Tuesday, June 24, 2014

Starting from Scratch

Report #108 2014, June 24th.

Ever since I was arrested and Kelevra sold out all of my warehouses here and killed all of my dealers, I have nothing, no weapons, no tech, no Kevlar and my Van has probably been destroyed, time to start from scratch and that's exactly what I did last night.

Went for a walk and saw three drug dealers in the alley way, dealing their shit to some kid, as soon as the kid ran off I approached them. They saw me walking up, asked me what I wanted.

Punched one guy in the nose, he fell flat on his nose, bleeding from his ass. The other guy tried to approach me, but before he could move any further, chopped him right in the middle of his neck, he fell down gasping for air in result suffocating himself. Last guy tried to run, but I grabbed him by the back of his neck and rammed his face into the brick wall, he went down with blood coming out of his nose and eyes, dead.

Only one of them had a gun, six bullets, it was a start. The guy with the broken nose was still alive, shot him in the head, 5 bullets.

This morning I went to patrol Dimir's tower, binoculars (Which were lent to me from Sanna) helped analyze the situation from a neighboring 7 story building. Dimir never leaves his tower, the windows are bullet proof, wonder if they're rocket proof, a pity I lost my bazooka.

Last time it took 3 blocks of C4 in Red Square and a Van full of explosives for me to get him to step outside and now all I have is a gun with five bullets and a knife. He's beefed up security since the last time, I suppose business has been good, what with me locked up, Kelevra dead, Artsyom dead and Sanna staying low. Cops in his pocket, Proxies doing whatever he orders them to do, money flowing in by the truckload, whole city at his knees. Must be nice to be Dimir Volkov.

This city has forgotten people like me, it fears him more than people like me. For that to change he has to die, I have to kill him and drag his body into the streets and show the whole fucking city: Dimir's come and go, but not me.

Someone was coming in through the roof access door behind me, I hid behind the roof access, it was one of Dimir's security members, morning patrol, snuck up behind him, broke his neck, took his gun. Two guns and a knife, thirteen bullets.

Time to get back into action, time to start from scratch, start anew, my war has been waiting for me.

On a side note: Sanna I will be leaving soon, the heat I'm about to have on my ass is dangerous, however, while I'm here, if there's something troubling you, come and tell me, even though I'm busy, I'm sure I can find the time to deal with the problem that worries you.

Report #108 Ended.


  1. Well, OK, I guess I would like some help, please. It really bugs me.

  2. you need anything done on the electronic side of this, just give the word; pretty sure I can get into his network even with the new security.
    Best of luck, Dimir's had this coming for a while.

    1. Shit, moght have to retract yhat offer. Security's better than I thought.

    2. Don't risk yourself, I don't want them tracking you down.

    3. Dont wirry, I won't make that mistake twice.

      And if it's something at the last minute, they'll probably have bigger proorities.