Friday, February 1, 2013

Almost There.

Report #51 2013, February 1st.

Was on the road for a whole day, really tired, the ringing in my head has stopped a couple of hours ago.

I am almost there to my point of destination, probably two days of non stop driving and I will be there, in the mean time, I'm just setting up this report in case of something weird happening tonight, I feel unsafe sleeping in this car, my Van had bulletproof windows, there were a lot of weapons by me to choose from, I felt prepared, in this car I feel like I will have to constantly improvise, no big deal, not the first time.

Lets hope this night will be quiet.

Report #51 Put on hold...

Report #51 Continued.

Still quiet, still haven't closed my eyes, keep my Remington under the seat, has only 4 bullets left, my Colt 45 is in the gloves compartment, my shooting knife is in my pocket. If something happens, I could always bust out trough the back window. There main plan of escape is thought of, the back up plan will remain unknown to you readers, I always keep back up plans a secret.

Hope it keeps being this quiet.

Report #51 Put on hold...

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