Saturday, April 27, 2013

New Plan.

Report #79 2013, April 27th.

I believe Vikady provided the required information.

Yes, I am letting The Judgment work with us, I know I'll get a bunch of lectures on how can you possibly trust him and so on...

But he is me and if there is anyone I trust, that is me.

Still, he will be working separately from me and Vikady, we will give him access to the blog, so he can report to us his progress while being on a completely other side of the world. What he will be doing is something I was doing, before I got distracted. He will be infiltrating proxy bases all over the world, we will provide him with a car, weaponry, laptop, money and information on where some of the proxy bases are. I want him to cause damage, while we go after the core of the problem.

He will be leaving tonight. He is supposed to report to this blog every three days, otherwise we assume he is dead.

Yesterday I was asking him questions, here's how it went:

I: "Do you know my personal life, anything about my past?"

He was writing his answers out.

J: "No, master created me from what he was able to gather about you, in other words, your strategic thinking, combat skills and the fact that you have a connection to the 9/06 number. However I do not know what that number means."

I: "Good to hear, how did he create you?"

J: "I wasn't conscious during the creation process, I just woke up, standing in front of a wall, on which the silhouette of my master could be seen, he communicated with me telepathically."

I: "Is he doing it now?"

J: "No."

I: "Why should I trust you?"

J: "Because you trust yourself."

I: "Why do I get the feeling every time The Eye is watching me, it has this proud look?"

J: "You have been doing The Eye's job long before its existence, you have been inflicting Justice on those who deserved it."

I: "Why did it send you to eliminate me then, if it was so proud of me?"

J: "You were human, you were flawed, it wanted a replacement, with no feelings, no emotions, nothing to cloud the judgment. Yet somehow, it failed to create such a weapon."

I: "No, it didn't, but the weapon can be simply turned around."

J: "Indeed."

From there on, the rest of the conversation is pointless for recording. So The Judgment, knows nothing about my past, nor does it know what drives me, the only thing The Judgment knows is my strategies and combat skills, along with some bits of my memory, that's good, my identity can't be compromised through him, because he doesn't know anything about me.

Well that is official, we are done here in Lithuania and our next stop is Germany.

Also, Sanna, Vikady asked me to tell you, that he is currently working on your "Train" problem and that he will be posting about it in a little while.

Who would have thought that Vikady would be helping out others?

Report #79 Ended.


  1. As you're ex-KGB, your punishment from me is my terrible joke:

    In Soviet Russia, Fears serve YOU!

    In all seriousness, no lectures, quite the contrary in fact. Some choose to work for Fears. You just got a Fear to work for you. That is fucking PHENOMENAL.


    1. Hey he isn't the first, EAT works for me too! And Shine. I've got two Fears working for me!(Maybe Moony too if he would just listen.)

      I feel like I'm a real life pokemon master! Eldritchmon?

      Even though EAT and I have a more symbiotic kind of thing going.

      Congrats on your first pokemon Incognito! <x3

  2. Good thing you sent him away, otherwise, I would have to kill him.

    Other than that, two Incognitos, is double the fun!

    Also, hey I have my own psychiatry now, for those who are interested that is:

    TTFN! Ta Ta For Now!

    1. Great, now you don't have to hack my blog.

      - Mr. Incognito.

  3. Actually he seems like a rather good person to work with. Although you might want to get someone else to keep you grounded. He's going to think all your ideas are good ones.