Thursday, February 21, 2013

A Bitch.

Report #56 2013, February 21st.

Going to go right to the point, was attacked this night, nearly choked me the fuck out, it was dark but I could clearly tell it wasn't Kelevra, since he didn't have the feel of bandages on he's face.

I couldn't see who it was since it was too dark, it was definitely human, a soldier with military training, knew such moves that they teach you in the military. I woke up gasping for air with the guy choking me out, he was a professional, pinned my hands down with he's legs and started choking me out, so I wouldn't be able to do shit. I was blacking out, I knew I couldn't, had to press trough the pain, by some miracle I was able to lift myself up even though he was pressing with both of he's hands onto my neck as hard as he could. He's legs were no longer on my arms so I was able to give him a good strong punch along with a shove.

He fell to the ground, I immediately toppled over him, landing a punch after punch into he's head, motherfucker was no push over, he was able to block and grab my hand, twisted it so hard, that I ended up falling onto my back from him. While he took he's time to get up, I reached for the chair that was near me, smashed the motherfucker across the back, the chair broke. Didn't even phase him, he just picked up the left overs from the chair and nailed me in the face with it, causing me to fall back down, he continued the assault with the chair part, mostly aiming at my arms and ribs.

What that asshole didn't know was that he was beating the living crap out of me under a vase which was on top of a dresser, all it needed was a good kick, it was my last chance so I took it, I kicked the dresser and the vase fell right on top of him, the glass flew across the room, scratching me a little bit. But I didn't care, I got enough time to grab he's leg and get him in a lock, while holding him in that lock, I repeatedly beat the living crap out of him with the same stick. But that asshole was not done yet, he somehow managed to do a roll and push me the fuck off with he's second leg.

Both of us got up at the exact same time, this guy was impressive, no matter what I threw at him, he just bounced back. I knew there was a 50/50 chance of beating him and I do not like playing such odds, luckily I was near a closet where I stashed my Colt 45. it was like 5 steps away from me. We stared at each other for a good minute, then I ran for the closet, once I got out my gun and aimed it where the guy was standing, he was gone. I took a good look around and then I saw my entrance door open, I scanned the whole apartment, no sign of him, so he must have taken off while I took a run for my gun. It is as if he knew I was going to cheat.

After that I closed the door, checked if I had broken anything in that encounter, and then happily passed out on the bed. When I woke up I took a look around the apartment, cleaned up the remains of the vase, and threw away the wooden parts of the broken chair. Thats when I found a piece of paper on the ground where we were fighting, on it was drawn an eye, so I presume this was The Eye's lackey.

Apparently everyone in their mother knows where I am staying, whatever, I expected that.

Report #56 Ended.


  1. So it seems we know that a 'Judgement' has been chosen. The only question is who they are.


    1. That is what I keep wondering, I killed so many.

      - Mr. Incognito.

    2. During your stay there keep an eye out for any repeat faces. Like, you go to the store, see someone, start going to the flat, and see them again, and in front of the place see them AGAIN.

      If this occurs, be on your best around them.


    3. Always am, always will be, thanks.

      - Mr. Incognito.