Saturday, October 12, 2013


Report #96 2013, October 12th.

We arrived at our point of destination, looking at the town, you can't really tell that all the people, all the kids you see outside, worship that monster.

I never suspected that my first ever run in with IT was no mere coincidence, I was targeted, figures.

The thing inside of me, has been craving blood, wanted to get out and go on a rampage, this thing is blood thirsty, but it doesn't disobey, because it knows what can happen. Speaking of it, I figured out where the mass of goes inside the human body. While it is true that it is connected to the brain, most of it resides under your ribs.

For the past couple of days, I was trying to control it, to use it as a weapon, in other words, training. Whenever I would summon those tendrils to stick out of my back, my rib cage shrunk, as if a lot of mass was coming out of it and whenever I would call those tendrils back into my body, it felt like my rib cage was getting filled again, at first it hurt, but you get used to pain.

As for this town, again, you would never suspect that it's a town dedicated to IT, but I know that behind all those happy faces, they are all watching us, cause we aren't from here, we are new here and they know that, they probably even know who we are, who knows how many of them track my blog. But they haven't made their move yet, waiting for something? I don't know, their mistake.

Currently we are looking for that cave, doubt we will find anything interesting there, but it is worth a look.

We're getting close to something, I can feel it, I don't like it.

Report #96 Ended.


  1. Well, to put said "happy faces" into perspective, I would assume they've grown up in that town all their life and don't know anything more than worshipping IT in their daily life. Think like the story of Noah's Ark in Abrahamic religions - that was God committing genocide but nobody really questions it. I guess it's a similar game for these guys.

    Look for water, lakes preferably, and mountains, and natural water springs within those mountains and then follow them and search within that vicinity, since that's how you get caves. Unless it's a man made cave, in which case you need to be really fucking careful that son of a bitch doesn't collapse on you - and I mean at any point, since even if a small bit falls it can still trap you in there and if I'm honest, that does not sound like a nice place to be trapped in.

    If the cave is significant, expect some pious proxies to make pilgrimages there, Lourdes style.

    Stay safe sir.

  2. Um, it might be a bit late to ask. But, can you guys do me a favor. Since you're in Indiana, can you check up on someone for me? In northern Indiana. I'll tell you where it is if you're able. It's been so long since I've been home.

    1. Depends on who it is and where they are located.

      - Mr. Incognito.

    2. Civilians. Have no idea of any of this. But, he wants to know if they're still alive. In northern Indiana. About 3 and a half hours south of Lake Michigan. I'll send the coordinates if you are able to. - Lt. Com. Cartwright