Friday, February 8, 2013


Report #52 2013, February 8th.

Sorry for the long absence, I see someone was worried, I had to stop at a hotel and stay there for a couple of days, I wasn't in a state to be driving. Not that I was sick, something weird was happening to me, I was seeing things, I don't know if IT's behind it or not.

Everywhere I went I saw an Eye, everywhere I looked I kept seeing an Eye that was watching over me constantly, I'm either finally losing it, or something strange is going on. This eye didn't present anything threatening, nor did it cause any pain, it's stare in fact was that of  pride, as if it was proud of something.

I was laying on my bed for a whole week without any disturbance except for that Eye, constantly looking at me, before you ask it wasn't some big ass floating eye, no it always appeared out of something, for example in the daytime, it appeared in my room as a shadow, at night time, as the lights of the moon.

I wasn't feeling ok, I knew that, therefore couldn't drive, would get distracted and probably even crash.

In other news, from all the Kelevra messages on my blog, I can assume that he is not The Sniper, but who knows, he could be lying. But if he is not, who else is interested in me and IT? I need to revise a couple of files, I do have a thought in the corner of my brain, but I need to be sure, but if I am right, then I have two monstrosities on my ass.

Report #52 Put on hold...


  1. Glad to hear you are still alive.
    I've been doing research on the Fears, just in case another one takes an interest in me. Better to be prepared right?

    Anyway my point being, that eye of yours, its probably one of them.

    So yeah, be carefull.<x3

    1. Shit, going to have to debate about this later today, thank you.