Friday, July 5, 2013

The Path, Part 6: Forest of Mirrors.

Report #87 2013, July 5th.

Mendella is currently driving, Vikady playing on his guitar, Sanna seems to be doing something in her laptop, her wounds are healing, soon she will start her training. She has really good chances of becoming an experienced survivor and I intend to teach her everything that will help her along the way.

So after that woman transported me to a different location, I ended up hitting a big mirror with my Axe in the middle of the forest, what was weird about the mirror is that it didn't shatter like a normal mirror would after it was hit with something heavy, this mirrors gave out cracking noises, like Ice was breaking. But if that was a large piece of Ice, it sure didn't look like it, usually your reflection in the Ice is all distorted, however I could see myself perfectly fine. Not for long, after practically seconds after I removed my Axe, I saw a figure in a hood standing behind my reflection, on instinct I turned around real fast, seeing no one. I turned back to the mirror and the figure was still there, yet the figure wasn't behind me in reality.

I touched the mirror, my mind stopped operating on logic and I thought that maybe I could enter this mirror, or something like that. But, no, I simply ended up touching the mirror, also it felt like it was ice. Then I turned my head and I see a whole forest full of those mirrors, like some mirror museum or something. So I start walking through this forest of mirrors, every mirror had someone standing behind my reflection, each time a different person. At first I didn't recognize anyone, but slowly, as I progressed further, I recognized some of them.

Those were the people that I had killed, all of them, some of them I recognized, others not so much. Paying it no attention I simply progressed further, but I was on my toes, this could easily be one of those moments where one of those figures could easily jump out at me.

Luckily, nothing like that happened...well not really.

You see one of the mirrors reflected my old time partner who was with me when I had started this blog two years ago. Twitch, he was the mastermind behind computers, he was also the guy that convinced me to make this blog, he also taught me the basics on how Blogger works, he also hacked stuff for me, practically he used to do all the work Vikady is doing today.

One day he died by running off into a forest, I found his body, but couldn't retrieve it, nor did I try. I don't know why he was in the reflection since I didn't kill him. I walked closer to that mirror, to take a look at him, to fully remember what he looked like, I never really had a friendly relationship with him, it was completely professional, but sometimes he wanted to break that professionalism and some times just talk about things, or something else, but I always turned him down. Hell I even forgot what he looked like, I barely noticed him.

And that was he's words to me:

"So you don't even remember me."

That took me by surprise, none of the reflections attempted to talk to me, but he, he was the one that talked, shortly after he said those words, he actually walked out of that mirror, I prepared my Axe, in case it was another mind game.

"So you want to kill me a second time? Well good luck."

I lowered my Axe.

"I didn't kill you."

"Maybe not, but you sure as hell didn't do anything in order to prevent my death."

"I told you not to get out of The Van."

"Doesn't matter really, I honestly didn't care, so I'm not that pissed off."

"Are you another illusion?"

"Could be, I don't know honestly, I just suddenly woke up, starring at you, I think I'm a spirit or something like that."

"Care to explain?"

"I remember my death and by your reaction, I really did die, yet, here I am, talking to you, so yeah."

"Speaking of your death, what happened? Why did you run out of the Van?"

He looked at the ground at that question.

"I saw her, in the forest, another mind game by IT, I fell for it."

Couple of minutes of silence, then he suddenly screamed out.

"HER!? I-Is s-she still alive!? IT knew who she was! IT knew her connection to me!"

I gave him an honest answer.

"I don't know if she's alive, sorry."


Another couple of minutes of silence of him getting his thoughts together.

"So where are we?"

"The Path of Black Leaves."

"Oh the place that IT uses..."

"Yes." I interrupted him knowing where he was going with that sentence.

"So what are you doing here?"


"Right...Well lets go."

"I'm not taking you with me, we may have worked together, but now I can't trust you, simply because you died and here you are, like nothing happened."

"Listen, I know you think I might kill you, in fact, I think I am meant to do that, simply because all those fellas behind those other mirrors want to do it, I can hear their thoughts for some reason."

"Speaking of them, if what you say is true, how come they don't simply walk out of there, like you did?"

"No idea."

I don't know why, maybe the fact that he never wronged me when we used to work together, but I let him come with me, he seemed to be as lost, as ever, but of course, he could be pretending. But still I let him come with me. For those of you wondering who "She" is, that is he's wife, he started running because of her, to keep her out of this, I never relinquished her name, to protect her identity, but apparently that was pointless, since IT knew how she looked like, to use her as a vision against Twitch, still I'm not sure, so I won't say anything more about her.

What we stumbled upon next, will be published in the next post, I'm not tired, I need to do something, driving is the only option right now.

Report #87 Ended.


  1. I'll trade you my crazy Twitch for your ghost Twitch.


    1. The only twitch I get is a myoclonic twitch. You know, when you're slowly, gently falling asleep, and then you HOLYSHITWHATTHEFUCK snap awake?

    2. My Twitch comes with that too! I think it's a fair trade.


  2. Guess there's no point in commenting on bad moves of the past, but next time a dead person falls out of a mirror and strikes up a conversation, I'd say keep your distance.

    1. He's not the only dead person that came up, I wish I could keep my distance at the time. But I can't keep distance in a place I am not familiar with.

      - Mr. Incognito.

  3. I read up. Soooo, you went and let some innocent computer nerd with a wife die. You're a cold excuse for a human being; I like you.

    1. He's dead, he's wife's status however, is unknown to me.

      Twitch knew what he was getting into when he decided to team up with me all those years ago, he knew the risks.

      No point in mourning over a dead person.

      - Mr. Incognito.

    2. That just confirms it. Frozen to the core. Invalidating K├╝bler-Ross model, some what. Like it.

      Your brother is an asswipe, I'd have killed him by now, bullet to the head and out the back of the van. And the child that is travelling with you, why not just get your Colt and shoot her, put her out of her misery.

    3. Sanna is an innocent life caught up in this shit, yeah she killed, but everyone she has killed deserved it, if she hadn't killed them, I would.

      I would kill Vikady without a second thought, he killed a lot of innocent lives, kids, women, he deserves nothing but a bullet through his skull. But I need him, to be more precise, I need he's knowledge of this computer stuff.

      It takes a "cold" person to do a janitor's job.

      - Mr. Incognito.

    4. Innocent, Sanna, innocent, Sanna... those words sound odd in the same sentence.

      Well, you got on OK without Vikady and Twitch for a few months.

      Yes... you need to have zilch remorse. NADA. And sometimes, a feeling of power. For extracurricular work, I normally kill rapists. What can I say, I have two daughters. A man with a daughter has no mercy for a rapist. But plenty of bullets.

    5. Alright Thomas that's e-fucking-nough. Fuck off before I have to break the legs of your goddamn high horse. Survivors are all pretty much bastards, everyone knows this, you aren't saying anything knew. If you don't have anything nice, or better yet, worthwhile to say, then keep your goddamn mouth shut.

    6. High horse? I was making observations. Not negative criticisms. I said he was cold. That was an observation, not an insult, and he did not deny it. And I did not claim it was news. I was simply initiating conversation with the gentleman.

      Some advice, Annalee. If you believe I have nothing worthwhile to say, then don't read what I say, moreover do not reply to what I say.