mam is from moldova so i speak some romanian, will be happy to translate anything that needs it. at least when my head clears.

  2. Dimir and I had some deals in the past, nothing significant. So I note that you forgot to mention he's a prick.