Thursday, May 2, 2013

Check In.

Report #80 2013, May 2nd.

Made a small stop right now, filling up our Van, Vikady's taking care of it. Decided to get some internet connection to check in on everyone.

Went quickly through everyones blogs, some are doing fine, some are doing worse, couldn't leave any comments, would take up too much time.

We're almost there, over the course of driving, I've been analyzing the map Strider gave me, analyzing every bit of info JP and Strider provided. I'm mentally prepared to venture into that hellhole when we get there.

Vikady is coming back, we're taking off once again.

Don't die while I'm gone people, or else I swear to God, I will personally kick your asses out of the afterlife.

Report #30 Ended.


  1. Glad you're doing OK. You're almost there already? Well I can see what you mean by working with professionals. How you get mentally prepared to walk into the goddamn path I will never know.

    Kelevra has been raising hell in the Mersey area over here, Liverpudlians are very on edge at the moment. Managed to keep out of it, although he showed up I was not conscious at the time.

    I'll try not to die or something.

  2. All clear here, everything's going swimmingly so far. So I'm just waiting for the axe to fall, really.

  3. The struggle of a man, no doubt coping with the guilt of fallen comrades, and expressing this small cry for help in the midst of uncertainty.

    Stay strong my dear Incognito. For we are all behind you!