Wednesday, July 23, 2014

Don't trust anyone, ever.

Report #113 2014, July 23rd.

Can't believe I forgot one of those crucial rules, you can't trust anyone, at all, even people you consider to be friends.

Me and Annalee decided to make a deal, I send her over all the files Dimir had and in return she sends me the files on L.E.G.I.O.N. If you never heard about Legion, it's an organization centered around beating IT, however the way they try tho achieve that, is by capturing innocent people and experimenting on them to death, the organization needed to be shut down and I was planning on doing so, Annalee was supposed to send me over the blueprints of their building, their location, information on their workers, etc.

But we couldn't send it over via e-mail or anything like that, great example why, my computer was hacked, it could get hacked again, it could be being hacked right now as we speak, they could get their hands on the information and either prevent it from sending, or something else. Then Annalee told me about The Couriers, The Couriers was an organization centered around delivering various thing to runners if they requested it, then the organization disappeared, or fell apart, or something. And recently, it started rebuilding, so there's that.

So they were supposed to go to Annalee first, get her package and then travel all the way here, to Russia and get my package in exchange for hers.

I heard 3 slight knocks on our door. I was in no position to move at the time, my body is covered in bandages, it hurts to even move, if I were to get up, stitches would rip. So I signaled to Mendella to open the door, while I reached under the bed for my Bolt Action 50. Sniper Rifle, this thing can blow anyone's brains out along with their skull, especially at close distance, the head would just get ripped clean off.

Mendella got his Uzi out and opened the door quickly, pointing the gun at anyone who was standing nearest to the door. Upon seeing a second figure through the door, behind the first one, I aimed my Sniper Rifle at the second figure.

"Who are you!?"

First figure lifted his hands up above his head and replied calmly in Russian:

"Malcolm Pierce, head courier. This is my colleague, Ellen. We've been sent here with a delivery from Miss Annalee for you."

Mendella looked at me, I was looking and Malcolm and then I looked at his colleague through my scope, she was packing, but nothing too serious, I looked at Mendella and nodded my head, showing him that we can let them in.

Mendella put his gun down and welcomed them inside, I was putting away my Sniper Rifle, but not too far and replied in Russian as well (Haven't talked in Russian for a while now, needed practice):

"Sorry, can't afford to be nice, we've become quite popular here in Moscow."

Upon further examination, once they walked in, I was able to see them more clearly. Malcolm was dressed in a fancy suit, he acts calm, clearly a rich boy. His colleague Ellen, on the other hand, looked like the kind of person who would put on anything that was in the closet, not nearly as posh as Malcolm.

Malcolm took out a box and started walking towards me:

"Contained within this is the information Annalee is exchanging for your information. I have no idea what either refers to, but until we have successfully left this building with your delivery to her, you aren't to open the files within. As per the terms of our agreement."

I thought for a second, then looked at Mendella who was guarding the door to a room in our hideout, he looked at me, with a disagreeing look, I should have listened, but I decided to go with my gut feeling on this one, as always:

"That's alright, I trust her."

Mendella was shaking his head disapprovingly.

"Get the hard drive."

Mendella stormed off into the room he was guarding, to get the hard drive. After a few minutes, he walked over and gave me the hard drive. I extended the hard drive towards Malcolm, but not giving it to him yet:

"Hand to hand."

We exchanged items. As we were exchanging, I could see his colleague being cautious of any dirty tricks from our side.

Once the box was in my hands, I looked at Malcolm and told him:


Then I looked at Mendella:

"Show them the door."

He took out his Uzi and pointed it at them, signaling to the door. Malcolm's colleague, Ellen, stepped between him and the gun. They didn't move immediately, stood in one spot for a few minutes, felt longer. Then they finally started walking away, Malcolm on his way out, turned his head slightly towards me and said:

"It's been a pleasure doing business with you. We will make sure your delivery reaches it's intended destination."

Funny about the "Pleasure doing business" part, didn't sound like he meant it at all, no wonder, welcomed with a gun to the face, exited with a gun to the face. However, I'm not here to make friends, I'm here to do my job, at least, that's what I thought I was going to do by traveling to Legion's base and taking them out.

But, no. What was in the box, was a box full of blank pages and a little "apology" note, that said:

"I know this looks bad, but I'm sorry. The information on L.E.G.I.O.N. isn't something I can disclose any longer. Please know when I made the deal I had no idea I was going to be sidelining you like I am right now. Again, apologies. 


An apology doesn't cut it, not only am I not trusting you anymore, nor any word you say, I assume that you did this in order to protect LEGION and if you protect them, you deserve whatever you get. You did say that you were visited by them before sending off the documents, one might assume that you were threatened by them, but there's also an assumption of you working together with them. But you did say that you will explain everything in your recent post, so I'll wait, I doubt I'll believe you though.

And here's a little critique Couriers, check the contents before you accept them.

Mendella was right to be suspicious of her, I should have listened.

Report Ended.


  1. Hey, now I can scold you instead of you scolding me!

    As soon as information is out of your hands, it is out of your control.

    It has nothing to do with trust or friends; information can be bribed, tortured or stolen from anyone.

    All that matters is asking yourself - "Am I prepared to let this information go, and do I have a plan if it goes to shit?"

    You're a KGB agent, or you were, presumably you went through training for it, so next time someone's teaching, get taught.

    1. This comment has been removed by the author.

    2. Hypocrite. Where was your plan when Kyrylo, Lyle and I were torturing you? Unless crying and begging and having us beat the shit into you was part of the plan - in which case, beautifully executed. Much like you will be.

    3. @Sanna: I backed up the files, of course, I still have them, but to me, they are of no use. What I'm talking about is that I trusted her and she tricked me. Something I should have expected, but for some reason didn't, that's not the training to fault, you can't tell if a person is lying through the Internet.

      What I forgot was no my training, what I forgot, was the fact that nobody is to be trusted, it's a human instinct, it can't be trained.

    4. Not what I mean. Backing up the files doesn't matter. When you hand over information to someone else, you relinquish the control you have over it, to them. Doesn't matter if you make a copy or not. Whoever has the info, calls the shots on it and decides what they do with it. Whether they have your feelings in mind, is irrelevant.

      All that said, Annalee better have a fucking spectacular explanation for doing this; motherfucking God Himself better show up and fucking credit that shit. And since God doesn't exist, it's going to have to be an even more spectacular explanation.

  2. Wow. Idiocy on so many levels. I guess I do not even need to kill you. It looks like there are a ridiculous amount of opportunities for someone else to do it. It is nice having one less person to worry about.

  3. Fucking... she gave us a fake? What the shit? We flew all the way to fucking Moscow for a fake? Fuuuuuuck.

  4. Our arrangement was that both packages would remain secret from my team and neither side would see the information until each had received their's. Nonetheless, our service apologizes for this error.

    1. I suggest, for future reference you stop agreeing to such terms.

    2. We'll be taking a look at our operations as a team to review what could be done in the future to prevent this sort of thing from occurring. However, in this case, you desired secrecy just as much as Annalee did.

    3. This comment has been removed by the author.

    4. They just made the delivery dude. It was yours and Annalee's terms. I suggest in the future you stop agreeing to such terms.

      Don't shoot the messengers over their charity service.

    5. I never even indicated that I was going to hurt them, I have no basis to doing that. This is a suggestion, even when both parties request that the items be kept private, they should not accept that term, since shit like this might happen.

      I'm fully aware that I agreed to such terms, my fault, I don't blame them for not breaking the term I and Annalee requested.

    6. Hey, fam, I know you're pissed off, but lay off them. They couldn't have known or guessed it was a fake; this was their first delivery, with two reputable customers.