Sunday, November 10, 2013


Report #97 2013, November 11th.

We found the cave, presumably the same cave Daniel O'Connor's cult family had their orgies at. The place was stinking with the smell of blood, torn flesh, lots of torture and death. The cave doesn't look like anything special from the entrance, once you go deeper, that is when all the details come into vision.

First indication that this whole city is a cult, various parts of bodies hanging from walls, laying on the ground, just bleeding out. Dry blood on the walls, the floor, the ceiling, as if nobody even bothered to clean this up, which doesn't surprise me. Vikady threw up, didn't expect that, didn't care.

We went deeper, various ritualistic knives hanging from the walls, swords, machetes, crap load of pedestals filled with blood and torn off body parts. On the walls, various depictions of IT in different art styles, as if IT was constantly watching this cave. The walls were also covered with unknown symbols, did they mean anything? No idea, didn't care, kept moving.

We went even further, ended up at a mini library, shelves filled with books that don't exist in the records, books that are filled with similar looking symbols that are scribbled on the walls, as if these books were written by someone from a completely different planet, with a completely different language.

Suddenly, sound of footsteps can be heard echoing throughout the cave.

Me and Vikady hide behind one of the book shelves, waiting, preparing to strike if we are spotted. Door opens, two figures walk past our book shelf, dressed in dark robes, both of them wearing a "comedy" and a "tragedy" mask.

Vikady wanted to jump them, but something felt off about those two, so I held him back. We let them pass on through.

Waited for a couple of minutes, making sure there was good bit of distance between us, tried to follow them, only problem, there was no other way to go, there was no entrance to another room, there was a dead end after the library part, both of these guys just disappeared.

Realizing that something was off, we went back, towards the entrance of the cave. The entrance was gone, the cave changed and we are currently stuck inside the cave.

I hear footsteps, need to hide and wait, save up the battery on the laptop...


  1. Doesn't sound like there is any shortage of weapons, then. Enjoy your stabbing party sirs.

    Also, if Vikady threw up he's probably dehydrated, give him some water.

  2. Be careful. Caves are nasty places for combat. Especially if it's all 'up close and personal'. - Lt. Com. Cartwright