Thursday, July 3, 2014

Final Notes.

Report #111 2014, July 3rd.

August 1995, the first time I shot a woman.

She drowned her three kids, tried to blame on some sort of random intruder, the jury saw through that lie. But she still had the fortune to be convicted and placed in prison, without a death penalty, or so she thought. To this day I still don't know if it was an accident or not that my first shot missed her head and instead tore though her throat. All I know is that I did stop for a moment in order to watch her squirm and bleed out, but just for a moment, that moment was enough to make me realize, I actually love this. How was I sure that she was lying about the intruder? She was smiling.

I'm few steps away from Dimir's tower, time to end this, by the time he reads this, I will already be working through his tower.

I'm going to use tear gas, I have about 3 pipes of tear gas, this way I will have free time to operate and not kill any of the guards, they might not know who they're working for.

There's not a lot of them, he sent a big majority of his guy to hunt me down, obviously pissed off at the fact that I dug up his daughter. What he neglected to realize is that I've been spending night near his tower, watching, monitoring who left, who came back, etc. I know that he doesn't have too many guards in there, but there's still a good bit of them inside.

No final words, if I die, I die.

Time to end this.

Report Ended.

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