Tuesday, February 26, 2013

Tic Toc.

Report #57 2013, February 26th.

I see them, nothing else, only them, The Eye, no, not The Eye, victims, my victims, all the people I have killed, all of them, every time I look in a mirror and I see them.

For the past couple of days now, I wasted my time researching Fears more so than I ever used to, I scrolled trough every piece of information I could, red trough every blog I could find to be useful, watched every single video records on YouTube and each time I felt to be getting close to progress, it would always lead to a dead end.

But I know for a fact there is something behind that dead end, after all, a dead end is a mere wall, a wall can be blown up, taken down, to make your own path. Getting psychological, no need to dwell so deep. But I know for a fact that IT has a weakness, in turn that means all of those Fears have it, but what is it. Archangel knows, the Fears know each others weaknesses, they can hurt each other, that is probably why they resumed to using us as game pieces, so no harm can be brought to them, but recently that rule has been broken several times now. The bullet trough IT's head was not the only instance, according to the "Sing To Me Songs of The Darkness" Blog, The Rake and IT has been going at each others throats for many years now, and most often they would cross the rules they themselves built.

I was proposed a fact that there were no rules, if that is true then there would be no game pieces, there would be no game, there would be a full scale war, they would be clawing at each others throats the first chance they would get. But they all know they have a 50/50 chance of emerging victorious, a true risk taker plays such odds, a true idiot. They are no idiots, they are smart, calculating, cold, but not emotionless, thats one factor that has caught me, they do have some line of emotion. While not all of them were noted to have something like that, IT can be noted for having emotions, is it anger? Misunderstood love? Doesn't matter, all that matters is that it can be exploited if we can find out what that emotion is. If IT had no emotions a being called The Second... and now The Third, would not exist.

Too many thoughts, too many facts, too many assumptions. All this time, in front of a screen, all this time the reflection of them, staring at me with those Eyes, who was diploid to take me down? Someone with military training, who? Who could it possibly be!?

This is no checkers, this is chess, checkers is too simple of a game, rules constantly change in that game, but there is a limited amount of them and someone can easily grasp all of those rules and bend them to he's will. They would not allow it, thus more complicated game was chosen. Never liked chess.

Those Eyes, all of them had the same Eyes, except one pair of people, a Woman and a Child, I never killed a child, who were they?

Too much work, need rest, otherwise will go insane, no, I'm already insane, otherwise I would have killed myself long time ago.

Report #57 Ended.

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