Saturday, September 21, 2013

Connections from The Past.

Vikady here, currently we're on the move, our next stop? Indiana.

Let me clear things up, any of you remember Daniel O'Connor? Why there?

All of you know Incognito's story by now, see when I started this adventure, I started researching as many blogs as I could find, once I found out that Daniel O'Connor was from Indiana, there was something nagging at my memory, one small detail that I couldn't put my finger on, so I just moved it aside.

Then I started reading Zeke Strahm's blog, the name Fisk popped up, again a familiar feeling, but I just couldn't get myself to remember.

All it took was Incognito's re-telling of his past to make me piece all the puzzle pieces together.

Incognito doesn't know this, so he will be reading this for the first time, here we go.

This goes way back, back to the day of Incognito's family's murder, The Priest gets convicted, Incognito wasn't allowed to interfere with the case, I was, so I asked questions here and there, this was before I was arrested.

The people that questioned the priest, said that he was spewing some nonsense in a language that was not of this world. By the end of the day they just signed him off as insane and locked him up. Couple of months later, our agency gets a message, from FBI, to be more precise from an individual named Fisk. The message was that we transfer The Priest to him, seeing as we had no use for the guy, we had no problem with that, we didn't even question why they would want him, but when we came back to his cell to transfer him, he was dead, his stomach cut wide open. We ruled it as suicide, since no one could get inside the cell.

We were able to identify the man, his name isn't important, what is important however is that he was from Indiana. Seems like too many coincidences don't you think?

Now thanks to Zeke Strahm's posts, it is obvious that somewhere in Indiana there is a town full of cultists that worship Slendy, remember that right?

Now get this, the priest was born in Milltown, a town very known for a location called Devils Mountain, read up if you want.

Too many coincidences if you ask me, Incognito doesn't know that we are currently headed there, but we are, it is obvious that Incognito encountered Slendy, it was no coincidence, there was a connection before Incognito got attacked by Slendy.

There has to be something in that town, or in that mountain.

Vikady out.

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  1. Never been fond of places called "Devil's [whatever]". In the county where I was born (Shropshire) there is a place called the Stiperstones, which has what we call The Devil's Chair. Legend says the devil really fucking hates Shropshire, so he sits on that chair at night looking over us to think of ways to fuck Salopian shit up.