Tuesday, August 6, 2013


Report #92 2013, August 6th.

After we moved to a different town, me and Mendella spent our time searching for possible proxy bases in this town, we found only two of those.

One of them was a five story building, asked Vikady to hack and find any information about the building, told me it opened up only recently, no occupants were listed. Drove over there and saw lots of people inside, some with masks, didn't take a genius to understand that this whole building was filled with proxies.

Came back and we started preparing for infiltration, told Sanna that she will be coming with us, since splitting up now would be a bad idea, she didn't really object.

Fast forward to us driving up to the building. As I was driving, Mendella was preparing the weapons in the bag, Vikady was quiet in the back seat along with Sanna.

"OK, if I die here or something, I just wanted to say, thanks for absofuckinglutely everything."

It was obvious that she was nervous, her voice showed it. Vikady attempted to calm her down.

"Chill Saniok, you ain't going inside the base, you're going to be with me."

It was true, I wouldn't let her inside, too dangerous, she would be better off with Vikady, on a safe distance away from all the commotion.

"Never underestimate shit happening. How many proxies d'you reckon there will be?"

"I don't know, probably a good dozen, from what I could gather, the whole buildin' is littered with em' so should be no problem with civilians, hell, I think we might run into a few lawbreakers along the way, the street has records on it, in being the most stinkin' hole in this town."

"What, thieves and pickpockets or something? Or, uh - worse?"

"Dunno, didn' take a look at what those crimes exactly were."

We were getting close to our point of destination, so I decided to run over the plan.

"Get ready, we're getting close. Plan is simple, me and Mendella go in and clear the place out, Vikady gives us cover from the neighbour rooftop, Sanna you go with Vikady because it's safer."

"Alright. Be careful."

"Careful would be, me being dead." Honest truth.

After that a couple of minutes of driving, and before we reached the base, I stopped near the neighboring seven story building, that is where Vikady and Sanna were getting off.

"This is where you get off." I told Sanna.

"Protect her, got it? No matter what, do not split apart." I told Vikady.

With that, they got off and started climbing to the roof of the building. Me and Mendella proceeded to drive towards the proxy base. We stopped near the entrance, Mendella got out a M-14 for himself and an AK-47 for me, two Colt 45's for him and me, a battle knife for him and a machete for me. He also felt like grabbing two smoke grenades, I didn't. Another pair of equipment we took was the two radio's, one for me and one for Mendella, these radio's maintained connection with Vikady, we didn't use cell phones, their connection was not quite as secure as a radio's.

As we were sitting in the Van, ready with our gear, waiting for Vikady's signal, my radio started receiving a message from Vikady.

"You boys ready to party?"

I took the radio and answered.

"How many?"

"Somewhere about 40, or somethin' like that, some of 'em are on the first floor, so I'm gonna cause a distraction, so the first floor isn't too hard for ye. As soon as you hear my Sniper Rifle shot, ye move in."

"Got it."

With that, we waited a couple of seconds and then I could hear the sniper rifle shot being fired, you could hear through the walls that they were in panic, a lot of foot steps could be heard, it was time for me and Mendella to move in, as we did.

Mendella kicked open the door, and started laying down fire upon those who were standing in the hallway, wasn't too many of them, five guys in masks, I assumed that most ran upstairs to see what the commotion was all about. But even those five guys weren't that easy to take down, at least they had enough time to yell out for help, so a few more proxies would start running downstairs.

I positioned myself behind the stairs, Mendella positioned himself near the elevator, we were expecting guys running from both ways. Proxies started running down the stairs, so I opened fire on them, Mendella gave me some assistance, since the elevator wasn't too far from the stairs.

I noticed that the elevator started going down and warned Mendella to keep an eye out. Those proxies weren't as stupid as I thought, after about three of them got gunned down as they were running downstairs, they hid behind the stairs that were above me and started shooting at me, using the stairs as a cover.

Then suddenly my radio starts up and I hear Vikady yelling.

"Be careful, Saniok says there's some shit up with the elevator."

I see that the Elevator is getting near the first floor, and realize that Mendella didn't hear the radio, so without any warning I ran towards him, while proxies were still shooting and pushed him the fuck away from the elevator, which when finally reached the first floor, exploded.

Smoke came out of the elevator shaft, covering the first floor, gave us an advantage. We got on our feet rather quickly and saw silhouettes in the smoke, which meant that the proxies decided to come down the stairs and see what happened, so we opened fire on them.

With that, I suggested to Mendella that we should split up, he goes up the stairs and I go up the elevator shaft. Because of the explosion the elevator itself lost stability and fell further down the elevator shaft, so I used the wires to climb up.

The plan was for me to get all the way up to the fifth floor and from there on start mowing them down from behind, while Mendella was mowing down from the bottom up to me, while Vikady was sniping them through the windows, it was a three way attack, no way to avoid.

As I was climbing I was surprised at who I saw, climbing down the shaft were those things, those black, skeleton like creatures from The Path, was no time for me to wonder what they were doing in our world, I got my Machete out and as they got closer, started to slash away, using a gun in such a close range situation would be stupid.

Every hit was supposed to be precise, other wise they would stab me with their claws and that could be over for me right there, since I was barely hanging on, while trying to defend myself, but I managed. Their black liquid splashed all over my clothing.

After that I was able to climb up the fifth floor, pried open the elevator doors using my machete and let myself out. Proxies didn't expect to see me crawling out of the elevator shaft, their surprise bought me some time to find cover, which was one of the apartments.

