Wednesday, December 10, 2014

Closing Report.

Report #119 2014, October 22nd.

Finally heard from Incognito, figures this would happen at night...

I was sleeping on the floor, while Cassia was on the bed and then a bright light flashes for a second and I feel something leaning against my leg. I wake up and look and it turns out to be Incognito's decapitated arm, holding a recorder.

I quickly got up and put the recorder into the computer and listened to every entry he made while being inside The Path, I would upload the recordings themselves, but...

In anyway, here are the recordings.

Recording #1:

*Sounds of footsteps against the ground can be heard*

"Been following her for a while now, she hasn't attacked me yet, nor did she even look at me, doesn't matter, she's leading me somewhere, if it's a trap, I'm ready."


"All of a sudden, it's harder to breathe, the feeling is too familiar. Although, it's not a hard as last time, I can actually move without my muscles burning up in the proce- Darn, missed her, she's out of my eye sight, never mind, she did her part, time to start looking."

Recording #1 Ends.

Recording #2:

*Sounds of footsteps against the grass*

"I hear them, the creatures. They are crawling around me, their whispers, their breathing, I sense every bit of it. But they don't attack me, is it because I have Azoth in me? Is it because they are waiting for something? Don't know, don't care. I have been walking for hours now, don't feel tired at all."

*Footsteps stop*

"The tree graveyard, the one I stumbled upon last time I visited this place, trees still growing from the graves. Nothing changed, same hell hole, same nig-"


"I see her, she's gesturing to me, to go up the hill, I'll follow."

Recording #2 Ends.

Recording #3:

"Currently on top of the hill, as I was walking upwards, she once again disappeared. From the hill I can perfectly see the beach where a reflection in the water attacked me last time I was here."

*Sounds of footsteps rushing down the hill*

"I might be able to find The German again, if he hadn't moved, or worse, died."

*Sound of footsteps running through the sand*


*More footsteps*

"Glad to see you're still around, have you seen a pale woman go through here by any chance?"

"Ah old friend, welcome back. No, I'm afraid I haven't. What brings you here again?"

"Need to test out a lead."

"Ok, but what really brings you here?"

"You're full of riddles, like always. In any way, I need to run, if by any chance you feel something off, or we-"

"I'm not moving an inch, son. You can't save everybody."

"I can try."


Recording #3 Ended.

Recording #4:

"I see them, my family, again, they appear and disappear right in front of me, ignore it, illusion, mind games, distractions, getting close, keep moving."

Recording #4 Ended.

Recording #5:

"You know you can join us any time, why do you avoid us so much?"

"I miss you."

"You're dead, I'm not, I killed you, two times, not real."

"You're still worried about that? We forgave you, honey, please, come back to us, it's cold without you."

"It'seven colder with me, you don't want me, don't need me, I'm not worth it, can't join you."

"You'll never be a monster to us, we will always love you, us and uncle Vikady."

"Ya bro, came an' join us! It's loads'a fun 'ere!"

"Dead. Dead. Dead. Dead."

Recording #5 Ended.

Recording #6:


"I fucking hear you, I'm coming after you, once I get to you, I'll kill you."

"Lost, you are lost, very lost."

"Not for long."

"And still you persist, we need you, they need you, follow...."

Recording #6 Ended.

Recording #7:

*Gunfire, lots of footsteps, weird growling sounds, a human footstep pattern, lots of footsteps coming from all directions."

Recording #7 Ended.

Recording #8:


"I am here Sergei."

"Who are you!? You better answer before I blow your br-"

"I am what you crave, I am what you have been craving since all of this began, I am something everybody craves, I am Mercy."

"Mercy?...What do you want with me Mercy?"

"What do you want with me Sergei? After all, I wouldn't be here without your desire for me."

"Stop wasting my time."

"You want to die, a death that nobody hears about, nobody remembers, your dream, your desire, I am here to grant you mercy, accept my hand and you will receive what you crave."

"You're right, I want to die..."

*Can't understand, too much static, all I can work out is the following.*

" terms...."

Recording #8 Ended.

Recording #9:

"I got transported by the pale woman, she calls herself Mercy, she offered me easy death, didn't accep-"

*Footsteps stop*

"I found it... The bleeding tree."

*Running can be heard*

*From there on I can barely work out anything, due to all the static, all I can hear is Ingonito's screams and some sort of sound that does't even sound like a normal distortion, neither the screams or distortions ever stop, they last for about an hour, or so.*

*Statics Suddenly stops and silence for a few minutes.*

*I can work out heavy breathing and then I can hear Incognito's voice, for some reason surrounded by echo.*

"You don't like Archangel's metal... Just like IT doesn't like it..."

*Brief distortion*

"Speak of the devil..."

*Distortion lasts for a few minutes, then sudden blast of ultra sound*

Recording #9 Ended.

Recording #10:

*Distortion, screams, sound of something tearing and at the end a big thud.*

*Heavy breathing, distortion is still there, but it's minor.*

"Looks like it's finally my time...*coughing* I have little time, Azoth in me is rapidly crawling out of my body and is dying out...*coughing* Losing lots of blood. IT is in a distance, I hurt it, I hurt it's source, hurt it so much I went deaf, can't hear myself talk... *coughing* Using last bits of Azoth in me to send this recording to Mendella... *coughing* If this recording recorded anything, I hope it records these last words... Don't give up *Grunt* There is a way to kill it *Grunt* To end it, you ca-"

*Sudden burst of static, lots of ultra sound, Incognito's laugh*

And the last recording cuts off.

I guess we all know what this means... He is finally dead.

I don't know what will happen to this blog, but with Incognito gone, I see no purpose in me staying and updating it.

I guess this is a farewell, a final goodbye.

Rest in Peace you tragic man.


  1. My man, from sky to sky's so far
    We never crossed before
    Such leagues apart the world's ends are
    We're like to meet no more
    What thoughts at heart have you and I;
    We cannot stop to tell
    But dead or living, drunk or dry,
    Soldier, I wish you well.

    -A.E. Housman

  2. I wish I'd been around to see this when it happened, instead of having to read it now. I've gotta say, I never thought he'd actually die. He just seemed so invincible. Rest in peace, Incognito. Mendella, if you and Cassia need somewhere to go, you know where we are.