Saturday, April 6, 2013

A new Piece.

Report #69 2013, April 6th.

Welcome, you fucking idiot, welcome to Hell.

Called Vikady yesterday, gave him his first assignment, find the quickest route to Germany, Black Forest. I made up my mind, there have been a lot of instances when people would go trough the Path of Black Leaves and when they would come back, they would say how horrible it is, describe it as really weird and so on.

I never found a blog where a person really took time to explore that place, I don't blame them, in fact if I ever end up there (And I plan on doing that on purpose) I might not take the pressure. I used to tell myself that people exaggerate, but I have long since threw that thought away, in fact, there are no such words to describe what us survivors go trough. But because of the fact that nobody took the time to explore further into that place, I have a feeling that I might learn something interesting by venturing there, call me stupid, retarded, idiotic I don't care. It is one of the places, that has rarely been explored, and it wouldn't hurt to try and explore it to confirm that there is either something of use, or not. If I die doing so, it will be God damn worth it, of course you might ask, why not ask a Proxy? Well, I don't have to explain that, that is not the most trustworthy source.

So that is my plan after I finish things here in Visaginas, I will travel to The Black Forest and try and enter the Path of Black Leaves from there.

Other than to dig up a route I also told him to find a vehicle for transport, he turned up results real quick, he has a source that could provide him with a brand new Van. That is why I enjoy working with professionals, the results are usually quick.

I thought that if he is in all of this now, I might as well give him some extra info, so I told him to read up on some "Classic" blogs like Seeking truth, The Mystic, The Tutorial and so on. I also told him to read up on current blogs. I want him to fully grasp what its like to go against IT and other Fears. But as I would find out later, he didn't have to read these blogs, in order to grasp anything.

Once I finished giving him, his assignments and blogs to read up on. About an hour later he called me up, telling me that IT was there, out the window, starring at him. That wasn't what surprised me, what surprised me was his playful tone, you know how its like to see IT for the first time, we've all been there, we were afraid of IT. But Vikady, he was so fucked up, he found IT amusing, he found IT interesting, he said that the only thing he felt was a shiver down his back.

He started saying shit like "It is worth it" and that he loves me for showing and initiating him into the "Game", he said that he hasn't felt so alive ever since that incident, after which he was put in prison. I wanted to beat that "Playful" attitude out of him, explained to him real quick the basics on how to survive IT when you are locked up in an apartment. He listened carefully, I didn't plan on telling him to come to me, I wanted him to experience what its like to be one of the survivors, if he had died, then he clearly wasn't cut out for this.

He survived, he called me up today, told me that IT didn't attack him, he had a starring contest with IT, I don't really believe this part, but he says that he had won. He saw IT disappear, he didn't blink not even once. I asked him for how long did this starring contest go, he wasn't sure but said that precisely seven hours, and he didn't blink not even once. To be fair he did say that his eyes were dried up and hurt like hell, whatever.

My plan didn't work, he was still intrigued by IT, he still had that playful tone about the whole situation. I was pissed, because of that I asked him "Why don't you join up with IT, instead of going against IT, then?" he simply told me that then it would be boring, he wants to be against IT, he wants the odds to be against him, he was always like that. In high school he would always look for a fight, he would always attack a group of jocks, he would put up a good fight, but would always get his ass handed to him. I always asked him why he did that, he loved the adrenaline, he loved the feeling, the pain was worth it.

He was truly fucked up and as it seems he still is.

Report #69 Ended.


  1. Sir, your brother has strange masochistic tendencies but as long as they don't put you at risk, I guess you'll just have to stick it out.

    If any Runner were to walk out the Black Forest alive, it would be you. Solid as fuckin carbyne, you are.

    1. I know, he is all sorts of fucked up. Hey I managed to live my childhood with him acting like that, I think I can manage.

      Thanks for the compliment, but I'm no different than any other survivor, alright granted I am old, but I don't think that is an advantage.

      - Mr. Incognito.

    2. I forgot, he's gonna read that, isn't he? Well, fack.

      You have a far better chance of survival than I do.

    3. No he isn't, I'm not giving him access to the blog, he was able to hack it, because I used something that was related to my past as a password, he cracked it, I changed it.

      Your younger, your more agile, more energetic and only on starting point of the game. I'm old, slow, mostly out of the loop and has been on IT's target list for far too long, I wore out my entertainment value.

      But lets not compare who has more chances and so on, by the end of the day, we're in the same boat. And the situation is the same for us, but only with minor differences.

      - Mr. Incognito.

    4. "I wore out my entertainment value."

      I dunno a human willing to walk into the path of leaves and explore? Sounds pretty interesting to me. But I'm not slendy so what do I know. Not even EAT seems to know what the deal with slendy is..


    5. Nobody seems to understand IT. Thats what is scary about IT.

      - Mr. Incognito.

  2. You do know you could just E-Mail me to get some info on the Path. Remember, I LIVED there for years. I know it's ins' and outs'. I'm not a Proxy. Veigar may be, but I'm not.

    If Master killed me for giving you help...

    At least Veigar would be gone.


    1. You know, I never could figure you out, I never understood if you were trying to help out, or if you were a proxy, but if you are offering information, then please do message me some.

      Understand that I won't trust it completely, since you are part Proxy, while I do not know how that works, I presume it works like a dying man shard, where the other side can take over control for some time.

      If you are willing to do such a sacrifice, if you are sure of this choice, as I said, please do message me with every detail you know about The Path. I would greatly appreciate it.

      - Mr. Incognito.

  3. Your friend there is begging to for some kind of awful fate. True it's good to not let your fear cripple you, but just because you're not having nightmares every night about your kitchen stove doesn't make it any better when you place your hand on the burner. And this seems like the kind of guy who would just let his hand sit there and sizzle and he'd laugh just like, "Look at that! I'm barbecue!" Honey you're going to get caught up in the house-fire that commences, I guarantee it.

    And you're taking this guy with you to the Path? Ever since I first heard about that place I've been studying it and I still don't even know what the hell it is, even after I've read all the internet accounts. As far as I can tell, the place has a very special connection to proxies, and to be frank the last place you want to go if you're even halfway sane. Even as interesting a find it would be there's no guarantee you're going to come out unharmed and not screwed in the head. The people I've met who mentioned the path were all in some pretty awful shape.

    And you're going to bring this guy with you?

    Okay, I know you feel like you need help, but not from this guy. I've met these types and they are the last person you want with you. This guy is going to get you killed, do you hear me? Cut him loose and head for the hills while you still can.

    1. Awwww look at you worrying about lil' ol' Incogny, isn't that cute.

      By any chance, you wouldn't know where he went? No? Nah of course ya don't.

      I agree on that part with ya babe, that Vikady dude, came out of nowhere, to mess with my dear Incogny.


      - Kelevra.

    2. @Kelevra, please don't kill either of them.


      I don't FUCKING know where HE IS! HE JUST VANISHED!

      DO YOU BY any Chance, kiddo know where he is? Nah of course ya don't.


      - Kelevra BIOtCHES!.