Thursday, September 12, 2013


Report #94 2013, September 12th.

We are currently at Vikady's trustworthy source, the guy calls himself The Fascist, he's hideout is full of svasticas and so on. While I find he's hobbies rather questionable, he has some good equipment and currently he is not only repairing our Van, he is also giving us some extra weapons.

While I have some free time, I would like to reveal my identity and everything about me. I need to remember this information and if I ever forget it, I won't have the motivation to move on. I also need to explain this, because if I further want to explain my time inside The Path, I need to explain this first.

I'm going to make this as short as possible, I don't like talking about this.

My name is not important, for those of you who have the time to look it up, be my guest.

I'm an Ex-KGB agent that is the truth, but I left out a very important detail, I am also an Ex-Husband and Father.

Used to be married to a woman named Kristine and had a little girl named Masha. Kristine was a very nice woman, I was lucky to ever meet her....

She was a Christian and basically she made me and Mashenka go to a church every sunday, she would always go inside the confession booth and confess her sins, I didn't do it, I just stood in the hall with Masha, waiting for her. I wasn't really a believer so I didn't waste my time doing that, Kristine would always make fun of me, of being afraid of confessing...

Once Mashenka grew a little older, Kristine asked her to do these confession sessions...

And one of these Sunday's... Kristine took Mashenka towards the booth, Kristine stood outside waiting for Mashenka to finish and Mashenka was outside, while I was in the hall as always....

It all happened in a second...

The sick fuck, the priest that was on the other side of the Booth, ran out swinging he's axe left and right, yelling something, in some languge...

My wife was in he's way, the sound of that axe going against her skull, my fucking god....

Next one was Mashenka, he had no fucking remorse,

I was too far away to stop him, my combat instinct kicked in, I was able to knock him out and take his axe away and only a couple of seconds later, my father instinct kicked in.

Looking at them, seeing them that way, I still remember holding both of their dead corpses, feeling their blood rush down my hands, their lifeless eyes starring up at me.

I sat there for an hour, with them in my hands, police tried to separate me from them, but as soon as they tried to pull me away I knocked them back. Somehow they were able to separate me from them and then I saw him, I saw that fucking psycho, I still remember that feeling, I wanted nothing to rip hes throat out,  but to he's luck the police pulled me away.

And after that I slowly stopped feeling anything, I didn't care about anything, except one thing, one thing kept clawing at my brain. If I was ready, if I was just an inch closer, I would be able to stop their death at the hands of that psycho, that sick fuck, that criminal.

And that's when I snapped, I started seeing things I never payed attention to before, I was happy, I didn't need to see other people's despairs. I saw the world around me differently, people were being killed left and right, women, children, everyone.

That's when I started killing those who deserved it.


Report #94 Ended.


  1. sorry for typos, i haven't eaten in days.

    would not take anyything from man with swastikas. learned about nazi germany in school; threw up down school uniform.

    i am sorry that happened to you. i had a feeling you had lost family. how old would masha be now?

    Uncalled-for correction: not ex-husband, that means a man who is divorced. "widower", is the english word for a guy whose wife has died.

    sometimes i wonder... when i saw vinzenz and gisela die... why bother letting those who prey on the innocent live? how many people never had a chance for revenge, or survival at least? scum can change... but how many innocent people will they screw over before that happens? might as well do it the.... quick way

    its just so exhausting.... it makes me tired and sleepy.

    1. Dangerous thing to be saying. When you're deciding that people don't deserve to live, that you're right to kill. That's when you truly lose. Sometimes, you have to kill people. Maybe it's possible, through religion or... something else to be absolved of that. I don't think so, but it's good to have hope. But to decide that to kill can be a good thing? Short trip from that to killing those who get in your way, meaningless deaths. not even realising until it's too late...

    2. not a good thing. never a good thing. deserve..... irrelevant. not if you were in... the dark... THAT FUCKING ROOM. with THAT FUCKING GRIN and he made me please please please don't oh god

    3. Calm down. You're safe. Nobody's going to make you do anything.

    4. Oh Sanna, you POOR Girl. Haven't you been eating? I am disappointed. I would have thought our time together would have taught you the value of Life... Or something like that. Maybe I should come back around and... See how you are holding up. It's been a rough week hasn't it?

      Besides, now I know FOR SURE that no one gives enough of a shit to interrupt us besides Kelly. Least of all the useless fuck who let his Wife and Daughter get butchered in front of him. Caring clearly isn't in his vocabulary, you see. I mean. This post proves that. Just letting your wife and little girl die like that, without putting up ANY real defense. Cold. Cruel. You really haven't changed much from then have you Cogsy?

      And he just... Up and ABANDONED you Sanna to my gentle care. HAHAHAHAHAHA. You sure know how to pick friends don't you. Heheheheheh.

    5. NO YOU CAN'T COME HERE oh god please no. police... asking me who did it..... I tell them it was a monster and they dont believe me NO NO YOU CAN'T COME HEEr YOU'RE in MY NIGHTMARES isnt that ENOUGH

      HE DIDNDT abandon ANYONE or let them DIE how can you say that???

    6. Silly Sanna. Of course he did. He just kicked you out of the safety of that van of his. And look what happened? Two Kiddies died. Very painfully... And you? I took ALL sorts of pieces out of you. All because He left you behind.

      Think about it. I wouldn't have come near you if Cogsy was defending you. Too much trouble, plus I told Kelly I wouldn't kill Cogsy. But nope. Tossed you out like garbage... And now look what has happened.


      it wasnt on purpose...... im sure it wasnt ...?

  2. stopped feeling because of your family died.

    I guess I finally found something we have in common...well, had.

    When I first realized that Veigar took over my life and that none of my dreams would come true, or that I'd never get to see my sisters or parents again, I stopped feeling. Saw the world differently.

    But a few times after Fears started kidnapping me (namely Archangel, Bliss is one hell of a place) I realized, why? Why should I just forfeit my emotions and let the world view me as dead? So I stopped.


  3. Oh Incogny! Finally you revealed it and it was somehow connected to your path adventure? I wonder what happened, you were really out of shape, hollow, like a rock.

    Can't wait!