Sunday, April 28, 2013

Case File #2

As requested by Sanna, today I give my theory based on the Alexandrian Train Wrecks.

There is not much to tell about the case other than, in October 1998: Around 50 people die and more than 80 are injured in a derailment just south of Alexandria. The train fails to stop at buffers and runs into a busy market square. Reports suggest passengers travelling on the roof of the train might have tampered with an air pipe, disabling the brakes. and then one year later a train travelling between Cairo and Alexandria hits truck and derails, killing 10 and injuring seven.

Mr. Fucked Up (Kelevra) suggests that Sanna's father has some sort of connection to all of this, and these will mostly be my theories on how her father is connected to these events, for all we could know Kelevra is simply full of shit.

But before I get to my theories, I would like to throw out another piece of information about these incidents, The Alexandrian Police Department, actually managed to interview a witness about what had happened. The interesting part, is that even on their own private file, they do not have any information about the witness, not his name, not his age, not his photo, nothing, only thing is known about him, is that he is a male, old looking male.

This bit of information was hard to acquire, took me a lot of time to hack their police department, as soon as I red up, I deleted them, last thing I need is getting tracked, so apologies, but I won't be sharing those documents.

And the only useful piece of information he could provide was that the people that were riding on top, were wearing hoods and some of them seemed to have their faces painted up (Possible Proxies), apparently to this ancient as ass police report, he seemed to be drunk. So that means, they interviewed some sort of bum.

So how does this tie in with Sanna's father? There are several theories for this.

Theory #1: Your Father is one of the riders on top, which means that he might be a Proxy, what is the reason why they sabotaged the train? No idea, but since when was there any point in asking the point of what Proxies do? That would explain how Kelevra knows something like this, since your father was or is a Proxy.

Theory #2: Your Father is one of the bystanders (Doubt it, but is possible)

Theory #3: Your father is a victim of the train crash, which can mean two things, either he was at the wrong place, at the wrong time. Either, he was the target those proxies were going for.

In both cases of Theory #2 and #4 it would also explain how Kelevra knew something about your father, he could very well be one of the proxies riding on top.

Theory #4: Your father is the old guy that got interviewed, since he was the only one who could provide any piece of information about the accident, proxies got sent to eliminate him, he either is dead, or still alive.

It would also explain how Kelevra knows anything about the old guy, since he could possibly be the one who was dispatched to take care of the guy.

Theory #5: Kelevra is playing Mind Games with you.

If you ask me? I would drop the subject, what's past, is past, what matters is the present.


  1. Thanks so much!!!!!! Like for everything. You did not have to break the law on my behalf and risk your ass, but thanks much!

    Like I said, I wouldn't be pursuing it if I didn't think he had some kind of connection. Well actually I would. Not knowing stuff, I always lost sleep over it and never understood my mam's reaction.

    If my father was a proxy, that would have no standing on my view of proxies. If they are still the men they were, they are fucked up beyond recognition.

    And obviously, I'm aware Kelevra could just be fucking around.

    1. Good to hear you understand that, Vikady couldn't respond since he is driving right now.

      - Mr. Incognito.

    2. If it's any consolation you get a break from Kelevra. Apparently he is coming to England on a proxy business trip. I set up more emergency exits. Just in case.

    3. I red up on it, be careful, that psycho is unpredictable.

      - Mr. Incognito.

    4. I should ask EAT to attack Kelevra when he tries to get to England. But I doubt it'll do that. Because its "busy".

      Its never a good sign when Fears are busy.. <.<

    5. I don't think I am of interest to Kelevra, so I'm hoping nothing will come of it. Still reinforced my hiding spot, still prepared to run like fuck if it calls for it.