Tuesday, July 2, 2013


Took us some time to drive towards where me and Incognito were headed, but we arrived there, we arrived into that location in order to meet up and help out a certain someone, I believe you all know her, Sanna. She told Incognito that she required help and it was only natural that he would be glad to help out, since we were already in Europe at the time when she messaged us.

We received a message from Mendella that he had picked her up, then we set up a meeting place, which was an alley way and went there. Me and Incognito arrived there first, we got out, I took my guitar case with me and we waited for about 10 minutes and then we saw Mendella's car creeping up into the same alley way, first thing I noticed was that his Sun Visor was down.

Sanna got out first, she was smiling, but by her voice I could easily tell that she was nervous, with that same nervous voice she greeted me and Incognito:


Me being the loud mouth that I am, I decided to break apart the silence so I greeted her the same way, so she would feel less nervous:

"Heyia, girlie."

I didn't give her a chance to respond to that, what can I say I'm a talker by nature, not much of a listener, I started introducing everyone to her:

"I guess you can easily tell who's who, but just in case, I'm Vikady, that right there is my lil' bro." I pointed towards Incognito.

Of course Incognito being the straight to the point kind of guy that he is, he just walked over to Sanna and immediately asked her:

"Mendella said you had a bullet wound."

This is where it started to get boring, so I butted in and added a little comment concerning how straight forward my lil' bro is and then I said that I had to take a piss and walked off into the deeper areas of the alleys.

In reality I didn't go to take a piss, you see, when I saw Mendella's Sun Visor down, it meant that he was being followed from the top, since the most highest place in that town were 5 story buildings, that meant that the followers were on top of them. The reason for the whole "Sun Visor" routine is that if Mendella started texting us that he was being followed, it would make the followers suspicious, so yeah.

So fast forward to me climbing my ass up the fire escape of some 5 story building, get myself comfortable on the roof, opened up my guitar case and got out my Bolt-Action 50.Caliber, this baby is handy for long distance brain surgery, it's balanced, powerful and accurate. Can take off a proxie's head at 1400 yards.

Spotted three Proxies on the same roof, too bad they were wearing masks, I wanted to see their faces when one of their friend's brain splattered all over them. Second proxie's head went clean off with one shot. Third went down also with one shot, another head shot.

With the third shot Incognito was supposed to be already near the building I was on, the only thing that went wrong was the cops that weren't too far, they heard the shots, told Incognito that we need silencers. Had to run, wasn't making it on time climbing down the fire escape, so had to jump my ass down on top of the van, using the momentum rolled over down to the ground, opened door and jumped in.

Safe to say we got out of there without any big problems, when we were driving Sanna was uttering to herself something about that pHIL fella' being behind this attack. Me getting comfortable in my seat, Incognito asks me how many there were of them, I said as I had seen it, I only saw three heads. Then I decided to break up the tensions by teasing girlie a lil' bit:

"So girlie, this pHIL fella', you have a crush on him or somethin'?" As I said that, I was disassembling my 50. Caliber.

She answered it with a rather annoyed tone "No. Do I look like I have time for a fella? And do I look like a fella would have time for me? No."

If you ask me that was a lot of "No's" in one sentence, but I'll leave psychology stuff for Kelevra.

I remembered that Incognito asked her about her bullet wound, so I figured since I was in the back with her, and with the most experience on removing bullets, I had to handle her wound, so I got up, took the med kit from the back, walked back into my seat and told her: "Relax kiddo I'm just pullin' yer leg, speaking of legs, show me the wound."

"Pull my leg and expect a kick in the face."

Couldn't tell if that was a threat, or a warning that she is sensitive to pain and that could cause a reflex in her leg.

"That's why I position myself to the side." Took a quick look at the wound, nothing fancy, from her constant movement, the bullet practically almost fell out on its own, good thing it didn't, could have gotten an infection "I won't even require pincers for this since the bullet ain't that deep." all I needed for that was a simple glove, I wrapped my fingers around the bullet and pulled it out real quick without giving her a warning, so the pain would be sudden, but not long.

"Bloody fucking hell!" She yelled out, I almost laughed, but I didn't, she took a couple of deep breaths and thanked me.

I gave her the bullet, almost like a dentist gives a tooth that he just ripped out to a kid "Here, hold yer trophy and no problem." Now I had to close the wound, so I cleaned it up and started sewing it up, surprised Mendella wasn't able to do this on his own, I mean this was simple as fuck. "Speaking of, how was yer short adventure with Mendella?"

"Less eventful, thank fuck. Any bets on which one of us are those snipers after? Seeing as we've all pissed off a lotta proxies."

I couldn't help but laugh at that remark, she thought we were getting sniped at, so I explained her the whole thing, after my explanation Incognito butted in:

"They were probably one of pHIL's men, since they weren't really doing anything except for keeping an eye on us, could be wrong of course, doesn't matter really."

"Thanks, I guess. Hope you scared him off at least. It scares me, y'know, being followed."

