Saturday, May 17, 2014

Kelevra's Plan

Report #106 2014, May 18th.

Today, I got an anonymous delivery, a box, full of documents, Kelevra's private and personal files. I know everything about him, where he was born,where he used to live, where he was locked away, every little bit of detail about his parent's murder, everything.

I can guess who sent me those files, someone, we all know as Dimir Volkov, I'm sure of it, he is the only one who knows my current location. Now, the question is, why would he send them to me? Because thanks to those files, I know where I can find Kelevra and I know what he wants to do.

Few weeks ago, Kelevra stole about 6 charges of C4 from one of Dimir's private weaponry plants. He is planning to blow up the Red Square, how do I know? He left an inscription on one of his private files, he wanted to send me on a wild goose chase throughout Moscow, to find his documents bit, by bit. That's what I've been doing up until this point, however, now that I know his latest destination, I'm coming after him.

So why would Dimir tip me off like this? Why can't he send his men to stop Kelevra? Because he wants to be sure that Kelevra is stopped, not to mention, he gets the opportunity to wipe out both of us at the same time, since I bet, all of the cops will be heavily patrolling around the Red Square, forget the cops, Military themselves, what's worse, is that they will be doing all of it undercover.

I'm not quite sure how Kelevra is going to pull this off, but, right now, all I have to do, is get to the Red Square, the rest is just a matter of thinking on my feet.

I bet you're reading this right now, your plans have been foiled, I'm coming for you.

As for those who are in Moscow right now? I suggest you locate yourselves as far away from the Red Square, as possible, I have no idea how he is planning to utilize the 6 blocks of C4, so I have no idea how great the explosion will be. Wouldn't hurt to find some sort of safe location as well, since, if Kelevra's plan succeeds, all hell is going to break lose.

But, I won't allow it.

I see her, again, the pale woman, haven't seen her for a while,can't waste time on her now.

Report Ended.


  1. If Kelevra's plan succeeds, I am not going anywhere, I will be trying to get other people to a safe place, that's what I've been doing and what I'll keep doing. It takes more than a shit tonne of C4 to get me to budge, much much more.

    On that note, stay away from the area around my workplace; another wild shitstorm is brewing there and you shouldn't have to deal with it.

  2. How the fuck did Dimir get his hands on that information!? I destroyed the last bit of information, when I met up with Phi...

    That son of a bitch.

    1. And you call ME naive?

    2. I figured you'd break your end of the deal, assumed you knew I'd break mine. Shame you need to move now with your plan, so you won't have time for revenge.

    3. Look at the smarty pants, I promise to you, after I break Incogny and level the God Damn Square, I'm coming after you and everyone who will get in my way, will fall, even you, Minxie.

    4. If it depends on you pulling off your plan, I don't think I'll hold my breath.

    5. I think this speaks for myself, Lovett and Incognito.

    6. Was your Grand Plan just foiled by a little boy with access to a printer?

      HAHAHAHA. That's just pathetic.