Wednesday, April 17, 2013

Case File #1 (Re-Posted)

 So to continue my train of thought.

 Yesterday was the day when the Diatlov's Pass incident occurred  one of the greatest Russian mysteries that are still unsolved to this very day. And I worked on that case.

 You see, I joined the agency for a different reason then Incognito, while he joined it to serve his country and other naive bull. I joined it, because I was and am a conspiracy buff, I was always intrigued by the unknown and the unsolved. And that is actually, partially, the reason why I decided to help my bro.

 So Yesterday got me thinking about the case and all the time I spent working on it. And when you put the Tall Pale and Ugly in the middle of this event, suddenly everything starts to make sense.

 For those who are unfamiliar with this event, let me describe it in short. 9 Russian hikers, all professionals, decide to go hiking up the Kholat Syakhl or if you want more drama in it "The Mountain of The Dead". 10 days pass, people get scared for the group, on 11th day they send a search party, to look for the group. Takes them a couple of days, of non stop digging to find the camp of the hikers and later on their bodies. Now here's the juicy part, all of the bodies are naked, by "Naked" I mean dressed in clothing which is not suited for taking a walk in the freezing blizzard, their bodies been located several meters away from their camp, their tent was ripped apart, all the bodies show the signs of broken ribs, broken limbs, someone had his eyes gauged out, someone had their tongue ripped off and someone had a fractured skull. The question remains unsolved to this very day, what had happened?

 Here's the fun fact, when people started asking this question at that time, The Agency had to launch an investigation, bunch of scientists were assigned to look at the bodies, examine shit and so on. But we were not coming up with answers, by that time lots of theories came forth, from logical explanations, to most bizarre ones. Last time I saw the case file for this incident, it didn't even have a year written on it, nor a "Number". And those were very important for case files, because "Numbers" on case files make it easier to find this file in the never ending file cabinet that is KGB. Yet, as I would learn later on, the reason behind that, was because previous agents who worked on this case, were actually ordered to, not to put the "Numbers" on the file, as if someone delibaretly didn't want other people to find this case file.

 But despite that, the case would be opened up once every year, sometimes it would last for months, other times it would only last for three days, get closed up and be left unsolved. When I started working on the case, the oddest thing was that, there were apparently the possibility of burn marks on the bodies, in fact it was stated that they were exposed to something radioactive, but that was never confirmed. I was as confused as ever, why would these highly trained professionals, go out in nothing but their casual clothing, in the middle of a freezing blizzard?

 Our Agency almost settled and closed the case several times, based on several theories:

 First one: At that time, in the USSR, there was developed a drug, an LSD hallucinogen drug. Back at that time it was something new, and wasn't really illegal, since there was no law for it yet. The day of the hike was also the birthday of one of the hikers, someone came up with a theory that once they had settled in their camp, they wanted to celebrate the birthday with the hallucinogen, once the hallucinogen took its effect, they undressed and wandered off into the blizzard, but that doesn't explain the fractured ribs, skulls and the bitten of tongue. Well maybe, the hallucinogen made them think that they are enemies so they beat the shit out of each other. But that theory was eventually discarded.

 Second: The theory was, that once the hikers settled in, after some time of sleep, an avalanche had started up, they with nothing left to do, but rip trough their tent and run for it, dressed in nothing but their casual clothing. That would explain why the bodies were scattered, maybe the avalanche engulfed some of the hikers from the beginning, so their bodies didn't go too far, yet other hikers ran a bit further and because of that, their bodies were found a bit further away from the camp. That would also explain the fractured ribs and skull and even the tongue. This theory was full proof, yet there were many agents that had their doubts, so the case wasn't closed.

 Third: Is the ultrasound theory, it is similar to the Hallucinogen theory, as we all know, Ultrasound can very well drive a person insane. The theory was that 4 people went crazy because of the ultrasound which was caused by the winds, cut the tent open from inside and ran off, other 6 got dressed in a hurry and went looking for the 4 that had ran off all naked. That would explain why 6 people were found near the camp and 4 in the ravine, yet it doesn't explain the injuries inflicted on their bodies.

