Sunday, October 12, 2014

I don't know.

These past few weeks were...strange.

By strange I mean they were quiet, no attacks, no monsters, no nothing. It's as if, when Incognito left, it became It became peaceful when I stopped looking for people to kill, when I started taking care of someone.

These past few weeks I was helping Cassia cope with her loss, she told me about her family, her problems, she opened up to me. I remember wishing that I could open up to her, but I had nothing to tell, I had no past life, no experiences, no family, nothing. That never bothered me, up until now, which is quite strange.

But at some point, peace must come to an end, and it did. Once her blood thirsty brother and his men attacked us in the apartment where we were staying.

A Van near the entrance to the building, human shadows coming from the top of the building, several footsteps, reflexes kicked in, didn't take a genius to figure out that we were about to be attacked. Took my gun from under the bad, ready to counter attack, but then, I was stopped, by her, Cassia.

"You said yourself on that blog that you're tired of killing."

"Maybe, but I also don't want people to die because of me."

"It's my brother, let me talk to him."

Just like that I threw the gun on the ground and just waited for the door to be kicked in, several men running into the room, yelling, pointing their guns, beating me to the ground. Everything happened just like I thought, in a matter of minutes I was on my knees with several guns pointed to my head and her brother in my face.

"Where's your friend?"

"Path, you can't get to him."

"That is true, oh well, guess I'm going to have to kill you instead, to be honest, you're just as responsible for our father's death as he is."

"Stop it!" She put her hand on his shoulder, interrupting him.

"He's not responsible, he wasn't even there when our father got killed. Tell your men to put their guns down."

"You know, I was surprised to find you, here, with him, without trying to kill him. Are you stupid? He let our family's killer escape! He is just as responsible, as anyone who ever helped him! And now you're trying to do the same!" And then it happened, in one swift blow, he sent her flying to the ground.

At that moment, something happened, anger, anger overtook me.

I grabbed one of the men's guns, put it under my arm pit and shot the other man in the leg, on his way down, he started shooting, bullets flying in all sorts of directions, chaos began, they were disoriented, had to make sure Cassia wouldn't be hurt, had to incapacitate all of them.

Took me a few minutes, but I managed to incapacitate all of them, without killing them. Some had bullet wounds in their legs, some had broken arms, some were unconscious, but they were all breathing. But I forgot about one man, who hid in the corridor throughout all the chaos, her brother, he took me by surprise and aimed his gun at the back of my head, that's when I thought I was going to die.

And then I hear it, a gun shot, then I feel it, blood on the back of my head, then I see it. Her brother, he was on the floor, bullet hole in the back of his head and above him, Cassia, covered in blood, holding my gun which I threw down earlier, tears filled her eyes, she was shaking, she just killed her own brother to save me.

No news from Incognito...

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  1. It doesn't matter if you don't have a past life, 'cause you're constantly making one, as time progresses and you do more shit and find out what you like and what you don't like. Such is the human experience. And yes, I called you human. Remember, I called Incognito human, and Kelevra too, and I was right, so you'd be wise to trust me on this one.

    So far, you like helping people. That is a good start. I like helping people too.

    And try new stuff, because you might find more things you like. Like, if I ever see you again, we could play football! Have you ever played it? It is a lot of fun. If anyone asks you what team you support, the correct answer is "Liverpool".