Monday, February 11, 2013


Report #53 2013, February 11th.

Still on the road, yes I know it is taking longer then it had to, but understand, when your on a run from supernatural being that can teleport at any given time they want, I long ago learned that going in a straight line, never works, so I had to take constant detours, which lead to longer roads.

Am at a Gas Station right now, it has internet, have some time to relieve my thoughts about a couple of things.

First of; I don't like the recent blog's activity, or rather the lack of it, not many people have been updating their blogs which leads me to believe they are either dead, or soon to be dead. So many people willing to fight, suddenly silenced.

Second; Alicia provided me with information about my "Eye" problem and I can gladly say that, that thing is probably after me, so now I got two, or even probably three assholes on my ass, but about that later. How do I know it is after me? Well of course basing all of it from the information provided by Alicia, "Usually targets people who have recently committed outlandish crimes" check, "will appear to the victim at various locations" check. According to the information, the creatures presence should bring such syndromes like Paranoia, none such syndromes have occurred yet, but it has been only three days. I believe during this whole time it follows me, it studies me, to then replicate a similar being like which will then name itself "Judgement" and go after me, and murder me the same way I murdered someone. Can I say I'm afraid, no not really, I imagine it to be hard to be paranoid, when you know it's right there and you know it exists. We'll see how this goes.

Three; I believe I have found out the identity of the sniper, but those are only assumptions and nothing else, but everything falls perfectly into the puzzle when this character is involved. I have all the right to believe that a creature named Archangel is after me also, why do I presume that? Let us review, someone who was constantly protecting me was wielding a sniper rifle, Archangel has been noted to be carrying a sniper rifle around with himself, this creature appears to those who are afraid of religion, while I am not afraid of religion, I have a rather nasty past with it (Not going to discuss this further). And final proof that leads me to believe this all Archangel's work, if you will go back and look at Report #43, you will see that someone sent me a picture, in it is depicted a creature that looks similar to the archangel, Gas Mask silhouette, number "20" on it's chest which is the same number for it's symbol if depicted in roman numbers - XX. This would also explain why someone could hurt IT like that, Fears should know each other's weaknesses and apparently they can indeed hurt each other.

It is time for me to start moving, I got three monsters on me now, no matter, it has never been easy.

Report #53 Ended.

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