Sunday, July 28, 2013

The Path Part 9: Happy Memories.

Report #90 2013, July 29th.

I was transported to some sort of highway road, in the middle of nowhere, a desert surrounding the road accompanied with a couple of trees and bushes. This place, seemed like our world, mostly because all the colors were there, the gravity was not pushing me down to the ground and the overall feeling of death was just gone.

Realizing that I was out of supplies, no water, no food, only my Axe, I started walking down the road, waiting for a car to drive by and maybe give me a lift. I must have walked for five hours down that road and not a single car drove by.

After hours of walking I was getting tired, I was getting thirst and from the heat, my head started to hurt. And that is when the visions had begun, memories to be more precise. Memories of my parents, Father and Mother, the very people that made me the person I used to be, not what I am today.


The images of him making me work out in the mornings were being played out in the field as I was walking by, they changed, another image of me and him working on our summer house, next image of him forcing me to eat Uha (Fish Soup).


The images of me asking her for advice on this situation, or another, another image of me and her having fun playing board games, next image of her treating my scars after a certain fight with local kids.

I was a lucky child, to grow up in such an awesome family, it was perfect, of course they occasionally argued about this, or that. Father always had a little trick up his sleeve on how to end an argument quickly, let Mom win, even when she's wrong, he was a gentleman like that.

I wanted to get off the road, to reach out into those visions and hug them at least one more time, I miss them so much, especially now, but I restrained myself, after all, those were only visions and nothing else, couldn't get weak even now, had to keep walking and I did, the memories skipping before me.

And that's when I reached it, a crossroads, looked around and the visions were gone, just like that. There were signs on the side of the crossroads, I walked over to see how close I was to the nearest town, or village, or anything, but that isn't what I had found to be written on those signs.

All of the signs were pointing to the middle road direction, saying simply "The Correct Way". That's when it finally hit me, I wasn't out yet, which meant that I wasn;t going down the middle road, instead I took the left road.

More on that later, had to distract myself, I been feeling pretty awful recently, head ache's and so on, since I don't want to sleep, had to get myself distracted by writing something down.

I also know, that the place where I was, was The Crossroads, now I don't know that for a fact, but from I have red, the description fits perfectly.

Report #90 Ended.


  1. Hold the fuckin phone.... you got to ask them for advice and shiz?

    Left is right, that's what they say. Or not, all things considered.

    1. This comment has been removed by the author.

  2. Left is right?

    Well, I'm glad you were strong enough to resist the urge to leave the road.

    1. It's just a saying people use when they are trying to decide whether to go left or right.

  3. The Crossroads, how the hell did you get there from The Path? This is really confusing, I knew you were interesting.

    1. All domains have an entrance to The Crossroads that constantly moves.

      That's what this file says at least.