They were shooting at the door way, it was obvious there was no way of me getting at least a single shot. Had to improvise, the apartment had no furniture, which is obvious, since there were no actual residents living in this building, so I had to find another way.

Opened the window, climbed outside, started crawling towards the next apartments balcony that was closer to the proxies that were still guarding my cover. Once again, they didn't expect me to come out of the apartment that was right next to them, decided to save some ammo, since they were really close tome, I just used my machete to put all of them down

As I was done, I saw Mendella coming up the stairs, just in time too, we thought it was all of them and were about to take our leave, but the elevator doors were kicked right inside the hallway in which we were and out of the elevator shaft came climbing this, guy with a mask on his face and about four tendrils sticking out of his back.

We didn't hesitate to open fire on the guy, but he was quicker, as soon as we drew our guns on him, he just smacked them right out of our hands with one of his tendrils. Me and Mendella rolled over in opposite directions, so he would have to defend himself from both sides.

But that plan quickly went south, since Mendella was out of ammo on his Colt. 45, he drew his battle knife out and started running at the guy, I however still had ammo in my Colt. so instead of my machete, I drew my Colt out and was about to fire at the guy, but one of the guy's tendrils wrapped around Mendella's hand and threw him at me, making me drop my Colt, I think Mendella hit my knee as both of us fell, because when I tried to get up, he was knocked unconscious.

This freak was about to pierce us with two of his tendrils, but I was able to roll myself and Mendella out of the way, those two tendrils went right through the ground. There wasn't enough space to fight that freak and Mendella was in danger. I had to somehow get the guy away from Mendella.

So once I was done rolling, I grabbed for my machete, got up as quickly as I could and pounced right at the guy, two of his tendrils were still retracting back to him so they were in no commission to stop my momentum, yet the other two, they flew right at me. Luckily I was fast enough to reach the ground and quickly roll towards the freak, I had a clear shot at him and I took it, stabbed him right in the stomach with my machete and thats when I was able to get a good look at the guy, his face, half of it was...Well half of his skin was just ripped and hanging and under that skin wasn't a human being, under that skin was this dark, paler skin, so pale, that it was actually dark, covered in a mixture of blood and Azoth and a completely round, black eye, yet another half of his face, that wasn't ripped, looked like human. As if under his skin was one of these creatures from The Path.

Realizing that he wasn't dead yet, I pushed the Machete further in, in result pushing him, behind him was a window, so I decided to use that. Putting all my strength to it, I was able to push him so hard back, that he actually went crashing out the window outside.

That of course didn't kill the freak, I had to get to my Van, so I started running down the stairs, I had the thing's full attention, so it went after me instead of knocked out Mendella. As I was running down the stairs, those tendrils came piercing through walls trying to get me. I was somehow able to get outside safely, there I encountered that thing again, it was running in my direction, with it's tendrils coming after me, I had to run as fast as I could toward The Van, somehow I was able to outrun the thing and had enough time to grab at least one grenade from the back of The Van.

As I was getting out of The Van, a tendril wrapped around me and pulled me toward the freak, as I got closer, the grip got tighter, could feel my ribs cracking under the pressure. But despite all that, the fact that it was pulling me closer, was good, I got the pin out of my grenade and as soon as I got close to the thing, I showed the grenade down it's mouth, after that, kicked the machete that was inside it's stomach, resulting in that thing loosening it's grip on me and allowing me to get away.

I got as far as I could, before the thing blew up to pieces, saw chunks of it flying all over the place, I was actually able to see one of the tendrils hit the side of the building and as soon as it hit the ground, it just melted.

Didn't stay to examine the body, got upstairs again, along the way grabbing all the weapons we had dropped, got Mendella, loaded him back up inside the Van and drove toward the building where Vikady and Sanna were.

Apparently I drove up just in time, since they were just walking out of the building, told them to get in quickly, noticed that Vikady was injured. Asked questions after we drove away from there.


  1. Confession time: After Incognito described that freak to us last night, I had nightmares about it. It has been some time since I woke up crying. Well played, Slender Man.

    1. You aren't the only one who got nightmares from those.


  2. How much you wanna bet it reformed some time later.

    1. You're going to give me more nightmares than you already have. Yes, you give me nightmares. And I don't even know what you look like.

    2. Blonde, about 5'11." Pale Blue Eyes. Longish Hair. I like Classy Clothes. Ties. Dress Shoes. And Fedoras. Fedoras are awesome.

    3. Don't care if it reformed, gave me enough time to get out, all that is important.

      - Mr. Incognito.

  3. Incogny, are you sure it was a grenade, hmmm?

    He he he.

    1. Oh my!

      But not everyone is as fast and loose as you when it COMES to such matters, Kelevra.

    2. I knew it was your fault Kelevra.

      - Mr. Incognito.

  4. Holy crap. That guy reminds me too much of socky. I hope those two aren't connected somehow. x.X

  5. Find the peeps who deal them their weapons. Then you can steal from the proxies! And kill them! And burn! And flush their goldfish down public toilets! I did that once, except it was a proxy's pet rat.

    1. Did that, where do you think we get some of our weapons from? Problem is, we were able to locate only two base's in this town.

      - Mr. Incognito.

    2. One is more than enough.

      Even half a base has to be destroyed.

      It might grow to a full base.

      Map out the base. Make sure you know where the toilets are. Nothing worse than needing to shit in a gunfight. And the weapons!