Wednesday, July 30, 2014

Keep Moving

Report #114 2014, July 30th.

Shortly after the package deliverers left, me and Mendella started packing and moving, the location was compromised, had to find a new one. Mendella found a small apartment in some sort of random motel, it was a good feeling to be able to move your muscles again, God knows, I hate spending an entire day flat on my back. Mendella was patrolling outside, keeping an open eye, apparently, not good enough of an eye, since someone did manage to slip by, but to be honest, she was disguised as one of the neighbors, walking around in a robe and shit.

The lock on our room comes off with a bang, the door is kicked open to reveal this woman, dressed in a vest, with an M-16 in her hand, obviously she didn't come to do room service. Since reaching for my gun would have too long, I used my shooting spring knife and shot the blade at her, she ducked avoiding contact, wasn't trying to hit her, was trying to distract her, I immediately rushed her while she was distracted by the knife, taking her down by the throat with my left arm. Sadly for me, my own knife was on the floor nearby, she took it and jammed it into my right shoulder. Then she kicked me, the kick was so strong it sent me stumbling back and crashing my right elbow through the window.

Catching my breath, she was now charging me, trying to nail me with a spin, side kick to the head, she was athletic, too bad I'm a tank, he side of my body took the abuse as I caught her leg, threw her on the floor, giving me enough time to reach my gun on the nearby table. Sadly for me, she was packing as well, and she was already on her feet, aiming at me, we exchanged fire, she was constantly retreating, while I was advancing, up to the point when I back her into a corner, against the door of the bathroom, at that point my gun ran out of bullets, had to reload, didn't have the time to do that, since I had no idea if she had to reload, kicked her through the door, grabbed her by the neck and smashed her head against the wall over the bath tub, had no time to finish her off with my own hands, good thing I always keep a grenade under my sink, lobbed the grenade in the bath tub where she was struggling to get up, ran out, closed the door, was about the get away from the door as far as possible, didn't take into consideration that she could recover quickly, which she did, she opened the door and threw the grenade to me.

Had to leap for it, remember my feet feeling the burn through the boots, had no idea where I was at that point in time, tried to get up, through my blurry vision I see her standing over the hole in the apartment, which was leading into an apartment below mine, I guess she was examining the rubble, here was my chance, charged her, pushed her down with me, made her take the majority of the impact against the ground, piked her up and smacked her against the wall, was going to ask who she was, but she bit my nose, loosened my grip, kicked me in gut with her knee, made me let go of her completely and stumble back. She had her gun ready, already aiming at me, had to run towards the bedroom inside the apartment for cover, she was running and gunning after me, it was apparent that she was an amateur with guns, got through the door inside the room, she was approaching fast, closed the door in her face, she started shooting through the door, didn't care, I retreated through the window in the room, to the fire escape, went up the fire escape, got through a window, which I left open on purpose, hid behind the wall.

Could hear her foot steps coming up the fire escape, once she got her left leg through the window, I closed the window, jamming her leg in and to avoid he trying to shoot me through the window, I put a slug in her leg, she yelled in pain, while she was distracted by the pain, I opened the window, grabbed her by the neck and put her down against the floor, delivering a few punches to her face, just enough to make her go unconscious.

I heard another set of footsteps running up the fire escape, I was ready to shoot, however stopped when I saw that it was Mendella, following our trail of chaos. Don't blame him for taking too long, he had to run from the rooftop, all the way to our apartment, jump down the hole in our apartment and figure out that we went up the fire escape, it was foolish of me not to figure out that there could be an internal attack, my fault, getting sloppy. In any way, he picked her up, we got back to our apartment, he patched me up as much as he could in a time span of 5 minutes, then went off packing our stuff, we had to move, however, I wasn't leaving without some answers, that's why we tied her up to the chair inside, to talk.

"Who hired you?"

"Why am I still alive?"

"Who hired you?"

"Not going to happen."

"Last time, who hired you?" followed by her spitting in my face.

"We can do this all night Kisin, I'm paid not to talk."

"Tell me and I'll take you to a hospital."

"Or maybe, I sit here quietly and bleed to death. We know pain better than most, no? The loss of family, the loss of love, the unquenchable thirst to right the wrong that were done to us."

"You don't know me."

"But I do, perhaps better than you know yourself, we are killers."

"You kill for money, that makes us different."

"Money is a necessary evil, killing is not. I could care less for my employer, I am here because I wanted to be the one to kill you."

"Looks like you failed."

"You think you're doing good, by playing the role of judge, jury and executioner? You killed my father, who was doing a job for Dimir, he needed the money to save our mother from a disease that was eating her up! In result, I lost both of them! You think you're doing good? Every action has an opposite equal reaction, every person you kill, a new one takes their place: stronger, faster, younger. You're not helping anyone, you're only polluting this world with more killers like me!"

"Heard that before." by this point in time Mendella signaled me to get ready, we were leaving.

"Come on, what are you waiting for? Do what you do best! You monster!"


And then we left, could hear the sirens as we were leaving approach closer and closer.

The reason why I didn't kill her, is because I have no basis to do so, she came after me for revenge, I can't kill her for that, revenge is a reaction, a reaction I myself experienced. I know she'll keep coming after me and I'll keep avoiding her, up until the point when she decides to cross the line, only after that, will I kill her.

Report Ended.


  1. Yes sir, you've heard it all before, so have I, but we'll keep hearing it because they are right.

    Don't patronise her. You want to do right, then fight her. I'd rather have a shot at sincere revenge and go down fighting than trail around a patronising enemy. No excuses.

    Glad you're on your toes as well as two feet, anyway.

    1. I don't do charity, I won't kill her simply because she wants a shot at sincere revenge.

      I don't kill people that don't deserve it, she wants to keep trailing me for revenge, fine by me, that's her own agenda to follow. But I will not kill her only because she wants revenge on me, I have no basis to do so, only when I learn that she crossed the line at any point, only then, I will kill her.

      I'm glad I can stand, now lets wait until all the pain goes away.

    2. Was she the one who hacked your blog?

      If so, that post used the "we" pronoun. Are you sure you didn't see anyone else around? And did you change safehouse?

    3. I'm 95% sure it was her.

      And with that,I'm sure she's not alone on this, it cold be an entire group, could be that she's simply insane, could be that there's two of them, etc. All I know, is that there was nobody there to back her up.

      Yes, we did, we're not even unpacking our stuff, have to be ready to get out.

  2. You hurt people's family, you pay for it at some point, and you pay a lot. You ought to be very fucking sorry when they are done with you.