Thursday, February 14, 2013


Report #54 2013, February 15th.

Finally I had arrived to my point of destination, got some of my connections to lend me over a flat equipped with everything that is required for my survival, not my flat, so it has a lot of family pictures not even remotely connected to me, the family itself was sent on a vacation, so I got time to crash in their flat.

The road, I tell you, it was a very long road.

The Eye, I saw it everywhere, saw IT a couple of times in the forest's which I was driving by, only thing I haven't seen is The Archangel, what makes me wonder is if they know, that they are following the same game piece here. Yeah, they probably do.

My car broke down a couple of times, but it was nothing I couldn't fix.

What still pisses me off, is the loss of my Van and all of my equipment, not only was it expensive, I had to kill a lot of bastards in order to gain that tech. But then again, you use everything when you try to survive.

As soon as I came towards the flat I was appointed to, I found a Video Camera and a Note inside of a box, inside the Flat I was staying in. I will try to watch the footage of the camera tomorrow, and maybe even upload it.

As for the note, I don't feel the need to explain whats written on it, but all I can say is that Kelevra was the one to deliver this box, so that bastard knows where I am, of course.

Right now my main priority is a shower, a shave, food and sleep.

If everything goes quietly that is.

Report #54 Ended.

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