Wednesday, September 10, 2014

See You On The Other Side.

Report #118 2014, September 10th.

I was about to step inside The Black Forest and then I saw her, standing there in the middle of all those trees. The Pale Woman, the same woman who has followed me throughout my entire journey, she stands there, she signals to me to follow her.

Could be a trap, could be a hand of help. Whatever it is she's offering, I'm following her into this wretched Forest. As soon as this post is published, I drop my laptop and break it.

I'm equipped with a shotgun, an AK, a Colt, shooting knife, Archangel Silver Knife (Thanks Sanna), Axe and the Azoth that lives inside of me.

If I don't come back, Mendella will inform all of you. I'm taking my recorder with me, so while I'm moving, I can record what I see as I go, I need to test this lead out, I need to see if it's real, I need to see if those books didn't lie, I need to see if it hurts IT, I need to see if it can kill IT.

Time to restore Hope.

Report Ended.

1 comment:

  1. Well, I'd be really sad if this post turned out to be your gravestone.

    But on the chance that it is, I feel obliged to say something. OK, you're one of my favourite ever people. Like, top three. Also someone who changed my life for the better.

    Like, I think of Artsyom or Jason and I think "fuck, he'll never understand the amount of damage he did to me". But if I think of you or Kelevra, then I think, "fuck, he'll never understand the amount of awesome he did for me."