Thursday, December 6, 2012

Report #39 2012, December 6th
Getting used to

A room, with a bed, good food served everyday, highly secure base of operations, weaponry, tech, these guys sure know how to handle themselves. But we all know very well that there's nothing that can protect you from IT, I would escape, but the problem is, they would shoot me down on sight, labeling me as a traitor.

Those guys have lot's of men here, some computer geeks, some trained soldiers or Ex-Marines even, all of them having access to military equipment, either these guys work for a higher organization, like FBI or some other shit like that, either these guys are mercenaries.

Recently I asked why did they recruit me? The answer was simple, I survived for a very long time, proved that I can handle myself and survive, they needed recruits like that. Now my bargaining rights were not that good, I either joined them, or they put a bullet trough my forehead and be done with it.

I have been given two days of rest, then I am officially going on missions, which mostly consist of wiping out those Proxies, now you may ask, why don't I want to stay with them? They seem to be doing the same thing I wanted to do. Well because, we all know strength does not lie in numbers when it comes to our tall friend. I need to get out of this "Organization" and fast, but have no idea how.

Report #39 Ended.

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