"It should, keeps you on your toes, as long as you are not afraid to take action against the followers."

At this point I started playing a lil' tune on my favorite guitar, the conversation was borin' me.

"You said you wanted to be trained, if you still want to learn, then you should be prepared because I won't be going easy on you."

"Fine by me. The Slender Man didn't go easy on me. Neither did Snowblind. Neither did Delta. Neither have many proxies that try to kill me."

"Then once your wounds fully heal, we will start, until then you should rest up, because once your training begins, there won't be time to rest, you will be getting up early in the morning, at 5 AM, your knew schedule, every day."

5 AM. The time we had to get up at during our Army days, I knew all too well what kind of trainin' my bro was talkin' about, military training, so I made fun of that.

"You mean to tell me that you're going to put her through military training? Shiet hate to be you girlie."

After that comment Incognito told me that I wasn't going to have much time to relax myself, while he would be busy with Sanna, me and Mendella will be busy hitting the bases that Mendella had found out about.

"What do you mean, you'd hate to be me? When you've been living on the streets, 5AM is a pretty fuckin' decent lie in. Assuming you get any sleep at all. You ever tried to sleep with cold feet? It's hard. And if they ain't cold, it's because some wanker's just pissed on you." Looks like her nervousness went away.

I answered "Wasn't talkin' bout 5 AM, was talkin' bout what happens after 5 AM."

After that little comment, Incognito threatened to throw me out of the Van if I wouldn't stop (Yeah right).

"Same story. When my leg wasn't injured I went out for a run, it was a good way to get to know the area, plus no one could ever fucking catch me in school. I used to want to be in the military actually, one of those people that disarms bombs. But I didn't want people to think I was doing it for my country. Fuck that shit."

I don't really like going into the whole politics conversations so I just tried to move away from that topic "True, why do shit for the country that is serving Slendy." After that I looked at Incognito, he was driving again, he was driving for three days non-stop now after only an hour of sleep "By the way, don't you want to change places? You've been driving for four days now non-stop."

"I'm fine."

"Yeah, that's the problem."

Girlie actively backed me up on this one "Incognito, I'd be worried too actually, you not feeling tired is kind of not human. And you are human. You see the problem?"

Incognito let out a sigh, it was clear that he was getting slightly annoyed "Still doesn't change the fact that I'm not tired and am fit to drive, it also doesn't change the fact that there isn't anything any of you can do about it. So until I show signs of danger to any of you, I'm fine, if I lose control at some point, Mendella is here to take me out. Now I suggest all of you rest up for the night, since during the night, things happen."

He had a point, that's my bro, he always has a back up plan, even for his own death.

After that, everyone kind of went silent and started doing their own thing, I was playing my guitar, Sanna was slowly falling asleep, Mendella just stared at the road and Incognito was driving.

Was a quiet drive.

So yeah, welcome aboard the new member of our team.


  1. Yay, I'm a member of the team! The change of my avatar to a random dynamic drawing can therefore be attributed to peer pressure.

  2. Ah finally back from my vacation, for good, missed me? I sure as hell did.

    So the merry group of military men have now my friend as their latest team member? Good, now I don't have to worry about my friend's safety, since I can't really use The Path that much anymore.

    Can't wait for your training Minxie, don't disappoint them now.

    1. Well aren't you back just in time.

      Can't say an English girl fits in too well with a bunch of ex-KGB Russian men, but eh no harm in trying, I'm sure you know very well by now that I am keen on learning from the survivors.

  3. Might want to check the tuning on that guitar.

    1. You trying to gaslight us?

    2. Bo, it just sounded a little out of tune. I was listening to Vik playing to save on iPod batteries, and the D string seemed slightly out of tune. Really irritating once you hear it, ruined my day.

    3. Former bassist; I will go fix that for him.

      Also. Stop following them as well. They have nothing to do with it, so leave them alone. I can (so far) deal with you stalking me, but as soon as you pitch in on these guys, that's when I bring it to their attention and consider taking action.

    4. And how, pray tell, am I supposed to follow you without following them? I mean, you're in the same van. Am I supposed to follow one particular section? Because I left the propane torch in England, and cutting part of a van out often offends.

    5. Well then I guess you'll just have to stop following me then, won't you?

    6. Yes, I am entirely convinced and will now proceed to stop following you, because I didn't realise that the sirs would get involved.

      Quick note, that wasn't strictly speaking true.

    7. For how long do you insist on following me?

    8. 48 more hours, a second longer I will assume you are going to kill me.

    9. In terms more familiar to your master, dann ist aber die Kacke am Dampfen...

    10. I don't think Slendy is German... Or even speaks German. Or speaks in the traditional sense.

    11. Schade. There goes my only hope of telling him and his servants to fuck off. On second thoughts, I call tell his servants to fuck off anytime. Verpiss dich.

    12. Yes, telling us to fuck off certainly seems effective. I'll be sure to pass the message onto him next time I feel like being flayed alive.