Thursday, July 11, 2013

Training Session #1

Here to write about Sanna's current state.

Yesterday she had begun her training, all of her wound healed up rather quickly, so I saw no point in letting her slack off any further, it was 5 A.M. everyone were asleep, even Mendella, I stopped the Van and turned on the radio as loudly, as I could woke everybody up in an instant.

Now this is her official time to get up at, 5 A.M. Her morning will start out with 30 push ups, after that she has to hold two 5 liter bottles filled with water, in each hand for 15 minutes, for now she will hold them while her arms are in vertical position, when she gets stronger, she will hold them in horizontal position for 10 minutes. Then she will be working on her abs for some time and after that she will have to run 3 circles around the field where we train at.

Every time she gets stronger, I will make the exercises harder, but for now, her morning's will start out like this.

While she was doing all of that, Mendella and Vikady set out to take out a few proxy bases that they located, while we were in the area. We are going to stay here for a while, so might as well do some house cleaning, so they supplied themselves and took their leave.

After those exercises we ate breakfast and Sanna tried to have a short talk, she asked me about my identity, not as much as who I was, but why I hid it.

I tried to move away from conversation like I usually do, but for some reason, I decided to answer, I told her that I wasn't really hiding my identity, since the day me and IT met, IT already knew who I was, I guess all this time I was hiding it, in order to forget it, so I would have no distractions in this current mission, but as The Path has proven to me, that did nothing but bite me in the ass.

She offered her condolences for whatever happened to me, to make me so fucked up, I acknowledged them and after that we continued training.

I tried to teach her Military Combat, defensive to be more precise, since her body was not strong enough to learn the offensive type, I decided to teach her the defensive one. Explained to her that defensive mostly consist of evading attacks and trying to take down your opponent in between his attack and your evasion. After I explained her the basics on how to do it and such we had a sparring session.

I was trying to hit her and she was evading, along the way she was supposed to take me down somehow. She did really good, used the surroundings perfectly well, made me turn so I would be facing the sun. I started out slow with my punches, but as time went the speed would increase and she was supposed to go with the flow, which she did for good 40 minutes. In between her evasions she managed to land a couple of good hits in my rib area and my legs.

But she was more concentrated on the flying punches and less on the legs, so as soon as she tried to kick me, I tripped her other leg, making her fall down. She was rather annoyed at the fact that she failed, but she really shouldn't be, she did every exercise I told her and didn't cheat not once, not to mention she stood her ground for whole 40 minutes, which is really impressive for a little girl. If she ever decided to go to the army, she would have no problem there.

After that training finished for the day and we spent some time sitting in the Van, she would some times get out of it to walk around, I would occasionally grab something to eat from the back, then she was doing something in her laptop, it was quiet.

A short while after Mendella and Vikady came back, putting the weaponry they took, back in its place. Vikady reported that they successfully took 3 warehouses out of commission, without police's interference.  After that Me and Mendella mostly spent our time talking about what base we should hit next, where they were located, all that. Vikady got bored real quick, and started playing on his annoying guitar, threw him out of the Van to go play outside, he gladly took a walk.

By night everyone were in The Van and went to sleep, except for me.


  1. That annoying guitar? Fucking with the French proxies is forgivable (Condescending bastards), but that's just wrong. Blame the player, not the instrument. Especially when the instrument is a damnably fine one, vis the guitar.

    Also, thanks for the heads up. If I'm up against Sanna go for the legs.

    1. "Condescending bastards"? Ne pas généraliser; je trouve tous les proxys sont les connards d'une facon ou d'une autre... putain de merde. -_-

      Careful using the heads up, someone might shoot it off.

    2. I wonder who would do such a cruel thing?

    3. Forgot to add devoir there, as well as forgetting the pronoun. Should be along the lines of 'Tu ne dois pas généraliser; J'ai trouvé tous le proxies sont le connards d'un facon etc. etc.' And there I was thinking secondary-school French would never be useful.

      As for you, Vikady, you may as well say it outright. I mean, you've made no secret of killing proxies, why come over coy all of a sudden?

    4. Nope, no "devoir". Look closer. I forgot to conjugate the first verb. It should be "Ne généralises pas" because I was trying to use the imperative. ;)

      J'ai trouvé = I have found
      Je trouve = I find

      And I wanted the latter.

    5. Really? I was under the impression you wanted to say 'You should not generalise'. Forgive me if I'm wrong, but doesn't that particular phrasing translate to 'not generalise'? Hence why I was trying to figure out how to say 'do not generalise'. Of course, that was based off the assumption that you had meant for the verb 'to generalise' to be in the infinitive...

    6. The imperative consists of the conjugated verb and any other minimal details.

      So, you want to tell a French proxy to shoot, you can just say 'Tirez'. (I think.)

      If Vikady happens to speak French and you want to someone politely tell him not to shoot, you say 'Ne tirez pas!'

    7. *somewhat politely, that should be in my previous post. Ignore me, it seems I can't even speak English today...

      Oh no, "shoot and I kill the girl" will not convince him not to shoot. At least I don't think so.

    8. Might make him hesitate. And if the proxy being shot at doesn't have the sense to get the fuck out given a window of opportunity, they don't really have much of a chance in the long run anywho. Besides, Got to give a chance. Everyone deserves that much.

    9. Well if you take drag a random innocent stranger into this mess by taking her hostage ("the girl"), chances are you will have Incognito and Mendella to deal with, justice and protecting innocents, etc etc etc.

    10. Unless the girl refers to, for example, you. No offense, but I wouldn't bet on those people letting a proxy live for someone they didn't know, and given the choice of going for Mendella, Incognito or you I'd be a fool not to go for you.

    11. pHIL, pHIL, pHIL, don't mean to be rude, but what makes you think you would get even remotely close to any of them, in order to take at least one of them hostage, or kill them?

      With Incognito's current state, you won't be catching him off guard any time soon and if you can't catch him off guard,then you won't catch any of the group off guard, since he is watching over them.

      Good job Minxie, awesome work out, saw you running on the field, I was in the tree, dropping by for a couple of minutes.

    12. I'm just wondering what makes pHIL think I will make a willing hostage. Besides, I'm guessing they wouldn't let a proxy live for me anyway, which I'm alright with.

      And thanks for stopping by Kelevra! ^_^

    13. Didn't say there was a good chance of it, just that out of all of the options that was the best chance. And by willing, I meant 'on the Path'. And if they decide to effectively kIll her just to take out a few proxies, my work here is done anyway.

    14. With all the time you seem to spend mentally preparing for an encounter with us, one would think you were planning to attack or something.

    15. Yup. I'm also planning on getting attacked by Slendy, Kelevra arriving and Alicia deciding to kill me. I'm one of nature's optimists, I guess.

  2. All that and no complaining? Take notes Danny. Tonight I'm going to attack you in your sleep and see how you do.

    Seriously get this chick some knives to practice tossing. Can't tell you how useful long distance fighting skills are. It's always better to be able to take an enemy down when they're far away.

    1. I will, we are going through close and ranged combat piece by piece, a person remembers things quicker when everything is spread into parts.

      - Mr. Incognito.

    2. I like the idea of being able to throw knives.

      I don't like the idea of anyone attacking me in my sleep, but if it were one of the sirs I would very calmly, Englishly SHIT GRANITE BRICKS AND RUN FOR IT.