Wednesday, January 30, 2013

Report #50 2013, January 31st.

My ears are currently bleeding, why? Because IT can scream pretty fucking loudly! That's it, another encounter with the faceless fuck.

As many said IT was on it's way to Belgium, maybe that's how it ran into me, I was just leaving and was unfortunate enough to leave the same road IT was coming. I was trying to fall asleep, I almost closed my eyes and then I saw IT, standing in front of the car. I opened my eyes lazily and just looked at IT, I wasn't afraid, I was just looking at it, minutes passed in silence, IT didn't try to attack, nor anything like that, I wasn't forming a plan of escape, it's as if we were having a silent conversation.

That is when I decided to walk up to IT, not because I was hypnotized or anything like that, I just wanted to talk to IT, maybe understand some things. I knew IT wasn't going to attack me, if IT wanted to do that, IT already would.

I walked up to IT and we just stood there for five minutes, silent, I'm not sure if I was looking into IT's eyes, but I felt as if I was. "Was this the end, is this where it all ends, is this where I die?" Those thoughts were running trough my head. And at that point I extended my hand for IT to shake it, I don't know why, a blog I used to follow in particular was about a girl who became a part of IT, I wanted to see if there was anything human about IT, there were no tricks, no plans, it was IT's choice, either shake it, or rip it off.

Three minutes passed, IT started extending IT's arm, the arm shortened in front of my eyes, as it was too long for my own, the arm shortened to my arms level, I could see fingers appear on IT's hand. And just when IT was about to reach my hand...

IT got shot, if you're laughing I suggest you do not, the shot hurt IT.

It was a sniper shot, same sniper I would presume, whoever this person was, he knew how to hurt IT.

IT felt the pain, some people would say IT could easily fake it, but you know what, when your there, close to it, and something like this happens, you feel the pain yourself, IT was really hurt, IT bled out that black liquid many people talk about, it's white head now with a bullet hole, IT started screaming, I could actually see a mouth rip open on that thing, I looked inside the mouth and saw nothing but darkness, no organs, no nothing, just a bottomless pit. The shriek, IT's shriek, it was so painful IT felt like an arrow flung trough my right ear, my brain and ended up sticking out of my left ear.

I closed my ears with two hands, but it didn't help, the pain was unbearable, as I closed my eyes in pain,  fell to my knees, and when I opened my eyes, IT was gone. The black liquid was on the ground, I knew I wasn't seeing things, that really happened. After that I crawled back into my car, my ears still ringing, once I got to the car I fell unconscious inside of it.

Just woke up and my head hurts like hell.

Report #50 Put on hold...

Report #50 Continued.

So JP pushed forward a theory that the sniper was Kelevra and it would make sense, I mean that guy saved my life three times now, it also would make sense him possessing the knowledge of a way in hurting IT and maybe even having access to such "equipment". But this theory does contradict a couple of things:

1. Kelevra told me numerous times that he served IT for he's own purposes, that thanks to IT he could reach he's goals (Which are still unclear to me) and that he could bend the rules whenever he wanted and not be punished for IT. He explained that this way, he knows when he's expiration date is.

2. In all our encounters I never saw him use a sniper rifle, or even a gun for that matter, all the times we met, he always had either a knife, or was completely weaponless.

So in the end, I'm still not sure if it was indeed Kelevra, but he is the main suspect, in which case the next time we meet, I will have to get out of him the information about how he was able to hurt IT.

Obviously IT was hurt with a special bullet of sorts, a bullet which apparently disappears or something, because I was not able to find anything remotely resembling a bullet on the ground where IT was shot, the bullet went right trough IT's cranium, it should have landed somewhere not far, unless it ricocheted deep into the forest, in which case I just couldn't find it.

On a move on, have a pretty good feeling, why? Because now I know that there is a way to hurt IT.

Hope people that are heading towards Belgium, and Alicia, will be alright, IT must be real pissed off after that bullet fiasco.

Report #50 Ended.


  1. Kelevra is probably the sniper.

    And he probably just saved your ass.


    1. That thought did enter my mind, he saved me numerous times, and it would be logical too, I meant a servant of IT's would definitely have access, or knowledge of something that could hurt it.

      Going to have to debate about that later tonight.

      - Mr. Incognito.

    2. IT wasn't already in Belgium? I'm pretty sure I saw IT not too long ago. And multiple times before that.

      My first thought would be that your universe isn't mine but how could we have met then? I'm confused. x.x

    3. IT could have fled the country a couple of times, shouldn't be that big of a problem for IT, or maybe IT was already there, just saw me getting out of there and decided to give me one last scare, or something, anything is possible with IT.

      - Mr. Incognito.

    4. Hit it right on the nail. Anything can happen with Master. In Layman's terms,

      Slendy goes where he pleases.


    5. Well according to this little encounter and IT's loud as fuck shriek, anything can happen to IT in return.

      - Mr. Incognito.

  2. It could have been the Archangel, you know.

    Just throwing that possibility out there.