Friday, April 26, 2013

Side Report #1.

Agh my fucking God! That sick fuck! We come back and what do we find in our Van? I body that is riddled with holes, in fact it was so fucked up that we couldn't tell if it was a male, or a female. Not only was the body bleeding in our Van, out of the holes, there was dripping something white, make a guess what it was. The body was filled with semen Ugh! We had to carry it out along with Incognito and burn it somewhere, all the time we were carrying it, I was trying to be very careful not to drip some of that blood and jizz on me, I mean I don't mind blood, but jizz? Yeah, no way. Eventually we got rid of it and cleaned up the Van, eeeeugh.

Anyways, Incognito is a little busy right now, so I am taking over for him in this post, we're back and we're alright.

Incognito told me, to write down everything that had happened, so I will try to remember in as much detail as I can, I was beaten the fuck up so yeah...

I can remember The Judgment dragging me up the stairs of that abandoned building all the way to the 9th floor and tying me up in a chair in the middle of a corridor. Once I was in a talkative shape, I tried to talk to the guy, at the time I didn't know that there were two Incognito's running around, so I thought it was my bro. I started asking him questions, but he just sat there quietly, starring at the wall.

Fast forward a little bit and it's night time, in the middle of all the quietness, suddenly footsteps can be heard. The Judgment got up, stood behind me and drew his gun, pointing in the direction of the stairs. It was Incognito going up those stairs, I was confused as fuck, because Incognito was right behind me and right in front of me, so as usual I started asking questions out loud, that got me nothing but a knock over the head from The Judgment with the gun, almost knocking me out.

Once I got over the pain, I saw that Incognito had nothing on him, he was weaponless, he was just standing there, that was not like him to come unprepared like that. But reading trough his previous posts now, I get it. He had to do something, he himself would never do, that something was give up, so when Incognito came in weaponless, The Judgment got confused and withheld on blowing his brains out.

Incognito started slowly walking towards me and Judgment, once he reached The Judgments gun, I thought he was going to disarm him there and then, but no, he just simply put his forehead in front of the head, I was quiet, preparing for someones brains to splatter all over my head.

After about a minute of silence, Icognito broke the silence, this is what he said, as I can remember it:

"Do you really think what you are doing is what you want?"

The Judgment was quiet (He was quiet throughout the whole thing)

"You are me, I am you, this is not what you want, you kill me and then The Eye gives you a poor innocent sap to go hunt down, we do not harm innocent people."

5 minutes of silence.

"If you join me, you can do what both of us want, Justice. You are a Judgment aren't you?"

It felt like an earthquake was about to happen from their stare down, some intense shit.

"If you work with me, you get to kill the scum that deserves it, you kill me, your existence becomes meaningless, your choice."

After that and I am not kidding here, both of them stood in that position for three fucking days! I swear I fell asleep once, when woke up, they were still at it. But today, The Judgment lowered his gun, they untied me and we went to our Van, not to exciting? Well you weren't the one tied up in there.

I asked Incognito, why didn't he disarm him and he told me that if he would, The Judgment could easily snap my head. He also told me that he knew from the beginning The Judgment wasn't going to shoot him, I was confused by that remark, but given a longer thought I got it. Incognito is not the talkative type, he just puts a bullet through the persons without hesitation, he sees a target, he goes for it, the only exceptions when he leaves someone alive, is if he needs information.

I asked him, why did he have to have a starring contest for three days with The Judgment, he told me that he didn't want to interfere with The Judgment's decision thoughts.

So yeah, now The Judgment is working with us, which means two Incognitos, as we later found out, The Judgment can't talk, but he can type. It's really weird having two Incognito's walking around over here, anyways so that's why Incognito is busy right now, he is having a talk with The Judgment.

Kelevra bailed out, the only thing he left is that dead body, eeeugh.


  1. Oh that is just so WRONG.

    Does this mean that you technically have two brothers now?


    Also whoever finds my dead body, please just fucking burn it to ashes. There's necrophilia, and then there's... what the fuck is that...?

    I don't trust any Fears; I hope the Judgement is being goddamn honest with him.

    Vikady sir, do you know any conspiracies involving the deliberate derailing of trains?

    1. That, I believe is simply evil. Pure, bestial, evil.

    2. It's like someone took the already twisted crime of rape and thought, "Now how can I make this even more fucked up?"

    3. And that's Shirley in a nutshell.

    4. You have to be more specific about the "Train" part.

      And yeah, it is established, he's fucked up, but somehow, not stupid.

    5. Specifically, this kind of incident.

    6. I'll see what I can round up, but I'm afraid the only things I will be able to provide is Theories on how your Father connects to all of this.

      I'll try though.

  3. Replies
    1. Hey, you didn't have to carry it.

      Seriously one thing is a stench of a dead corpse, but its a completely different thing when there's a stench of a corpse along with jizz.

      If I was experienced, I'd throw up right into that body, adding my vomit to the mix.

  4. This post is giving me a headache.

    Please put some bullets in the head of that bastard.

    1. The stench gave me a headache.

      You have no idea, how much I want to do that right now.

      - Mr. Incognito.

  5. Good thing you guys are still alive, sucks that he dumped the body in your van. That's just plain rude.

  6. Brilliant Kelevra.

    That was disgusting in every way, shape, and form.

    And I fucking fell out of my chair laughing.


    1. You sir, are quite vulgar and clumsy. Perhaps you should invest in some rope?

      After all, it would keep you in your chair.