Wednesday, April 3, 2013


Report #67 2013, April 3rd.

Feeling much better today, ribs seem to be quieting down, my shoulder bone isn't making snapping noises as it moves, but still everything hurts a little bit.

Anyway, some explanations.

After Kelevra gave me a beating he posted in my blog, apparently along with that, he took a little time out of his schedule and decided to go snooping around trough my e-mails. There he found my conversation with a hacker who was hacking my blog while I was playing the question game with Kelevra, Mr. Cognito.

This hacker would proceed to leave messages that were references to my past life, the problem with that being is that my identity was and still is a secret, I managed to keep it a secret for 10 years, and I don't plan on changing that any time soon.

Took me some time to figure out who it was, but then it hit me, I found out that the guy who posed as Mr. Cognito was Vikady, who is Vikady? Vikady is my older brother, why am I disclosing such information? Because Vikady is not my legitimate brother, he was adopted, so in result, there are no ties between us and thus I can not be tracked.

Now let me be clear with you, I hate this guy, why? Well that information is not up for grabs, all I will say is that he worked as a KGB agent with me, but in a different unit, then he did something, on purpose and ended up in prison for it, and you know how much I hate criminals and frankly would not hesitate in putting a bullet trough his skull if we had met.

Imagine my surprise hearing from him loud and clear. When I asked him why was he out, because he was sentenced for a very long time (Not important how much) and I planned on him dying in prison.

Well his answer (Note: In our conversation he didn't use my real name, his a professional and he easily realized that if he had hacked my account, anyone else could easily do the same):

V: "You had steered up a fuss Incogny, they couldn't track you down, so they needed someone who was good at tracking"

I: "So they got you out?"

V: "Pretty much, once I found your little blog, I thought you started going insane"

I: "What a surprise"

V: "But of course it was fishy, you were never the kind to just go up and lose it, completely. So I took some time to study this "Slender man" phenomena"

I: "Let me guess, you started seeing the pale fuck?"

V: "Nope, but I believe in his existence, because I know you too well and I want to participate in this "Game" as you like to call it"

I: "You have a death wish?"

V: "You know it! I even saved you once, remember that time when Kelevra sliced up that poor police girl from behind?"

I: "Yeah"

V: "Guess who knocked you out and dragged you away?"

I: "So your also Mr. 9/06?"

V: "Right on the dot, so heres the deal, since you lost your database "Twitch" was it? I'm willing to replace him"

Further was a discussion about motives, locations and insults, not really that important.

His reasoning for helping me sounds stupid and idiotic, yet this is my brother, he wasn't always the brightest. He's the kind of guy that would make a move first and think later in the middle of a battlefield, he's a constant improviser, an idiot. I might as well put it that he is a psycho, an adrenaline junkie, he is always looking for trouble, viewing it as excitement. Side effects of his fucked up childhood, which was caused by his legitimate family.

I didn't disclose the location of the catacombs, but I did agree to meet up with him.

If I don't come into terms with him, at least I get the satisfaction of the kill.

Report #67 Ended.


  1. Remind me not to get on your bad side sir.

    If you get any emails that would be useful to Kelevra, delete them and paste them into a document and hide it deep in your computer. You can also alter the icon so it does not appear as a document. I would specify further if Kelevra wasn't able to read this too but you can probably work it out.

    As for Vikady, well he seems familiar enough with how you operate and a willing helper (if maybe for the wrong reasons.) You have an enemy with a goddamn dangerous azoth jacket; a little back up never hurts.

    1. All the precautions in protecting any valuable information have been taken, thanks.

      As for backup, yes maybe your right, hell Vikady is one hell of a computer pro, not to mention he's a professional, I enjoy working with professionals.

      But as much as I enjoy working with professionals, he is also a pathetic piece of human trash, which requires disposal.

      It's a conflict of morals and survival here. We'll see how it goes when we meet up.

      - Mr. Incognito.

    2. So I presume:
      --If you meet him and his usefulness outweighs his offpissingness, he stays.
      --If you meet him and his offpissingness outweighs his usefulness, he "goes".

      Well that sounds reasonable enough. At least the cold kind of reason, which would be my go to in your situation.

    3. Right on the dot.

      - Mr. Incognito.

  2. Technically he's family, so at least give him a chance. But then again, your description of him sounds pretty damn bad my friend. Eh, you'll make it through, you always do. Sanna is right though, you're probably gonna need some back-up.

  3. I wouldn't bother with him, even if you did like him. For one, you know my policy on getting attached, and for another a loose cannon is the absolute last person you want helping you. One thing I forgot to leave out of my survival skills is to not be a reckless dumbass, and I get that vibe from this guy. I'd stay away.

    1. I'm in no way a rookie, I never get attached to anyone, they die, I move on, sad? Well thats how it is and thats how it will be, its a basic rule, you get attached, they die, you lose control, losing control = dead.

      Reckless, yes he is, but only in battle, if someone tells him to stay put, he will stay put, he is in no way stupid. Thats why I ain't just going to barge in when I'm going to meet with him, I'm going to probably waste an hour looking over he's surroundings to see if it ain't a trap.

      So whats the problem? I fucking hate him, I can't promise if I won't put a bullet trough his skull the second I see him.

      - Mr. Incognito.

    2. Still it's a risky business. If you think you can handle it, by all means, but the more unpredictable a person is the worse off you are being around them, and forgive me but I would question the intelligence of anyone who would intentionally involve themselves with Slenderman. It doesn't seem like a rational, or relatively sane move to me. The fact he'd expect you to come at all seems like a trap to me. Just watch yourself okay?

    3. I know it sounds stupid, but I need help, knowing that theres a Judgment running around somewhere, a proxy with a jacket that can morph into any weapon he wants and IT.

      I need any help I can get, thats the main problem here.

      Always do look out for myself, its how I'm still alive and kicking.


      - Mr. Incognito.