Saturday, March 2, 2013


Report #58 2013, March 2nd.

Due to recent Kelevra activity, on other peoples blogs, I remembered that he left these coordinates for me to go to. Today I will attend to that, along with me I will take this new camera he left for me.

I have no idea what this place is, where he wants me to go. Is it a trap? I doubt it, if he wanted to kill me he would have done so long time ago, instead he saved me numerous times, so what is it that he wants me to see? Will it be of any use to me? Or will it raise more complications? I guess we will see, I will not take any weapons with me, this is a small town and if they see a weapon on me, even a knife, it will immediately raise suspicion and I can't risk raising attention now.

I will be completely weaponless and will have to relay only on my instinct of survival, improvisation and escape. Just like always.

I will finish this report once I get back, if I get back.

Report #59 Put on hold...

Report #59 Continued.

Sorry for not finishing the post yesterday, but I have a very good reason behind that, unfortunately you will have to wait until I render the footage I shot, which might take a while.

You will be interested, I think I found a weapon, not sure tough.

Report #59 Ended.

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