Friday, July 26, 2013

The Path Part 8: The Pale Woman.

Report #89 2013, July 27th.

After that playground jungle that me and Twitch had to go through, we continued on our way. The path was long, we had to hide, lay low, sometimes even sit in one spot for hours, there were a lot of those creatures lurking on this path we were on, we were extremely careful.

The place where he ended up leading me to, the place where he was hearing noises from, he had led us to a field, an open field in the middle of which stood a giant something, that resembled a  cocoon. Everywhere the grass was black, like it was burnt, yet near that cocoon, the bright light that was coming from it, the grass was green.

"That's where I keep hearing voice's from" Twitch told me, pointing to the cocoon.


"No idea, but the voices that are coming from there, as if calling you."

"Me? Why?"

"I don't know. I'm telling you what I hear."

"Or you're bullshitting me."

"I don-" he was cut short, because the cocoon started to slowly rip open.

I just stood there, holding my Axe, ready to strike anything that comes out of there. I also put Twitch in front of me, didn't want any sneak attacks from behind.

Out of the cocoon came walking the same woman that I had encountered before, several times. Suddenly Twitch shook, uncontrollably for a couple of seconds and then he just stopped and stood still, for good couple of minutes, all that while the woman was simply starring at us with those emotionless eyes.

After some time, Twitch started to slowly turn towards me, his eyes a different color, a blue color. He started talking to me, but it wasn't him who was talking, why do I assume that? Because Twitch doesn't know my real name.

"Is your name ______?" he asked me.

"He didn't know my name, who are you?" me pointing out the obvious.

"To you I am an entity of unknown nature, you are the same to me, but you and I, we share a bond."

"Care to explain?"

"Not much time, in due time, you yourself will learn of everything that you need to. Right now, let me help you get out of here."

"I came here for answers, so either you tell me what makes IT tick, either stop wasting my time."

"You will not find the answers you are looking for, you are lost, without your knowing of it, you've been slowly led to your execution."


"No, this world, the moment you entered it, he knew you were here, it is a part of him, he has been bending this world, to lead you deeper into the abyss."

"And why would you want to help me."

"We share a bond, your success, might atone for my sins."

"Not interested."

"We are run-" The voice was cut short, at that moment Twitch fell down to the ground.

I ran up to him, to see if he was ok, he wasn't his body started falling apart in my hands, like sand. A second after, yelling began, it was so loud it was piercing my ears.

I looked at the source and there she was, on her knees, yelling in pain. I looked a bit further and saw the cocoon slowly burning down, in black flames and I saw IT, standing there, looking at her, bending IT's head like it usually does.

IT was reaching for her, with IT's long arms, this is where I had to react, obviously she was of some interest to IT, so I had to prevent her capture, besides, I wanted a shot at IT one more time.

So I gripped my Axe and started running at IT, IT actually reacted really quickly, snapped IT's head back into the vertical position, grew four Tentacles out IT's back and launched them at me.

Adrenaline was pumping like crazy, I was actually able to avoid contact with all of them, and was running near the woman still on her knees, getting real close towards IT, I would have reached IT, if the woman didn't push me and somehow transport me to a different place, some sort of road that looked normal, I thought she transported me out of the place, but I was wrong...

More on that later...


  1. Holy eldritch abomination, batman! And I aint talking 'bout Slendy.

    1. The fact I saw the Adam West movie earlier this week makes the above statement all the more funny. Also, pHIL, do you know every eldritch abomination that pops up? I'm quite jealous.

    2. I don't know all of the eldritch abominations, but I've been in and out of meetings pretty much all week. When one speaks with pretty much everyone of power one can find, one gets the chance to ask about this. Usually the trail leads back to the archivists.
      So I asked about Door because he was going against Slendy, and so against proxies. I was trying to find out about her above after Kelevra's run in with her. Haven't found much; if it becomes necessary I'll try to find the Library or summat.

  2. May I just say that I have NO CLUE what's going on.

    And with that, I think I shall catch up on what I have missed.

  3. So you found her eh? Never thought would have thought that'd happen in there.

    And when you mean 'normal' road, do you mean like, pavement/asphalt? If that's the case...

    Congratulations Incognito, you may or may not have found the beginning of the path.


    1. Not only the pavement, the grass was green, the sky was blue, the sun was bright, the leaf's were green. Overall it looked nothing like The Path.

      And later on I would figure out why.

      - Mr. Incognito.

  4. At first you'd think she's a Fear or some sort of servant. But I'd have no idea which one she'd be. Weird.

    1. That's the problem, whatever she is, there are absolutely no records of a creature, like her.

      - Mr. Incognito.

  5. Whoever she is, she is not of this world, my Fortissimo could not attack her, because she could not see this woman.

    The fuck is going on?

    1. Well, 'it' could see her.

      Scientific conclusion: fuck all.

    2. Pffffffft a hope?

      Med, what you smokin' girl?


    3. I believe Roy encountered one, from reading his experiences you really would have to be high on THC to think they're inherently good.