Tuesday, August 26, 2014

Final Goodbyes.

Report #116 2014, August 26th.

I said goodbye to my mother and father, said goodbye to my wife and daughter and now I said goodbye to a man who stuck by my side from the beginning of this journey, up until his demise.

Twitch, who's real name will remain hidden.

I picked him up as he was running away from IT. He was the first person, who didn't judge me for what I did, every time we talked, the time when I thought that I was a monster, he knew that I wasn't, he saw deeper, he saw something, I could never see. And even though we didn't have the friendliest relationship, we still came to each others aid, no matter what.

The only thing that was driving him to survive, was the hope, that maybe, some day, he will get the chance to talk to his wife and child again. He never told her what was going on, he never said goodbye to her, he packed his things and immediately got out of there and met me. Today, hopefully, I fulfilled his dying wish.

Don't bother trying to find his wife, or child. Twitch was an excellent hacker, he wiped all the connections he could have had to them, changed his name countless amount of times, etc. To top it off, I told his wife to stop looking for him, it's impossible to track them now.

Goodbye old Friend, I promise, I'll make it work, your death won't be a waste.

Report Ended.