 Those were just two examples of such theories.
 Now lets come up with our own theory, people noted that there were burn marks and that the bodies were exposed to something radioactive, now there were strange markings on the bodies, but they were never confirmed to be burn marks. Guess who can make both burn marks and radiation at the same time? Exactly, our tall, pale friend. Not to mention the tent was ripped up, the hikers were practically naked, their bodies were mutilated and some of them were located in a far distance from the camp. Not to mention the ultrasound which could indeed drive some of them insane. So here's my theory. They set up a camp, undress and go to sleep, at that time the ultrasound drives 4 people bonkers, they rip up the tent from the inside (Forgot to note that the tent was confirmed to be ripped from the inside) and ran off,  with 6 people following them, six of them actually froze to death, since their bodies had no damage to their bodies. But as for 4 other hikers, once they had reached where they were running to, guess who they encountered, that' right, Slendy himself, I red up and found out that Slendy can make distortions, some of those distortions feature ultrasounds, what keeps us from saying that Slendy can't actually make the sound? So once they reach their spot, he gets his tentacle on and starts killing the poor saps, throwing them around, which would explain the fractured skulls, ribs and a torn off tongue, it also explain the radiation and the marks on the bodies, since his tentacles were noted to burn a lot and actually leave burn marks on the skin. Distortions point to the radioactive levels that Slendy has, which would explain the radiation on the bodies.

 But the question remains, why? I can't really answer that, because even today we don't know why Slendy does, what he does. Is it his nature? Is he defending himself? Is he doing this out of pure fun? Is this a game to him? We don't know and despite how close anyone can be to him and despite what anyone says, they don't really know the motives behind it's actions. However, my theory, is that back then, it was still growing in strength and it needed some easy prey for starters, so it settled for 9 hikers who were defenseless in the middle of a blizzard snow and were easy pickings. It is also possible, because Slendy was highly noted to be in Germany, and at that time The Soviets and Germans were not in the best of terms, Russia was the next best place for Slendy to stop at and feed.

 Originally there were supposed to be 10 hikers, but one of them got sick and stayed at the village and he is still alive to this very day, when I was working on the case, I wanted to interview him, but I was forbidden to, because as they explained to me, there were other people that interviewed him before me and it led to nowhere, so they didn't want to stress the old man any more.

 What is also strange, is that when I worked on the case for about three months, I was eventually ordered to drop it. When I asked the reason behind that order, they simply told me that if I wouldn't drop the case, I would be arrested and put in prison for betraying my own country. That was really strange and weird. 

 So what is the purpose of this, you ask? Simple, I want to note possible Slendy occurrences in history and this fit really close to our tall pale friend. Why do I want to note them? Who knows, maybe I will find a solution on how to get rid of it.

 Besides, I enjoy a good conspiracy.

(This was written by Vikady, I re-posted it real quick, because the way he posted this post, had fucked up my blog)


  1. When they talk about "it" giving off radiation, which kind of radiation do they mean? Gamma? UV?

    1. The only radiation I've seen from slendy is eldritch radiation. But I'm no scientist so what do I know. :/

    2. Hell if I know, it was some fancy name, I didn't struggle to remember. All I needed to know, is that the bodies were exposed to radiation.

      Sorry ta disappoint.

    3. Where does that go on the electromagnetic spectrum? Long wavelengths or short wavelengths? High frequency or low frequency?

      Hmm. "It" must have some kind of ionising substance. Alpha rays wouldn't go very far, beta would be stopped by metal. Gamma rays can't exactly be stopped although you can slow em right down with thick lead. But they don't carry as much energy, alpha is as dangerous as fuck if it gets inside you.

      It probably is eldritch radiation...

      Alright, all this shit for brains I have, it tends to come out on my keyboard. Apologies.

    4. That is far from being "Shit for brains" if you ask me.

      - Mr. Incognito.

    5. Sanna...

      Stop hurting my brain please...


    6. Just had a thought. Rays, essentially anything within the electromagnetic spectrum, can be reflected or absorbed. Hence why the sea is blue (water absorbs reddish colours and reflects blues and violets) and there is foil above most radiators (reflects infrared into the room.)

      The Tall Pale Twat is known to cause interference within electronic equipment. You can do that with high frequency radiation, you'd need a high concentration of it but you could do it. That's how they treat cancer, concentrating the radiation to destroy the malfunctioning cells. Ionising the substances within the electronic equipment, that would do temporary damage and screw it up a bit. For permanent damage you would need a dangerously high level. Like 1986 Chernobyl disaster levels.

      So... can "it" absorb or reflect radiation at will? Just a silly ass theory.

    7. Oh shit sorry JP, I was writing that before you posted your comment so I didn't see it. Fucccckkk.

      I was just thinking, the Slender man, parts of him are white (his face, or nonface) and parts are black like his suit. White absorbs the least radiation and reflects the most, take snow for example. Snow reflects 20x better than water, so we can assume that if I keep typing this someone is going to get pissed off, come over here and bash my head repeatedly on the keyboyytuhjunj bjcbnfkjdbnb bjkfb kf dxb xkfb

  2. Ultrasound?

    He's the Goddamn Batman!